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  1. Bird Photos

    It's been 5 days since we shook these Wood Pigeon chicks out of their nest . But they seem to be doing really well:
  2. any bikers here?

    Some of one
  3. Bird Photos

    A couple of days ago, we were removing strangulating honeysuckle from a whitebeam tree. We knew there was an old nest in the tree and there hadn't been any activity for months that we could see and it was too high to double check. How wrong were we . With all the tugging on the honeysuckle, we managed to dislodge these two from the nest: First response was "Oh no!", second response was "They are huge, what are they?" and third response was "God, they're ugly!". After a bit of Googling, it turns out that they are Wood Pigeon chicks and from what we've read, it seems Wood Pigeons are good parents and won't give up on their chicks easily.... As there was no chance of getting these chicks back into their broken / destroyed nest, and it was getting dark, we put them in shoe box and strapped it to the trellis under the tree they fell from. Next morning, a parent was feeding them : Two days later, chicks seem to be doing well but not the shoe box which is now full of sh*t and sagging somewhat with the weight of the chicks and parents. Any rain and it would turn to mush, so time to move them again. This time into a metal fruit bowl that has holes; built them a nest from twigs etc and they seem happy in it (very feisty during the move with lots of pecking of hands --- ungrateful things!). We also put the bowl higher into the tree, Again, the parents have found them and are feeding them. Not sure how this is going to end. They don't have a lot of cover although we have tried to shield them from the sun and predators. So far so good......
  4. any bikers here?

    My current "project" bike....it will be nice when it's finished (I hope!)
  5. Happy Birthday Silver Hawk!

    Thanks everyone!
  6. spanners required

    Sorry, my sockets are bigger than that.
  7. spanners required

    @scottswatches what size is it? I've had a few sockets made....
  8. any bikers here?

    Fantastic scenery and fantastic photo! . Dorset can't match that but we have some nice parts....:
  9. Saturday Watch Parade

  10. The Perils of Linered Cylinder Barrels

    Nice repair . I think he has found some replacement crankcases; not sure about the barrel. And I'm glad to report that my barrel and barrel flange did not part company last Friday:
  11. Bullheads

    I still love my Seiko and Citizen Bullheads....despite them not having a battery in them
  12. It was the Red Hunter @bridgeman...the one with the red tank. It's coming up to a year ago . New headlamp glass, reflector and chrome rim, new handlebars and a few other minor parts...came in at less than £100. But my jacket, helmet and camera were all written off and they were about £1000.
  13. Watches aren't getting much of a look in at the moment....I've been involved with vintage motorcycles much longer than watches and as I have another Ariel project on the go, and the warm weather is here, most of my time is in the garage....or riding: Last weekend it was the VMCC 50th Weymouth Run. The two Ariels in the middle are mine; I was riding one and a friend the other. My other mate on the far right, riding a Model 9 Sunbeam, ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere, but this is in Dorset, so we knocked on the nearest door and the kind gentleman on the left gave us his lawn mower petrol...and wouldn't take a penny for it :
  14. German Luftwaffe Clock Repair Hints

    I used to own one....do any of these photos help?