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  1. Thanks for your help folks. I went to Device Manager, opened each Etron USB and deleted drivers. Re-started W7/64 but only an error message came up. So I opened Device Booster software, and scanned. It found the two faulty USBs and downloaded the drivers automatically. All's well that ends well! Thanks mike
  2. Do A3 prints of your photographs above and stick them up in strategic places. You haven't mentioned Her Indoors yet...... mike
  3. Well done Vettel, Hamilton and Bottas. mike
  4. Have a look at our opening page - guidance on how to upload pictures. A picture and a thousand words comes to mind.... mike
  5. This may be of interest folks. Anyone had a device set fire? mike
  6. My desktop PC with W7/64 has two USB ports not working. I looked at Device Manager and they are Etron USB3 Extensible Host Controller and nor working. The remaining USB connexions are working. Question - do I delete each driver, then look to the 'net for replacement drivers? Bit twitchy about deleting to be honest..I Eltron the correct website? Thanks mike
  7. I saw a watch in a charity shop - but had to pay full price........
  8. Piccies from Oz
  9. Lidl occasionally do a tea box for a few quid - several inmates here have invested in one or many more........
  10. I've used free Postimage for a few years now. Picks it off your harddrive. Don't trust "cloud"
  11. A good haul there Davy, and a nice varied selection.. If you are not keeping the Sekonda pocket watch, may I have dibs please? It would be a first PW for me. Thanks. mike
  12. What's your best price young man? mike
  13. Yes - in a word. For £3 this auto is hard to beat for me....
  14. I realise there could be few takers here as the stone bodied watches seemed to last a few microseconds in the market place. Anyone collect them specifically ? I have one, when I worked for Robert Bosch, these were gifts - subject to status of course! Suspect it was a Tissot number in marble , but stand corrected of course. (Come in AW) mike
  15. Try Cousins, but make sure you measurements are accurate, as refunds are hard to come by... mike