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  1. What are the panel's thoughts on this?

    I am sure I have seen Davidoff watches at TK Maxx before. If you want a moonphase without spending a fortune then has anyone tried a Henry watch? Yes it is quartz but at £135 for a triple calendar moonphase without shopping around means you can't lose too much money
  2. Senior Sunday (pre-1990)

    Switched to another 1928 watch now, after replacing the crystal Before and after
  3. Seiko Lord Matic

    Photobucket have ruined many a good historical resource From my research Seiko had two projects to produce superior watches running at two different factories. One factory produced the King Seiko, the Other the Lord Matic (LM) They were considered roughly equal at the time, but the King Seiko is now more collected because of two things; The LM had a weakness in the 5606 movement. If you try and quickset change the date near midnight you break the mechanism, and the quickset won't work again. You don't get away with it, so after 40+ years few of the LM have the quickset date still working. Kings outrank Lords. They can be a great buy - solid link bracelets, hacking auto movements that can also be handwound (unlike the 5 range) and some funky colours The one below has a bad repainted dial - they didn't even get the jewel count right!
  4. Senior Sunday (pre-1990)

    1928 Sterling Silver Audax Unidentified movement
  5. Pick yourself a super car for 10k

    That's ridiculous. My Skoda Superb is better than a Passat! VW - for people that can't afford an Audi, and are too daft to buy a Skoda
  6. Ups and Downs on TWF w/e 23-7-17

    Ups. Recruited an internet consultancy to redesign my website Downs. It isn't cheap. I understand why most people just pay eBays fees
  7. Pick yourself a super car for 10k

    For 10k I would buy the best boxster rather than the cheapest 911. Though your 997 @Padders looks very nice! My 4 seat convertible for 5k challenge keeps getting put back. Missed the nice BMW E30s for that money, looks like the Saab 900 Turbo is like a unicorn at that money too.
  8. Moonphase watches

    Personally Moonphase is one complication I prefer with a battery - saves the hassle of setting it. A Seiko 7A48 would be my go to choice
  9. In car Satnav

    Older sat navs have to be updated by DVDs that are published infrequently. And they can cost £80 a go. A stand alone sat nav is the best resource if you do a lot of driving. I use my Garmin across all of Europe and trust it far more than I should. Phones are good, until you get a call approaching a busy junction. I also arrived in Calais and my phone said it required an update, but becasue it was a large update it needed wifi. I had to find Antwerp by turning left and following my nose (which was when I bought the Sat Nav!) My 2000 S Class had sat nav, but with no touch screen you had to set the (slow) system by a rotary controller. A £30 phone would be much better then Mercedes finest from 17 years ago
  10. New arrivals

    Sorry, but I agree with @Lampoc I doubt the Oris has even been to Switzerland on holiday. Oris, and post 1975 Roamer watches didn't use great movements back then, so the fakers just brand up any old dial. If you have a shot of the case back and movement that might help - it could just be a new dial and hands. The Omega looks right though, and that is very nice
  11. Audax Watches: Hunting Down the History

    Great article Honour, I can add something, albeit not much. I read this because I just bought this And the case has a silver import hallmark for 1928, so we can take the brand back a little further
  12. Friday watches 21.07.2017

    more characterful than springy
  13. Friday watches 21.07.2017

    Wow that's gorgeous ! (Hides while the rest of the Internet wonders why I can see the photo and they can't!) I can't either
  14. Friday watches 21.07.2017

    yes, the rotor spins about 320 degrees and hits the springs, bumping it back the other way where it hits to opposing spring. Hence the term bumper
  15. Friday watches 21.07.2017

    1953 Mido Multifort Datometer With the in house bumper movement
  16. Big dials.

    since the 1940's while this has a big dial, the case is 38mm and the bezel is just 1mm each side. So it 'wears large' A 38mm divers watch probably has a dial of 28mm, so 'wears small'
  17. Antique Market Shopping

    and if you do go you can wait for the shops to open in The City for a good drool against the glass
  18. Aspirations

    I wear Accurist to Zeno, and enjoy each differently
  19. Need Help Dating and Pricing a Vintage Desta Gold Watch

    The watch is actually two ladies watch movements, and IMHO is worth novelty value only. It doesn't look well made (look as the angle of the crowns the case for example), so don't hold out many hopes of it being worth a fortune Happily, the bracelet will be worth its weight in gold
  20. Antique Market Shopping

    treat the first trip as research only. If you see something you really like, walk away, have a coffee and use your phone for research. If it is still a bargain and ticks the boxes buy it, but remember there is no comeback and it will probably need a service.
  21. Vintage "Oris"


    thanks for buying this. I was very tempted, but it is too modern for me (I kept having to tell myself!)

    this is quite photogenic Absolutely mint, boxed and papers from 1992 (as if the styling didn't already tell you that!)
  24. Franck muller

    I've learnt too. I hadn't realised the Helvitica symbol had been dropped http://poincon.blogspot.co.uk/2010/04/distinctive-symbols.html?m=1
  25. Best Rolex justification ever.....

    It won't take long for the pug to be in Sri Lanka