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  1. Speedy Restoration

    Top of the class for excellent work !! mike
  2. As per heads up

    Viewings of Rogers collection by appointment at his warehouse on the Exeter bypass. Boz will be collecting for good causes.....
  3. Scotchbrite and Autosol from Halfords. mike
  4. WIS on the way.

    Yes - add a few digits !
  5. Did the Romans put their numerals on their sundials ?
  6. WIS on the way.

    My birphday is in May if you want a hint or two....? mike
  7. I have a small number of orphan watches in the boxes, which, at the time they were timepieces of interest, not value. Suppose I could trickle feed them into local charity shops....? mike
  8. Not Homages but.........

    Wolex twins. Quite a good quality finish, but with makers name on dial. Only £12 is quids incl post. mike
  9. Article about one of their super watches. https://monochrome-watches.com/seiko-prospex-automatic-diver-padi-samurai-srpb99j1-review-price/?utm_source=Monochrome+Newsletter&utm_campaign=87c437eec2-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e51524d1fd-87c437eec2-98151785&mc_cid=87c437eec2&mc_eid=ada8d5ca98 mike
  10. Seiko Recraft

    Thanks PC, will take another peep.
  11. Seiko Recraft

    Oops, I meant kinetic.... Only disadvantage I can see is you have to wear them daily to keep charged? mike
  12. Seiko Recraft

    Thanks chaps - the one advertised on Wightbay is green like yours Wrench and I think ecodrive and he wants £100 for it.....
  13. Seiko Recraft

    An automatic with day/date for sale over here. Is the Recraft series any good ? Thanks mike
  14. Braun Twins

    Back in the early eighties, Braun in West Germany launched a quartz watch with a Swiss movement. In their typical style, it was black and silver and austere. Suited me down to the ground. After a couple of years, it packed up, so I exchanged it at their HQ near Frankfurt a M, as I was going to the city on business. Still working well. original buckle but alternative strap. A few weeks ago, I secured my grail for £10. The Platinum version with date and Swiss quartz movement.. The original strap and buckle have long gone. Not worth much, even together but the designs are my grail in a way. If Honour sees this, perhaps he may be able to add a bit of history or comment please. mike
  15. Threes Up

    Do you have three of a similar model from one manufacturer ? Here is my clutch. All three 1960's Omegas, working, automatics and keeping accurate time.Left - deVille, case and back 18 karat gold with Omega strap and buckle. Bought here in Ryde, ten years ago.Middle - Cosmic, stainless steel, front loader. Bargain bought in Ventnor eight years ago.Right - 20 micron gold plated. Bought in Ryde five years ago. mike

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