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  1. Steve B.

    San Marco Chrono

    Do you think this was made for the military or just for commemoration? I can't wait for it to come in so I can crack open the back. Maybe it will give me a clue to the maker.
  2. Steve B.

    San Marco Chrono

    Hi all- Perusing Ebay again today and ended up snagging this one. I like to research a watch after the catch, to me it is just as fun as finding it. I can't find anything on the web that looks similar to this one so I am asking the if anyone has ever seen this brand? Look's cool and it will even look better with a black racing strap. What do you think stitched in white or all black for the strap? Thanks in advance for any imput. Steve B.
  3. Hi all- I was browsing the watches on Ebay and won this little number a Heloisa. Now from my Google search all I could find on the company was that it was started in 1918 in Switzerland and in 1973 the brand started selling in Saudi Arabia and the middle east. The only web site that I can find the newer watches like this is an exporters site. It does state the watches are Swiss origin and that the brand is one of the most popular in Saudi Arabia. The watch is a beauty with a sapphire crystal and it still had the blue plastic stickers on it and all the links. It is small by todays standards at 35mm including the crown but it is very thin and light. The seller said it came from an estate sale. I was wondering if any on the forum is middle eastern or been there and has heard of Heloisa? Thanks, Steve B.
  4. Hi all- I just picked this little number up from ebay for restoration. Do any of the vintage experts have any idea about the make of this old pocket watch? The movement runs but the dial needs an enamel touch up or I will try to find a replacement. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve B.
  5. Steve B.

    Seiko Emblem 2409-3050

    The only one I can locate is on a Japanese web sight. http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://himawari.sakura.ne.jp/~garaken/TEZ/TEZ-42.htm&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dseiko%2Bemblem%2B2409%26hl%3Den&rurl=translate.google.com&usg=ALkJrhgjdCHAGzNPwP0ZNPA5y1y3bQyeSA
  6. Steve B.

    Seiko Emblem 2409-3050

    I finally fixed the picture problem. Please excuse my brain fart. Thanks, Steve B. :wallbash:
  7. Steve B.

    Seiko Emblem 2409-3050

    Hi- I just won a vintage Seiko Emblem 2409-3050 off Ebay and was wondering if anyone had any info on this. The only info I can find pertains to Seiko clocks. The watch looks to be in great shape and I can't wait until it comes in. Below is the sellers pics. Thanks, Steve B.

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