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  1. What is your next expensive purchase ??

    Expensive is subjective of course. A £30 Timex is very expensive if it doesn't work, or if you only have £20 spare. I would like a Vacheron Constantin or Audemars Piguet extra thin in 18k yellow gold, but no panic. Better to wait and find the right watch than have to spend. EDIT - or a Moonphase. Or an AP Royal Oak. Or a Rolex Day Date. Or a JLC Reverso. Or or or
  2. Lift angles of movements

    @Davey P you can relax, it doesn't affect quartz The lift angle is the distance that the impulse jewel travels between the pallet (I think!)
  3. Lift angles of movements

    I was ignorant of these, but if you have a timing machine and do not correctly set the lift angle of the movement you are setting you will get an incorrect reading for the amplitude of your watch. If the lift angle is set too high, the watch will appear to have a greater amplitude. And vice versa. The machine doesn't calculate this, so you need to research the movement. Ranfft's excellent database doesn't include lift angles, but I have found this site with a scanned table http://pczw.uhren-mikl.com/downloads/gamma.pdf If anyone knows any other sites then please list them
  4. BHI basic watch course - review

    If anyone wants a microscope but under £50 then you can get USB microscopes. I use this one http://www.tts-group.co.uk/easi-scope-microscope/1010495.html It will do 43x magnification only, and you need a computer within USB lead distance, but when examining for dirt and damage it could prove invaluable. And yo can take photos/video with it Here is a video showing the difference between the side of the crystal that had been polywatched, and the side which hasn't, taken with this microscope designed for 3 year olds
  5. Nylon 1pc Nato Strap

    only if your NATO is made from BRILLO The nylon is far softer than stainless steel, so you'll be fine
  6. BHI basic watch course - review

    Staking set bought from this parish, spring winders are coming from Australia, some decent tweezers from Eternal Tools, hand fitting tool, hand lifting tool movement holders, and I have made my own watch bench from bits from the shed. Probably spent £600 (the winders and staking set are used, but a new set of either is £900). Think I will do the quartz course next. @Autonomous I would recommend Horotec screwdrivers. I bought mine from Eternal https://www.eternaltools.com/horotec-6-watchmakers-screwdrivers-set And then a good set of tweezers. £30 seems a lot for tweezers, but a lost component is worse as it pings off, lost in the carpet! I've just got some Horotec tweezers too, but Dumont or Bergeon are also good.
  7. Removing Seiko 6309 Back

    It should just twist off anti clockwise
  8. Senior Sunday (pre-1990)

    Early ESA quartz in this Eterna. Fantastic dial I haven't dated it yet, but early seventies is probable
  9. If I do win I will be making a forum donation for what I would bid if I were to buy the watch. Not fair to profit from the Boss's generosity. But thank you DaveyP for your potential generosity too. It would be a bit too small and not powered by enough batteries for your taste anyway
  10. I would have bought this off you - dead easy to date! Very nice gesture
  11. Dial removal...I'm stuck...

    I've just been given a tip (on my course this week) not to buy the Bergeon Carbon Fibre movement holders - apparently they distort over time. I bought the steel version instead
  12. It can only be original once. Keep the plate wear and dirty dial, but service the movement if needed
  13. Ups and down an TWF W/E 20-8-17

    Ups - The BHI course was great, and I feel more confident picking up tools than before. Today I have made my own watch bench, totally bespoke to the limited space I have, and all from stuff from the shed - not cost me a penny Plus sales have been good - i'm actually a little too busy for my liking! New website is a step closer too. Really nice Mido Commander arrived, and a beaut of an Eterna. Down - an ATP engraved Mido looks to be a fake engraving, plus the copper is missing from one lug that I didn't spot earlier. But on the flip side the watch arrived on a Gay Freres bracelet that is worth more than I paid for the watch, so karma balanced itself there
  14. Heads up....Lidl Ultrasonic.

    these are essential if you buy vintage watches with bracelets. The amount of DNA they shake out is incredible. Mine lasted about three years, and it took some knocks and heavier than average use.
  15. BHI basic watch course - review

    No problem Alan. I'll just buy a bigger, heavier adjuster