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  2. Watch Parade 16.09.17

    Decisions and complications. This today.
  3. Is buying vintage a gamble?

    Do your research most known vintage watches will have some form of reference on the web. Most vintage collectors know to be extra cautious if buying from India or parts of Asia as some watches are franken / hybrid watches, The chances are that it is inevitable even with genuine vintage watches all parts may not be original to assembly date through service replacement etc.
  4. Friday!

    Today will mostly comprise of meetings that quite frankly could be cut from hours to minutes if people just stayed on topic I will however be sporting this.
  5. Zenith just broke the rules

    It is really exiting news. High Tech & High MechWith the DEFY Lab, Zenith introduces a completely newly developed movement called the ZO 342. The automatic movement with a diameter of 32.8 mm and an overall thickness of 8.13 mm reveals its revolutionary feature at first glance, since the the single 0.5 mm high Zenith-Oscillator is revealed beneath the dial. Instead of using the conventional means of regulating a mechanical watch by means of a balance and hairspring assembly with its more than 30 individual parts and a thickness of about 5 mm, the R & D Department of the LVMH Watch Division invented the monolithic regulating organ for the DEFY Lab which consists of only two components with considerably optimized functionality. The Zenith-Oscillator is an all-of-a-piece organ without mechanical linkages that replaces 31 ordinarily assembled, adjusted, regulated and controlled parts. The absence of conventional mechanical couplings eliminates contact, friction, wear, slack, lubrication, assemblies and dispersions. The wheel replacing the escapement wheel has a specific design and its cycle does not correspond to the academic behaviour of a Swiss lever escapement. It is made of silicon showing superficial oxidation.Very High FrequencyThe 15 Hz (108,000 vibrations per hour) frequency of the Zenith-Oscillator is three times the historical frequency of the El Primero movement, while showing a 10 percent higher power reserve. This simple comparison makes it possible to appreciate the improvement in energy consumption compared to a conventional balance & hairspring system. The amplitude is +/- 6 degrees, as against the more than 300 degrees of a conventional system.Committed to precisionThe measured precision of the DEFY Lab naturally meets the requirements of the ISO-3159 standard and in fact exceeds them. Never has a mechanical watch in the history of watchmaking, through any chronometry contest serial production, reached such a high level of performance and precision. Isochronism for serial production amounts to +/- 0.5 seconds from 0 to 48 hours. By way of comparison, the best conventional series systems reach somewhere in the range of +/- 2 seconds over just 24 hours. Beyond that, the accuracy of academic systems collapses due to the effect of physics. The precision of a coupled balance-spring is dependent on its amplitude. Such is not the case for the Zenith-Oscillator technology.Triple certifiedThe Defy Lab is a "Tête de vipere" chronometer certified by the Observatory of Besancon on behalf of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures. The Zenith-Oscillator regulating organ is in the process of being certified as non-magnetic and meets high criteria regarding temperature variations.With regard to the thermal behaviour the LVMH Watch Division Research & Development Department had to extend the spectrum of ISO-3159. Deviations of around 0.3 seconds per day and per degree Celsius of deviation, which is twice as good as the standard recommends, are certified. This variance is also measured on the thermal spectrum -7°C to +53°C, whereas the standard is limited to +8°C to +38°C.The watch obviously meets the magnetic criteria of ISO-764. It even exceeds them by nearly 18 times (the completed watch), that is to say 88,000 Amperes per meter or 1,100 Gauss. And there is no need for an extra inner case to meet these criteria.A Double World Premiere in the world’s most precise mechanical watchThe all-new high-tech composite material of the Defy Lab case is called Aeronith and represents the second world premiere in this watch. Invented by the LVMH Watch Division Research & Development Department and featuring a density of just 1.6 kg / dm3, it is the world’s lightest existing aluminium composite: 2.7 times lighter than titanium, 1.7 times lighter than pure aluminium and even 10% lighter than carbon fibre composite. Aeronith is produced using pioneering technologies and consists of porous aluminium, the interspaces of which are filled with polymethylmethacrylate to make the case material as light as possible and also as strong as possible. This gives this material the necessary mechanical properties for the perfect use as a watch case, while at the same time minimizing the density and thus also the weight. With the Defy Lab, a world premiere movement feature is housed in a world premiere case material.Mechanical watches enter a whole new eraThe material used for the Zenith-Oscillator is monocrystalline silicon coated with a layer of silicon oxide. The absence of conventional mechanical couplings in this system eliminates contact, friction, wear, slack, lubrication, assemblies and dispersions. Less parts, made out of new pioneering materials and technologies, deliver improved functionality, resulting in the most precise mechanical watch in history. And that is the future of watchmaking.Defy Lab, the signature of an authentic Swiss manufacture, and the promise of new innovations to come.
  6. Lovely arrival courtesy of our host.

    Lovely to have you back. I don't know how the forum has survived without your insight.
  7. Song Titles Game

    Let the happiness in - David Sylvian.
  8. Thursday wrist wear.

    This on the dash this morning.
  9. View this Giveaway Futuristfan's Pay it forward Giveaway After being the lucky winner of Roy's generous Zodiac raffle. I have decided to pay it forward and offer you this minty Pulsar Anadigi dinner plate on a natty Nato Original Rubber strap will also be supplied. No box no Instructions so you are on your own with setting (Google easy). Good Luck. Submitter futuristfan Expiration Date 6 days and 16 hours Submitted 14/09/17 Category Giveaways  
  10. Received this lovely Zodiac Hermetic today from our host thanks @Roy Another reason I like to hang around here.
  11. Anyone heard of these?

    Not had one either but as above GG design highly thought of. Some Watch Wiki info. Arguably the most well-known Universal watch of the post-war era was the Polerouter. Designed by Gérald Genta, it was originally produced as the Polarouter in 1954, appearing with a Cal 138SS Bumper movement. The following year it was replaced with the innovative Cal 215 microtor movement which, with minor changes and a name change (from Polarouter to Polerouter, in 1958), was produced until late 1969.[12] In its initial fifteen years of production, the watch was produced in many variations including the Polerouter de luxe, Polerouter Jet, Polerouter Super, Polerouter Genève, Polerouter Compact, Polerouter "NS", Polerouter III, and the Polerouter Sub diver's watch. The Polerouter's durability under extreme temperatures and fluctuating altitudes made it a preferred timepiece among Scandinavian Airlines' pilots who made flights over the arctic. The worldwide acclaim of the Polerouter Date was comparable to the reputation of similar Genève automatics like the Rolex Oyster Date and Omega Seamaster Date. UG White Shadow Automatic The Golden Shadow and White Shadow were first produced in 1965 and were the thinnest automatic watch movements at the time, with a thickness of only 2.3mm. This record was held until 1978.[13] The Shadows were also designed by Genta and were available in 18K yellow and white gold as the Golden Shadow, and in stainless steel as the White Shadow. Both watches contained the Caliber 2-66 micro rotor movement up until the late 1960s.
  12. Pretty much sums it up for me. I was always brought up to not take anyone at face value.
  13. Guess the value

    I imagine he smashed it with a hammer and declared it FAKE?
  14. Dial Preference.

    Oh I am used to that even the dog isn't my friend this morning.

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