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  1. Black Friday Thread

    Patek Philippe offered to waive the 5p carrier bag charge.
  2. Black Friday Luck

    Bargain @RWP I didn't have a black Friday sale, but I did have a purple Wednesday sale. Last Wednesday
  3. The fine line between big and too big is 1mm

    My sweet spot is 34mm but not with a graduated bezel, then it jumps to 39mm. And I prefer slim watches under 11mm So why have I invested in a massive watch arriving next week? Cos I'm weak
  4. IWC Portofino... Any Love ?

    I don't like the larger logo in modern IWC watches - a bit too in your face. And the size is too large And the finishing on modern IWC doesn't match JLC or Zenith either. But this is cheaper, and in white gold bigger photos here, and don't forget the tax on this one (no connection to the seller) https://www.chrono24.co.uk/audemarspiguet/14848bc-classic-automatic-sector-dial-white-gold-26500--id6810409.htm
  5. Hublot vs Ulysse Nardin

    Mainly because they are bolts and not screws, but I too prefer the finish. OP Both your choices manage to make gold look tacky IMO, but have a look at Glashutte Original Senator to see how it can look great. Or JLC, Cartier, Vacheron, Patek etc
  6. I am looking for a very specific type of watch

    I think you are asking a bit much - a manual wind chronograph for £150 will not be highly finished, so why skeletonise the dial? I wouldn't want to see stamped out, unpolished parts every time I look at the dial. Something like this would appeal more to me Commonly known as open heart, this shows the balance moving but at least the part showing is properly finished. About £329 RRP, but sellers on eBay have them at £175
  7. early calendar movement identification?

    It seems as if the casemark A5M does mean something A (number) M A2M Watch cases with Glasgow Assay Office import hallmarks turn up with a sponsor's mark made up of the letters A and M separated by a number, such as the A2M mark shown here. I have seen examples of A2M, A5M, A10M and A11M. They all look similar to this one, made with an incuse punch with no surround. Unfortunately the records for the Glasgow Assay Office were mainly lost when the office closed in 1964 and we don't have records of who registered these marks. These marks are somewhat similar to the J (symbol) W punches thought to have been registered by James Weir. It seems likely that the company who entered the mark was acting as assay agent for several different Swiss manufacturers and that the number was used for administrative purposes to identify who each watch case belonged to. The Edinburgh Assay Office database includes an A5M mark registered by J Véron Grauer & Co of Geneva, described as a "Forwarding agency". This company still exists as a logistics company in Switzerland and traces its history back to 1867. Véron-Grauerspecialised in products of high value such as watches and jewellery, and also in customs clearance. It seems likely that Véron Grauer were performing the role of assay agent for Swiss watch case manufacturers in the same way as Stockwell & Co. It seems likely that Véron Grauer were part of the continent wide network of shipping agents including Messageries Nationales Express and the Messageries Anglo-Suisses that Stockwell & Co. also belonged to. A new avenue of investigation!
  8. Fresh in is this silver cased watch with calendar the calendar is interesting on a silver watch of this design - look at the calendar wheel (top right)! I have tried with the help of dr Ranfft to id this movement but failed - can anyone spot what it might be? 23mm wide and the silver case has unusual stamps too - apposing F's indicating Glasgow, an 'i' in it's own bubble and 925 for silver. If the 'i' was in an upside down shield this would indicate 1931 - extremely early for a date mechanism I think (but suits the styling and case size) Any thoughts, especially on the movement ID
  9. early calendar movement identification?

    Thank you @stromspeicher - your boredom and language skills have helped immensely. I think I have to take the dial off to try and find a mark on that side. This watch is getting more and more cutting edge (for the 30's!)
  10. Hi from a new member.

    Welcome. Plenty of fellow Seiko nuts here!
  11. Gigandet.....anyone know anything

    that was the one. No 24 hour delivery, but another watch arrived this morning for me to slobber over for a short while anyway!
  12. Hello from Spain

    no pictures of the sunshine please Welcome
  13. Not Sure What to Think

    maybe the Valjoux you always wanted?
  14. Newbie

    Welcome Jon If you are based in Korea then I would start to learn as much as possible about UK and US Military watches. There are a lot of fakes about, but genuine ones can be worth some good money and are interesting. Learn what 'franken' means, and go carefully!
  15. Gigandet.....anyone know anything

    I did check and the price was just a little more on their site, before delivery. It does make a joke of the RRP though
  16. Black Friday Deals Anyone?

    Picked a Gigandet up of Amazon today at 75% off their vastly inflated rrp
  17. Gigandet.....anyone know anything

    A Supergraph quartz chrono for £70. Mineral crystal, 316L stainless steel and a mesh bracelet just seems cheap
  18. Gigandet.....anyone know anything

    i'm so weak Ordered!
  19. You've really captured the very essence of flour on a paper background there Mel. Well done
  20. Gigandet.....anyone know anything

    tempted, but decided not to in the end. Extra deals on today https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=sr_pg_2?rh=n%3A328228011%2Ck%3Agigandet&page=2&keywords=gigandet&ie=UTF8&qid=1511180359
  21. Leysin, Switzerland, above the clouds. Photo taken by myself from the roof ridge of Leysin American School during building works
  22. Whisky Bargains

    More amazon bargains https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=gbps_tit_m-8_3c1b_4abf2a7e?rh=i%3Aalcohol%2Cn%3A340834031%2Cn%3A!344155031%2Cn%3A358583031&bbn=358583031&hidden-keywords=B008X6TB08|B015HVW69E|B01CE1NM98|B071Y78V9W|B01CE1NM98|B001GLO882|B00PUIYCJM|B001GLIBW6|B001HUA3I6|B00E0EVZYC|B002EP7WKU|B00KF56G4E|B015KXE3UO|B071WC6LK5&ie=UTF8&lo=alcohol&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_p=5cf6bb12-3bed-44f8-852f-da5b073d3c1b&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-8&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_i=161428031&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_r=KQBCW72Z3FV2C1WF1MSW I have never seen Jura at £20, or Laphroaig at £20.99. Seen 'em, clicked 'em, bought 'em
  23. Roman Numerals

    On Big Ben IV looks so much like III that IIII might have been a better choice
  24. Fixing Old Timex Quartz

    I can't recommend a tutorial at the moment, but I am on the BHI Quartz course this weekend so not sure if I will know more then
  25. Fixing Old Timex Quartz

    Attachment does not show. Try Flickr or similar hosting websites. Sounds like it needs a clean to me

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