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  1. scottswatches

    Best non watch purchases of the past 12 months

    I little bit longer that 12 months ago I bought a Dyson bladeless fan. It was a luxury purchase, but it saved me paying the taxman the money They are worth every penny. So much so that tonight I bought my daughter one tonight. Very quiet, with remote control, they are ideal I wish they did a ceiling fan to replace the ugly but (IMO) essential one in our bedroom
  2. scottswatches

    Avia chronograph Valjoux 7733 spares or repair

    auction finished today, sold for £113. I paid £110, so it's wiped its face
  3. scottswatches

    Komandirskie 1945-85 help

    easy https://mroatman.wixsite.com/watches-of-the-ussr/komandirskie?lightbox=dataItem-j5tkur9p this is a good site for all Russian watches, and the owner is a nice guy
  4. scottswatches

    Dornblüth 99.1

    I haven't seen any, so will take the 5th
  5. scottswatches

    Who supplies the dealers?

    There is a US book, but the black and white pictures are terrible and the pricing is way out (and in US$) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Complete-Price-Guide-Watches-2018/dp/0982948778/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1527233979&sr=8-1&keywords=watch+price+guide Model by model research is best. Places like watch fairs, where I might buy 15 watches, are often down to a hunch or experience. Or just because I like it!
  6. scottswatches

    Five forgotten watches

    Yep. I found this at the weekend that has sat in a glass topped box that I use for the rare car boot sale. It has never run while I have owned it, and is only a 7 jewel pin pallet cal 612, in a 30mm chromed case. So I asked £5 for it and it didn't sell. Put it on eBay when I got home and accepted an offer of £150! The buyer probably knows more than me, but I am happy to leave some meat on the bone if they restore it. Every day is a school day
  7. scottswatches


    All regular tinkers have wooden or vinyl floors, a decent magnet, and if all else fails a cloth over the vacuum hose can find most things! I have been truly impressed at what a difference a good set of tweezers makes. I use Horotec Brass tweezers for most jobs.
  8. scottswatches

    Phenomenal accuracy/CS

    This isn't a bad result for a near 50 year old watch, from a quality brand That's only measured in one position, and all sorts of things such as temperature can change this. But I wasn't going to start fiddling with results this good!
  9. scottswatches

    Swiss made Gala

    Probably a Sicura. But Sicura bought Breitling, as they were nearly bankrupt. There wasn't any cross over but that doesn't stop eBay sellers claiming 'Sicura by Breitling' Absolute tosh, but adds to the sales price
  10. scottswatches

    Swiss made Gala

    Brass would make sense - the plating is applied to the brass. Have a check over the other watches for any military markings - there would be a symbol like a crows foot on the dial and/or caseback. They are quite collectible
  11. scottswatches

    Swiss made Gala

    That looks to be in good condition. @simon2 should be along in a bit to talk service costs. I'd replace the crown too for a stainless one - the gold looking one might be a replacement itself, of had the chrome plating worn off completely
  12. scottswatches

    Another 'What would you buy?' thread

    I love the look of this Limited edition (of 1918) to celebrate Mido's centenary. Comes in at about £1k
  13. scottswatches

    Which watch!

    As a loose rule of thumb only two brands of ladies watch hold any value - Rolex and Cartier. Presuming you are buying because you really want it then resale value shouldn't be an issue anyway. Buying used from a jeweller shouldn't be an issue as long as they have a good reputation. Sites like trustpilot are a good indicator, but also google them and see what results turn up. Don't use eBay or auction houses unless you are feeling very risky Buying new you will always loose a fair chunk of money - 20% of the price is VAT, then you have the shops profits too. But it will be guaranteed and you have something brand new and without any small marks that are inevitable with items worn daily.
  14. scottswatches

    BHI watch fair and open day

    http://www.museumoftimekeeping.org.uk/special-museum-open-day/ 3rd June in Nottingham. The fair is small, and not well advertised, so there will either be bargains or nothing to be had! Unlike the last time they had a fair they are opening the museum too, so something for everyone. I will be there
  15. scottswatches

    Uno Watches

    Very interesting @Mark H Levy. I have Uno, Trebex and Majex brands and didn't realise they were cousins of a sort. I also really like the Le Cheminant watches, but they are difficult to research - the one website everyone directs you to no longer exists. I don't suppose you have more information or the odd old catalogue laying around do you? Particularly the skymaster chronographs

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