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  1. Cheers Roy, great work on the forum this year as well. Merry Christmas all.
  2. They are superb watches, I've had all four colours of this model at various times and for the money they are top. At 36mm they are a bit small for everyday wear (for me), but everyone has different ideas of what makes the perfect size. £60 is a bit more than I remember these at, they used to float between £40 and £50 on Amazon (always on sale/discounted) and they bring about the same on e.bay, so if you fancy trying one you'll get back 90% of what it cost you. Definitely give one a go if you're tempted.
  3. What model number Chris? I've had a few old Seiko quartz models that just need "coaxing" back to life, on a couple of old 7546 models the second hand just needed a little help with the first rotation and the watch is right as rain again. As previously said, if you left the watch to run dead then the battery could well have leaked. It gives off a vapour once dead that coats and corrodes everything.
  4. Superb! The Omega Mariner gets a thumbs up. The Seiko Tuna (SRP453?) gets a DOUBLE thumbs up, I miss my matching Monster now.
  5. Nice bunch of watches, very impressive. The digital/analogue is becoming a bit of a rarity, the last couple I've bought myself have had bleeds on the LCD panel so back on e.bay for spare parts. Definitely worth slipping a battery in. The calculator watch is cool, I believe some of those models came with a little stylus pen to push the buttons. Obviously not something people looked after - I've never managed to track down a complete one yet! The Auto-Calendar looks in lovely condition, I'm very jealous! Rare calibre, and a watch that was so far ahead of its time in the 90's it's untrue!
  6. No need for that pal, and certainly not at a few pence each, just send me your address. "Pay it forward" at some point if you're in a position to help out. It'll probably be Thursday next week, I'm waiting for a customer to choose some straps.
  7. If you're buying new then I totally get that Pav, but look at it this way; When you bought your Bulova at £600, you lost 60% of the value when you walked out of the shop. (no offence, it's a brand that depreciates like hell). If you bought a good condition pre-owned Tag Monaco at £1200, or Omega Speedmaster at £2000, or a Rolex Submariner at £4000 etc etc - it's always going to be worth damn near what you paid for it. Don't look at the high prices as money spent, look at it as an investing in an appreciating asset. (hint - wives don't tend to buy that argument)
  8. What him up there said. Renata 2320 batteries are £4.60 for ten from Cousins plus VAT, so about 50p each. Much better than the Sony ones in my experience (although I've had to use those in the past when I've been stuck and they are fine 90% of the time). I tried the JCB batteries, they were decent quality but again I've had one or two fail within 12 months. I'm doing a small Cousins order early next week, more than happy to send you some of the Renata's if you need?
  9. Bloody lucky to have gone £20 over. A few years ago I sold off my retro video games collection and there were a few new/sealed PS2 games. One of them went unsold with a £30 start price so I relisted starting at £20. A couple of bidders got into a bidding war and it wound up just over my original £30 with a couple of minutes to go, which I was well pleased with. Then at the last second it shot up to just over £300. Turns out both bidders had the idea of bidding a silly high number, absolutely determined to win it. One bid a random number above £300 (301.23 I think it was) and Christ knows what the other chap bid but obviously he won it. Cue an embarrassed e.mail from the "winning" bidder who had just paid 10 times what he was comfortable paying. Being a nice chap I cancelled the sale and we had a laugh about it and in the end we did a Buy-It-Now for £50, but strictly speaking he was obliged to honour his bid.
  10. To me 4 figures is "expensive" territory, over £1000 and I start to wince a bit, but it's all relative. I look at new Timex models at £90 and think "oooooh, that's expensive!"... then throw 2 grand at an Omega. Watch people are weird.
  11. Try Creation Watches or SkyWatches - same range, half the price.
  12. Hiya @Seikotherapy. Which side of Manchester are you pal? I'm over in Bolton and very much a Seiko-o-holic!
  13. Evening @martinzx, sorry, I'm hardly ever here these days. Ummmm, I know a couple of people of SCWF would work on these, but essentially it's a disposable movement. I'm not sure even Seiko service them, just swap the whole module I think. Basically unless you're really attached, e.bay it for spares and spend the £25 you get on beer. They can still be picked up for spare parts, but the cheaper running watches tend to get snapped up to repair the expensive stuff (like the Macchina Sportiva models - I've just listed both of mine on the bay). If I have anything in my spares box I'll put i in the post for you, but I seem to recall the only 7t32 I have in there is water damaged. I've a funny feeling @Sir Alandid a bit of tinkering with these calibres, but it's such a mess of coils and circuits they can become a real PITA to repair. Out of interest what specifically is the fault? I've mended loads of these just by changing the battery and "shorting" the movement with metal tweezers.
  14. Not bad at all that one Lee, I'm looking at them now!