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  1. I use Firefox as a browser and you can add this Keepa add-on which puts the price history graph onto every product page that you look at. It's probably one of the most helpful buying aids you can have...
  2. I prefer a more scientific method...
  3. Anyone that isn't using Keepa on Amazon is making a very big mistake .......
  4. I never care what anyone else thinks about my lifestyle choices, why would I.. ? These day, as Chromejob has said, the majority of Swiss and Japanese watches are made of the very common 316L Steel which is more than adequate for normal wear. Companies that use higher specs, like Rolex and Damasko do so I'm sure, more for marketing reasons than any other, as very few people would actually need that degree of toughness as, let's face it, they are still worn on very frail human wrists. Various other companies have turned out toughened steel cases, including even Archimede and of course you have these days a variety of Titanium cases to choose from too which are great for not showing wear. To be honest though a little Wabi worries me very little. I might be a little bit more worried about the quality of the steel in some Chinese watches as I have seen examples of poor QC in the steel of some but otherwise I'm not quite sure what you're expecting the problem to be with any of the brands that you've mentioned ?
  5. That's a very interesting Victorinox for the price though I think I'd find the lack of a light a bit annoying as I do tend to use mine and not being Titanium it wouldn't have the lightness that make the Breitling and X-33 so easy to wear but having said that, that's a nice watch and a great choice if you're less worried about those features and the lack of thermo-compensation. Victorinox are getting their act together well these days.
  6. True, and it's a nice watch too, light and very comfortable to wear ..... and if you get the hang of the video below, easy to do your own maintenance.. You may need a trip to the Space Station though as weightlessness obviously helps
  7. It's the 1969 Moonwatch for me today......
  8. Working in the garden with this one on today...
  9. I always used to have Motorola phones as the quality was superior to any others that I tried. Unfortunately EE stopped their association with Motorola and I was unable to get one on my contract and I'm just hoping they renew it as I'd love another.
  10. Very nice that is too, and many congratulations...
  11. No taste some of you chaps........
  12. I disagree, it's not so much creepy, as seriously weird and worrying ! ...
  13. Glad to see that you're still battling on honour... I hope the replacement comes though soon and is successful.
  14. I think the third one looks cheapest..
  15. Well, they do a nice lemon scented one now...