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  1. artistmike

    Ridiculous watch marketing by Omega.....

    Your post states that you think it is .... " Ridiculous watch marketing by Omega " ... What is there about Omega's marketing that you find " ridiculous", given that they market this size of Speedmaster to both men and women....
  2. artistmike

    Ridiculous watch marketing by Omega.....

    I'm not sure what your point is, the 38mm size collection is marketed at both women and men, with various styles suiting either, Omega says " The complete Speedmaster 38 mm collection embraces a diverse range of different materials and colours. With models for both men and women, you are sure to find a piece that matches your own personal style. " and A Blog To Watch states that " the brand is noting that these Omega Speedmaster 38mm models will be both men’s and women’s watches. Sized the same, materials and color choices will separate the men’s and women’s pieces. " I'm not quite sure why you consider this is a ... " ridiculous marketing gaff "
  3. artistmike

    New Beater for me

    I've had one of these since the days that they were a mere Multiband 5 ... ... Great watches and I too use it to regulate all my other watches..... Come to think of it I should wear it more too...
  4. artistmike

    Saturday 19.05.18.

    One of the watches that I still crave ....
  5. artistmike

    Saturday 19.05.18.

    No sooner the word ......
  6. artistmike

    Saturday 19.05.18.

    Snoopy for me today......
  7. artistmike

    Jersey watch buying.

    Well I'm certainly glad that you weren't expecting him to pay for it himself... .......
  8. artistmike

    Some indentification help

    Actually this is the one that interests me most, it's almost certainly an early example of a watch used in the military, adapted from a silver pocket watch with lugs soldered on to enable a strap to be added and it worn on the wrist. In fact, some of the first wristwatches that were made started like this. .... A nice interesting watch ..
  9. artistmike

    Start of the week watches

    I suddenly realised this morning that it's a good while since I wore this one and it's one of my favourites so I'm enjoying putting it on again and now I've realised that having re-set it when the clocks went forward, the second hand is one second out with the digital, so it's get the book out time again .....
  10. artistmike

    Sunday Oldies, Pre-1990.

    1969 for me today......
  11. artistmike

    Saturday 12th May wrist check

    This one today for me....
  12. Tell that to Gerald Ratner...
  13. I agree totally, whatever they thought they were doing with the two words placed as they were when they were on the left of the dial, goodness knows...
  14. NO No, I disagree, the whole point of a Logo is that it is immutable, if you start moving elements of the Logo around it totally misses the whole point of it being a logo and in Christopher Ward's case it has just now become variable type, which apparently can be altered at will, hence not a Logo... ... You're totally correct with your examples in that no matter where they are placed on the dial the 'Seiko' and 'Citizen' stay exactly the same...
  15. And yet again they have changed the logo. I always thought that the whole idea of a logo was consistency over time, not to change it every five minutes !

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