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  1. How to wake up a dormant Forum member

    @Rotundus you should receive a notification at the top of the screen if you are mentioned like this Working?
  2. Saturday 16th December watch parade

    2002 Tutima UTC
  3. Hopefully they arrive on different days, to save you from the choice of which to wear first! A first world problem only WIS understand. Nice growing collection. You just now need a divers watch, a vintage watch, a gold watch, a picket watch, a military watch, and something from every watch manufacturer (at least!)....
  4. Get your kicks where you can

    A watch arrived today. I wasn't expensive, but the seller didn't say it wasn't working. Rather than get into a eBay dispute/refund/return, I did something more fun. I left this positive feedback "Bargain of the century for such a rare watch! Can't believe it sold so cheap!" Much more fun than refund for a few quid! What acts of petty revenge will you admit to?
  5. Friday 15th December watch parade

    Not yet - But I will be getting the camera out this weekend
  6. A very unusual complication

    too difficult to twist my wrist to the right angle to light my pipe
  7. The Perfect Collection

    I find this difficult as my favourite watch is the next one, regardless of if it is a Seiko or Omega 3, maybe 4, incoming today! I still get excited
  8. Vintage Watch Market

    There is a bubble, I believe, at the top end of the market. Much like the classic car market in the late eighties “They all say, ‘I want a white-metal, vintage piece in mint condition, unpolished, with a perfect dial.’ ” I disagree with this. I have some collectors who would rather own an old watch that looks like an old watch, as patina can't be easily reproduced. But thanks for sharing this interesting article Bond
  9. Friday 15th December watch parade

    Think this is circa 1963? Single case back holding a Landeron 51, 38mm stainless case Pretty though regardless of the year
  10. Hi from me!

    Nice collection. Hope you enjoy it here
  11. Jogging wearing vintage manual watch?

    that watch has no shock protection, but jogging shouldn't harm it. But it is not designed to be waterproof. Sweat would lead to humidity, which would lead to condensation
  12. copies,are you tempted.

    i'd rather wear a real Timex than a fake Rolex
  13. Surprising Quartz Accuracy.

    older quartz watches had trimmers, a fine adjuster, that could further increase the accuracy. Not required now.
  14. Thursday WRUW. 14.12.17.

    Tough little grab n go today whilst doing manly jobs
  15. my first feedback is to change the name. Rolex are very litigious, and several other companies in the industry have already registered the trademark http://mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=280#sucheMarker

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