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  1. tixntox

    Rovering On !

    Ah yes. Old school autos!
  2. tixntox

    Rovering On !

    I have to disagree regarding the auto box on the 75. It's smooth as sik and very reliable, if the comments by folks on the Rover forums are anything to go by. The only problems I've heard of are solenoid related and easily sorted without removal of the box.
  3. tixntox

    Rovering On !

    I love the V6's and was brought up on V8 3500s' and have also had a 214SEI, 414SLI a 25 and the 75's. My first experience was polishing my teacher's Rover as a "punishment" for messing about in class! I loved and still love valeting and polishing Rovers'! Mike
  4. Some of you may remember me being a bit of a Rover fan. I have had a 2005 Rover 75 Conny SE for a couple of years which I have had the pleasure of tinkering with to bring it back to something better than it was from the factory (BMW's "Project Drive" robbed them of some of the goodies), by replacing, repairing or restoring. Unfortunately, I suffered a torn cruciate ligament, which has given me a dodgy left knee, so the manual has been quite painful to use until my latest find appeared. It's a 1999 ( V Reg ) 2 litre "Automatic" V6, so I can get back to Rovering without pain. Even though it's 19 years old, it has only done 44,000 miles. My 2005 can have a rest (like my knee). SWMBO is pushing for me to sell the 2005 one! "After the holidays would be a good time" I have told her!!! Mike
  5. tixntox

    Poljot 3133 chronograph

    Me too! I've been busy with lots of stuff other than watches for ages so have only occasionally popped in. Threads like this are what keeps your interest going. My old hands and eyes are getting beyond tinkering now but it's great to see others still at it! Thank you for the thread. Mike
  6. Me too, that's my preferred method. The old style wooden pegs, split lengthways. If not wide enough, use two!
  7. tixntox

    Memorable motorcycles.

    One of my favourites. Strong yet very attractive (just like me!!!).
  8. tixntox

    £651,715 Vincent Black Lightning.

    I wish that I had kept this:- Bought for £15 as a non runner and sold for £55 once running, when mum and dad offered a car if I got rid of it! Hindsight! A wonderful thing!!!
  9. Another type of time? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-42787529
  10. Is it the end of 2017 already? Where are my pills nurse?
  11. tixntox

    Christmas irritations

    Too much stress for my liking. Most of the family agreed to give pressies a miss and donate to charity, then one person decides that she likes opening presents, so its back to rushing around buying the usual cra*, which we are supposed to say "It's just what I wanted", when I really didn't want any more "stuff" around the house. I've only just cleared last years to the charity shop! It's nothing more than a huge marketing strategy that I detest even more as years go by (or is that buy!). How the poor folk that work in shops put up with all that seasonal muzak I will never know. If it was me I would be ripping the wiring from the walls. Rant done - for now! EDIT- Just discovered another bit of last years junk still wrapped in polythene! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  12. Washing and polishing the car (with the radio on). Ran in to tell mum and she started crying.
  13. tixntox


    I tried it with 20p and it hurt my fingers!
  14. tixntox

    Like the 7750 "wild rotor"?

    They are great until you have a bit of vertigo! Don't wear one to clean your guttering out. Not that I would anyway!
  15. tixntox

    Watery Whisky - is it me?

    Leave it alone for a while. It tastes much better then!

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