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  1. Roger the Dodger

    Not been around here for a few days...

    Sorry to hear about this, Dave...they can be flippin' painful. Hope everything returns to normal PDQ. Of course, there's always the thrill of looking forward to a win in the two latest comps, but seeing as I've also entered, don't hold your breath....mods perks and all that, you understand...
  2. Roger the Dodger

    The Waterfall Project.

    Please don't encourage 'Dearly beloved'...she has enough cr@p placed all around the garden. Every so often, the latest gnome, solar powered butterfly or even plastic flamingo () disappears over the back fence...I tell her it's the red kites nicking them......
  3. Roger the Dodger


    Welcome to the forum, I can see you'll fit right in here...mine says hi!
  4. Roger the Dodger

    Tuesday Tickers 19.06.18

    Seiko SKZ 251 'Frankenmonster' .
  5. Roger the Dodger

    Heinz Ketchup Scandal (UK)

    ...or the UK...
  6. Roger the Dodger

    Monday wrist attire

    Apeks tonight.
  7. Roger the Dodger

    TMB's Quiz.

  8. Roger the Dodger

    TMB's Quiz.

    Well, I must admit Delboy's looks to be better fitted, but that's probably because it's double breasted, which always look better in my opinion...in fact my own is the same.
  9. Roger the Dodger

    Seiko dial changeover

    As most of us are aware, Seiko owners like to give the watches nicknames...there's the 'Spork', the 'Sea Urchins', the 'Turtles', 'BFK', Sumo, Samurai etc, etc. But funnily, The Seiko SKZ251 and its variants are known as 'Frankenmonsters', which seems a bit strange because as far as I know, these weren't made up from different watches....unless Seiko had a load of spare parts lying around and decided to use them up. They were available in four dial colours, Black, blue, yellow and the very scarce orange. I have the yellow version...
  10. Roger the Dodger

    Roger's Great 15000 Post Giveaway.

    I'm in both of those as well, so we'll have to see......
  11. Roger the Dodger

    Bristling battery replacement

    Well I certainly wouldn't take it to a certain high street cobbler that 'specialises' in battery replacement. If you don't feel confident enough to do this yourself, give Simon2, our resident watch repairer, a PM and ask him....he's away for a week at the moment, so try at the end of the week
  12. Roger the Dodger

    Sunday Young Guns (Made After 1990) 17/06/18

    This is obviously what my two grown up sons think of me......
  13. Roger the Dodger

    Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990) 17/06/18

    Seiko G757-4010 from 1980 for a while this morning.
  14. Roger the Dodger

    Sunday Young Guns (Made After 1990) 17/06/18

    It's 'The Great Blue' today folks! 7T32 movement.

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