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  1. With a silver dial - it is £250 iirc. I have seen some images with the silver dial, but none with this graduated blue. I bought it locally, so this one has not been on t'internet before. Mine was on an awful, dirty and short citizen bracelet but this unbranded one suits quite well. Shame it isn't a Master Mariner - those can fetch £700+
  2. I've had this on all week If you can't find a picture of another one on Google images is it fair to call this rare? A massively overused term normally that I try and avoid
  3. I find the mail app quite good on these phones. I have five email accounts all syncing into the one folder, including Gmail which I rarely use. I can easily read an email in one account and reply from another, which is handy for me. It's all certainly easier than it was.
  4. – Gold-topped bronze face – Russian made numbers – Two very small hands
  5. I bid on 57 watches last night! ive already been outbid on a dozen or so, and don't intend to raise my bids (okay, on a couple I might!)
  6. Like the pie pan apparently there was an event in Germany at the same time.
  7. I've just seen what it costs - £330 without shopping around Given that Ingersoll were originally called dollar watches, because they cost a dollar, and that I haven't seen anything from them that suggests a massive improvement in quality, I would think this is about £250 too much If you want a large chrono with retro looks, and with an interesting movement, then this Bulova would be my fist stop Or what about a Roamer Vanguard if you prefer a black dial?
  8. with SIHH on all prices are even higher than normal. That car cost £172 for four days. Another £20 and I could have bought it TBF to Sixt, they originally had a Smart ForFour but i rejected that as it was auto and i prefer a manual in the snow.
  9. I nominate this FIAT Panda Cross This POS hire car is one of the worst things I have driven, and I drove a CityRover. FIAT were so confident it would break down they fitted double towing eyes on the front, then painted them red to make them easier to find. The engine, for want of a better word, sounds and feels like a lawnmower hitting a tree root. Lots of gadgets inside, but none of them work properly and were fitted to add to the spec sheet. For example, the heated front seats only heat the Base, not the back, and you have a choice of off or scalded bum. I had no idea that people still made cars this bad. The CityRover did used to hold the title, but a Lancia Ypsilon ran it close. What new cars have left you wondering how these ever sell?
  10. something I picked up last weekend Another brand forgotten about. The last Le Cheminant I had sold really quickly, but in the brief time I had it I really liked it. I was from 1962 and felt like an Omega of that period in every way except price. This one has an AS movement, auto with alarm and quick set day and date and a two tone dial that is marmite. It's cleaned up nicely
  11. No, everything is behind glass and some stands you need invitations to even get onto. Plus getting to and staying on Basel is three times the normal prices, if you can get a room at all. And that is on top of Switzerland's normal high prices. Last week I had a subway sandwich, coffee and a cookie and it was CHF20.10. That's about £17... The used watches are not cheap either. I saw this Hever Executive last week. It was NOS, but I went away and did my research and they are £600 on chrono24. The shop in Basel wanted £2k. Omega f300's were £1k!
  12. such a shame, as i have a paul newman daytona for 2k, but if you have set your limit.... did Paul and Will do a film together? I missed that one. I'd like it. Not a lot
  13. Basel is a pure trade show. You can't buy anything, and it costs £60 to get in. I did it once, but wouldn't do it again. Now the Swiss museums, now you are talking
  14. I'm in Geneva now, but won't be going to SIHH. Those watches are aimed at those with pockets far deeper than mine (and I do own some nice watches!) Plus it is cold, but the view from my window is nice And complicated watches don't need to be that expensive. I am currently wearing a vintage Swiss automatic, with quick set day (two languages) and date, and a mechanical alarm function. All a lot more practical than a tourbillon moonphase double chronograph, and at less than 1% of the cost of any big watch at SIHH (if that watch is £25k, and lots are a lot more than that) And you would need to be Professor Brian Cox to set this, (although i do admire the engineering if not the $1m price tag)
  15. They are fine in airports, but not in a royal mail van. Who honestly declares a 1.5v cell when posting?