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  1. Bronze Beauties

    Thanks for all these fabulous bronze beauties! Looking at all the piccies, it strikes me that they all chunky. Any reason, or aren't slim bronze made ? mike
  2. Cape Cod Cleaning Cloths

    Don't use them. Instead, a small piece of microfibre cloth and Autosol cream. Alternatively Autosol and a baby bud for more precise control. mike
  3. Heads Up Braun Fans

    Thanks for the comprehensive review of Braun. My Braun watch was free, father in law bought me my first Braun razor and it was packed with the watch inside the box. It failed, so I posted it to my brother in law in Frankfurt aM and he popped into the factory in a nearby small town to exchange it. Fine ever since.... I also had the Braun calculator, but the failed years ago.
  4. Up to 50% off https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/browse/?ie=UTF8&node=14132483031&lo=watches&field-enc-merchantbin=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&ref_=pe_3766061_224923541
  5. Bronze Beauties

    Useful information if you like bronze cases....... https://monochrome-watches.com/buying-guide-6-great-bronze-watches-patina-lovers/?utm_source=Monochrome+Newsletter&utm_campaign=a8a9d766fd-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e51524d1fd-a8a9d766fd-98151785 mike
  6. Best Putdowns

    Oh dear, I didn't realise it's only a quartz....
  7. Best Putdowns

    Suits your big hairy wrist.....
  8. Give me an excuse..

    Well typed Rog, how many keyboards have you worn out ?
  9. Unloved and stuck in a watch box, may I introduce my Kenneth Cole quartz and a little mint Seiko 5 automatic. Haven't seen the light of day (or cuddled a wrist) for a year or two. The KC was bought by She who must be listened to most carefully as she thought it a wonderful design and the Seiko 5 sold by a forum member and has remained in a mint condition through lack of wear. If Bozenka would like the KC, I would gladly swop it with her nearest and dearest for something he doesn't like toooo much. Anyone else have any orphans who feel abandoned ? mike.
  10. A Ray of Light on Wray: The Wray Optical Company

    Wray stereo camera https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VINTAGE-WRAY-STEREO-GRAPHIC-FILM-CAMERA-with-viewer-and-case/232554507698?hash=item3625542db2:g:ZMUAAOSw4vFaAuqH mike
  11. Fun in the cheap seats.

    The ultimate question is does the Boz like it ? mike
  12. Remebrance Sunday

    God rest their souls, those who fought to save us.
  13. Endangered Watches

    Go on, go on. go on, go on Rog, have a Lucky Dip for dearest Bozenka ????
  14. Saved me a trip out tomorrow ?

    A de Luxe packet of three for the weekend.....
  15. A Ray of Light on Wray: The Wray Optical Company

    First class profile, thanks H. Never owned Wray but also have Nikon zoom, Pentax and sold Canon. Essential kit here next the sea! mike I have used this knowledgeable and expert repairer a few times for my two pairs of Zeiss binoculars. He lives off Southampton Water. http://www.actionoptics.co.uk

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