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  1. luddite

    214 puzzle

    I just Googled it and they are going for 1,398 dollars. I paid a fraction of that for mine. I don't know how to post pictures as photobucket is trying to hold me to ransom. I've posted pics on TZ-UK in watch talk as they have an app which allows that.
  2. luddite

    214 puzzle

    Thanks for the reply, mine is similar to that but with a slightly different bracelet.
  3. luddite

    214 puzzle

    I have just received a Spaceview today, its in quite good condition for its, age? That's the puzzle, it doesn't have a date code anywhere. It has the hand setting device on the back, 214 style, and the battery loads through a screw in hatch, its a chunky TV case with an integral bracelet signed with the Accutron tuning fork with the number 10811 stamped above the words "stainless steel" Can anyone explain why it doesn't have a date code?
  4. luddite

    help in buying a £500 - £600 piece

    I can recommend a Davosa Ternos, the looks and style of a Rolex Submariner with a top class Swiss automatic movement for a tenth of the price. The quality is almost up there with the Rolex. Mine is well within COSC at +6 seconds per week.
  5. luddite

    are watches overpriced

    Its basic economics , because people are willing to pay £6,000+ for a Rolex then Rolex will charge £6,000+. Rolex are revered as luxury brand when they are the emperor's new clothes. I own a Submariner and a Steinhart GMT and while the Sub is obviously more desirable its not 10 times better. In fact to anyone the difference in quality and timekeeping is minimal. In fact if a "normal" person was offered a Richard Mille or a Rolex they would invariably choose the Rolex.
  6. luddite

    Making a Profit.

    @JOB, as you say second hand Rolex watches are sold for near to rrp. That makes me wonder why people buy second hand when for a small extra outlay a brand new watch can be bought from a dealer with a guarantee. It seems to me that Rolex watches are treated as investments not as timepieces. All my watches are worn in rotation, from my stupidly valued Submariner (bought years ago before the ridiculous price hikes) to my electronic Timex, they are just watches to me. Ps, there is a jeweler near to me who sells second hand Rolex and his prices are usually cheaper than the prices quoted on watch forum sales sections. If I was commercially minded I could buy from him and sell on watch forums at a nice profit.
  7. luddite

    Making a Profit.

    Call me naive if you like but I don't buy watches with an eye on the resale value. I have over 100 watches and have never sold any of them, I've swapped a couple. Another thing that jars is someone selling a second hand Rolex for £100 less than retail, retail includes VAT which amounts to 20% I understand. That is £1,200 on a £6,000 watch not £100. So in effect the VAT is charged for twice. Try buying a car and charging the VAT selling it second hand.
  8. luddite

    What kind of watch owner are you?

    I underwrite my own risk re the 100+ watches in my collection . My home is protected by an alarm system and security shutters. I also have a big dog, a shotgun and a baseball bat. I think I'm covered.
  9. luddite

    New to me Spaceview

    Got a bit excited there, thought I was on watch sales for a mo. It's a beauty and I'm jealous.
  10. luddite

    Is it just me

    If I see a watch on a famous person on the telly I immediately Google it to try and find out what they are wearing. I'm not obsessive though, really.
  11. I'm wearing one of those at the moment and it's my favourite, at the moment. I'm be wearing my Sinn U1 next week when that will be my favourite. Seriously though I have a Bulova Accutron which was bought new by me and is the only one that I wouldnt part with for any amount of money.
  12. I have a few automatic watches that keep excellent time. Steinhart Ocean 1 GMT which is accurate to one, yes 1, second per week, Sinn U1 accurate to 5 seconds per week and bringing up the rear an Omega Planet Ocean accurate to 10 seconds per week. These are timed using a radio controlled Junghans Mega Solar (accurate to micro seconds in centuries)
  13. luddite

    Bracelets....the perfect fit.

    To be comfortable a bracelet must be loose enough to allow for expansion of the wrist in hot weather. I also tend to wear a titanium watch/bracelet on the hottest days.
  14. luddite

    Liquid watch anyone ?

    Snob value counts for a lot in watches. Just look at the prices for very average watches with a snobby logo affixed to the face. The brand? Rolex.
  15. luddite

    Found In The Junk

    It's amazing what some people collect, if I had owned either of those they would have been binned ages ago.

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