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  1. Paulb

    35mm Vostok

    Sorry for taking so long to reply. Last days were busy! Thanks a lot for the offer, WRENCH but it's a long journey to Brasil Mind me asking, where do you usually search for Vostoks (besides meranon)? Ebay sellers? Any tips?
  2. Paulb

    35mm Vostok

    I can only imagine how that blue strap must look like Liked it tho
  3. No need to apologize! Really! I am the one who have to thank you all. I love searching for watches and reading about them. I have no rush. I had two objectives in my question: 1) decide wether to buy one of them; and 2) know what do you all think about watches on those conditions (what to look, the bad parts about each, etc). Thanks again!
  4. Paulb

    Amphibia 2017

    They are really pricy. Between those two I would go for the generic. They even feel more "original" to me. Don't think I understood the Mr. Levember's shop reference. Is he a member of the forum (red something like that somewhere). Thanks a lot, Kutusov and mach!
  5. Paulb

    Anyone able to identify this?

    Wow, Lampoc, thanks a lot! That's a lot of material. I'll sure be reading it in the next few days
  6. Paulb

    Anyone able to identify this?

    Very nice watch. But this NOS watches always scare me (still can't choose originals from fakes really well). Do you guys have a reading source about this Russian watches (i.e. book, blog etc) or its all fragmented knowledge?
  7. Paulb

    Amphibia 2017

    I said nice not beautiful I guess they are so ugly that they become nice pieces http://www.ebay.com/itm/Russian-USSR-Soviet-Divers-watch-Zlatoust-VMF-CCCP-Submarine-700m-White-/262651013185?hash=item3d27386841:g:IZUAAOSwdIFXxxci Is this one a good example? From what I understood this watch is one of those re-editions Kutusov mentioned. Is this correct? And Kutusov, I'm sorry for changing the subject of your topic
  8. Paulb

    Amphibia 2017

    Though very similar, I didn't manage to tell the time by this one Thanks a lot, Kutusov! BTW, any brands I should look for?
  9. Paulb

    Amphibia 2017

    What is the name of this type of watch? I find them rather nice. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the help you all! Decided not to buy them. Going back to my russian quest now - which vostok to buy
  11. Done! There is this Omega. The seller says it keeps great time and has been serviced recently. This Tissot also serviced And, this Titus that looks very clean for a 50 year old watch (redialed maybe?)
  12. Working on that gimli. Thanks
  13. Don't know why the images were not shown. Last time I posted pictures here I managed to post them correctly. I'm sorry for that. Edit: I don't believe they are truly serviced. Maybe only cleaned and oiled. At best.
  14. Hello all, Don't post much as I am a watch newbie compared to most (every) of the members here. BUT, I read and learn a lot in this forum. I want to buy a new watch and don't know if they are original or if they worth the money (I think they do). This will be my first time buying online so I don't want to spend lots of money. All of them cost around £100. There is this Omega. The seller says it keeps great time and has been serviced recently. http://mlb-d2-p.mlstatic.com/rarissimo-omega-geneve-a-corda-anos-70-lance-livre--130015-MLB25094870854_102016-F.webp?square=false http://mlb-d1-p.mlstatic.com/rarissimo-omega-geneve-a-corda-anos-70-lance-livre--236905-MLB25094867388_102016-F.webp?square=false http://mlb-d1-p.mlstatic.com/rarissimo-omega-geneve-a-corda-anos-70-lance-livre--847905-MLB25094870911_102016-F.webp?square=false This Tissot also serviced http://mlb-d1-p.mlstatic.com/tissot-todo-original-a-corda-da-decada-de-50-antigo-506521-MLB20803146688_072016-F.webp?square=false http://mlb-d1-p.mlstatic.com/tissot-todo-original-a-corda-da-decada-de-50-antigo-694621-MLB20803155304_072016-F.webp?square=false And, this Titus that looks very clean for a 50 year old watch (redialed maybe?) http://mlb-d1-p.mlstatic.com/relogio-titus-solvil-et-titus-geneve-vintage-para-coleco-743011-MLB20455946304_102015-F.webp?square=false http://mlb-d2-p.mlstatic.com/relogio-titus-solvil-et-titus-geneve-vintage-para-coleco-506011-MLB20472909426_112015-F.webp?square=false http://mlb-d1-p.mlstatic.com/relogio-titus-solvil-et-titus-geneve-vintage-para-coleco-341111-MLB20472909478_112015-F.webp?square=false What do you guys think? Do I take a chance?
  15. Paulb

    Omega Cal 30 T2 Pc

    Why you would advise me against replating them?

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