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  1. New Site layout looking great Scott, pictures really jump out of the screen, easy enough to negotiate way round, liking the drop down menus for each decade/year. Super Job mate :thumbs_up:

  2. if you buy anything online from a UK shop, you can return it within 14 days under the distance selling reg's. If you buy a dud from a shop and then discover the dial isn't right you have no legal right to return it. Of course no one wants the hassle of arranging a return (which you may have to pay for), but the protection is better when buying on the net and having it delivered (this extra protection is wiped out if you click and collect btw) The trick i have a begrudging respect for is those who have a non running watch, they remove the crown and stem and then sell it as spares and repair because the crown has come loose. People think it is an easy repair, buy it for nearly full money and then discover that it doesn't work - and it is sold as spares or repair so you have no right of return. Nasty, but canny
  3. @Silver Hawk might be your man. No where near New York, but knows his ohms from his hertz
  4. Ups. safe trip to Belgium completed, despite flying back and landing during Doris. I did a good deed for a stranger, and that felt good for me too. Some interesting new watches have arrived. No downsides this week
  5. do it, but put a proviso / warning in that if they are trying to peddle an average watch with average movement they might get brutally honest reviews. Marketing bull won't cut it here, they are better just listing spec's and photos. There could be some genuinely interesting watches, and these are small businesses that could use the leg up. We do sometimes forget that we crush peoples dreams when we slag off their 'masterpiece'
  6. just final testing this one for it's new owner
  7. when the time comes to flip this, let me know please
  8. I've just got this feels huge and heavy next to the vintage watches I normally wear, but it does have a charm (and a screw in Crystal!)
  9. look at watches from 21 years ago. you will probably find the contemporary watches have now dated, but the watches that were already 20-50 years old look fine. sub, speedy, reverso etc are still recognisable. That might hold true for the future too.
  10. I can't help with the specific enquiry, but is it worth saving? not my cuppa. Sorry
  11. I have a £20 Sekonda, and a JLC. Nothing wrong with variety welcome
  12. aviator watches are designed for going up. few will also be designed for going under water too. generally, if the pilot gets his wrist 30m or more under water then he has ditched the plane in the sea (and I write that while sat in an airport!)
  13. swiss

    I bought two too, and while one was fine the other took a £200 service to sort, and it probably would have been more if the watchmaker realised what he was taking on. These were the last of the Eterna built watches, before Porsche sold Eterna and subcontracted the watch contract (and doubled the prices!) TK Maxx were very good to me though
  14. New arrival 1997 Chrono Cockpit the bracelet is just half a link short of being comfortable on me though. Might have to put it on leather, which is a shame
  15. B&B is a very reasonable £150 for the week!