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  1. eBay love cookies, leaving a little trail about you all across the interweb Private browsing / incognito mode stops this, but also means you have to remember all your usernames/passwords I bought a book on Amazon as a gift - my sister in law wanted books about the Madeline McCann case. For months I was offered books on child abduction, murders and abuse. No thanks! PS I was surprised the watch didn't sell for more
  2. yep. no need to try and find a pencil, but you do need a decent memory for procedures if you want to use it to its full
  3. someone get some bleach to help me wash my eyeballs! I know i have watches I don't like, but they are also up for sale so I can't play along
  4. there are reasons that no one else owns another example of this watch. They can't have sold two can they?
  5. We got asked if we wanted to watch a monkey sh4g a midget! We declined
  6. They are very comfy to wear and an easy grab and go watch. Also look at the Omega Seamaster multifunction. It has a steel case and the LCD screens are not as prominent And when the extra functions are used But with either the Breitling or the Omega you can't expect your local watchmaker to fix them if they go wrong
  7. Losing an auction is a sign of strength Winning just says you have spent more than anyone else thought it was worth Does that feel better? It helps me
  8. I had my stag in Prague @BondandBigM and it is an excellent choice. Venture A street or two away from the main strip for early beers and food. And if you find a strip club with a McClaren Mercedes SLR outside you will understand why a warm tin of beer was £8 Good call on the shop OP. We should have a series of threads - vintage shops of France, of Czech republic etc to help each other out . That might be a project I take on if everyone likes the idea?
  9. Welcome Please never Google 'watch shaving' on a public or work computer
  10. Welcome Thomas. I visit your country a lot and always enjoy it. Some nice watch shops in Amsterdam too. Hope you like it here
  11. The Seiko Ventura models are painful to the eyes. I don't particularly like the Patek Philippe Nautilaus (but would accept one as a gift!) Brietling Bentley models
  12. I had a calypso Omega 120m semester with the same movement. I got £900 with papers, but that was about 40mm and this looks smaller. I haven't seen one like this before. Check wrist size carefully, as you will never find spare links and on integrated bracelets that is a real issue. Mine was from 1982 and given the movement production was quite limited (the 17 jewel movement was expensive to make and quite fragile too) I'd expect this watch to be similar.
  13. Quite right. Anything bought on a credit card is covered over £100 (in the uk) ask your card to refund you
  14. Ups. Barcelona has been nice. Booked a trip to Iceland for next week too, which is somewhere I have always wanted to visit Downs. A watch I sold for £39 needs a £65 service. Ah well, not exactly a big problem. Downs. Leicester went out of the champions league. They did us proud though Up. A lovely longines is en route. Won some watches at auction. One watch arrived much nicer than I expected Another good week. Hope everyone else is happy and healthy
  15. I have a few Favre-Leuba watches and like them. Something very cool about names that are difficult to spell That was a bargain. Try Rodico for the dial, but be prepared to have patina rather than damage - it isn't as frustrating at looking at a dial and knowing you pressed too hard
  16. welcome
  17. That's lovely! I have this 18k 1953 Eterna on
  18. I may have bought too much bubble wrap for my immediate needs I got the quantity wrong. The 710 is not happy as it is 5ft long!
  19. My wife disagrees!
  20. The Omega may have had a dial paint - does the paint slightly overlap the applied numbers? The geneve you will probably never find out much about - the name is too generic Bucherer are an upbrand Swiss jewellers who have made their own watches for a while. Modern ones have eye watering prices, but collectors still appreciate the older ones like yours even if they are not top drawer (hence the gold plated case)
  21. This thread should help you Looks to be some nice pieces. You late uncle clearly had taste
  22. They have. They have raised nearly €400k against a €65k target on kickstarter, and Hodinkee's article will push that further I have had to stop myself, twice, from pulling the trigger. Must think vintage, must think vintage... I agree a panda dial will look nice, and I also think €30 for a display back is a bit steep
  23. if the dial is around 33mm that was perfectly normal back then. Please put some pictures on your post and we can help more
  24. Like every rule there are exceptions. Although I do clearly remember a gold TR7 near our house when I was young and the car looked cool (to a nine year old anyway. I have never driven one)