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  1. Polish but not Gerlach

    When I worked there, locals told me to avoid tourist spots like Warsaw and Cracow as prices were double. Saw a few in Szczecin, but bought a telephoto lens instead. Not much in Wroclaw.... mike
  2. 50 Years Old This Year !

    Don't let Mac know for Pete's sake, your Services may be his grail... mike
  3. Warranties?

    Aren't car warranties transferable ?
  4. No no no - not those you've had for fifty years, but those masterpieces which were made half a century ago. My TV square Bulova Accutron hummer which I bought new about fifty years ago from Biles off Farnborough, Hampshire may have been a bit older - hoo noze. Anyone with a 50 year old ? mike
  5. montblanc or what?

    Welcome to the forum, a little introduction would help? mike
  6. Books About Clocks

    That's it from me, any more folks ? mike
  7. Refurb advice

    We need decent photos please. See the section above for guidance.
  8. Books About Clocks

    I have a Kaiser clock which has recently packed up. I have seen working examples for £350 ish and I bought mine ffor a fiver without a suspension spring.
  9. Just copying the watch books section, which I thought a good idea, here are a few of mine. Please feel free to add. Anniversary clock of which I have seven so far. More later mike

    Had the same problem, so took the easy way out - money back at Argos..... mike
  11. Order of things.

    Pay now, bollocking later. mike
  12. my new old Omega

    The watch may have been given to someone who served or was employed during that period. The engraving seems as though it was done by an engineer rather than an artist? mike
  13. Mowing The Grass....

    Jusst caught up with your excellent and comprehensive thread. Many thanks for a good presentation. mike
  14. Thinning out the forums

    Roy - could you pin this thread please, so any additions are easier to find? Thanks mike
  15. Thinning out the forums

    Great modifications Roy and clearer typeface too. Concur with the suggestions so far. mike

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