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  1. look at watches from 21 years ago. you will probably find the contemporary watches have now dated, but the watches that were already 20-50 years old look fine. sub, speedy, reverso etc are still recognisable. That might hold true for the future too.
  2. I can't help with the specific enquiry, but is it worth saving? not my cuppa. Sorry
  3. I have a £20 Sekonda, and a JLC. Nothing wrong with variety welcome
  4. aviator watches are designed for going up. few will also be designed for going under water too. generally, if the pilot gets his wrist 30m or more under water then he has ditched the plane in the sea (and I write that while sat in an airport!)
  5. swiss

    I bought two too, and while one was fine the other took a £200 service to sort, and it probably would have been more if the watchmaker realised what he was taking on. These were the last of the Eterna built watches, before Porsche sold Eterna and subcontracted the watch contract (and doubled the prices!) TK Maxx were very good to me though
  6. New arrival 1997 Chrono Cockpit the bracelet is just half a link short of being comfortable on me though. Might have to put it on leather, which is a shame
  7. "find something you love doing. then work out how to make money at it" it was with this quote in mind that I founded BYWs. The next stage is to do it full time, and I have just taken the next stage towards that. I have signed up to do the BHI basic watch servicing course in August. it isn't cheap (£750 plus membership fees), but I am hoping that over the years it will pay back dividends in both savings with my watchmaker (does a decent job, but slow - I have 20+ watches in for various bits.) So many other watchmakers are nearing retirement age too, so I am protecting my future. would anyone else be interested in doing the course? 2 places left...
  8. B&B is a very reasonable £150 for the week!
  9. Nottinghamshire, Upton Hall
  10. Got this from the car boot sale this weekend. Not working, bracelet stiff with dirt and crystal scuffed to hell and back WIP And now on the wrist Dating from 1980 and on the original Pulsar bracelet. Okay, the bezel is knackered has character, and the plating on the bracelet is worn out has patina. And even cleaned up with a new crystal it isn't worth any more than the movement on it's own (this has the Y513 used in the Pulsar Turtle). But I like it.
  11. can you put some photos up please Elliott, then we will be able to help
  12. yep. October and December by then I shall be the next Daniels or Breguet
  13. Nice find, and worth spending the money on. The plexi is beyond saving, so replace that. The hands might be original or at least original replacements - the Royal Engineers that serviced these watches put functionality before originality, and it wasn't unusual to have the wrong bits fitted. Here is a good article The strap is shot too, but a Zulu or NATO strap would help with that. I have the Record version, and it wears really well
  14. nice one Rog - I have just strapped my 500m Edox divers watch to my goldfish to get a picture and now the fish is dead. You MURDERER! Good luck to all that enter the competition properly
  15. If the watch is after 1976 it will not have a Roamer MST movement inside. Quality took a turn downhill in response to the quartz crisis. This has also lead to a number of fakes from India too (eBay is clogged with them.) However yours will want servicing at least to sort the problem. The stem that connects the crown to the movement is only about 1mm thick, so if you apply too much torque you will snap it
  16. It is a gold plated watch, and the waterproof case is probably what has kept the dial looking so good. Not easy to date without seeing the movement - The case back will screw off anti clockwise and if you don't have the tool try using a squash ball and the friction can help open the case.
  17. best way to test em is to wear em perk of the job
  18. Hi Friis, Welcome, and i am sure we can help. But please use a photo hosting service such as Flikkr or Photobucket and then we can see the image
  19. done in India by a blind monkey then the dial would cost 1000 rupees and would look terrible. see ebay for examples done properly then it could be £100 and it is not money well spent. not only do you lose originality, but you also end up with a watch worth less than £100 (just a guess, please post some pictures so we can see what you are talking about)
  20. Saved a watch today A 1980 Pulsar. Scratched crystal , filthy case and bracelet, not running, hands misaligned when i bought it this morning. The time I have spent sorting it is not viable - financial madness to be honest - but it is now looking good and I am wearing it tomorrow. And I like the fact it would have otherwise gone in the bin
  21. Ups. had a great week in regards to sales and bought some crackers to replace them. Downs. Had one of the replacement watches lost, or possibly stolen. I have just bent the hand of one of the others while changing the crystal, but hopefully I can save that one. Another scammer on eBay tried to rip me off. I told them I would send the watch as soon as my lobotomy was completed but overall a very positive week
  22. does the seastar have the omega based movement? If so there is a trick, but i need the calibre number to remind me what that is 2030 by chance?
  23. Modern ceramic Braun watch
  24. From what I have learnt the movement was launched in 1972, and eta stopped production only in 2004 because of the expense, like you say. Of course I am going to keep it. At least until the email comes in saying it is sold!
  25. Not this time. A quartz chrono