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  1. Crystal refurb

    Thanks guys , yes you are right there Davey the strap is already in the bin
  2. Crystal refurb

    Having broken the replacement crystal whilst pressing it in , not wanting to order another I thought i'd have a go at improving the original. Unfortunately I didn't do a before , just a during and after shot . The original was in quite a mess with some deep scratches that wouldn't polywatch out ,but it was free from any cracks. So with nothing to loose I set about it with p400 wet and dry (p600 would of been better probably but thats all I had) Gently rubbing in one direction then turn 90 degrees again rubbing in one direction. First pic is after the rubbing down to remove the deep scratches then pic 2 is after polishing with polywatch and cotton wool I've read about this method but never tried it , but will certainly use it again
  3. I'm back :)

    Welcome back Carl , cars and watches go together like “peas and carrots “ plenty of room for both
  4. Thoughts On This One...?

    The dial for me looks like an indian redial rather than a professional job , but either way it's not right , the movement looks a bit worrying to , as the gear train bridge looks to be a different colour to the barrel bridge , may just be the light , or may be cobbled together. Agree the hands are wrong too Not good for the money that's for sure , my seamaster 600 for a comparison , and below the reason i suspect it's a indian redial ,I found out the hard way but it was cheap fortunately
  5. Tag Heuer - help needed - real or fake ??

    Definitely a fake and a poor one at that i'm afraid
  6. For me it looks better on the silicone , don't like the fit at the lugs with the bracelet , the orange of the silicone compliments the watch nicely imho
  7. Omega Constellation cal.564

    Not to sure about the case or movement to be honest , I have a 1968 Connie and that is in the C shape case(168.019) with a 751 cal movement , the serial no on yours suggests the movement is from 1967 , so i think you are right about the fraken bit , what are the case numbers out of interest
  8. Seiko "Kinetic" 5M62/0D50

    These movements do need a considerable amount of swinging back and forth to charge up but it should start moving at 2 second jumps after a while , if all is working ok
  9. Garrard auto watch

    As mentioned Gerrard used decent movements , not all watches from that sort of era had quickset dates , I would suggest before pulling anything to bits or contacting the seller for a refund that you find out what the movement is then check it on the ranfft.de site which will tell you if it should quickset ie. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&0&2uswk&ETA_2824_2
  10. Getting rid of magnetism

    I use one of these , works well Ebay item no:253114419361
  11. Are vintage Tudor overpriced?

    Yes Tudor are going up but so are all popular brands unfortunately, but I haven’t seen them at the same money as a like for like Rolex never mind dearer , is this at a particular dealership?
  12. One of my photos from yesterday at the EDT awards.

    I prefer his daughter
  13. Let’s see your beemers

    Are those Hartge alloys ? , I had a Hartge 325 pic below (apologies for picture its a photo of a photo ) before getting the M3 pictured earlier in the tread (
  14. Auto Servicing ?

    Technically if the wet pressure test is carried out correctly then water shouldn’t enter the watch. The idea is to suspend the watch out of the water then pump up to the required pressure then wait some say 3 minutes some say 1 min per bar After this time if there is a leak anywhere in the watch air will enter the case. Then the watch is submerged and the pressure slowly released from the tank. If there is any leak in the watch bubbles will then escape as the pressure is higher in the watch than the tank. Whilst the bubbles escape water can’t enter. So as long as it’s not left in the tank after the bubbles stop escaping and the pressure reaches zero it shouldn’t get water in
  15. Vintage - Investment

    Could buy a bar of gold sell it on his 18th and let him buy the watch he likes

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