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  1. Strap/bracelet pliers

    No...although they primarily supply the trade, they sell to anyone. Once you have registered, you just tick a box at the checkout stating that whatever you have bought is for your own use. We all do it...I've bought loads of stuff from them incuding tools and watch parts.
  2. Anyone seen this happen ? Phone before Wrist...

    They might do...........?
  3. St. Patrick's Day Watch Parade 17.03.18

    No green watches for me, so I'll take a leaf out of TMB's book and post a green lume shot of my 'Spork'......All together now...a bit of the Irish caleigh 'A diddelly ey di di' and a chorus of 'Paddy McGinty's Goat'.....
  4. TGI Friday watches...

    I'm sorry everyone...especially Mike...I did look to see if anyone had started a Friday thread at 6.45 this morning, and couldn't see one. I asure you it wasn't done on purpose. Guess I need to get down to Specsavers and get my monocle upgraded to 'bottle bottom'... Thanks to whichever mod merged the threads.
  5. TGI Friday watches...

    Last of my Sea Urchins today, and I saved the best for last. The lovely blue version.
  6. Watches, torches, and Lume.

    You don't have to press anything, Rog..it's permanently displayed on the ceiling...you just look up...
  7. Mowing The Grass....

    Biker...I'm guessing you were planting the common Cherry Laural (Prunus laurocerasus) that is seen all over Britain. Called Cherry Laurel because of the black, cherry like fruit produced in Autumn. Funnily enough, this plant has no known predators, except in its very young stage, as it contains high concentrations of Prussic acid (hydrogen cyanide) which accounts for the 'almond' smell when you crush the leaves. Early entomologists used crushed/torn Laurel leaves in their killing bottles to subdue butterflies and moths before the advent of the cyanide killing jar. Indeed, I almost killed myself in the early days as a landscaper by using a mower to collect a huge amount of Laurel clippings. After packing them into bags and putting in the van, I kept feeling drowsy on the drive back to base, where it was revealed I was the victim of mild cyanide poisioning. Although it has no known predators, it has been discovered that after a really hard, cold spell like we've just had, deer will, in desperation, eat only young plants that may not have such large amounts of the toxin in them. They will however, eat other forms of Laurel, notably the Japanese Spotted Laurel (Aucuba japonica) which doesn't contain cyanide. This is deer damage to spotted laurel within our grounds... ...and also to Cyclamen... However, the Portugese Laural (Laurus lusitanica) seems to escape unharmed, has attractive red stems and makes a great hedge. There are several other hedging alternatives you could use which deer don't seem to like, including Buddleja, Box, Forsythia (lovely yellow flowers in late winter/early spring) and Ribes (flowering currant)...see here for more details... https://www.cleevenursery.co.uk/blog/deer-damage-to-plants/
  8. Watches, torches, and Lume.

    Blimey, Rog.....are you a cave man or something? You don't need to crick your neck turning to look at a watch or clock on the bedside table these days...Far less mess about with a torch...if you use the torch to see the watch, what do you need lume for? You need to drag yourself kicking and screaming into the modern world and buy a projector alarm clock. This not only tells the time and wakes you up if set ( I guess as you're retired, you don't need this function), but projects the time onto the ceiling (or wall) so when you stir, you only have to glance up to see the time....and it's not so bright that it keeps you awake. I wouldn't be without mine...an Oregon one...I did try a few makes before I found a good one. Around the £20 mark if interested. It's also radio controlled so adjusts itself automatically like an RC watch. The clock....Radio controlled, mains powered (low voltage) with a battery back up. The projection on the ceiling, just look up, then nod off again....it appears about 6" high, is bright enough to see, but not enough to keep you awake.
  9. 2000 posts giveaway

    Well done, Kev...another milestone under the belt.
  10. Thursday Autos.

    Black Sea Urchin today...
  11. Strap/bracelet pliers

    Cousins UK do them too... https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/cousins-swiss-style1
  12. Women's Hair and Watches

    Yes...I concur with Scott...mods first....welcome back, Lucy...
  13. Rare Watches

    Most of my present collection is made up of 'scarce' watches, as they are what I tend to go for. (Citizen blue Orca, Seiko Spork, Seiko Pogue, Seiko G757, Seiko orange Sea Urchin, Omega 2231.80 titanium, Lorus Mickey Mouse) The only 'rare' watch I have today is the Seiko blue Sea Urchin, though I did have an RLT 36 Nautilus which in terms of 'rarity' was right up there, as Roy only made 21 of them. (Mine was no. 15). The commonest I have are the Rolex GMT, the black Sea Urchin and I would regard the Citizen Ecozilla as still pretty obtainable.

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