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  1. Swiss watch "boom".

    What I find interesting is besides being one of Europe's big hitters in pay ranking The Swiss buy very few Swiss watches apparently.
  2. Agree just the rotor I think even the decoration is done by Selitta. Plenty of info on google about the movement winding issue problems appears to be luck of the draw?
  3. Just for clarity it seems to be a problem with Aquaracers containing the Sellita SW200. The SW200 has had some criticism recently with some failure in other branded watches also hence the upgraded movement.
  4. Has no pull for me what so ever. Sometimes has the opposite effect like those cheesy Leo Dicaprio shots for the LE Aquaracer.
  5. Lost and Found

    Agree needs a good scrub
  6. Lost and Found

    I am not good on the drink if I am honest I do have a proclivity to behave oddly. I am much more temperate now. Sorry to hear that. Not a nice situation to be in I am sure?
  7. Lost and Found

    Don't even remember staying at my Mums TBH although was a regular after a decent night out as it was bang near town Can remember when I did not have the watch though. I will be more diligent now.
  8. Lost and Found

    Seems to be behaving OK have started timing it.
  9. Lost and Found

    Well a nice surprise this weekend my Mum is packing her house up ready for a move and found this that I thought I had lost on a stag do night out in October 2009. Apparently it had slipped behind a built in dresser. In what must have been a royal morning after the night before I had always assumed that the bracelet had failed and it had been lost. So nearly a decade later reunited chuffed to say the least. So can you beat missing for near a decade and found?
  10. Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    That is a beaut. Jacques Mayol plongeur de luxe per chance?
  11. Both ankle Sunday

    Sorry Rog but even in the land of Insubstantial this would be tenuous
  12. Young Watch Sunday.

    This again today.
  13. Friday watches 16/2

    Well seeing as I am forced to keep this I may as well wear it.
  14. Hearing good things about the Monta Oceanking it really appeals to me and is a good looking watch. Just looking for an owners perspective.

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