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  1. futuristfan

    BH Saturday..... WRUW?

    Understated elegance today.
  2. futuristfan

    Sell or not Sell.

    I am a trier Over the several years I have been actively involved I have had the great privilege of owning a plethora of watches, Some were instant keepers others just not for me for whatever reason and some occupied the middle ground of not sure. The keepers have at some point gone to be replaced by more keepers and the not sure's have gone only to be brought back to be sure I was not sure . It's a strange old game
  3. futuristfan

    New Arrival - Speedmaster Date - Minty

    congratulations a very good decision.
  4. futuristfan

    SOTC - where to go from here

    I always go pre owned these days. The residuals are not overly concerning for me as much as they once were having the knowledge now makes for canny buying. I have lost £££'s over the years with quantity over quality. Lately I have culled massively and now aim to have a smaller but considered collection. I still buy what appeals to me rather than the masses but I like them to have some horological quality either buy design or mechanics.
  5. futuristfan

    Short question, date change.

    Just manually adjust to check and go to bed man.
  6. futuristfan

    SOTC - where to go from here

    Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine 263-33-391
  7. futuristfan

    Wednesday watches.

    CW Jumping Hour today. The incomparable dial and logo for me.
  8. futuristfan

    OCD.....or not ? Synching hands.

    I set whatever I am wearing that day by GMT and then I am out the door. I check GMT again before I take it off so I suppose that is my daily OCD quota unless the timings are way off then I stress
  9. futuristfan

    Cool Wrists.

    In warmer weather I like to wear a pith helmet and a dab of Aqua Di Parma behind each ear. I do like leather but not Ideal for hot days it tends to collect moister in the crevices unless well talced up . Seriously I just wear whatever.
  10. futuristfan

    Monday, Monday . . . .

    Love that. Have you had the bezel polished?
  11. futuristfan

    Monday, Monday . . . .

    Titanium Aerospace today. May need to take a bit of polywatch to the crystal by the left of top display Know idea what they are? The joys of watches
  12. futuristfan

    Just in......Roamer Soleure

    Enjoy. Many Happy returns.
  13. futuristfan

    SOTC May 2018

    What new level of hell is this?

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