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  1. help when choosing a replacement crown

    You should be able to get the crown from cousins by the case number. Should take any element of guesswork out I've used this method a couple of times with them
  2. Just a heads up Lidl are doing their digital callipers next week from the 17th Aug £9.99 , had mine for a few years now and would be lost without them , essential bit of kit for measuring crystals and cutting stems to the right size first time . Come with a 3yr warranty to
  3. Friday 11 08 2017

    Something a bit different today a memocall alarm , dials a bit beaten up but I guess it adds a bit of character
  4. Silly bidding on a Smiths Astral

    Crazy , maybe his mates are bidding it up for him but even so it's still mad
  5. How do I stop losing screws from my tweezers?

    Good tweezers (buy cheap buy twice) and practice practice practise , also dress them regularly , I believe Mark Lovick has a video on this to. And if a screw or small steel part does go into the abyss i use a magnet and search the suspect area with that , I have a deepish pile carpet where i do my watches and the magnet has saved me more than once.
  6. Cash out early or play the long game ????

    Maybe It's time I cashed out on my highly desirerable/collectable piece of boxing horology to On a serious note I can only agree with what's been said already I'm afraid
  7. Rolex Oysterdate Precision 1974

    As others have said, it's quite a bit overpriced for a precision imo. You could get a perpetual date or date just for less than that , which would for me be a better buy with it having an auto movement
  8. auto - seconds hand always stops over the minute hand

    Another vote for what others have said , hands touching, I will add , that if you have a crystal lift I would remove the crystal and do it that way if possible, with the movement still in its case ,it's a lot easier and less work sorry was typing as you posted , perhaps best left then Lol
  9. Lookit what I found

    The box just makes it for me , what a cracking find , nice one Jimmy
  10. Omega Chronostop

    Yes still got mine
  11. I would say the cannon pinion needs tightening or replacing , my guess is it's slipping
  12. Help with indentification

    Looks like London imported silver hallmark dating to 1937 but can't be certain as not to clear unfortunately , are the numbers on the back 925 if so defo silver edit , typing as u posted Davey
  13. Selling my Oris Artix

    To be fair I don't think you can call eBay's fees "crazy" they are a lot better than any auction house I know I have used both many times and whilst the fees at auction houses are dearer it does take away any aggro If you use eBay and take good photos with a good description start it low and don't have it finish at a time when most people are in bed or at work , Saturday or Sunday late afternoon early evening works well , then it will almost definitely find it's true value.
  14. Horseshoe clock

    Thanks Mike , that's what my daughter said lol
  15. Horseshoe clock

    Thanks Mel , modified but didn't make the hands