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  1. Bowie watch

    Had David Bowie had some input then I doubt it would be so conventional. It's not as if he is known as a watch collector either (unlike Eric Clapton)
  2. I need some answers.......

    If methane is lighter than air, when you fart do you get heavier?
  3. Mid Week Bargains

    why not? if you like it, and accept it for not the highest horological watermark in history, you could still enjoy it. (I quite like the look of them too, but I know I can't wear such large watches)
  4. Who does cost matter to?

    I am fortunate that I can choose Rolex or Timex, Patek to Seiko, and regularly swap and change. My most popular videos on YouTube are, in order, a Seiko 7002, a Mido, A Porsche Design, and a modern Bulova. Who would have predicted that? (not me!)
  5. Solihull Clock and Watch Fair

    I'll be there. I try and get there for the opening, so if you arrive later and can't find a bargain then you'll know why i never knew we had a community calendar!
  6. Oldest Quartz.

    I love early quartz watches. Coming from a generation that saw quartz as the standard I try to imagine the excitement of seeing hands tick once a second for the first time! This has the first ESA quartz movement under the bonnet. Circa 1973 I also have a Bulova Accuquartz from 1974, and sold a 1973 Omega with their first quartz movement (dated from the serial number)
  7. Nice work. I would recommend getting a dial protector (if you don't want to use a ziplock bag) and a set of hand removing levers like these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Watch-hands-removers-LEVER-type-tool-watchmakers-repair-/191427272972?epid=1988574703&hash=item2c91f4610c:m:m_wUpJPhxuQkSjqcDuKWSOw put them under the hands and roll the lever down, and all the hands will come off evenly and without damage. EDIT - I would always encourage people to spend as much as they can afford to buy the best quality tools available. I was using cheap tweezers until the BHI course, where i had a proper pair. It wasn't just that they made the job easier, it was also that the instructor had had his tweezers for 40+ years. Suddenly £35 for a pair of tweezers is under £1 a year (hopefully, if i live long enough!)
  8. Tissot Tissonic?

    that's a bargain! The seller wasn't advertised on eBay worldwide - I looked and couldn't see it. I'd ring back the person who called you. At 2am
  9. A few oldies!

    Nice. Look before 1980 to me too. The Jacky Ickx is a basic movement but very popular, and I have just got my first Cyma (also a Navy Star) and these are circa 1960. The LED is probably c1976. Nothing definite on any of them I'm afraid to pin an exact year
  10. Tuesday Tickers 17/10/17

    "I'm an Ancre, I'm an Ancre, and it does me good like it bl00dy well should"
  11. Tissot Tissonic?

    One of Silverhawks favourite watches! http://electric-watches.co.uk/makers/tissot/ if I wasn't a gentleman I would be searching for this myself and outbidding you. I was offered a non working, scruffy example for €150 this weekend (I declined)
  12. Tissot Tissonic?

    F300 is the Omega version They use the same movement, an esa9162 from memory
  13. Tissot Tissonic?

    basically a f300 with a Tissot badge, so double check the date works
  14. Drunken incoming. And possible outgoing

    Send it back and get what you really want

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