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  1. this is not necessary or needed or even wanted
  2. problem with auctions, i always but too much
  3. it is i agree, i used to but loads of old vintage toys from there when i used to deal in them, got some great deals, same with the barrows got some great deals there too, i guess things cant stay the same for ever
  4. you are quite accurate there, it was a den of iniquity thats for sure there was a worse one in glasgow though........Paddy's market was held almost daily under railway arches and had been for as long as the arches had been there [ victorian ] this is where you would go to buy a pair of shoes for 10p or maybe some second hand undies or drugs, guns, knifes etc etc etc anything you can think of that you shouldn't be able to buy you could get there, it was shut down a few years ago though
  5. the barras have died a death since the games, i dont think it will recover as its so quiet there now. there was a time you could buy anything there, if you could name it someone would have it or know someone who did
  6. a little visit to trading standards is in order IMO welcome to the forum
  7. you cant grumble about that, excellent
  8. decency will come back your way
  9. had to check where that was, to far out of the way for me, to be fair Barnstaple and surrounds is pretty good, especially just now...........all the boot fairs are on now every day of the week until the holiday period is over, you can hit about 8 a day around there
  10. i guess in time Devon will dry up too, the Antique shops seem to be struggling down there now as well, there are a few down there i visit regularly and they are finding it hard compared to last year.....shame really
  11. Devon is hard to beat IMO .....always do well there
  12. is it keeping good time Steve?
  13. they are totally chinese made, but seiko owned and movement wise i think they use old seiko movement technology, the present auto they use i think its 7s26 based or earlier, good quality watches for the money though
  14. i have to agree with Hugh