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  1. Memorable motorcycles.

    One of my favourites. Strong yet very attractive (just like me!!!).
  2. £651,715 Vincent Black Lightning.

    I wish that I had kept this:- Bought for £15 as a non runner and sold for £55 once running, when mum and dad offered a car if I got rid of it! Hindsight! A wonderful thing!!!
  3. Another type of time? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-42787529
  4. Is it the end of 2017 already? Where are my pills nurse?
  5. Christmas irritations

    Too much stress for my liking. Most of the family agreed to give pressies a miss and donate to charity, then one person decides that she likes opening presents, so its back to rushing around buying the usual cra*, which we are supposed to say "It's just what I wanted", when I really didn't want any more "stuff" around the house. I've only just cleared last years to the charity shop! It's nothing more than a huge marketing strategy that I detest even more as years go by (or is that buy!). How the poor folk that work in shops put up with all that seasonal muzak I will never know. If it was me I would be ripping the wiring from the walls. Rant done - for now! EDIT- Just discovered another bit of last years junk still wrapped in polythene! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  6. Washing and polishing the car (with the radio on). Ran in to tell mum and she started crying.

    I tried it with 20p and it hurt my fingers!
  8. Like the 7750 "wild rotor"?

    They are great until you have a bit of vertigo! Don't wear one to clean your guttering out. Not that I would anyway!
  9. Watery Whisky - is it me?

    Leave it alone for a while. It tastes much better then!
  10. I have seen good watches ruined by trying to open the back and slipping the knife into the movement. A decent watchmaker will open it for you and have a look without charge before giving an estimate for servicing etc.
  11. Some years ago, when my hands and eyesight were better, I took one similar on for a "friend". After much internet trawling for parts, I had it back up and running for him. I gave it back to him and he asked me what he owed me. I gave him the bill for the parts, which came to less than £40 and said that I didn't want anything for labour as I had enjoyed the journey. I saw him a few weeks later and asked how the watch was going. "I sold it" he said " ....... because it was losing over a minute a day!" He didn't even give me the chance! You think that you know a person!
  12. Breitling Rattle

    I don't know how good a friend you have but some of the fakes develop very noisy rotors! Don't shoot the messenger! No offence meant!
  13. Our cat has been shot

    Poor choice of words but Yes, how is he?
  14. Metamec Clock

    Mum delivered an old clock to me the other day as she had found it in one of the boxes that she had filled when she moved house. It's a Metamec and I assumed that it was a quartz. "It's not working" she said .... "and you know about watches!" After a good clean of the clock exterior, I found that it wasn't a quartz but some kind of electro mechanical. As I took the cover off, I detected a strong smell of 3 in 1 oil! After a bit of third degree questioning, mum admitted that she had "put a drop of oil through the hole in the back, to help it work." After a strip and clean and fitting a new battery, it sprang into life. A lovely, silent sweeping seconds hand and keeps excellent time. Amazing, as it has been sat in a filthy box in the garage for years! I was impressed!
  15. I need some answers.......

    Why don't divers dive into the water? Why does it always rain when I've just washed my car and why do birds poop on it when I've just leathered it off and polished it?

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