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  1. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  2. Steve if you give me some account details I'll pay that money in Thursday

  3. A Belated Hello

    Only had it a couple of days but I really like it so far - as you can see it's not like any of my other watches. I was actually on the look out for a brown one when this came up - perhaps the one you saw ;)
  4. A Belated Hello

    Wish I had a couple of Sinns but it's just the one I'm afraid. Mind you it's an unusual one - 303 RX8 made for the launch of the Mazda RX8.
  5. Hello all. Despite being a member of this site (and another) for over 2 years and buying from our host and fellow forum members (always without issue) it's suddenly dawned on me that I have never actually said hello or more importantly shown the things that matter - my watches. So here goes... Hello and here are the watches: Steve
  6. Have I Been Scammed?

    As far as I am aware it's moving from Rubgy to Anthorn in Cumbria - Somewhere in England (I think the changeover is due next month). As for the sheep sh*t power I think you've got plenty of them in England so shouldn't be too much of a problem ;)
  7. Rlt 29 Upgrade

    Hi Roy, Mine arrived in the UK a few days ago but I got to see it for the first time last night. What a transformation! I liked the original but I really missed lume and a date so I actually had it up for trade at one point. So glad that I kept hold of it because I think it looks fantastic. Thanks again Steve P.S. The free strap is a great match - Thanks
  8. Seagull 1943

    Here's mine bought 2nd hand for 130USD (pic courtesy of the seller) it looks 100% better in real life. I like my wacthes to have a date and lume - this has none and I still love it. The only bad thing about mine was the nasty balck strap, looking for a decent brown one at the moment.
  9. Rlt 29 Upgrade

    Steve it was just one I picked out of a box it is not one I sell, I think it came off a new Poljot ages ago. However as you asked you can have it free of charge. Just remind me when you send your watch. Nice one Roy! The watch is already en route from Prague (if of course it actually gets past Czech Post - but that's another story!). I've included a note asking you to email me when you get it so I'll be sure to remind you at that point. Cheers Steve
  10. Rlt 29 Upgrade

    Sorry if this has already been asked Roy, but is the strap in your '29 upgrade pic available on the site? Thanks Steve
  11. Rlt 29 Upgrade

    Please put me down for a 7 Jewel date ETA. Thanks
  12. Rlt 29 Upgrade

    I'd def. be interested in the upgrade, I think it looks much more 'polished'.
  13. Post From Usa

    Thanks for the replies. Yep, Prague is a nice place to live - until you want to use the postal service! Does this UPS thing use Royal Mail at the UK end?
  14. Post From Usa

    Hi, I'm a British national currently living in the Czech Republic. I've just bought a watch online from a guy in the states and I'm looking for some advice and how he can get the watch to me. It seems that Czech Post is not a reliable service for foreigners. I have had quite a few letters and packages including straps from Roy and another UK retailer go missing (mind you my RLT29 did reach me - not sure how that was sent though). The watch was not expensive (approx 80GBP) but I don't want it to go missing. He was going to send it to me via the US postal service but I don't think there is anyway to do it 'registered'. He then tried UPS who have quoted 160USD! He is going to try fed-ex next but expects that to be expensive too. Can anyone suggest a cheap and reliable way to get this to me from USA? Thanks Steve
  15. Fao Roy - Site Problems?

    Sorry Roy my mistake. I am having problems emailing you though. Emails sent to sales@rltwatches.com are being returned with the following message: This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: sales@rltwatches.com Technical details of permanent failure: PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 9): 550 <sales@rltwatches.com>: invalid address Do I need to wait for you to complete you technical wizardry?

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