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  1. My Zenith Movado museum watch is quartz, and 4.5mm thin
  2. i got four from the US last week (two separate parcels) and never paid a penny, despite expecting to have to RESULT!
  3. I tried some sniping software a while ago, and my computer got a virus. Never touched it since. I tend to have a short list and a long list - the long list might be worth a bid, and i wait until the end of the auction (7 seconds) to avoid a bidding war. The short list gets a 'holding' bid placed immediately - less than the item is worth, but it reminds me that I want that item (for example if it has dated papers). It helps me prioritise. Never bid in whole pounds - if you think it is worth £65 bid £66.66. You will 'win' more* * by the word 'Win', what I actually mean is you have paid more than anyone else thought it was worth. That doesn't mean it isn't worth that price to you
  4. My dilemma is my flight from Brussels is at noon tomorrow. So what time do I set the alarm for? Will the phone correct itself? not too worried. If I am up early they is a large flea market near here, or I could watch the Aussie GP in bed. I can't loose
  5. Interesting design. Scary price if you dislike money that much just send £500 to comic relief and wait for the half price sale. CW do them so frequently that I wouldn't dream of paying full price. A bit like buying a sofa at DFS when they don't have a sale
  6. The high street will change. Landlords will not be able to charge high rents when there is glut of empty units and lower footfall. Expect yet more cafes and hairdressers that can not go online. Businesses need to get ahead of the curve,which isn't easy. Diversification is key. Ever wonder why Walls make sausages and ice cream? Because they spotted that when people were buying ice cream they bought fewer sausages. So they bought into the other business to spread their risk. Pubs that are turning into community centres and part time post offices are also doing better. I do genuinely feel sorry for your friend. But he needs to adapt and tell his landlord to drop the rent - they need to adapt too So he should start repairing mobile phones, and selling smart watches too. When the cobbler closes but the key cutting machine and do that too. All relatively easy for someone who can repair a watch, but adds strings to his bow
  7. The GBP is down 20%. Therefore anything we import will go up. Great for exporters though
  8. answer below
  9. Boiler. Microwave. Whichever watch I happen to strap on. Everything else is automatically changed. November point changing the wife's car. She's never on time anyway! Managed to book a flight on Sunday. I hate flying on a hour change day ( do they even do that in Europe?)
  10. Get a Flickr account. Easy to use and you won't lose your photo if your personal hardware gets broken or stolen either. Need to see these watches!
  11. I've not had it apart yet. From the sound is am guessing a pin pallet movement inside, so I am not expecting anything swanky on the dial. One unusual thing that I have never seen before is the lume plots are on the underside of the crystal, not on the dial.
  12. No gigging at the back
  13. Set the watch ten seconds behind the minute hand. Does the issue repeat?
  14. I didn't close my pb account. I just copied everything across to flickr. That way my old images links stay live, and I also have a hosting service that works properly Even for someone who is not very tech savvy it was easy to do
  15. And the guy that wants £100 for his watch, but lists at £110 or best offer.
  16. @Daveyboyz is right on the shock protection. But the hallmark is the Swiss Mark of Helvetia. And that is impossible to date accurately. Without knowing the movement I would estimate 1920s.
  17. I saw the watch first
  18. Because the Swiss hallmarks are faked too it is massively illegal to own Hammertime!
  19. I can't recall many Italian members, but maybe you know more than me on this one Inside is an ETA 955.112 movement, rebranded a Zenith 33.7. It came with box and papers, and i have found very similar watches including some el Primero models. The gold is very gold - possibly solid 18k. The papers and box were included, but not dated. The papers are co branded Zenith Mondia, not LVMH, so would be pre 2000 or about on the same year. From what little information I can find the watches were very limited production runs, underwritten by the Italian dealer network - someone has quoted 200 watches total, albeit for a slightly different model (without divers bezel). Can anyone add to the story? The model number is 59.0320.337
  20. i contacted that dealer already to see if the papers were stamped, but like mine they are stamped with the seller AD name but no date. And my AD isn't in business anymore either. I'll ask Zenith for some help on this one methinks
  21. Absolutely. The pre 1975 ones with MST movements are seriously undervalued in my humble
  22. road testing this typical - no doubting the year for this one and it came with papers also saying 1992
  23. lots of us save hard to get a particular model. If that changes, even slightly, we might still want the older model we have lusted after. Christopher Ward's new logo for example will have made some people look for the older model. Rarely do popular models get discounted. If you don't sell it new, you can sell it NOS after a few years and make more money!
  24. 30s or 40s i'd say, but the chrono movements tended to be made over long time periods Very nice watch though, My first Vulcain is in the post to me as i type
  25. welcome Graham, Seven isn't trying hard enough...