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  1. Or you can really go mad...
  2. Damp and grey out in the garden this morning, while I'm checking how a couple of mine are running...
  3. I agree with richy that the seller's photos aren't the best but I can't actually see a problem with the helium valve or the bezel and I know that thee writing on the bracelet is the same as on the new Seamaster 300m, so there's nothing actually screaming a problem at me. I'd want more photos though if I were bidding on it but what specifically is it that worries you?
  4. Does anyone actually pay the RRP for these? ... A bit like Alphas and Invictas, they do follow the DFS model fairly closely, as Lampoc says...
  5. Having spent a few years in the army using various weapons, I have a great respect for what they can do when used in anger, and these days limit myself to just a little light shooting and fishing on the moors on permitted land. In fact I use a fly rod more than a gun these days but this is an old British Webley 100 year old .410 that I use sometimes and that still is a very accurate and reliable piece to use. Death is never to be taken lightly though, whatever animal is involved.
  6. Still wearing this while I'm working knocking out the odd daubs like these still....
  7. That is very nicely put, thanks for that.
  8. Any G-Shock should do the job for you..... 20 bar waterproof, many are inexpensive and all tough as you need..... ... snap ...
  9. Thanks guys, at times it's nice to know that there are others who understand how you're feeling and that does make a lot of difference. Now comes the hard part of getting used to her not being there with me as, working from home as I do, we were the very best of pals and she was always close by while I was painting. They live such short loves yet make such an impression and contribute so much, for which we can only be grateful.
  10. This morning, this dear little soul, known as Alice, died unexpectedly in my arms, aged just ten, from what the vets think was feline cardiomyopathy. Over the years I've had a few animals but she was by far the most loving and homely cat that I've ever known and I'm shocked and heartbroken to have lost her. Thankfully she died very suddenly and quickly, with no pain, literally just here playing one minute and gone the next, but she leaves behind both my wife and I grieving for a member of our family that we both loved very much. I know that there are quite a few animal lovers here on the forum who will know what I'm currently going through, losing even a scrap of life like her can be very hard as we all know., so I'm just taking a minute to show you the little friend that I lost.
  11. Putting this one on today .....
  12. I'm a big O&W fan and that's a really nice model. One of those easy to pick up and wear watches and good looking with it... I have something similar and it gets a lot of wear.
  13. A bit like Trump you mean ? ....
  14. They sell approximately 800,000 watches a year and have a waiting list for some models, so they obviously aren't overpriced. They may actually be under-priced if anything, as constant price hikes still don't stem the demand. ...
  15. As you say it's being talked about, but to be successful it would have to convert that discussion to sales and I, like Tomh1982, would now avoid the company at all costs.... So as a sales pitch it didn't work with me...