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  1. St. Patrick's Day Watch Parade 17.03.18

    Not sure if this is one for the watch box or the dressing-up box!
  2. pre owned rules and musts

    When you get the watch, wear it for a few days straight away as if there are any issues it is best to discover them promptly. If a watch doesn't wear comfortably you won't use it much and will likely flip it. Be open-minded about finding a watch+strap combo for the watch that works for you. Similarly if the watch has a bracelet make an effort to get the size spot-on, or it will fall out of favour.
  3. New "vintage" divers

    They have a couple of these at Gatport Airwick. The small size on bracelet is super-nice, the larger size is more dinner-plate.
  4. Timex Red Nebula Electronic

    That looks great. Are the indices orange, or is that the light? Thanks for posting!
  5. The Rules of WIS

    Don't mention Brexit in a watch thread...OOPS!
  6. Sunday Seniors (pre-1990)

    Just getting my NYE playlist sorted- lots of dodgy tracks on there!
  7. New "vintage" divers

    A couple of others with vintage vibe:
  8. Fabulous Friday WRUW.

    Digging the groovy colours, man!
  9. Weds Quartz

  10. Sorry Mach, I have got Paul on the brain!

  11. Saturday Watch Parade 30.09.17

    My first mechanical watch, bought in 1999 with a rubber strap. Since then, a fair number of watches have come and gone (and many remain) Turns out, the Limes is my preferred size, and nothing goes better with it than the rubber strap! You live and learn.
  12. Saturday Watch Parade 30.09.17

    Love that Tag Paul!
  13. Grand Seiko

    I took Reggie's advice when I got mine, and it worked out to be a saving well worth having. Oh, and the watch isn't too shabby either!

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