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  1. there are things called dial stickers that can be used - tiny round double sided stickers that go between the dial and the case.
  2. Welcome But the Smiths wasn't part of the dirty dozen You didn't happen to bring my much missed Ulysee Nardin with you? It was stolen from my luggage in 2012 at Jo'burg airport
  3. It is meant to be made of bits of the Volcano. That's never been high on my wishlist
  4. In the first of a planned series of posts I am looking at answering the question that every WIS wants to know - if I am planning a trip, what watches can I see and where. Other contributions will be welcome too, and we plan to do one for each region of the UK too to reflect the member numbers. We want to keep the same format for the title to make it easy to sort alphabetically. So, here is my first day in Reykjavik. If anyone else has more info for this country then you can add it to this thread, therefore we hope to build a useful database for years to come. Reykjavik is rubbish for vintage watches! No shops, nothing but ladies fashion quartz watches in the charity shops, and the flea market is only open on weekends - I return on Friday so can't review this. New watches. I want to avoid these threads becoming lists of AD's. But if anything is exceptional then it makes the cut. I first saw this That's about £12k. One of nine ever made, and I'll be surprised if they sold any. But they are not my favourite brand, as I always associate them with Robson and Jerome But across the same road, in Laugavegur shopping district, I spotted this sign and I recalled an article on Hodinkee about them The window display looked good And inside was Gilbert O. Gudjonsson, owner of one of the smallest brands in the world with an A list client list. Photos inside show various people (royalty, actors, the Dali Lama FFS!) wearing his watches. And he was a really nice guy. He told me he had been repairing watches for 50 years and 6 days, to be precise (with a knowing look at his watch as if to qualify the stat). Despite all this experience he had never seen the AS movement in my automatic alarm watch, and the WIS side of him had to take the back off and see how it worked. But back to his watches His main line is the 101, and in total he has made 4,500 watches over 12 years. The cost was ISK 256,000, or £2,099 in GBP. For that you got a decorated automatic COSC movement (Soprad after ETA made life difficult by being dicks), sapphire crystal front and rear and hand made ostrich or similar strap (including chicken feet leather! I thought he was winding me up). When you compare to the big Swiss companies at this price level these win hands down - quality finish and exclusivity is rare at this price point. My favourite was It took a lot of willpower to walk out without this If you are in Reykjavik then do pop in. Lovely guy, lovely watches PS when I mentioned an A list clientele, I mean it. I saw a photo of Yoko and Sean Lennon on his wall, and mentioned that John Lennon was photographed wearing a Patek Philippe 2499 perpetual calendar chronograph. That combination makes that watch, if it is ever found, potentially the worlds most valuable wristwatch. I told Gilbert that I suspected that Eric Clapton knows the whereabouts of this watch, as he is a big Patek fan. "No, I think Eric Clapton has a contract to wear Rolex" replied Gilbert. "He always wears a Rolex when he visits here!"
  5. The movement is mainly plastic. But they work well. Enjoy it
  6. eBay love cookies, leaving a little trail about you all across the interweb Private browsing / incognito mode stops this, but also means you have to remember all your usernames/passwords I bought a book on Amazon as a gift - my sister in law wanted books about the Madeline McCann case. For months I was offered books on child abduction, murders and abuse. No thanks! PS I was surprised the watch didn't sell for more
  7. yep. no need to try and find a pencil, but you do need a decent memory for procedures if you want to use it to its full
  8. someone get some bleach to help me wash my eyeballs! I know i have watches I don't like, but they are also up for sale so I can't play along
  9. there are reasons that no one else owns another example of this watch. They can't have sold two can they?
  10. We got asked if we wanted to watch a monkey sh4g a midget! We declined
  11. They are very comfy to wear and an easy grab and go watch. Also look at the Omega Seamaster multifunction. It has a steel case and the LCD screens are not as prominent And when the extra functions are used But with either the Breitling or the Omega you can't expect your local watchmaker to fix them if they go wrong
  12. Losing an auction is a sign of strength Winning just says you have spent more than anyone else thought it was worth Does that feel better? It helps me
  13. I had my stag in Prague @BondandBigM and it is an excellent choice. Venture A street or two away from the main strip for early beers and food. And if you find a strip club with a McClaren Mercedes SLR outside you will understand why a warm tin of beer was £8 Good call on the shop OP. We should have a series of threads - vintage shops of France, of Czech republic etc to help each other out . That might be a project I take on if everyone likes the idea?
  14. Welcome Please never Google 'watch shaving' on a public or work computer
  15. Welcome Thomas. I visit your country a lot and always enjoy it. Some nice watch shops in Amsterdam too. Hope you like it here