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  1. Ups. Met a customer who took delivery of a nice Girard Perregaux. He had his watch stolen 16 years ago and has struggled to find a replacement all this time. Bought some nice watches. Family have joined me in Holland, where it is scorchio . Downs. Work have put in a new expenses system that will not only stop me staying at my usual hotels (only because they are not in the system). It'll also cost me my free nights from very 1st world, minor niggle compared to most. I didn't like being away from my girls after the Manchester attack
  2. Yesterday I managed to get a watch I was after, a Bulova Accutron Astronaut, for much less than I expected. The warm weather during the final hours seems to have kept the competition away. I also tipped off a friend about a Canadian military Rolex Oyster Raleigh. He runs the military watch forum on FB, lives local to the auction house and the auction house had not mentioned Rolex in their description - plus I owed him a favour. But like me he was in Europe. So I put in a blind bid and got it for bottom estimate. So if you are looking for something and the weather is hot, keep an eye out. No one else seems to bidding!
  3. If a new Tudor costs the same as a used Datejust I know where my money would go. But don't forget to allow for a service
  4. Thanks, I didn't realise you were a forum member! I'll include a few extras for you
  5. I might list this on eBay ending on June 8th. I'll tell Corbyn to bid strongly on it, as he wouldn't want to lose two on the same day C1973, with Dutch day wheel
  6. No, not my first wife. This Another hideous design by Robson and Jerome, and you thought the singing was bad. That is a 45mm watch not a childs piece then. As well as a proper enamel dial, officially licensed and a tourbillon it is also a limited edition - limited by the number of people without eyes that need a watch! There is only one made. And it costs $250,000 USD. Any nominations for worse watches for more money? Or have I won the internet? (secretly i do quite like the flash of lightening bridge for the Tourbillon)
  7. You are probably the same as me. People know you are a watch bore expert so when something goes wrong they ask you for help. Or free battery changes. Or both. But i have a friend who inherited this Tissot from his father and loves the watch. But the spring bar gave out and he lost the end link. And he can't find another. I have tried to persuade him to try a mesh, but he wants it like he got it. Does anyone have a spare 20mm end link or a contact? I'm sure he would be willing to pay for it Thanks for looking
  8. Nope. They are all like this. Can't think of any other model watch that uses the same trick though
  9. I quite like no markers for variety. And if you can't tell the time without numbers then you should practise a little more Although this last one is sneaky as it uses the bezel to mark the hours
  10. We have a new contender! Richard Mille have just given Rafa Nadal a new watch and I'm sure he must think they don't like him Where has the spewing emoticon gone? If it was ever needed, it was needed now!
  11. Sorry to hear that Rog. I'm sporting this today
  12. this is better
  13. @mel too rich for me, but if you want one to repair
  14. I don't find them that comfortable or easy to use personally, but you asked for pictures The Citizen is much smaller and had a habit of sliding around my wrist like it was top heavy. The Seiko is too large for me. Both from 1976
  15. can't loose on those choices. I'm saying Omega, as I still have the Longines 12.68 in stock!
  16. thanks! The one I am hopefully getting has the later tapered bracelet. One of five nice Seikos and an Ebel chrono coming in PX, all being well. I am seeing the watches (and he is seeing mine) face to face. As @BondandBigM mentioned sometimes the journey is worth it. I meet someone in London when selling an IWC Chronograph, and Schipol airport this week to hand deliver a Girard Perregaux. On high value watches sometimes the travel is cheaper than couriers!
  17. I hope to be getting one next week. I have checked it out against this very good guide so to the OP - do your research on the seller and the watch in question. I no longer sell on eBay, and rarely buy on there these days either. It isn't unheard of for a person in the trade to have a 'pleb' account to sell things that are not 100%. Poor photos, 'just needs a battery', crown and stem out so all sold as spares or repairs. Then the seller is covered, and the poor buyer buys a pup. I have heard the phrase 'i'll get rid of it on ebay' too many times.
  18. I don't have one, but I'll keep my eye open for you. I may visit more shops, flea markets and fairs than most. Are these pin pallet timex movements?
  19. Mel do you mean one of these? Is this a Southampton?
  20. Guys, guys, guys! Are you not forgetting something? We are Watch Collectors Instead of one watch with two dials, we can buy two watches. Twice the fun (£230? On one and a half quartz rotary watches? Wow)
  21. Good for you! Find something that you love doing, then find a way to make a living at it. That's what my philosophy is too. Then it rarely feels like work
  22. Good post I have gone straight from stage four to stage 8 - making watches your profession! I did consider consolidation though, just never went through with it. We should make this compulsory reading for newbies!
  23. final results Now you just have to work out who is who
  24. Rotary, Accurist and Avia older watches are massively undervalued IMHO. The generally poor quality of the new watches keeps the value of the older ones down. Enjoy your bargain (hopefully it was)
  25. Ups a good week for sales Downs. A bad week for buying. Given that I enjoy buying new watches more than I like selling, overall meh I know I have nothing at all to complain about. That doesn't stop me.