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  1. Flycaster


    It is this one chaps https://www.fiftyfourwatch.com/watches
  2. Flycaster


    I am completely drawn to one watch only at the moment. It is not one of my Swiss movements or any other kind of watch but a NH35A. I just seem to be wearing it all the time and my other watches are in the box. 5 second a day fast which is on par with my Swiss movements, sapphire crystal, AR coating and cheap as chips. They are now selling this version in black, orange, yellow and green which I am seriously thinking on buying the lot. Anyone else been drawn to these Seiko movements when you have bought mostly Swiss? I am very impressed with it and the build quality.
  3. Flycaster


  4. Flycaster

    How do you search the Amazon?

    I would try to delete your browsing history and cookies and try again.
  5. First hand winder, first chronograph. Poljot P3133. Thanks Roy.
  6. Flycaster


  7. Flycaster

    Buying a Watch at Auction

    Welcome to the forum Jorden, Well I for one think it is a great idea you have come on the forum as I have never bought a watch from an auction and at least I have a person to go to if I have any questions. No harm in looking
  8. Flycaster

    Mappin and Webb

    My wife bought a Mappin and Web gold clock many moons ago when her grandmother died and left her cash in her will. She sent it to them for it to be serviced after many years of use. A few weeks later she got a phone call, they had lost the original box? yeh right you did. She received a bunch of flowers and a bottle of champagne, not something to celebrate I thought.
  9. Flycaster

    Any bikers ?

    I have a BMW R1200GS TC, it has hardly any miles on it. It has been stuck in my shed for the last 5 years. Been in hospital with ill health too many times for me to remember and loads of complications when I came out. I just don't ride it anymore and can't really due to the complications. I should sell it but it has been one of those "I will do it tomorrow" kind of thing. I am gutted, truly am. I used to go abroad on the bike every year to see the Motogp and have been to a lot of places in Europe for bike meets, memorial sites etc. It is an amazing machine for comfortable riding and great for the twisties.
  10. Flycaster

    Let's have some fun with this one.

    Omega by a mile.
  11. Flycaster

    Ultra Thin Watches: The New Kings of Slim

    Thanks for the write up, interesting
  12. Flycaster

    Cartier Tank XL or TAG Heuer Monza

    On reflection https://www.steinhartwatches.de/en/diver-watch/ocean-one-vintage.html You will soon need to save money, start now.
  13. Flycaster

    Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 1/3//2018

    I can't keep this off my wrist while Steve does his magic trickery on my Steinhart.
  14. Flycaster

    Cartier Tank XL or TAG Heuer Monza

    Tudor without a doubt.
  15. Flycaster

    Early Venus incoming

    Looks great, I see where Oris pinched it from.

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