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  1. It also makes Friday nights on the watch forum pretty interesting too....
  2. Yes...the only Sapphire I like is this one... As to which glass is in my watch, I really couldn't care long as it keeps water and dust out, and I can see the dial, it'll do for me. All this rubbish about one being 'better' than the other is ridiculous as far as I'm concerned.
  3. A gallon of diesel and a box of Swan vestas should sort you out!
  4. 'Er indoors doesn't even know she's born. I pay for everything. All she pays for is her wine. If I want a watch, I bloody well have it and no questions asked. I mean what more could she possibly want....? I bought her a fabulous ironing press several months ago........... ......And then spent several hours at the proctologists having it removed from my @r$e hole..........women, eh?
  5. That's why I'm not saying's an auction, so I will probably be outbid. Will let you know one way or the other.
  6. Men in Black Disappear?...........didn't it win an Oscar?......
  7. Excellent, Steve...and hope to be able to report one of my own shortly..........fingers and everything else crossed......
  8. Back to work and the same old, same old.....
  9. I was just playing, Steve, and must admit to liking the Apeks divers too. There was one on the SC a couple of weeks ago, and if I'd been quick enough, it would be on my wrist now....but hey ho.....perhaps the new owner won't bond with it.....
  10. Oh dear......... Sorry, Steve....only jesting with you!
  11. If I really want it, then there's no real limit. The Orca cost a lot more than people were selling them for a couple of years ago, but just check out the prices they go for now on completed ebay sales. Two years ago, £ £400+ for the more common black dial, rubber strap version, add another £100 for the blue, and another £100 for the bracelet version.....if you can find one. This was a good investment watch. Got my eye on something now, actually.....had one years ago and in a car accident it got embedded in my wrist and had to be dug out. About £100 back in the day, but I reckon I'll have to go to £400+ to secure the one I've seen. I'll let you know.
  12. Seiko, Citizen and a new one for me, Apeks. Well I believe you, Mike...
  13. Is that Big M?.....sorry Bond.....
  14. Bloody lavatory always smells terrible. SMELL.