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  1. Rolex do Tennis, horsie things and golf, and they sell a bum load of watches off the back of that bit of sponsorship. The corporate hospitality stuff is "no expense spared" but there is nothing to buy there and then, just lots of branded goodies to take home to remind you to pop to the shops and buy one. ;) I think some branding fits, like the Olympic sponsorship, and the relationship Tag Heuer have with F1, but most of it doesn't even register with me if I'm honest, it's often my wife who points it out these days.
  2. In the end of season sales? Or regular full priced watches?? That's pretty desperate if they sold at 40% off - especially as until recently it was just a specialist arm of Goldsmiths under a different name. That means you'd have got more discount than they made profit. I once interviewed at WoS and they seemed very tight on the prices. It's not unheard of overseas, but the day I dropped 40% off a current model watch I'd consider myself failed, chuck in the towel and sell up.
  3. Yes. No. The specialist stuff tends to go to the specialists in my experience. There are always lots of mountain bikes to be had, mind. I'm not sure of anyone elses experience, but when there are watches (and it's not that common here) they tend to be loose with no provenance, or clear fakes. Ironic when they're being offered at police auctions.
  4. Quite a few, now I think about it! I've never tried a modern Zenith, and some of their El Primero chronographs are stunning looking things. Sinn seem to get a lot of good press, I suspect I'd like to hunt down something from them at some stage. Panerai. I've never had one, I don't particularly lust over them, but I feel like it's something I should try. I know that sounds daft... At the cheaper end of the scale, I've been looking at J-Springs. I know bugger all about them but they do some nice looking pieces around £100. With me it's not so much brands, it's models. The Hamilton Ventura has been on my hit list for some time but I've still never had a go on one. Same with the IWC Aquatimer, but the current ones I like are way over budget. I want to get my hands on an older IW3767 (blue/orange model) really. A couple I've ticked off in the last year or so that I'd been aching to try; Cuervo Y Sobrinos and Doxa. Both absolutely beautiful watches, but neither one of them wore very well on me. JasonM (mod on here) bought the Doxa off me and I sort of missed it after it had gone.
  5. I'm surprised they aren't discounting Tudor, I thought they'd be giving them away free with every purchase by now. Stunning watches, I have two in my sights at the moment myself, but they've been a total disaster in the UK - sales have been very poor unfortunately. My local AD (Prestons of Bolton) closed before Christmas. They parent company is Cottrills who also own the Rolex boutique in Leeds, so I presume all their Rolex stock went up there, but all the Tudor watches they had in went in the closing down sale at 25% off. FWIW, if a dealer closes or has their franchise pulled, even though you've already bought the stock you MUST sell it back to Rolex at cost price. (again, the chap I worked for got round that. Miraculously we took deposits and stamped the guarantee cards on all 40-odd watches in stock in 24 hours - that was lucky).
  6. If Rolex ask, you have to submit your books. That's the reason the shop I worked at lost their franchise... they demanded to see our figures and the owner told Rolex to do one. (A lot of his stock went to Hong Kong at a heavy discount). You do what you have to do to stay solvent, but if Rolex tell their ADs to jump, you're supposed to say "yes sir, how high sir?" I'm only a small operation as an independent now, but looking to the future if my shop quadrupled in size and Rolex offered me a dealership i'd tell them to shove it up their arse.
