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  1. I've sent you a PM. Not sure if a new member can use the PM facility immediately....they keep changing the rules .
  2. You can PM via this forum if you like....rather than waiting for me to "open" my contact page.
  3. Quite a common problem and not serious. Could be one or all of the following: Dirt on the index wheel and/or indexing pawl jewels Poor adjusted indexing pawls Damaged index wheel Most likely 2.
  4. Latest f300

    Drop me a PM....don't wait for website to open
  5. Log splitting

    A few years ago....Silver Hawk's Wood Splitting Yard
  6. What Are You Listening To

    Classic Zappa
  7. Repairing F300 Omega`s

    Jon, Your watch is ready! . Really....I'll email you tomorrow.
  8. What Are You Listening To

  9. Accutron help/info

    I would say the Accutron 218 calibre is much more robust than the ESA tuning fork movements, as used in Omega f300s etc.
  10. What Are You Listening To

    Thank you BBC6M. Difficult to believe this sound is from 2017 and from South London. Love it!
  11. Accutron help/info

    I've been a bit distracted with our house and my bikes over the last couple of months ---- all this good weather means I'd rather be outside than in a workshop. But it is raining today and I'm working on a few watches as I type.... Plus, opening website later today...I think
  12. The Non PC 70's Beauty Pageant

  13. Bird Photos

    Day 14...want them gone now
  14. 1970's longines

    Hamilton T-403...one of my favourite autos:

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