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  1. Customer complaint

    Actually, not a customer. But this email has riled me. "Hello, I've been looking for a watch for my wife and see that you still have Youtube videos up of watches that you've already sold, and are cluttering the internet with sold watches as well. You've wasted my time, so here's what I'm going to do. Every time I see a video or internet ad with one of your sold watches...I'm going to give you negative review, and describe how you've wasted my time and money with Bait & Switch tactics. It may not have an effect right away, but over a short period of time, it will. And, I'm a very patient man, I just don't like my time wasted by inconsiderate internet sales people." So I replied, detailing that the sold watches are clearly marked on my website, and that by keeping the videos live I could be helping others trying to research their own watch. Plus the website redesign will allow you to filter sold watches. I ended my reply that if this still isn't to his liking then he should maybe not watch my videos and shop elsewhere. His response "I'm sure you're an understanding man, as with others, the negative posts for wasting my time must take place." What a tool! Especially using his email address, from which I have easily found his employers name, his address and other details. Shame he is in Florida.
  2. Compressors

    I think that the deeper it goes, the tighter the case seals become. Usually they have a cross hatched crown
  3. George Daniels

    He sold the original to the Beyer family in Zurich, who have two other Daniels watches in their small but perfectly formed museum.
  4. Customer complaint

    I've decided to ignore him until he takes any action. Thankfully he isn't the first idiot on the internet and there are plenty of tools to block these people. I'm just going to write to Google now and apologise for breaking the internet
  5. montblanc or what?

    It may have nothing to do with the Pen people - Mont Blanc is also a big lump of rock in Switzerland there was a company based in Biel that registered this brand in 1941 http://mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=280&suchwort=Liema&searchWhere=all#sucheMarker There is every chance this is related to your watch
  6. Vacheron Constantin. Real or counterfait

    Some tips This watch is crap, whereas a real VC is very high quality. And a real VC like this would be £30k. It is stamped for 18k gold (750), and I bet it is steel. Put a magnet on it, does it stick? Look how many parts have fell off. Does that say Swiss craftsman to you? Research, research, research. You will not find a long lost VC that no one else has documented, but you will find plenty that have been built by looking at a fax of a sketch of the real thing. Squash it in a vice
  7. Seiko Raffle

    As that was your 16k post should you give some tickets away
  8. Cutting back on the number of watches?

    Years ago when i hit sixty I realised I had too many watches, so had a stand at the clock and watch fair in Birmingham and sold about 20 in one morning. About a year later I had about 60 again, and this was when I started my website I have decided that my favourite watch is the next one, and in order to keep buying the next one then another should be sacrificed! Seems to be working
  9. Dating Vintage Watches

    Nice result to help date Oris watches, taken from their official 100 years book so should be accurate
  10. Brenray cleaning machine, advice needed

    The elma part arrived quickly and I have fitted it and all seems to be working okay. Result
  11. Picked this old machine up today It is a little tired, but (as the vendor stated) the heating element doesn't work. On having a look, the wires to the sandwich heater element have snapped off on the plate and this doesn't look repairable. Best thing is to fit a new heater. The heater has two iron plates, 81mm diameter, and the electrical element in the middle. I can't find spares for this machine unsurprisingly but I have asked HS Walsh for the diameter for this Elma part https://www.hswalsh.com/product/elma-replacement-heater-rm80-rm90-superelite-hc5114 Am I missing any tricks here? Does anyone know of anyone who carries spares for Brenray machines?
  12. Replacing Photobucket links

    Agreed. It isn't just this forum that is affected, but some car forums are also badly affected. I have resorted to printing some important information just to protect it
  13. Ups and Downs on TWF w/e 17-9-17

    I've spent the week in Italy. Como, Milan, Modena, Bologna, Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Genoa. Crashed the hire car once, got at least one parking fine and ended up over €400 poorer. Glad to be home!
  14. Watch Parade 16.09.17

    This new in Zenith this morning as I try and research it a bit more. Unusual dial.
  15. Zenith just broke the rules

    They have scrapped the balance wheel, pallets and 28 other components. They have built a small run of certified chronometer watches that run with an amplitude of 6 instead of the usual 300+, and it also beats at 108kbps Click on the image to see the video, or see the full article here https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/zenith-defy-lab-oscillator-introducing Ignore the look at me styling and this could change the future of watch movements.
  16. Hope i am back

    Welcome back, and very sorry to hear about your wife.
  17. Is buying vintage a gamble?

    you can check places like Cousins for parts availability, but that only gives an indication. And you might not need a part for 5 years, so it can be impossible to predict. But try and get a part for a three year old Bulova or similar too - anything that is model specific and you might struggle
  18. Is buying vintage a gamble?

    I think it depends on your age. If the watch is older than the wearer then it is definitely vintage. But if the wearer is 18 and the watch 20 years old a forty year old will think the same watch is modern!
  19. Is buying vintage a gamble?

    Yes. Buy cheap twice and all that.
  20. Is buying vintage a gamble?

    As ever, buy the seller.
  21. Watch World Tour

    I should have remembered this one - I visited earlier this year!
  22. Watch World Tour

    didn't Timex move production to the Philippines? Taiwan G. Gerlach in Poland
  23. New Arrival 14th September!

    These are cracking value. Cheaper to buy new than have it serviced!
  24. Lovely arrival courtesy of our host.

    Good taste doesn't come naturally to everyone. I feel for you
  25. Lume......just the hands.

    Being a predominantly vintage guy I have happy to see a slight glow from time to time. But when travelling (like now) and in different locations every night it can be valuable to see the time when your body clock is slightly off. That's why my modern Seiko is with me.

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