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  1. Good post I have gone straight from stage four to stage 8 - making watches your profession! I did consider consolidation though, just never went through with it. We should make this compulsory reading for newbies!
  2. final results Now you just have to work out who is who
  3. Rotary, Accurist and Avia older watches are massively undervalued IMHO. The generally poor quality of the new watches keeps the value of the older ones down. Enjoy your bargain (hopefully it was)
  4. Ups a good week for sales Downs. A bad week for buying. Given that I enjoy buying new watches more than I like selling, overall meh I know I have nothing at all to complain about. That doesn't stop me.
  5. Bad luck, it is out of 23
  6. I use a watchmaker tbh But i didn't know about the grease tip, so I am learning too
  7. i think that is the forum's first Lange! very impressive collection. Welcome
  8. so pretty, and can be worn with jeans or a dinner jacket (with a black leather strap of course - i'm not a philistine!)
  9. Feck. Harry Kane hits four, Leicester get thumped and I get two points from three spurs players Stupid game
  10. Glad to see that fashion has (again) caught up with me
  11. the serial number of the movement dates the watch to 1944, whereas the case is 1947. These watches had tough lives, and service repairs were common. The MOD didn't care much for originality when servicing watches then! So it is likely to have been recased. it's a lovely watch, not quite a dirty dozen (which would have helped the value - see this article - yours has different hands and a minute track around the sub seconds, plus no civilian number on the case back - see the picture of my dirty dozen Record below for how they would look) Some watchmakers won't touch it, as the lume is still radioactive
  12. sorry, that's not working for me. Click the arrow right share button and then copy the text onto this page and that should do it.
  13. Surely Trump would be made in Russia?