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  1. Only just seen this , Roy.....thanks!.....oh and I see the super and sub script buttons are back too...thanks again!
  2. An update...and thanks to all.

    First full day back at work, and just about made it from 7.30am 'til 5.00pm. Tried last Monday but only lasted 'til 2.00pm. Got about a quarter of the 2 acre formal gardens weeded so really chuffed. Ankles a bit sore, but after 8 weeks of doing nothing, the muscles have wasted a bit and the joints are bit stiff, but hopefully now active again, everthing will strengthen back to normality pretty quickly. Had a good day for it too...lovely and sunny.
  3. Mafws Game

    Randy old people enjoy sex. JELLY
  4. Casio Ana-Digi Giveaway.

    Well I got back earlier than expected, and the winner of the Casio Ana-digi giveaway is @bridgeman, so well done, Chris...PM me your address again...(I know I had it a few weeks ago when you bought the Samurai), but I've deleted old PM now and can't remember it.... Thanks to everyone who entered and tried the new system.
  5. Recommend me a bracelet.

    Sharkmesh? Here's my 009 on one.....I know it's the pepsi bezel, but you get the idea.
  6. Seiko 5 sports SNZF17K1

    22mm lug width.
  7. Is there a reason why my gallery pics have suddenly gone ma-hoo-sive? I don't think I've pressed anything I shouldn't have...., but this pic of the Orca now fills the entire screen!
  8. Sunday newbe after 19 90

    Will go with Taffyman today and wear the Orca....
  9. Superscript and subscript.

    I know you're busy ironing out all the little glitches in the new software, Roy, but could you add replacing the super and subscript buttons to the bottom of your 'to do' list.....I know you did this a few weeks ago, but they've gone again in the upgrade. No rush, thanks.
  10. As you know, I'm running a little giveaway to see how the new system works, which ends today at 4.00pm. What I hadn't realised was that due to a prior engagement, I shan't be around from lunchtime onwards today. If I can possibly get back on here later (and it will be later) this evening to congratulate the winner and get their address, I will, but it's more likely to be tomorrow in all honesty. So I ask all the participants to 'bear with', and apologise for the inconvenience. Rog.
  11. What Are You Listening To

    Ariana Grande...yes this is the lyric version, but at least you don't have to watch/listen to all the crap in the official video...... ...and Rita Ora's latest offering written with Ed Sheeran is pretty cool too......
  12. Seiko 5 sports SNZF17K1

    Even if you get stung for VAT, it's still a great watch for the money. Looking forward to some cool pics!
  13. Saturday evening.

    Trying to set up 'er indoors laser light display for the forthcoming BBQs.......wish me luck!............ Tried to take several videos, but the lasers only record as white blobs, where there are actually three colours, red, green and blue....
  14. TWF ups and downs W/E 25-6-17

    Ups...having fun with friends on here tonight...all friendly banter. Also starting work again this week.....will not try to do too much like I did last week and only last half a day. Downs...none at the moment....got to keep positive and move forwards.
  15. Why are Tissot so Faked

    Like @BondandBigM...I usually can't even get in a second time.......apparently, my reputation preceeds me....