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  1. Thanks for all the Likes folks - much appreciated mike
  2. Don't worry for a second AW - a good read will always be read!! mike Is there a Booker Prize for clocks and watches???
  4. An outrageous £3 from a charity shop. Paid for it over three months.....
  5. With a bit of lateral thinking, I'm sure some of you have had photographs published in local or international publications. My first was of some electronics training circuit boards in a defence journal in the 1980's. If you remember, there have been some first class creative shots of watches over the years in this very forum, andgood enough to go into print. What about your interests out of time keeping, such as calendars, motorcycles,special hobbies - and so on. The list is endless. Lets 'ave them. mike
  6. On the other hand, let's see some American and Canadian time keeping instruments of joy. Anyone ? mike
  7. Promise I won't dig out any more USA made watches - sob sob. mike
  8. Thanks very much folks, much appreciated. Apart from the chug chug of a fishing boat, or a lorry going past on the main road, a place to unravel your thoughts. mike
  9. Isle of Wight County Press published my photograph today - Bonchurch Peace., on the IoW. mike
  10. American produced watches seem to be rare beasts. I am rather impressed with this model How about you ? mike
  11. Perhaps a letter-box crop would help t reduce clouds? mike
  12. The first stone looks like it has a face (if you screw your eyes up). Been there yonks ago, and agree the site is quite spread out. Thanks mike
  13. Welcome to the Watch Forum, a little more about yourself would help. We don't give valuations at all. See an AD or sold prices on ebay. More photographs would help us help you? mike
  14. Thanks AW, a bit of a convoluted tale if I may be so bold, but your suspicions sound well founded. Waste no more time young man. Thanks mike
  15. Pretty boring at the beginning, but more lively latterly. Hamilton self-inflicted 5 seconds - foolish boy.