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  1. Honour - I know a professional editor and author here in Ryde. I have slipped a couple of short stories under her nose for appraisal (she did recover), and she deals with publications etc. If you are interested, I can put you two in touch electronically to see if a process can be set up - or not. Please don't feel any pressure to agree, but I think your writings fill two important gaps - reference and informative reads?


    Mike of Ryde

    1. Always"watching"


      I feel a loyalty here to Roy, Mike, and I think I shall discuss the question of publishing my topics with him first. It is very good of you to follow up on this rather attractive idea of producing a book and I believe that the idea has legs.

      Given my own situation, which is often quite strtessful, I have tended to shy away from commitments in my writing that involve commercial publication. During my years of professional writing, I was promised on two or three occasions by publishers that they were going to publish a book by me. In two of those cases, I wrote the text and even started preparing the illustrations, only to have my hopes dashed. These days, where internet publishing is dominant and competition intense, I take a philosophical approach and fit my writing in as non-paid excercise for organisations I like and respect.

      Given the above, you will appreciate that I shall be taking any steps towards publication of my watch topics slowly and carefully.

      Youfrs with my regards, Honour


  2. Why?

    Stick a red leather strap on it, then it would look better on my wrist..... mike
  3. Audax Watches: Hunting Down the History

    Mel - I did suggest to our Uncle Roy that the Forum and Honour could jointly publish an e-book for sale as all the articles are extremely well written, lucid and well worth preserving all the data for prosperity as well as a little income on the side. As long as the book doesn't go down the Amazon route to oblivion.... What do you all think? mike of the Wight
  4. Nice looking watch. Could Zenith help with the serial number, and hence its potential or actual market ? mike
  5. "collecting" watches = problem ?

    I collected umbrella handles, but stopped at about thirty. No deterioration at all.... mike
  6. Autos under One Hundred

    China me old China
  7. Interesting thread this. I would have popped in, but my helicopter was in for a service, which left the canoe. Like this comment....it would be really useful to see so many preowned pieces in the flesh :).........watches or punters ? mike
  8. Or use Postimage free site for your pictures ? mike
  9. How?

    Doesn't know how, belongs to the producer mike
  10. info on balmoral pocket watch

    May twist off, wearing a rubber glove....? mike
  11. Why are Tissot so Faked

    I have a Royal Oak Offshore which I bought with other tatty watches in junk shop last year. Even under a x10 loupe, it is difficult to tell it is fake, but can't open it up to see what the auto movement is. The level of copying expertise is shocking. mike
  12. Fat Face Watches

    Battery (cell actually) fitted, and working. Quite like it, so thanks for your help Davey, it will remain here at Dobra Towers - fer now! mike
  13. Fat Face Watches

    Found it ! Miyota 2115 movement http://miyotamovement.com/product/basic2.html
  14. Fat Face Watches

    Deviation gentlemen.