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  1. Should be "open" again soon....
  2. Another classic old school rap track on BBC6M this morning
  3. Looks like it was 7th December 1958:
  4. Nice day out today...lots of colour in Dorset this time of year:
  5. Very good Mike Not only is that great photo, but Bonchurch is a really nice place to live. My brother lived in a house on The Pitts for several years.
  6. I love the Soul Train videos; I waste far too much time watching them. One of my favourites is the one below; the guy at 1:00 is great. The comments posted under them are always worth a read , and 99% of the time I agree with them ....I'll say no more:
  7. BBC6M this morning
  8. It really is a complete lottery whether you get hit with custom fees when importing from outside the EU. I buy parts from Switzerland and people are always sending me watches to repair from non-EU countries. From the US, for me, it has tended to be: Couriers like DHL, FedEx, etc : virtually guaranteed to pick up a charge USPS to Royal Mail : often slip through with no charge, but really depends on what is marked on the CN22 form...and how legible it is Parcel Force : somewhere in between the above two. From Switzerland, I've had goods worth £4000 slip though un-noticed despite a clearly marked CN22...while a small Jiffy bag with goods marked to £150 pick up a charge. Go figure, as they say......
  9. I don't need to look this one up because Arthur was my grandfather who died in 1994. This is the back of his Vertex manual wind watch and FWJBB is Foster Wheeler John Brown Boilers --- he was ex-Royal Navy and many WW2 Navy ships used FW boilers. Aside from the family connection, I think the quality of the engraving is just superb:
  10. My most interesting back engraving is not a company retirement, but a Hamilton Electric presentation watch and I did do a little research when I got it some years ago The photos below are of it. It seems Otto Kerner ended up in prison in 1973 convicted on 17 counts of mail fraud, conspiracy, perjury, and related charges . David Lawrence faired a lot better and had various public places named after him. I wonder if Otto has made my watch worth a lot more...
  11. You must be joking! My teenage daughter was 100x worse that my son. Her room was disgusting and nothing we said or did made any just let to confrontation after confrontation, so much so that we classed this as a lost "small battle" and, as parents, we concentrated on the "large battles". In 2015, we put our house on the market and we did manage to reach an agreement that her room would be tidied before any viewing....but she always needed several days notice. It was a bad time. Two years later, she's coming up to her 21st birthday, lives in a nice flat in Brighton with a girlfriend (we're in Dorset) and she is so house proud and financially responsible, you wouldn't believe this is the same person. Helping her get established on her own was the best thing we ever did for her. And we're only 2 hours away when there is the odd hiccup....
  12. My Indian 741B....and my biggest bike disappointment as it wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding
  13. Was out on this yesterday....
  14. I use Rayovac 344. I've not heard that there are any problems with new Renata 344 batteries...and I've got a few here; they seem ok. The Energizer 344/350 does short out in the f300 movement.
  15. A few years ago, I bought a JCB branded hover mower from Argos. I bought it because I'd assumed, with a name like JCB, it would be quality. It was absolute cr*p and I took it back the following day. It seems as though JCB have sold their name as a merchandising tool to anyone peddling their cr*p. And while I'm at it...I'd stay away from these hybrid type batteries. A genuine 301 is not exactly the same size and shape as a 386. Sometimes, they are close enough and you'll get away with it. Energizer do a battery marked as "344/350" --- put that in an Omega f300 and it will not work, despite the 344 being the correct battery. I won't tell you how many "broken" Omega f300s I get with this battery fitted!