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  1. This one for me today ...
  2. Unless it's a Christopher Ward that is....
  3. I think that anyone who uses a fair bit of email is better off buying their own domain name and then using that, either on the web or with an application like Thunderbird. I bought mine many years ago through and have never had a problem with it and my wife has her own email address through the same domain. I do have a Gmail account but only use it less serious matters and having seen and heard how it behaves, I'm happy not to have to depend on it....
  4. That does look very nice Trigger, definitely a bit of a classic....
  5. Now that is very pretty indeed...... Sell off the childrens' organs, you know it's worth it..
  6. wouldn't we all.....
  7. G-Shock to kick off the day......
  8. This is an example of using the converters and then putting on whatever strap you fancy and does mean that you're not limited to the resin ones that come with your watch....
  9. Yes, and it's the one that I use to keep a check on all my other watches....
  10. Have you tried the MWR forum ? ...
  11. There are a huge choice on Tiktox, plus you can buy 'converters' like this that will enable you to put just about any strap on it. You can then also use ones like these or something like
  12. I'm by the sea at the moment and believe me it's miserable. ...
  13. Once you get used to fiddling with them it's a piece of cake really, the construction system for nearly all of them is similar so once you've bought your first cheap one and played with taking it apart and putting it back together, it's a doddle. Just popping in a new battery and a new bezel and strap set can make the watch like new. The modules rarely go and they are available from "fixer uppers" off Ebay if you do need one. G-Shocks are always popular so you'll always get your money back on them and have fun in the meantime..
  14. There's a variety of types of strap that you can buy to change the feel of a G-Shock I've got the Gulfman for precisely the same reason you mention, the tidal indicator can prove very useful at times.