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  1. I need some answers.......

    Why don't divers dive into the water? Why does it always rain when I've just washed my car and why do birds poop on it when I've just leathered it off and polished it?
  2. I keep seeing TV chefs wearing designer and top end watches whilst preparing food. Having worked on a fair few watches in the past, wrist cheese was often a topic of conversation! I think that it is "high" time that chefs were made to remove their bling, prior to working as the amount of bacteria they are spreading is mind boggling. They may wash their hands, but do they sterilise their bling? Even mechanics and engineers are told to remove all jewellery before working. Mike
  3. Why Spend a Fortune

    My brother in law came into some money and bought himself a datejust. He has no idea about watches, can't even tell you the difference between a mechanical and a quartz. I've noticed that he now always has his sleeves rolled up when he comes to my house! You can see me shaking my head can't you?
  4. Date Change Over

    It helps if you are "handy" with watch tools!
  5. Why no RLT watches for sale in web shop

    Join the queue! RLT rules!
  6. Dog Sitting

    It could be worse. I used to have to walk my boss's Yorkshire Terrier. A seventeen stone bloke walking a Yorkie is a sight to behold! The good bit is that small dogs are babe magnets! (Until you have to scoop the poop!) Mike
  7. Song Titles Game

    Crazy Horses - Osmonds
  8. Never Had A Garrard

    I've rehoused a couple of movements that were sold to me by a gold scrapper. They were in pristine condition and kept perfect time, having been "Sunday" watches. Mike
  9. How did you start on TWF?

    It's so long since that I can't remember! All that I do know is that my bank account has suffered since! Still enjoy the watch banter...................... and the rest! Mike
  10. Sweaty Bracelet/ strap weather.

    Since retiring, I've taken to not wearing a watch at all - shock - horror!!! No sweaty wrist or white mark this year! Freedom!!!!!
  11. Queen's ferry crossing completed.

    How long before the wires start breaking on this one then? Mike
  12. R.I.P. Keith Rose (Tiktok)

    Condolences to the family. Mike
  13. old BSA in the sunshine

    Managed to find a pic of my old Royal Star:- http://imgur.com/a/f0EGR Mike
  14. RIP Brucie....

    Sunday Night at The London Palladium was our family's favourite show of the week. Huddled around an old valve TV (which you bashed when it flickered!) we were "entertained" by the best acts in the world, all brought together by the man himself. RIP Brucie, you will be missed.
  15. old BSA in the sunshine

    Now that is what I call a useable classic. Lovely! I sold my Royal Star as I got fed up having to clean the shiny black paint and chrome after every ride out!

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