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  1. Trading Standards and Fakes question

    I had an identical issue with a fake Omega strap last year. The value was about 60 quid so I wasn't particularly bothered about getting the money back, but no way was I letting him keep it. eBay were their usual useless selves and after running around in circles for a week it became quite evident that I would have to either return the item to him for a refund, or bin the item and let him keep the money. Trading standards didn't want to know - it boiled down to the fact that I wasn't calling from Omega so had no grounds to complain about someone selling fake Omega goods, they were beyond useless and really wound me up. In the end, for the sake of my blood pressure, I returned the strap for a refund. After picking apart most of the (wonky) stitching so it couldn't ever be re-sold.
  2. Just arrived...'The Great Blue'.

    Top find Roger, that exact watch was my "Grail" for a good long while! I've had 4 of the Great Blue models now (three of them were the 7T62 models and one was a 5M43 kinetic) and written a fair bit about them across various forums, I thought I had done a write up on here but can't find it so perhaps not. They are pretty scarce and not many people really know about them, but they were another one of the little experimental lines Seiko kicked out in the late 1990's following on from the "Age of Discovery" pieces they produced in the mid 90's. Huge collectors market within the hardcore Seiko set, the last one I parted with went on ebay at about 6pm on a Friday evening and had sold within ten minutes to a guy in the States. Decent money, but there is still a pang of sellers remorse there...
  3. Seiko "Kinetic" 5M62/0D50

    Have you fitted capacitors before? First off ensure it's the correct cell (3023-44Z) and not the one for the 5M42 calibre (3023-5MZ). The most common reason for a new cell not working is the incorrect fitting of the little plastic insulating slip. Double check you've put it in and that it's not wonky, I reckon that will sort it.
  4. My first Rolex watch purchase

    Check numbers match papers, then check the Rolex logo on the credit card with UV pen/torch. Shoddy paperwork is the best giveaway at the moment, the watches are close to perfect *shudder*. Better still, just buy new from the AD, can't be much more expensive if you don't mind waiting a few months.
  5. Richard Mille

    A precise 50/50 mix of the two! Phenomenal watches, and for a company only established in the last couple of decades they have had a mighty good go at reinventing the wheel in terms of watchmaking. Personally I love the designs, though I've heard people call them kinder-egg toys! Would I have one? Yes, in a heartbeat. Would I buy one? Nope, I'll take the 5 bedroom detached house please!
  6. why some CAN afford that luxury watch....

    Do they even do it? I know of at least one AD who lost their Rolex status though offering interest free, or certainly that was a strong contributing factor. Rolex do NOT WANT to look affordable, their whole business (more so for the last two years) has been built around them being ultra exclusive. They know they'll meet their sales quota without offering incentives.
  7. why some CAN afford that luxury watch....

    Hahahaha God no. I'd like to say I just steal all mine from work but that went out the window when I started working for myself!
  8. why some CAN afford that luxury watch....

    Hahahaha, that makes a lot more sense and makes it relevant to watches. Not I feel like a bit of a tool for taking the mickey.
  9. why some CAN afford that luxury watch....

    Best "watch talk" thread ever. I'm kidding. Bit of a tenuous link this one Jonny. I'll continue the theme though... Save £4000 a year on petrol by walking everywhere. Save £277.21 on bog roll by wiping with a cloth then washing it afterwards. Sorry, one of those moods today, don't take it personally I'm only having fun. Probably better for the "general chat" forum though I'd have said.
  10. Jaguar Motors Watch Query

    Morning @Shazshazc. Are you 100% sure it was bought from Jaguar motors? They did do some very very cheap nasty promo watches (mainly in the 1980's) but I would wager that it's just a Jaguar watch, nothing to do with the car manufacturer. The Jaguar Watch Company was a Swiss watch brand established in 1938 - the best part of a decade before "The Swallow Sidecar Company" adopted the Jaguar name for their cars. It's very commonly thought to be the same brand, it ain't. Jaguar watches are Swiss made and retail in the mid to high hundreds. Second hand values are pretty low, usually a couple of hundred quid tops for one that retailed at £700 (sorry). The brand was bought by Festina in the late 1980's and are now almost exclusively marketed in Spain - there isn't a single UK dealer for them. They are good looking watches and very well made, but the UK market for them is pretty slack, demand isn't very high.
  11. Zoom and Other Odd Brands

    Off topic but I picked up a pretty rare seiko last year listed as a "zoom". The dial read.... 200m :D
  12. A few days ago I bought a collection of Seiko quartz from ebay. Quite a lot of watches which I wasn't really interested in, but there was one I spotted that I HAD to have. Seiko 7N48-8000. No reference to it in any of the archives (which didn't surprise me), the 7N48 is a very rarely seen entry level quartz movement, closer to the stuff they put in Lorus than Seiko really but still a perfectly good timekeeper. Here's a snap... Spotted the unusual quirk? It's a Seiko 5, the "go-to" budget Seiko automatic range for the last 40 years... but it says "Quartz" on the dial. They do pop up from time to time; not fakes, not factory errors and not spoofs - Seiko actually tried to launch this line at the very start of the 1980's with absolutely no luck at all! Bear in mind that at the end of the 1970's Quartz watches had overtaken mechanical in terms of value and desirability. At that time the "SQ" - or Seiko Quartz - range was their most expensive, although of course by the start of the 1990's it had slid almost to the bottom again. This was Seiko's way of trying to do with quartz what they'd done with mechanical and make them attainable for Joe Public. The Seiko 5 badge was retained, but swapped across to battery powered watches instead of auto's. Seiko took their basic quartz movement (the 7123) and launched a cheaper quartz range, mainly across Asia (Europe never got a release). They flopped. No-one really knows why, but my guess would be maintenance. The reason the "5" has been popular in that market for the last 4 decades is how easy it is to repair. We pour scorn on "Indian franken-watches" these days, but the truth is the skill-level over there is generally high and costs appallingly low, so servicing or regulating a mechanical watch isn't the wallet-denting exercise it turns out to be over here. Not the case with Quartz watches, circuits and coils can't be bodged up, they need to be replaced when they fail. (That's my take on it anyway). Anyway, I've been looking for a good original Seiko 5 quartz for the collection for years and never found the right one at the right price. This one seems right, but now it's in my hand I'm not convinced that it's what I want. Certainly the case, movement, bracelet and dial are all original and belong together - all numbers match and the dial is untouched. Only the crown is an obvious replacement. The text, including the "Quartz" "5" appear to be correct too, after handling a few (thousand!) Seiko watches I'm almost certain that this is the way it left the factory. The movement is the right sort of age, dates to 1984 I believe. They used this one in a lot of the "Seiko Spirit" models which came out around the same time. I am going to do a bit more research into this one and double check it's right. If so I'll keep it, but something is niggling at me, probably those stars on the dial. For the time being I thought I'd put this write-up on here simply because 99% of people don't even know these quartz 5 models exist, and when they do pop up the are usually denounced as fake immediately. Here are a couple more shots. If anyone here is better versed in vintage Seiko please feel free to add or correct as necessary. Cheers all.
  13. Saturday 10th February watch parade

    Oh yes, I like!!
  14. All sorts of goodies over the years... mainly seiko and pulsar. I've auctioned a few bits for the forum and given some decent secret Santa's. Most of my latest freebies have been display material... old watch stands, advertising etc. I love having it, I just dont have room for it!

    Stick your specs on Roger, 1/20th this one. ;)

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