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  1. No thoughts then chaps ? mike
  2. Time for a coffee
  3. Please remember gentlemen that some of the erudite entries so far are far tooo lighthearted and cause for occasional titters, rather than abject boredom. ...strolls away stroking his long appendage.... ....sorry beard
  4. Put mother in law's anny-rack into the dishwasher, as it had so much food down the front.....
  5. Any Australians at the bottom ?
  6. When my grandfather lived in London, he always wore a black Homburg hat, and when he visited us in the "country", he wore a brown one. Do you wear a Homburg hat?
  7. Went to Lidl this afternoon, store was nearly empty, car park was nearly full.....doh!
  8. Welcome to the Forum Kieranmann - thanks for joining us, but sorry, we as a group don't give valuations for obvious reasons. Look at ebay for sold prices or go to an established local jeweller One of our members, Always Watching is one our experts with old or vintage watches, and if he reads this, may well know something! mike
  9. Well done - what do you do in your spare time - massage your fingertips ?
  10. Tell us about it Biker, but make it as boring as hell
  11. I'm looking for a 35mm Pentax MZ-S camera or near spec. Mine has imploded, so when you are sorting out in your attic with a torch.... mike
  12. You are a bore Sparky....
  13. \\No sorry, but it is 10C here and wall to wall high clouds. Does that help ?
  14. Thanks Rog. I will take before and after piccies. Ouch!
  15. You're quite right G. Watched Romania International TV this morning. Quite pretty snow scenes! Good channel, and some ace photographers too. mike