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  1. You would have to ask Roy that for clarification, Damo. At least if you just stop visiting, you have the choice to come back if you want to. If you are made a 'Guest', and I think this is an admin descision, not a member descision, you're gone for good, though your posts will remain.
  2. When I started at ICI in 1970, we had to work a month in hand as we were monthly salaried.
  3. Still wearing the T shirt.....original Sea Urchin... Then sold it...... ...then bought another one.... ...and another!
  4. I bought a set of those clip on lenses, and found them to be quite good, but that was before I found the 'Magnifier' widget on my phone. I've posted about this before, but sure it's worthy of a repeat. If you have a Samsung S5 or later, you should be able to find the Magnifier widget by holding your finger on the home page until it reduces in size and shows the widget button... Click on this and scroll across until you find the app. Here, I've moved it onto a home screen for ease of access. The app allows you to take a pic at normal size, and then by using the slider at the bottom of the screen, enlarge up to 5 times. This is the set up I use, and you will see that the phone is quite a way from the subject, which helps cut out annoying reflections. ...and here are shots of the image normal size, and x5 (these are photos of a photo) ...and these are the actual shots... ...and a couple more... If you have a Samsung, give it a go!
  5. This clause is in the rules........if only people would read them..... Removal of Accounts, All Posts and Topics From time to time Admin are asked to "delete my account and all my posts and topics". The Admin team reserve the right not to comply with such a request. If you do not wish to use the forum any more, then simply stop visiting.