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  1. 21mm Lugs

    For me I'd go for 22mm as I don't like a gap and it can pull the spring bars out of the holes as it moves back and forth. 22 mm will squeeze in ok and look a better fit imo
  2. Sim-Pathetic dial restoration

    Yes removed the crosshairs and added some human hair and dust He ended up doing it himself with a spray can No not offended its not my work as far as the dial is concerned , I totally agree with you , I think its awful
  3. Not wishing to jump on futuristfans thread about sympathetic dial restoring , I thought i would share this with you to cheer you up on a Friday ready for the weekend. Someone I know asked me if I would put some hands and a crystal on his vintage Omega (1957) he said that he would get the dial sorted once i'd removed it and that he didn't want to spend to much on it. Well he returned the dial on Monday for me to refit and to fit new hands crystal , pictured is a before and after and thought i'd shoot the after in macro to maximise your viewing pleasure HAGWE
  4. A Little Disappointed With Cousins

    Thanks guys for the replies , I will have a word and report back
  5. Got a quartz movement from Cousins for a Diver that was working intermittently , the movement wasn't serviceable and a replacement was £7.75 plus vat plus p&p so a little over a tenner delivered . Fitted the movement and it gained 30minutes in 24 hrs , so i thought i'd simply return it as faulty , I realise Cousins don't allow returns for incorrectly ordered items which I accept but they don't allow for returns of faulty watch movements or parts either apparently , which I think is a little harsh. Not worth the aggro of pursuing it for a tenner but a bit disappointing non the less.
  6. Friday Watches

    Something completely different for me today, I've had this for years, built/assmbled myself but the chrono function was not as it should be so after almost selling for spares or repairs on the forum but being talked out of it I just put it aside. It was RWP talking about his desire for a valjoux 7750 that made me pick it up and have a look at it. So after a lot of swearing and sweating it's now all sorted , so giving it some wrist time
  7. Odd spots on this Dial

    They do look like water spots though don't they , has there been any condensation under the crystal ?
  8. Genuine V Copy

    The short answer is yes there is , as have come across the problem myself and found a sticky ball to do the job as the non gen backs weren't on that tight, tight but not tight enough that the ball wouldn't shift them. I think the non gen casebooks are made more for the look than the exact size if you know what i mean
  9. Dial cleaning

    Agreed saliva on a cotton bud can work wonders , But as you are actually rubbing and touching the dial albeit very gently you can remove some of the indices or numerals (ask me how I know) With the dipping in silver dip then rinsing you don't actually touch the dial until it's patted dry , even then you could let it air dry if you used distilled or rain water to avoid water marks. It was more for information purposes , and not instruction , hopefully be of some use as there have been a few threads in the past about dial cleaning Below is a before and after on another dial I did using a cotton bud and saliva , again not pristine but better than it was and better than a redial imo
  10. Dial cleaning

    Thanks Martin , not sure really it does look silver although it's not marked It was just a bit of an experiment really, don't think I'd try it on anything any good lol
  11. Dial cleaning

    Probably best Jon lol
  12. Dial cleaning

    Just thought I'd share this as someone may find it useful for the future A before and a couple of afters of a rather dirty dial Dial was cleaned for approx1 minute in silver dip then rinsed in tepid water then put in silver dip for a further 30 secs then rinsed and dried with a lint free cloth The damage to the numerals was already present prior to cleaning and this was a scrap movement just to try the process. I accept no responsibility for loss or damage to anyone's dials if they have a go at this process lol
  13. Orient Ray II - removing stem

    The first pic with the crown just unscrewed not fully extended the lever is through the hole and has a dimple where shown in my pic
  14. Got to be this one then
  15. Automatic Thursday

    Business as usual today I'm afraid