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  1. Take a peep at e-bay?
  2. I believe the battery lasts mega hours....?
  3. The "new" 3310 is out this week via Vodafone, Car Warehouse and possibly Amazon. Time to ditch my not so smart phone. mike
  4. Electric blue and lighter blue Black with red sweep hand and silver batons
  5. Try QVC for fashion or hideous watches. She will drool over the looks, never mind the engineering. Nuff said! mike
  6. My Chinese "Parker" 51 arrived today. Seems lighter, but must measure to compare. Piccie on its way......
  7. Thanks for the info folks. My is a limited edition - 117/1000, so offers over five grand accepted. mike
  8. Bought this watch from a member a few years ago, and it is still in mint condition, keeps great time, is 44mm diameter and a wind up job. There are no markings on the dial and only a squiggle near the balance wheel. Apart from perhaps having Chinese origins, has anyone any more info please? Thanks mike No - I don't own an aircraft or have a pilot's licence. Just a "poser" watch, if you know what I mean.....
  9. Very nice mix of photographs. Of course Cracow was spared destruction by the Nazis, so the old Polish capital is well preserved.My guide book to Cracow was published in 1961, hence the different spelling. Although I worked in Poland for a year as a management consultant, never did take a holiday, so Cracow was never visited. Thanks for all the info as well.
  10. Tennis player Nadal wears a watch while playing and it ain't a Lidl special....
  11. Thanks for all the Likes folks - much appreciated mike
  12. Don't worry for a second AW - a good read will always be read!! mike Is there a Booker Prize for clocks and watches???
  14. An outrageous £3 from a charity shop. Paid for it over three months.....
  15. With a bit of lateral thinking, I'm sure some of you have had photographs published in local or international publications. My first was of some electronics training circuit boards in a defence journal in the 1980's. If you remember, there have been some first class creative shots of watches over the years in this very forum, andgood enough to go into print. What about your interests out of time keeping, such as calendars, motorcycles,special hobbies - and so on. The list is endless. Lets 'ave them. mike