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  1. You seemed happy enough to argue against it though Jay, I was trying to make the forum aware and all I got was stick...
  2. icheletee, I can't be certain from a picture, but yes I'd say so. As long as it's complete (no missing movement parts) then it's a valuable watch. In open auction as a totally unrestored piece I'd be amazed if it sold for less than £10,000. Fully restored (sympathetically, of course - no repainting of the dial etc) then it's likely a £15,000 - £20,000 watch. Of course I'm obliged to point out the old mantra that this is just my opinion and no-one on the forum is an expert on valuations. I do it 7 days a week though.
  3. Just logged out of my personal e.bay and into my "business" e.bay account to do a few bits of listing and e.mailing. Looking at that sexy little Daytona again... I'm tempted to get into a bidding war with myself. I wonder how high I'd go?
  4. He's only up the road, I'll offer to meet in person at Leonard Dews jewellers in Blackpool to have it checked out before I hand over my heard-earned dosh. Almost at 20 grand now. I'm still in the lead! haha I bet the lad is creaming his pants by now and ordering another dozen from his scruffy mates down the docks.
  5. I have just bid £25,000 on it (kevz7568). If anyone wishes to own this magnificent watch, you'll need to smash in £25,000.01 I love doing this. I wonder if we can get it to a million squids.
  6. Definitely fits the bill as being easy to read! Nice catch Haydn.
  7. Profession: Jeweller, considering training as a gemologist and diamond grader (keeps me away from the public). Daily wear watch: Yes. Mine changes almost everyday. Today I've had a Victorinox on, now I have a Seiko on. Most of the week I've been wearing my new Tag Heuer (Aquaracer Grande Date) which I'll probably wear at weekend too, having a night in Manchester on the razz.
  8. The first rule of watch collecting; NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM INDIA. EVER. EVER. 99% of them will be fakes or frankens. At the very least they will have repainted dials, definitely not good for a collector. Sorry.
  9. I like the concept, but I'd love to know how that survey will help? Please don't take offense but it was awful, almost useless, you'll never be able to narrow a market from that I'm afraid Elliot. The customisable watch is a great idea, there was even a chap doing that with nothing but the Seiko 007 on ebay (he seems to have vanished) and the whole concept was absolutely brilliant. I wish you the best of luck.
  10. Nice catch that man! Lovely looking dial.
  11. I like yours better, at least there is a picture!
  12. I think that was the intention given the working of the thread - in 21 years it will be a BRAND NEW vintage watch. Not that it matters, a couple of suggestions of a Rolex Submariner as predicted. Wooooo.
  13. New, or second hand? You just described the Fortis B42 Flieger as far as I can see. New they are £800-£900, but a pre-owned one can be had right on budget (£500 ish). Here's a lazy link to a sold one on e.bay; Aside from that I dunno. I'd be steering in the direction of a Ball Engineer II "Aviator III" myself, super legible with tritium tube dial, but it's double your budget.
  14. Another Valjoux 7750, and one I've had before!
  15. Me too, but wait until you see what I swapped it for!