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  1. Quartz & alignment issues

    Some days I feel like Phil Conners. As you say Jay its a well known issue amongst the informed. Nobody else gives a monkeys.
  2. At my age........

    I think you perhaps need to loosen those straps you may be cutting off the blood supply to your brain hence the self perceived lack of judgement.
  3. Hublot vs Ulysse Nardin

    A couple of questions if I may. (1) Are you a professional Footballer for one of the A league teams? (Hublot) (2) Are you happy / in a position to lose £10K walking out of the shop? (Both) My choice would be neither although UN edge it on history and have always walked a tightrope between exquisite and down right garish / hideous. IMO in that price range I would be looking at a Vacheron perhaps the Overseas is more in keeping with your original 2 choices only better. Sorry if this comes across as ascorbic but you asked for opinions?
  4. Understand but just don't like

    That Ball crown guard sorry but there it is just not for me.
  5. Very nice I love these modern twists on the classic. I have a couple of Polish Vratislvia conceptium watches that are doing a similar thing but I will definitely be taking a closer look at these.
  6. Time squared? Incoming.

    Very nice for £140.00 good movement nice case styling. I think you have chosen well.
  7. Wednesday 22nd November Quartz

    I like that... Is this in place of the Yellow Breitling or an oldie?
  8. Oris movember

    One of the remaining truly independent Swiss watchmakers.... Perhaps the price tag reflects being non subsidised. I like it to be honest. Buy second hand and you have yourself a great watch by an inspiring pedigree maker.
  9. Not Sure What to Think

    Is that Durex on a Rubber sorry but how can you let that pass?
  10. fossil police or neither

    It has been said several times before that we cannot underestimate The Fossil group a massive watch producer and soon in my opinion to be a major player in the race to rival ETA with their movements in the future. The Claro Semag Swiss not Swiss controversy not withstanding their STP 1-11, which is a direct copy of the ETA 2824-2 is already of interest to many manufactures since Swatch has decided not to supply watch movements and parts outside of the group. Fashion brand yes proven track record undoubtedly. I am liking the direction they are taking with Zodiac at present all though the price tag not so much.
  11. Titoni!

    I only ever had an Airmaster Rotomatic circa 1969 in fact I think I traded it on here some years back for a Seiko Sportura (Regret yes). I found it to be a lovely watch in it's design and build quality.
  12. Bulova woes..

    Both yours and @JayDeep watches look great Jay's probably edges it for me but thats just aesthetic preference. I have looked at these and have had a couple of Marine Star reissues and can commend the quality. The only negative for me & call me a sentimental old fool but I do have an issue with the Accutron tuning fork symbol being used. Bulova used to sign their non Accutrons as Bulova so why not these reissues. I can get that for Citizen it's Bulova's crowning achievement just not fitting IMHO.
  13. Well still worth a tenner but you have a conundrum wrapped up in an enigma there. Would of though the HMT would have it's own movement and a Roamer would have had some kind of signed MST?
  14. Japanese history

    Sorry Jay Corum are a subsidiary of Citychamp Group ( Hong Kong )

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