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  1. What's it worth?

    This thread will end in tears. But I did meet someone last week who bought a real Rolex Submariner for £250. He had it valued at the antiques roadshow last week when they were in Leicester. They said it was worth £30-40k. I told him I couldn't see why it was that much. Turns out it was one of the first subs commissioned by COMEX. And the value was conservative. £60-80k was more realistic. But now he date not wear his favourite watch. I didn't feel very sorry for him!
  2. Has anyone really realised yet?

    European courts still have the upper hand for now, but in reality it won't make any difference. Lawyers will grow rich for years arguing about everything from both sides. If the European court made a massive judgement against the UK it could just be ignored. If the repeal bill gets passed then we make EU law UK law, and then can change the bits the government of the day deems unnecessary or against their own view (which was a reason to remain as much as any other) Relax. It'll work itself out in the end
  3. Has anyone really realised yet?

    Negotiating with the EU has always been like juggling eels, while your feet are on fire. On a trampoline. A 'hard brexit' is a sensible negotiating position as it is the only 100% possible result. World trade tariffs of 10% would apply both ways, which would hurt both sides, but the EU cannot be seen to let GB have trade free access without paying, and GB can't be seen to be bowing down to the EU and paying a Norway style arrangement. But the economics are the easiest matter to resolve. The people deal is the hard one. No politician wants deportations on either side of the channel, so the current deal being discussed seems to be going quite sensibly. There will be a bit of to and fro, but a deal is there to be had. The problem from the EU point of view is that a deal that keeps Romania and Spain happy at the same time is a very different thing. I bet the Spanish can't wait to get rid of all the British ex pats clogging up their health service! Put me in charge. I'd put a deadline of September on the deal, and go for the hard brexit option with existing rights for citizens on both sides living in a different member state. Job sorted, no faffing, clarity for all. Trade deals can be negotiated afterwards, with WTO agreements in the meantime. If Jaguar cars were automatically 10% cheaper than a BMW or Mercedes in the UK I imagine Germany would be pushing for a trade deal pretty quickly. Because of the £ devaluation, a Jaguar would cost about the same as a Merc/BMW in the eurozone even with the 10% duty applied (as the £ has fallen around 10% since brexit was announced)
  4. Found a Rotary Aquaplunge, opinions please

    As Andy says, only restore it if you want to keep it. Financially it wouldn't be viable
  5. 1980's Heuer Diver repair advice

    finding a replacement dial will be very difficult. Plus Heuer were not the best at making sure the right caseback was fitted to the right watch - see this article on Heuerville https://heuerville.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/heuer-980-032-night-diver/ I'd be tempted to have the hands swapped, an easy job, and keep what is a good looking watch
  6. TWF ups and downs W/E 25-6-17

    Downs. Said our goodbyes to Uncle Rob. Ups. Got to see the remaining family At the funeral. A watch that had disappeared in the Philippines actually made it to the customer, after a month! He has ordered two more since. Ordered more watch books, which seems to be a new addiction.
  7. Sunday Seniors (pre-1990)

    My oldest - hallmarked 1923
  8. Oris vintage for real?

    Oris were not the quality that they are now. That was normal. This Oris was sold in 1976
  9. A watch for Mrs Relaxer7

    I bought a ladies Girard Perregaux from a car boot sale a while ago. The seller wanted fifty, so I asked about an Accurist too. "You can have them both for a Quid!" I did. The GP is in the repair drawer to tinker with one day
  10. A watch for Mrs Relaxer7

    I saw a ladies Tudor at Chuchgate Auctions sell for £950 last week I thought I would win easily at £220 plus fees! @relaxer7 I wouldn't be straying far from Omega if you want to spend all the budget. My wife wears a 1972 De Ville, so I speak from experience. But it would be worth checking the more obscure brands, as ladies watches don't hold their value (94% of my YouTube views are from men). Look for Girard Perregaux, Tudor, Zenith and a nice quartz from Ebel would be good.
  11. Saturday 24 June Watch Parade

    i'll be swapping and changing a few times today, but going to start with this new arrival 18k screw back case, serial number dates to 1961 too, and even has a quick set date (although I haven't reset it for the photo) pretty on the inside too In case you didn't know, ETA movements were a spin off from ETernA. The latest Eterna watches use Sellita momvements, which is sad
  12. My birth year watch has arrived!

    I'll put the price up next week then
  13. My birth year watch has arrived!

    I have to list them, otherwise the taxman would want 40% I just don't have to try hard to sell it. Saying that a quartz version went at Bonhams auction on Wednesday for not much less than I am asking, so I might review the price upwards a bit.
  14. A plea for help

    in the spirit of fairness, here is the drawer I make it that @Nigelp is the winner. Just let me know of you would like the Citizen auto or the Casio as a prize and Pm me your address. Again, I really appreciate your feedback. I am currently looking at options to incorporate a lot of the ideas you have given me, or reinforced
  15. Watch Book Reviews

    Another new arrival this week is The Complete Price Guide to Watches, 2017 edition, £19.99 from Amazon 1200 pages. The first 100 are an introduction to watches, movements, and are quite useful to novice and more experienced collector alike. The next 500 pages are pocketwatches, and the last 600 pages are a guide to wristwatches. The book has two main downsides for me. First, the prices are in US $ and the book is focused on the US market. So you get 20 pages on Gruen watches, but only one on Eterna. This is a serious misbalance, unless you want to know about US watches of course. The second and main problem is the quality. the entire book is black and white, and some watches even appear to be sketches rather than photos If you can't find a photo of a Rolex watch, then you are not trying very hard. I had older editions of the same title, but expected the quality to be improved. It hasn't kept up with expectations sadly. It feels like a paper copy of the autotrader, when the website is just much better.