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  1. Watches that tempted you but...........

    There have been so many over the last 8 or 9 years, that I've lost count. Thankfully, these days I'm more or less happy with what I've got. Even the yellow Super Ocean that I was on about a couple of weeks ago has lost its appeal already.
  2. Insomniac or disinterested?

    Good to see that there are still a few who like to read before nodding off...I usually read for about half an hour when I finally turn in.
  3. The Apple watch.... gets on my nerves....

    I don't hold with all these fruit based gadgets....first there was the Blackberry, now it's Apple (or should that be 'crapple')...what are we making here? A pie? I'm a bit of a luddite where tech is concerned and wouldn't even have a mobile if I wasn't required to have one for work....in fact my mobile is turned off on a Friday night, put in a drawer and doesn't come out until Monday morning. The thought of having a 'watch' that connects to it, frankly appalls me. There are far too many people wandering about these days glued to their phones. Everywhere you go it's heads down looking at them. No wonder the art of conversation is dying (dead?) .....and breathe and relax......rant over.......sorry.
  4. A Bit of Rolex History

    Nice read, Mike....thanks for posting.
  5. A little test......

    Being an outdoor chap, I only need to look at the sun, and I can see that it's actually 11.36 and 33 seconds as I write. But my watch says that it's 11.36 and 45 seconds, so the sun is running a little slow today...........
  6. Sunday Young Guns (Made After 1990)

    Going to be the SMP today...
  7. Out of preference............

    Being the most under used complication on any watch, I only have three, and they are all centre seconds. Two of them (Quartz models), I leave the chrono off, but the 6139, because of the mechanism it employs is left running all the time. Accurist chrono. Seiko 7T32 chrono. Seiko 6139 Pogue chrono.
  8. Accurist.

    From the album Roger's Watch album.

  9. What can YOU see?

    None, actually. They are all in the wardrobe, even the Eco drives and I haven't put one on yet.
  10. Female Approval.

    Show her this...
  11. Female Approval.

    I keep the 710 and watches completely separated....it's the best way.
  12. Given The Chance......

    Antony Cousins would shake your hand....
  13. Dogs and their watches.

    Steve....Mach will be round shortly with some very nice men in white coats and some Nembutal. Failing that, they have a rather fetching designer jacket made of canvas with built in jockstrap, matching brass buckles and special backwards fastening sleeves.....
  14. Ups and down an TWF W/E 20-8-17

    I think the Jaeger Bombs would have been over his head if he said that......