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  1. scottswatches

    World Cup Thread.

    and after the game Meanwhile
  2. scottswatches

    Friday's here again...

    road testing this until the post arrives, then I will road test something else. My job is hell...
  3. scottswatches

    Watch promo video's - show your favourites

    And the Hodinkee series of interviews I do enjoy too https://www.hodinkee.com/browse/talking-watches although more often than not I don't have a clue who the well known person is. Now if they could get Eric Clapton on there...
  4. scottswatches

    Odm watch digital reset ????

    It is, his name is Steven
  5. scottswatches


    Let it stop. Otherwise it is like having a Porsche, but keeping it idling in the garage when it is parked. Things just wear out faster
  6. scottswatches

    New arrival - and it took me 45 years to save up for it

    A classic! Congratulations
  7. scottswatches

    great talkingwatches - Beyer

    https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/tallking-watches-rene-beyer I have seen these pieces in the flesh, but to see the enthusiasm and hear the stories is wonderful. Settle down for 19 minutes and enjoy
  8. scottswatches

    Favourite GIFs

    That used to be my avatar!
  9. scottswatches

    Polywatch GLASS polish review

    normal polywatch is for acrylic crystals and it does a great job
  10. scottswatches

    Christies - Anybody Bidding

    How about the first ever $1m Rolex Submariner? https://www.christies.com/lotfinder/watches/rolex-a-very-fine-extraordinarily-rare-and-6151396-details.aspx?from=searchresults&intObjectID=6151396&sid=3f22f062-a43e-48b7-84a1-69618cc81b70 No bracelet and a missing bezel! Never mind the cracked crystal
  11. scottswatches

    Package Holidays.

    Different members of the armed forces were all asked what they would do if they found a scorpion in their tent. The soldier said he'd stamp on it. The SAS recruit said he would catch it, rip off the sting and eat the scorpion. The gentleman from the RAF said he would call room service and ask why there was a tent in his hotel suite! I'm with the RAF spiritually!
  12. scottswatches

    New Arrival not quite a Glashutte Original !!!!

    Swatch are good at this. Jaquet Droz 'from 1738' is more than a little fib - even on the official website history timeline it jumps from 1791 to 2000! https://www.jaquet-droz.com/en/the-extraordinary-history-jaquet-droz I'm looking forward to their Leonardo da Vinci range, from 1452...
  13. scottswatches

    New Arrival not quite a Glashutte Original !!!!

    yep - amazing little town
  14. scottswatches

    Public thanks

    I do like the Seiko PADI diver I have recently bought, but the bracelet was a bit too small for me. I was wearing it with the divers clasp extended! But @A2orry kindly offered to send me a spare link from his watch, along with a collect and the pin, and now it fits properly! Many thanks, and if I can do anything for you then please do say.
  15. scottswatches

    Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    I've wanted one of these for years

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