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  1. Evolution of personal watch tastes

    Changing taste is a good thing. Otherwise I would still have the Omega Speedmaster I saved so hard for and nothing else. I lusted after that watch for ages, but now I wouldn't wear it as I prefer smaller and lighter watches Generally anyway! Forgot I have a Longines Chronograph on a bracelet arriving today
  2. Be very wary of Breitling ones. As Breitling just stamped a bridge on the bought in movement, copies have emerged (or at very least frankens). Avoid all with repainted dials. I have a Philippe chrono that has a worn dial and a few people have said to me to make it a Breitling, that used the same movement. No thanks. If you can't find another image of the watch in question then walk away - Breitling will have made hundreds, so they will be out there. The franken there will only be one
  3. Nothing wrong with Venus movements. You could also widen your search to include Seiko 6138 movements if you wanted to add a day date feature. And of course an IWC Portuguese if you can find one under 40mm
  4. Tuesday tickers 17.4.2018

    It's an ETA movement, but I cant recall which.
  5. Tuesday tickers 17.4.2018

    Not sure why I like this so much? I should have listed it on my site ages ago, but it just needs another test...
  6. A bit of trivia - can you name them all

    Half naked men don't appear on my Twitter. I'd dread to think what your search history looks like
  7. Sunday Oldies - Pre 1990.

    Just a movement shot today notice the shock protection is in the shape of a Maltese cross!
  8. I'm trying, and failing, to work out where certain sub brands within the Longines range fit . Some are not used anymore, and I am thinking 1960-2000 (as usual!) What order would these go in, from cheapest to top of the range (feel free to add more that I may have forgotten) Conquest Admiral Flagship ???
  9. Saturday Watch Show

    One of the big three today methinks
  10. A Little Raketa

    best VFM on the market in my opinion Just buy the best you can find. Cases are nearly always plated, gold or chrome, and they show the knocks. And a good website to research is this one https://mroatman.wixsite.com/watches-of-the-ussr I asked the sites owner for some advice once, and he was really helpful and very knowledgeable. He has since gone on to buy a couple of watches from me, but I liked him before that too! It also means I probably undervalued those watches, as he knows more than I do (he owns 1,800+ Russian watches!)
  11. Seiko ............ from India

    If anyone is unsure why so many need redials then you should factor in usually poor servicing combined with high humidity experienced in much of India. So the watches fill with condensation, which wrecks the dial and as you can see that bit they repaint it. The movement you can't see, so it is often left. Best of luck
  12. Anyone been to Crete on holiday?

    Just so you are prepared, Heraklion airport is a dump. More like a rural African airport than a European one. That won't ruin your holiday though. Enjoy
  13. Anyone been to Crete on holiday?

    I've been to malia a few times, but no where as nice as your hotel. Enjoy
  14. Hello and help, charity shop find.

    Welcome, and that's quite a find. The dial may be repainted, which could explain why yours doesn't have automatic on it. Black dials always sound alarm bells, as most dial restorers use black paint to cover the old dial for some reason
  15. Close up cameras

    My sample is in Hamburg, but I will try and get some pics once I get back to Germany to show it in action.

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