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  1. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    So sorry to hear this , my thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time
  2. Nato... whats the appeal.

    Glad I’m not alone , I’ve never understood the appeal of putting a £2 strap on a 2k watch Ok on a military watch but other than that I don’t really get it personally. But each to their own
  3. 1953 Gold Watch

    I am pretty sure @scottswatches would be able to sort you out as this is his specialist area https://www.birthyearwatches.com
  4. What do you think of this one

    It's different and if you've got a Fiat 500 I can see the appeal but it wouldn't be for me i'm afraid
  5. Vintage Gold Rolex Pocket Watch

    Yes I agree selling the chain separately would be a good idea , you know the value of 30gm of gold easily enough so you could sell that to a dealer/jeweller at scrap value or there abouts and without any loss on commission
  6. Vintage Gold Rolex Pocket Watch

    I personally would sell it through an auction house that regularly sell watches and is on the internet , I know you will have to pay more commission than if you sell on Ebay , but you don't get the risk of some chancer ripping you off by pulling a fast one .(item not as described , doesn't work etc etc ) Also the auction house will do the write up, photography, advertising and posting if the buyer is overseas or not within collecting distance , again at no risk to yourself . You could sell to a dealer but I would expect a higher price from auction , as the dealer is obviously and quite rightly going to want his mark up , whereas at auction it will more likely go to a collector . That would be my advise , good luck , it is a lovely piece and I would expect it to do very well
  7. Camy Divers Watch

    I do have one Camy in the collection Eta cal:2789 The photo doesn't really do the vivid purple dial justice unfortunately
  8. Camy Divers Watch

    Thats a beauty , I like that a lot
  9. So sad. RIP Bob Sheruncle

    Sad news RIP
  10. Challenge!

    Stick with the Rolex and change the venue would be my advice
  11. A new career change

    @scottswatches is the man to speak to , I believe this is the course he is doing or has done recently. Might of been the in house course not sure but there have been other threads on here about it also
  12. Tudor reborn......

    Very nice , looks great on a bracelet, money well spent imho Well done
  13. Watch Movement Choices...?

    I have posted this here before but you may find this interesting and a bit of an eye opener. I realise it’s a 2824-2 not a 2836-2 but I would imagine the same applies. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SUlsay-yzm8
  14. Avatar Pics

    Mines a picture of a poljot of mine that I took and then played about in photoshop with. I use it on every forum I’m a member of as well as eBay I used to mess about a lot with photography but just don’t seem to find the time since retiring
  15. Like the 7750 "wild rotor"?

    I assume you mean the spinning as you mentioned and not the wobble or noise as some are suggesting ? If so , I hadn't really noticed it before until I got a 7750 with a display back , and initially thought this was a fault with the reversing wheels until I read a write up on a new Rlt 8 (can't find it now) where the rotor spinning was mentioned as being normal and now you've highlighted it to i can stop worrying

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