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  1. andyclient

    Friday's here again...

    This little rollie on the right , HAGWE everyone
  2. andyclient

    Odm watch digital reset ????

    You could try here http://www.odm-design.com/web/manuals_download.php
  3. @simon2 is the man for this I would suggest he’s in Essex so not to far away He comes highly recommend on the forum
  4. andyclient

    New arrival - and it took me 45 years to save up for it

    Beautiful and worth the wait , congratulations
  5. andyclient

    First post... First Rolex

    Vintage sub , with it being your birth year it would be a lovely memory of your mother to. But as mentioned shop wisely, I would recommend buying from a reputable source, will cost a little more but for the peace of mind it’s worth it imo
  6. andyclient

    Leica (yes Leica!) Watches

    Having owned both Leica cameras and Leica binoculars their optical qualities are world renowned and rightly so imo. I would imagine that the Leica watch brand is just using the name, in fact I’d guarantee it , shame they feel the need to diversify
  7. andyclient

    Saturday attire

    In the pub with the wife watching the World Cup Rolex sub 16610 and oyster perpetual 15200
  8. andyclient

    Small winding wheel.

    You are referring to the ligne (size of movement) what you need is the make of movement ,AS , Waltham , FHF , etc then the calibre number , often the calibre number is under the balance as is the makers mark Armed with this information it should be quite straightforward to find the right part
  9. andyclient

    Muppet Question wrt Use and Accuracy

    Plus 1 for that suggestion , yes a service would no doubt sort them out but from experience I have found that using them can help improve their accuracy . The best example of this for me was I bought the wife an Oyster perpetual from an auction house and it initially gained a couple of minutes over a few weeks, she uses it as her daily wearer and now it is absolutely spot on over long periods only maybe needing a slight adjustment when changing the date. So I would do as Deano suggests and wear them for a while and see , another reason i'm a believer in watch winders (stands back as can of worms opens )
  10. andyclient

    Wednesday watches.

    Playing with an eco drive , got to love the lume
  11. andyclient

    make a choice

    Pulsar , clean and simple
  12. andyclient

    Mazda MX5 or BMW Z4?

    You just wasn’t going fast enough
  13. andyclient

    Can anyone identify this Rotary movement

    I agree it does look like an AS 2160 , you should be able to see some numbers and the makers logo usually under the balance , if it is an AS 2160 Cousins do the stems part no:AS2060401 for £5.95 each plus vat p&p . But check the numbers first obviously Link below to 2160 movement for comparison on the Ranfft site . Hope this helps http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&0&2uswk&AS_2160
  14. James Martin obviously loves his watches as well as cars , I don't think i've seen him wear the same one twice , when he used to do Saturday kitchen
  15. andyclient


    Only just seen this thread , I have a Malawi tank , they can be a bit boisterous but they do have a certain character

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