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  1. dobra

    Thursday timepieces.

    Got a Biggles Day on. Pilot watch today mike
  2. dobra

    Ridiculous watch marketing by Omega.....

    Ignore the arguing and drool over this...... https://us5.campaign-archive.com/?e=ada8d5ca98&u=175a3a2c8d134343c436d1084&id=c7396fead7 mike
  3. dobra

    Storage Ideas needed

    Ask RWP to show you his watch storage warehouse down the road from Exeter. Guided tours available. mike
  4. dobra

    Jump Watch

    Spend the day in Argos or TKMAXX ? mike
  5. dobra

    Wednesday watches

    Christopher Ward C3 mike
  6. dobra

    Fun or a useful timepiece

    My 1760 Henry Body longcase clock, made in Battle, Sussex is a single-hander. The dial is marked in 15 minutes. Keeps withing two minutes a day, so nothing new. Only disadvantage is it is too big for my wrist........ mike
  7. dobra

    Sunday Oldies, Pre-1990.

    From the Bright Wight Braun mike
  8. dobra

    Saturday 12th May wrist check

    Taking off with my "pilot" watch !
  9. dobra


    Try Postimage, which is free. mike
  10. dobra

    Pierce Pi Junior?

    Keep the watch and type out its history as a record for the next generation. Postimage s free, love to see it. mike
  11. dobra

    Blonie (Polish) watches anyone?

    Rather nice or Dobra. £300 ? mike
  12. dobra

    Tuesday Timepieces

    Courtesy of the Chinese - Kenneth Cole
  13. dobra

    Danish Pastries

    I have only one Skagen and it is an odd ball, neither being slim or simple. bought off a jeweller friend new, but sans instructions. - obviously with a discount. Their customer service was non existent. Anyone own a Skagen ? mike
  14. dobra

    DIY LED clock kit

    In the late 1960's our senior technician apprentices designed and built a Nixie clock. The carpentry boy built the cabinet in mahogany. Sir Barnes Wallace, who invented the WW2 Bouncing Bomb presented the annual prizes to our trainees. And was himself presented with the clock by the Senior Trainee. As it was leading edge technology - then - he was delighted. Here is Habitat's version, I have in my den. mike
  15. dobra

    NHS nurse’s fob watch

    One here on WightBay, been on sale for weeks... https://www.wightbay.com/ryde/fashion/nurses-fob-watch-5573619/ mike

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