  7. Yes, 100%. I'm going back to 2010 but I've had colleagues who've worked closely with Rolex much more recently. Rolex tend not to pursue that one (not to the extent of discounting their watches), but yes, they severely frown on jewellers selling their watches on finance. The rep used to "remind" the store manager, (I recall they may have also sent a memo with the new season catalogues for managers eyes only) of all sorts of stipulations for selling their watches. No discounts, no finance, no untrained staff to handle/sell the watches, correct equipment (white gloves etc) to be used. Lots of silly rules to be honest, but they honestly view their product as being above all else. We had almost £125k in diamonds at the side of the Rolex display and they constantly used to badger us to take on a branded range to "compliment" their watches. Amen to that! There is a chap over on TZUK who has picked up at least two of the new Daytona models in Thailand at list price (no, not "Genuine Fakes") And that's a watch that pulls a £7k premium over list in the UK. Absolutely incredible! I have a close friend who collects Oris and Omega and he simply won't buy new in the UK any more. He wanders off for a week or a weekend at least once a year just to buy watches. It's usually two or three, but last month he bought so many (including a limited edition Omega with a box about 2 foot square!) that he literally had to leave his clothes behind to fit them in his luggage. How the other half live eh? Lee, Bond has hit on something there matey, Heathrow have Rolex at Terminal 3 in the Duty Free. Book yourself a cheap flight somewhere and pick one up at 20% off. Although you're supposed to declare it to customs. I won't recommend putting it straight on your wrist and having the box/papers posted back to yourself, that would be very naughty.
  8. Whaaa? Rolex don't give AD's a percentage that they are allowed to discount by, everyone is held to full retail price and if they get caught discounting by a quid then their franchise is gone. We used to get around it by offering a free first service (£300-£400 worth these days), or maybe a piece of jewellery chucked in that we could offset against the price of the watch on the books. It's not like Rolex give certain dealerships more leeway than others, they are absolute ar5eholes to work under for everyone. I definitely don't miss it. Not just that, you're not supposed to allow Rolex to be sold on interest free credit or any form of finance (if a customer can't afford it outright then they're not supposed to have a Rolex apparently) - it still happens though as it's harder to check up on. Regardless of your standing, Rolex can request to view your books at any time. If you refuse, you lose the franchise. That's what happened at the place I was working at. Where have you heard (through the grapevine...) that 5% is standard on a Sub? I have about 20 people in my diary who'd pay that in a heartbeat, it's hard finding one in stock in the UK before you even start haggling.
  9. Forgiven. ;) A customer of mine recently went to Goldsmiths for a price match on a ladies Tag diamond dial and they didn't want to know, so I'd be surprised if you got it on a Rolex. They were strict when I was selling them, but it's ten times tighter now. Fingers crossed for you, but I don't think you'll beat Iconic for a deal. I've no contacts left at Rolex these days sadly, I used to be able to get a decent lump off anything but the Daytona, but they seem to have cleaned-house for personnel as well as dealerships!
  10. Oh Lee I used to really like you... you just dropped ten WIS points for calling it a Rollie, I did a bit of sick in my mouth. Speaking from experience, your chances of a discount from a big chain like Goldsmiths on a Rolex is close to zero. If you spend a good few quid and are known to them then you might have a shot, but if you're a walk-in then pretty much no chance. Not many independents left now as Rolex stockists, but they will always be your best bet for a deal. Have Iconic Watches not got your watch listed? Might come from overseas but it'll be the same watch, brand new and generally 10% - 15% off.
  11. £17.49 too much.
  12. Stunner. That dial looks very tired, but it appears to be an honest example of a late 1930's early 1940's Rolex chronograph, possibly a 2508 variant. The movement is a Valjoux calibre (maybe a valjoux 23) rather than a Rolex in-house module, but these are still very collectable. (fwfw Rolex are crap at making chronograph movements, always have been. Collectors still prefer the Zenith El Primero base version to the Rolex made one). Generally these are in the £20k price range if all original. I don't know enough about them to tell if yours is 100% or has any signs of refinishing but as I say it appears to be a tired looking original dial. Here's a link to a similar model on e.bay at £16,000.
  13. Definitely doesn't hurt having them. Nice touch.
  14. Loupe System is one of the best around, costly but worth it! I've got a Zeiss lens that cost me about £20 and it's perfect for everyday stuff, I can't find the same one for sale now though. The cheap e.bay stuff is fine, but ignore the magnification claims. If the Chinese ones quote x30 it's probably lucky to be half that. And the stronger cheap ones are usually really blurry - a very narrow "sweet spot" to view through. If you can justify £30 then there is a Belomo 10x on Amazon which will definitely not let you down.
  15. FFS, I've just gone and bought a quartz Aquaracer Grande Date off ebay! hahaha. Sooooo impressionable.