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  1. Simon2 Watchmaker

    Sorry to hear this , best wishes for a speedy recovery Simon
  2. Case and glass needed please

    I would put a search in eBay and save it , they will then notify you if anything turns up , may take a while but it’s worked for me before on watch items
  3. There is a long answer which is down to newer models having a li ion rechargeable cell as opposed to a capacitor. The short answer is no toothbrush charger doesn’t work with later models (li ion ) afaik and it certainly didn’t work on the one I tried
  4. Testing for waterproofing

    Thanks, no it’s not marine but it is a species tank they are all lake Malawi cichlids Yep no3 is photography
  5. Bored at home today so thought I’d combine 3 of my hobbies
  6. This one seems to work ok
  7. Ceramic Anyone

    My daughters boyfriend had an Armani ceramic and he broke the bracelet twice , I replaced one half of it for him (quite expensive) and to be honest vowed i'd never touch one again the bracelet end pieces were stuck to the watch thus pulling of some of the ceramic coating from the watch case , fortunately you couldn't see it when the new bracelet was fitted but it certainly put me off ceramic watches (bezel inserts are ok) Don't know if it was a real Armani I never opened it up , he was convinced it was but i'm not sure I was
  8. Show me your clocks...

    A couple of mine the cuckoo clock I’m kind of doing up gradually and came from a car boot sale The ships clock in and he background came from auction and needed a platform escapement. The horseshoe one was a bit of fun I made for my daughter , it’s one of her horses old shoes
  9. WOW Rolex content

    Bit of an update here http://www.ipswichstar.co.uk/news/rare-rolex-watch-sold-for-record-230-000-at-martlesham-auction-30-times-the-original-estimate-1-5234409
  10. If you need putting off E Bay.

    The seller isn't really doing anything wrong if thats its retail price , if a buyer can't be bothered to do a bit of research then bigger fool them . Even if it's over retail then no one is forced to buy it , there are plenty of over priced Omegas for example on Ebay
  11. Thursday 12th October automatics

    Road testing this one , now on a period bonklip type bracelet
  12. Paying for an 18 month wait... !?

    No , but then again I wouldn't buy new either personally
  13. WOW Rolex content

    Model no and serial no in the first pic is that what you mean ? Hope he didn't use his credit card thats another 2.5%
  14. WOW Rolex content

    Here is a clearer pic from the catalogue , I did actually view it myself and apart from the tropical dial and numerals don't really know whats different ? Certainly intrigued as to what makes it worth that sort of money ? At least I can say I held a 1/4 million quids worth of Rolex in my sweaty hands At the time of the catalogue printing thats what they thought it was worth but they had had so much interest leading up to the auction that they knew it was going to fetch a good amount , they started it at £40K
  15. WOW Rolex content

    Just watched this go at a local auction, don’t think you’ll convince the original owner that Rolex aren’t a good investment

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