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  1. Good looking G-Shocks

    I'm more into the vintage.....
  2. Anadigital

    I've been known to wear one quite often....
  3. Friday Fun

    This one for me today .....
  4. I Know... Not a Lot of Interest Here, but...

    I'm a huge fan of the original moonwatch and usually don't take much notice of the more modern versions of the Speedmaster but that one is truly gorgeous ! I'm jealous as hell ! .... I'm glad that the total eclipse came up to expectations too, I've seen a couple now and there is something unexpectedly sombering about them, a small reminder of our place in the universe....
  5. R.I.P. Keith Rose (Tiktok)

    Such a shame, Keith was the 'go to' chap when it came to bits and pieces for vintage G-Shocks, over the years I've bought many parts from him and he was always so helpful. It's niche suppliers like him that are always sorely missed when they aren't around and I for one will be sad at his passing and extremely grateful for his help when he was here. ...
  6. Selling the forum

    Roy has done an amazing job recently of invigorating the forum and bringing it bang up to date, so I'm not surprised at all that someone wants to turn it into a commercial platform and I for one would like to thank Roy profusely for resisting the temptation for now. This has and always will be my first log on point in the mornings and to visit throughout the day, even when I don't post, and I for one would hate to see it's core ethic change. So, thanks yet again Roy, it's a great place to be and long may that continue...
  7. No love for Ollech & Wajs ?

    I've had a few O&W but the one that I really like is this one...
  8. Now if you're going to have a god, Thor's your chap, at least you get a brilliant light show for the money you bung in the collection plate.
  9. Friday 18th

    This one for me today.....
  10. As the supposed 95% don't actually follow the same god, goddesses or gods, and don't actually worry whether theirs is real, it's not surprising they wouldn't also care much either about the difference in watch movements. The more discriminating minority prefers to know the truth.... (For the sake of balance, the 95% figure is also incorrect )
  11. Dive Watch Myths.

    Absolutely ! They are absolutely de rigeur when you're trolling up and down the quay here....
  12. Dive Watch Myths.

    Considering that James Fisher and Sons still continue to produce Divers' watches, as do many of the other specialist Diving supply companies, I suspect that a lot of professional and serious amateur divers do in fact continue to wear watches as part of their tool-kit. The ones that I know down here in Devon certainly do .... https://www.jfdglobal.com/products/compasses-gauges-and-watches/professional-divers-watches/
  13. Shades of Grey

    My X-33 certainly doesn't scratch the same way that steel does and any scratches do seem to disappear, or become a lot less noticeable than on steel. It's funny but I like the heft of stainless steel too, but since owning the X-33 I find that it's such a comfortable watch to wear compared to steel, despite being a good size that it's often a watch that I really enjoy putting on..
  14. Shades of Grey

    Actually, in the flesh this one has some great colours in the titanium, it's one of the most attractive cases I own...
  15. Holiday's at home.

    My brother-in-law moved to Portugal 'cos he likes the sun and keeps asking me if I'd like to visit. Currently due to local fires he has no TV, Internet or Phone. He's on emergency water from his well as mains has dried up, had to fell trees close to his house to prevent fire spread and has had to equip part of his cellar as a 'panic room' in case the fire hits them. He has a smallholding but can only work on his land at night or very early or very late, due to the heat and his crops are dying through lack of water.. His wife has been to a consultant as the hard physical labour has damaged her neck and he had to have an operation for a hernia. To be honest I'm happy staying in Sunny Devon....

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