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  1. Friday 15th December watch parade

    Friday again, and I fancy the Spork for later.
  2. Dropping a Watch

    Have you checked that the carpet hasn't been damaged...?
  3. Thursday WRUW. 14.12.17.

    Citizen Ecozilla will be on the wrist tonight after work.
  4. Eminent People and Their Watches

    Col. William Pogue wore the orange version of the Seiko 6139-6002 'Pepsi' on the Skylab 4 mission. He'd bought it 'on tick' before being issued with his official Omega by Nasa, and used it to time the engine burns. When the time came for the mission, he smuggled the Seiko on board in the pocket of his space suit. This story is well documented, and there are pics of Pogue wearing both watches on the mission. This gives rise to two facts...the Seiko 6139 is officially the first automatic chrono into space ( not the Sinn, or Omega as a lot of people believe) and the orange version, and only the orange version, has become affectionately known as a 'Pogue'.
  5. Wednesday 13th Dec watches

    Touché! (old picture).
  6. Wednesday 13th Dec watches

    I shall follow Rich's (@relaxer7) example and put the Orca on tonight, albeit the blue version.....and yes, Rich...sort that bezel out pronto!....
  7. Watches in the Snow.

    They know all about me and make allowances...
  8. I should not have done that!!

    I see you've got a blue 'Frankenmonster' in amongst those, Trev...very rare now. I saw a yellow one like mine at just under a grand a few weeks ago.
  9. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    So sorry to hear of this sad news, Emily. We had some great laughs together. RIP.
  10. Christmas irritations

    People stocking up on food like there's a famine on. The shops are all open on Boxing day for goodness sake! A whole lot of fuss for just one day. I can't wait for it to be over and get back to normal. Ho-bleedin'-ho!
  11. TUESDAY'S tickers.

    Yellow Seiko 7T32 today.
  12. Parking

  13. Mobility scooter anyone.

    Colin Furze, the 'mad inventor' made the first record breaking mobilty scooter, but I think this one is faster than his.... Perfect for those trips to the local charity shop.....
  14. Mickey Mouse - Bulova Accutron

  15. An update...and thanks to all.

    Two months down the line, and things are decidedly looking up! The Methotrexate has finally kicked in, and with a fluoroscopy guided injection of steroid into my right ankle joint last week, I can finally walk without any pain again. It's been a long 9 months of agony (.....and I know there are lots of people out there far worse than me....many on here), but for me, it's quite probably the best Christmas present ever. Will keep updated so that others in the same unfortunate situation can hopefully get some comfort/ideas, knowing that in the end, it can be sorted. I have an orthotics appt. booked for next week to see if I need custom made insoles to correct any mis-alignment of my feet.....which could also lead to improved relief. Once again, thanks for all your continued support and friendship.

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