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  1. A post war Oris. Cheap to buy, but not worth repairing in the end.... mike
  2. Fancy a green Seiko - is a Recraft any good? On Wightbay. mike
  3. Classy, like the shirt and jacket too! mike
  4. Forty quids from a pawn (not porn) shop mike
  5. I have an RAF officer's porcelain piss pot with the RAF crest in gold on the side, but some of the gold piping around the rim has been rubbed off by some RAF officers' rough skinned bum. Unused by me, but a container of dust. Oh - I forgot the OP's rather naughty question. Take off the instrument around my left wrist, wipe with a soft cloth. Nothing exciting at all after that, except dreams. Good night!
  6. Thrill of the hunt applies, and like sex can be either supreme or
  7. Some look like prison officers' standard issue watches, with bars on....... (ducks beneath the parapet) mike
  8. Both - but don't forget there are occasions where the heart rules the head. Even price resistance dissolves sometimes mike
  9. Are there any heavy hints for a 30th anniversary RLT watch ?
  10. Only Roy can answer the riddle ? mike
  11. He's too shy!
  12. Congratulations Roy. Tell us all when the start date was, and with a little bit of history. Such as - when did you buy your first Roller....? mike
  13. Electronic, but no jerky sweep hand.....
  14. Bugger the vintage watch collections - I've met many many Polish wives while working in Wroclaw and Szczecin. Charming, stunning looks in most cases, flash their eyes when they don't know the English words (I always help them out) and keen.