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  1. Vertex WW2 Watxh

    Hello Joannie, There are many of us that would like to buy such a watch, but you can not ask for valuations on this forum. Someone got litigious on a different forum a few years ago so members here are asked not to value watches. However, sold listings on eBay will give you a good indication of value.
  2. Hi, I'm new here

    Nice to see some companies still doing this. Have they set you a budget?
  3. Omega: The Artistic Interpretation of Time.

    Nice write up. I have looked at these before , but always been put off by the strap fixing - do you have to have an Omega strap?
  4. New to the forum

    does this model have an alarm? if so the holes on the back (if they are holes) may be to amplify the noise. I have an old Tissot that did the same trick. I would think a normal jaxa type tool would still undo the caseback, or the rubber ball as previously mentioned.
  5. In-coming...Maserati Quattroporte...content

    I just got a quote for a 1998 Mercedes E55 v8 and it was under £300. The benefit of being an old fart! @Nigelp I salute your courage. These are great looking cars from every angle, unless that angle is looking up at the car on a ramp!
  6. Chronos without three sub dials

    Or if you turn it up to 11 New in a shop window this morning. It stayed there.
  7. Chronos without three sub dials

    How about just one?
  8. Professional Quartz Diver Brands

    What about a CWC Divers watch? The Navy switched from Submariners to them, but I'm sure the bean counters had a say there too
  9. Panerai luminor gmt 00063

    I would be wary of any celebrity endorsed products. I don't imagine the Kevin Spacey Omega* will be worth a premium anymore. *Made up product, but you see my point The fact you are asking should I sell means you are thinking of selling. Would you miss it? If not then sell it.
  10. Hi! New member

    Welcome. Your list is sound, but for the sake of giggles here are some alternatives. 1 Rolex Datejust 2. Seiko, preferably a grand Seiko quartz for everyday use but a new £200 Seiko could do. 3. Zenith El Primero
  11. watches for london

    No watch shops worth visiting in Kings Cross, but there is probably a horology section of the British Library Or if that doesn't get past the 710 then Austin Kaye is on the Strand, near most good theatres. 'may as well have a look as we happen to be passing' I'd also take the time to see the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square (top of the Strand). Free entry too, and free is not a word you will hear often in London (but might appeal to a tight Yorkshireman! )
  12. Longines Flagship Heritage , 38.5mm

    A date window at 12 or 6 should make the dial more balanced, improving the symmetry A date at 9 is the devil's work though!
  13. Vintage Omega ID please

    You will need to see the numbers inside the caseback. Don't remove the back unless you know what you are doing, as mistakes are both easy to make and expensive to fix
  14. Omega Constellation 1966

    Scrap value plus a little bit. Ladies watches are hard work and, despite the good name and quality here, they are slow sellers
  15. Seiko Pogue

    You are wise to be wary of Frankens here. I double check this article with these to make sure it all adds up http://wornandwound.com/gallery-seiko-6139-6002-pogue/ One surprising thing on these is the cost of the glass - £42 trade price!

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