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  1. my first feedback is to change the name. Rolex are very litigious, and several other companies in the industry have already registered the trademark http://mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=280#sucheMarker
  2. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    He was liked and respected on here Emily. Very sorry to hear the bad news.
  3. Recent arrival!

    I've been tempted by this brand myself. You clearly have impeccable taste!
  4. Christmas irritations

    Everything But I don't like Christmas. My mother is a Jehovahs Witness and my Father isn't, so Christmas and birthday's were times of conflict. Happy to do without either enforced jollity tbh
  5. Expensive tools for tinkerers.

    I've gone from cheap tools to the best I can afford, as I find it makes a difference Screwdrivers and tweezers especially. I use Horotec and they make life easier Case back tools - I always start with a 99p rubber ball, as if that works then you never risk the case back being damaged by tool marks. Then I have a Horotec two prong and a vintage Jaxa 4 prong for stiffer jobs, and a set of Rolex openers. I also use Bergeon spring bar tools, as they just seem to work better than the cheaper ones I have a hand press jig, but prefer the Horotec hand pushers I have. Then I have used sets of staking tools, jeweling tools, spring winders and a used cleaning machine (but a new ultrasonic). I only use cheap loupes, but have never tried a good one. Maybe Santa might treat me!
  6. Refitting back cover after battery change

    If the slot for the winder stem is in line you may need a press to refit the case back. Something like this does the job https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Watch-Back-Case-Press-Opener-Crystal-Glass-Closer-Fitting-Repair-Tool-12-Dies/162794370344?epid=24011071550&hash=item25e74cf528:g:QJYAAOSwceNZU2o3 I have no connection with the seller, and don't own the same item, so do your research if wanting to buy one. They are good investments, as you can also refit glasses
  7. TWF Secret Santa 2017!

    And the list is closed! Please PM the member whose name is directly before yours on the list with your address and await your gift. Don't forget to post on this thread when something arrives.
  8. Before there was lume

    Some watchmakers won't touch radium watches. I don't think you can get Tritium reapplied either, but you are right with the T Swiss T. It was mid nineties before most companies stopped using it https://gearpatrol.com/2017/02/13/how-watch-lume-works/
  9. Before there was lume

    these 1953 military issued Omega's had the radium removed, and Tritium used instead (hence the T under Omega). Apparently they would set off the giegercounters with the radium! Tritium is still allowed to be used on divers watches. Its radioactive properties mean it does still glow, whereas Superluminova needs to be charged from a light source so is no good if working for prolonged periods underwater
  10. Before there was lume

    yes. Up to 1955ish they used Radium, which has a half life of 1,600 years. Then they switch to Tritium, which has a 25 year half life
  11. TWF Secret Santa 2017!

    last dance, last chance. The list closes at 3pm GMT today
  12. How to wake up a dormant Forum member

    @YouCantHaveTooManyWatches PM me the members name and I can try and email them a prod No guarantees though
  13. Mickey Mouse - Bulova Accutron

    not sure on the novelty value, but a US seller has Bulova quartz mickey mouse watches, NOS with boxes and papers, for £78 BIN but they don't have the iconic moving arm hands
  14. Mickey Mouse - Bulova Accutron

    yep, it is 1977. Quite probably a quartz movement that is no longer supported, so it'll either work or it never will
  15. Birth year watches

    in short - yes! The swatch was launched in 1983, and they were selling by the bucketful in 1984. Few people were buying better quality watches when a £20 Swiss watch told the same time, so used watches are harder to find. And most of the swatches are now sat in drawers, not working, or just in the bin. I sent @JIMMYNo1 the link to that year's argos catalogue. Watches start at page 80 https://issuu.com/retromash/docs/argos-no21-1984-springsummer Not a lot to choose from, definitely not 38mm upwards

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