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  1. Watch Book Reviews

    Another new arrival this week is The Complete Price Guide to Watches, 2017 edition, £19.99 from Amazon 1200 pages. The first 100 are an introduction to watches, movements, and are quite useful to novice and more experienced collector alike. The next 500 pages are pocketwatches, and the last 600 pages are a guide to wristwatches. The book has two main downsides for me. First, the prices are in US $ and the book is focused on the US market. So you get 20 pages on Gruen watches, but only one on Eterna. This is a serious misbalance, unless you want to know about US watches of course. The second and main problem is the quality. the entire book is black and white, and some watches even appear to be sketches rather than photos If you can't find a photo of a Rolex watch, then you are not trying very hard. I had older editions of the same title, but expected the quality to be improved. It hasn't kept up with expectations sadly. It feels like a paper copy of the autotrader, when the website is just much better.
  2. I Can Source Any Watch You Want

    I used to have this Favre-Lueba, if it helps your search. I've sold mine, but I have seen others in Pink too (watch out for Indian redials though)
  3. Not square not round.

    Ellipse Or 90 degrees different Or rocket shaped Octagon
  4. Friday 23rd June watch parade!

    c1958 Le Cheminant Chronograph with cool 3 minute telephone lines
  5. A plea for help

    I appreciate all the feedback guys, I really do. There seems to be lots of similar ideas to what I had, which is good, and some fresh ones for me to consider. The winner will be chosen at random and have the choice of either of these But I think no one has done this for the prize, just keen to help. You are lovely!
  6. What are peoples thought on this dial

    At very best i would suggest it has been redialed and had a replacement crystal with the wrong magnification. But seeing that it is a Rolex, the most faked watches in the World, I would just run away
  7. A plea for help

    No offense taken at all Honour. Good points made. I deliberately don't quote prices, as then I would have to reshoot the video if I changed the price. Not so bad if I have reduced the price, but horrible if I have put it up (things like Omega seem to have risen 20% in a year. I don't want to sell for less than I can replace them for!)
  8. Best bbq to buy

    The chimney is brilliant for getting it going Cheers, and thank you for the good advice
  9. A plea for help

    that's good feedback, because there is an index but clearly it isn't obvious to find http://www.birthyearwatches.com/1963-2/ you have to click on 1963 from the dropdown menu, rather than the watches that appear on the right
  10. Best bbq to buy

    unlikely to get carbon monoxide poisoning from an electric George Foreman grill @Chromejob My BBQ has arrived and is currently warming up
  11. Parts and Repair Nautica

    the first hairy watch... You may have to try and find another on eBay to replace that part though.
  12. A plea for help

    it is a possibility for the new site, but currently I can't offer any voucher codes or similar. I know it was meant with sarcasm, but it could happen!
  13. A plea for help

    I have checked this with Roy, and he is happy with me asking this question. What's wrong with my website? Obviously the idea is wonderful and the stock marvellous IMHO , but the structure needs work and rather than assuming I know what people want, I would prefer feedback. For example, currently the search facility is dreadful. What should it have? Have you ever looked and thought 'it doesn't tell me that?' 'I can't pay with this?' 'I not sure that worked?' Nothing is off limits, let your imaginations go wild. I will not be offended, otherwise I wouldn't have asked the internet for their opinions! So far I have 12 must haves, and 7 that would be nices. They range from the basic Must have Photos to the ability to do the accounting automatically. if anyone would prefer to answer by PM then please do. If I can get 20 or more contributions I will put up a prize of a watch to be drawn at random from the contributors names
  14. Website not secure

    no issue here. Possibly a local issue @chris_s
  15. Dating info

    Google Ranfft for movement data. And our own vintage watch section has a very good sticky with lots of data. And don't forget gold hallmarks. Then there are Google image searches for adverts. The manufacturers websites often list important models. And eBay searches for the same watch with papers sometimes throws up a date. Then an extensive library at home helps! And after all of this I still can not date some watches!