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  1. Failed ram raid on Rolex A D caught on camera https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-leeds-43104639
  2. Speedy Restoration

    Great transformation well done
  3. Any Rotary aficionados?

    Yes I would agree with your 70s estimate poss early 80s , and no they didn't use there own movements but they did use nice quality Swiss movements, most of the ones i've come across from 60s-80s had AS movements fitted
  4. A gap in my collection

    Might be easier than reading manual
  5. A gap in my collection

    if you put the module no into the casio website you can download the manual Link below http://support.casio.com/en/manual/manuallist.php?cid=009
  6. Questions about Eco-Drive?

    I only have one and keep it on the window sill , nice watches, well made , good weight, mines a perpetual calendar version so a bit of a chore to set but once done as long as it stays in the light it’s pretty well done
  7. Tag Heuer Aquaracer Crown Replacement

    With the old crown/ stem removed it will pay you to check the new crown on the pendant tube before you proceed, as it may be the threads on the pendant tube and not the crown that are the problem
  8. "Tag" watches

    I think in answer to the OP's question as to why people call them Tags has been answered . Because there appears to be to much difference of opinion over the word Heuer and how to pronounce it , therefore Tag keeps it simple That is an attempt at lightning the mood and humour btw
  9. Nice haul, well donee, just goes to show there are still some bargains out there i would get the pocket watch looked at to looks worth saving from the pic
  10. Franck Muller

    I Agree , he has written his disclaimer in the description
  11. Vintage Tudor watch 1956

    Fixoflex bracelets do tend to wear into gold lugs being sprung loaded and steel so would suggest a nice quality brown leather strap might be a better choice
  12. Vintage Tudor watch 1956

    As Mach states we don’t do valuations here but I would suggest 6-800 estimate for a small diameter case is optimistic, also the fixoflex bracelet will be an aftermarket fitment and not original I’m afraid
  13. Back for a bit. :)

    Welcome back Kev
  14. I hear what you are saying but , and i'm not trying to convince you on the merits of watch winders but , what would you think about every 4 days (ref to OP) unscrewing a screw down crown winding setting and screwing it back up ? Would you feel this is putting undue wear on the threads seals etc , I know I would be concerned about the waterproofness of a watch I was constantly (every 4 days) unscrewing and screwing back up. This is why I put my sub on there and am happy to take it swimming in the shower etc etc This is just my 2cents worth i'm not trying to convince anyone , i just feel happier with it on a winder
  15. Quick Tools question

    the burgeon 6767 S or 6767 F I prefer the F model which have the finer ends which are better for bracelets but you can buy replacement ends so can get the F model and buy a set of standard ends as well £8.75 plus vat p&p from cousins

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