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  1. Hargos? Just kidding. That is beyond sharp practise and is just fraud. Mention it to trading standards and they might mystery shop that branch
  2. Hi Roby - welcome to the friendliest forum! This is one of the best sites for Bulova, but I didn't see yours http://www.mybulova.com/bulova-models-1970s And you may watch to have a look at this post about inserting pictures - the link you posted just had a load of good looking girls for a while (which is fine, but if I was in an office...)
  3. Mr Fedex......

    that looks sweet! Nice catch
  4. Ups and down an TWF W/E 20-10-17

    Yes. He sold me a nice Fortis triple calendar with moonphase
  5. Seiko eBay seller told me this is Radium???

    Radium stopped being used by the mid fifties. Tritium that replaced it has a half life of 25 years, compared to 1,600 years for Radium. Tritium is still legal to use in dive watches only. As it is it's own power source it is still glowing in the deep dark water. Super Luminova needs to be 'charged' by light to glow, and is not radioactive at all. The 'Seiko' the OP posts looks like they have used Dulux exterior gloss, so should be safe
  6. Ups and down an TWF W/E 20-10-17

    I've been to Montreux, Zurich, Munich, though Austria to Bratislava, Prague, home and then Paris. A quiet week then...
  7. Would you use this service?

    Hi the simple answer for me is no and no. I wouldn’t want to wear a watch I was terrified of damaging or having it stolen, and I wouldn’t lend a watch I was terrified of someone damaging or stealing. Seems like a headache I don’t need to have. £100 a month would buy a £1,000 watch within a year. 5 years of hiring would get a new Rolex, yours to keep or sell on and potentially profit from. Sorry your first reply is so negative. This subject has come up several times before and my viewpoint if anything has hardened against it. You did ask for an opinion...
  8. The time4apint podcast with STS is well worth a listen
  9. roughly whatever it costs it also drops the value of the watch by a minimum of the same amount - or a lot more You can only be original once
  10. Looking to buy a vintage watch sub £300

    I'd stay cautious with Smiths from the 1970's at this budget. The movements are 1 or 5 jeweled and cases are generally chromed in the 1970's Longines is a good call, and Bulova did some nice watches in the dress range too. While it might take a time to find, you could sneak a Girard-Perregaux for your budget
  11. Looking to buy a vintage watch sub £300

    Thanks @Autonomous If you are looking for a dress watch at this budget I would suggest trying to find a 9k gold one. Undervalued brands such as Certina are worth a look. As well as unconventional designs, some watches in the mid to late seventies suffered from poor quality. They tried to compete with quartz on price, and standards fell. Post 1975 Roamers are a great example of this. Still plenty of good ones too, so enjoy the hunt
  12. Looking for some advice

    I'm surprised no one has pointed out Longines yet. You'd get a legend diver for that money I saw a Tag Heuer red diver, auto, for €980 in Prague airport yesterday. Too new and large for me, but thought it didn't look bad value even if it wasn't the chronograph
  13. WWW's aka The Dirty Dozen

    In 1974 the first watch only auction was held in Geneva. A buyer missed out on a Patek Philippe 2499 perpetual calendar chronograph at 12,000 CHF, which was the price of a small house then. He walked around to Patek Philippe's shop and asked if they had any, and they produced two NOS examples - the price was 6,000chf each. He bought both. Now they are worth £1/2 m each! Hindsight is a wonderful thing
  14. New joiner

    Welcome. Sounds like some nice watches already and a JLC would compliment those two nicely
  15. Solihull Watch Fair 18th March

    Looks really nice Padders. I was in Prague, where they understand how to attract target audience I am not sure what they are selling, but I want some!

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