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  1. A nice vintage Omega , can't go wrong with a vintage Omega
  2. Cousins do sell the splined tools for removal of the pendant tube and also stock generic pendant tubes if you fancy having a go yourself
  3. Late 50s early 60s would be my guesstimate but there are some Roamer collectors on here so hopefully they can give you a more accurate date
  4. Cousins list 2 stems for the FHF 96 part no : FHF192401and FHF74401 both £5,96 each plus vat and p&p they also have some documents you could download , which may be useful
  5. Brilliant, well done, your next one will be a breeze
  6. +1 for what John has just said , if the gear train is moving ok with the pallet and balance removed , then either the pallet isn't fitted correctly or the balance not engaging with the pallet fork. With the pallet fitted check it moves freely when a few winds are put on the mainspring the pallet should go from side to side with a gently touch (as john says) I use a bit of peg wood to check this. Then with the pallet up against the banking pins lets say he left hand one for example , offer up the balance impulse jewel to the left of the pallet fork and it should then engage. if you put it to the right the watch won't run (unless the pallet fork is placed to the right ) you could also check that the impulse jewel is not missing therefore leaving nothing to engage with the pallet fork. hope that makes sense , good luck
  7. I can't read the time on a simple jump hour watch without my reading glasses , so I wouldn't be able to tell the time on that for sure. an interesting design though but totally impractical for me I'm afraid. Apart from being unaffordable:-(
  8. A good few years ago yahoo did a similar thing but i think theirs was the last minute maybe two. Very annoying when you were trying to buy , thinking you'd got it then someone came in at the last second and you'd have to bid again and wait a further couple of minutes for the same thing to happen again , it could go on for ages. Yahoo didn't charge any fees though which was good, I was using it up until they stopped doing it , I then reluctantly went over to eBay and I've been on there since 2002 so as I say it was a while ago.
  9. Nice one Rog , love Puerto Banus , great for a bit of people watching , there are some beautiful cars and boats to be seen there not to mention a couple of high end watch shops to
  10. Yes the pivot is broken , looking at the first pic , the top should look like the bottom , they can break quite easily if they are not located in the jewel hole correctly and to much pressure is applied to the bridge when reassembling the gear train
  11. Yes that will be the one the first no is the calibre the next the part no. My mistake for putting 280 instead of 283 if the driving wheel is ok then it is 283/ 1240 you require. Obviously I'm assuming as haven't seen the problem. ;-) a pic would confirm if needed
  12. If you have a look on Cousins , you can download the parts sheet for the 283 cal but i'm guessing its the pivot on the 3rd wheel that is broken no:280/1240 , is the second hand driving wheel ok ? no:280/1249
  13. Cousins sell the flat mineral glasses complete with the gasket if required. You will need vernier calipers to get the correct size and a press to fit it Recommend fitting with the movement out of the case to , especially on your first attempt.
  14. I only have the one unfortunately an RLT 51-MP
  15. Indeed it is but most people Cousins included seem to call them Deployment , a google search bought up this from 2006 I use a butterfly type on a seamster and have found it to open by itself if to tight on the wrist