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  1. Omega: The Artistic Interpretation of Time.

    Thanks for that David, it's a series that I didn't know about ... Those are truly stunning .....
  2. Quartz Wednesday (Feb 21)

    Got this one on today...
  3. Professional Quartz Diver Brands

    Yes. I have one of those too... It's no doubt that they are amazing value for money.
  4. Professional Quartz Diver Brands

    Any diving I'd ever do would be in a submersible, so that I didn't need to get wet so this saturation job is perfect for me...
  5. Chronos without three sub dials

    This is my favourite, purely for it's totally idiosyncratic nature :-
  6. @Nigelp ..... to be honest I think your tastes are deteriorating ......... and they weren't very good to start with ! ...
  7. Longines Flagship Heritage , 38.5mm

    It's a nice looking watch and a nice homage to their original Flagship model.. The movement, an L615 calibre is an ETA 2892, modified to give the seconds running at the second position. The ETA 2892 movement starts at 'Elabore' rather than 'Standard' too I believe, so slightly more decorated too and it should be a nice version of the 'Flagship' to own, though it's a shame that they haven't tweaked it to 'Chronometer' standards while they were at it ... I think it's a very nice watch and I'd go for one at that price, A classic of the future as well as the past..
  8. New arrival... Vestal Canteen

    I surprise myself but I really like the look of that ... I think the only thing I'd do straight away is change the hands, they just don't work in my eyes, otherwise really nice and different.
  9. On my wrist today...

    The design comes from a fascinating period, when the Swiss were trying to emulate the look of the newly emergent Japanese quartz watches with digital LED dials, with mechanical movements. All sorts of makers produced this sort of design and my nephew has quite a nice collection of them, all from the same period. That one looks in very nice condition and well worth picking up.
  10. I keep looking at.......

    I bought this one a long time ago, or it seems a long time.. :-) This was a great watch, Titanium, light as a feather for a diver and very comfortable to wear. Personally I'd have the new one at a shot....
  11. Speedy Restoration

    I'll second that, makes it feel like yours now too, rather than someone else's
  12. Talking Watches

    Thanks for posting that, it's a lovely video to listen to....
  13. Incoming Quartz Diver

    I've the Divex version, best bang for buck watches out there in my opinion, a real working watch that does exactly what it says on the tin and for an amazingly inexpensive price. ... I put mine on a Steinhart waterproof leather, shark style strap which really goes nicely with it...

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