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  1. Favorite Disco Number

    @JoT Fancy seeing you here...just like old times, where is @Griff No need for a revival...Disco never went away
  2. Motorcycle touring.

    I don't do any touring but I do like to ride old bikes as often as possible....like this one on Tuesday:
  3. Bird Photos

    Our collared doves are really braving The Beast From The East today....
  4. Omega F300hz battery replacement

    "hummer" is too generic a term when discussing "hacking"...and "hacking" means different things to different people. ESA 9162, 9164 : movement found in Omega f300, Tissot Tissonics, Longine Ultronuc etc. These will disconnect battery when crown pulled fully out Accutron 214 : some hack (214H), some do not.. but none disconnect the battery Accutron 218 : all hack but only some disconnect the battery (218F, 218G) Obviously, if the battery is disconnected, the humming stops
  5. Coming to the UK for a couple weeks on Tuesday

    You've been to London more times than most of us.
  6. Coming to the UK for a couple weeks on Tuesday

    Still love those Longine Comets Dave...but it has to be the yellow dialled one for me. See you soon!
  7. ZentRa Watches: A Picture Thread and Some Notes

    One from my collection:
  8. What Are You Listening To

    Was that meant for me? This is the only Ariel worth listening to.... :
  9. Well, here I am

    Ah good old Velocettes....we have several owners with Velocettes in my local Dorset Section of the VMCC. The most temperamental of starters; we're always having to push start them (the bikes, not the owners) on our runs . My forum name reflects a bike I used to own.....
  10. What constitutes an electric watch?

    My Nivada is not an electric movement, but an electronic one as it has a transistor, capacitors etc. An electric one IMO only has a set of points and coil like this Hamilton 500:
  11. Case Back Opener

    I agree with Bry Jon....I've had one for 5-6 years and it has served me very well. And when you need it, nothing else will do. Just make sure you use the right "bits" for the right watch, always going for the biggest that will fit. If you do break a point on one of the bits, the Bergeon replacements sold by Cousins fit. Keep a good downward pressure on the wheel as you turn it, otherwise it will jump out of the case back and you'll score the back. Good buy!
  12. Greg at Woodland Technical
  13. Accutron Service

    No need Jon....I have the email....just snowed under as usual.

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