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  1. Purchase Advice

    What he said...
  2. Sympathetic Restoration How Do You Feel?

    I'm one who prefers originality these days, that or factory parts used for restoration purposes if absolutely necessary but I have to say I'm not keen on 'restored' dials. I'm well aware of the huge industry of repainted and restored dials from India on Ebay, for example, some of which are done with consummate skills but often unfortunately so that a watch is made to represent something that it's not. Restoration a difficult subject and there are as many opinions as there are collectors. It's all fine, as long as the restoration process is honest but can well become a problem when watches are later sold on as something that they aren't....
  3. [ask] Need reference for desginer

  4. 70s omega "not guaranteed waterproof"

    You'd be surprised, when I've previously talked to Omega's vintage people in Bienne they amaze me at times with just what they are able to come up with in terms of parts for seventies watches and I have been offered NOS cases for precisely this period. It's one of the advantages of dealing with some of the better companies in that they are often able to offer this sort of service. When in doubt with vintage Omega watches that you may be having trouble with through the normal channels, just ask either STS (Swiss Time Services) or Omega's vintage people in Bienne, I've always found them more than happy to assist.
  5. 70s omega "not guaranteed waterproof"

    I suspect many sellers say this as it is known that cases of this age can have some small pitting that mean that seals haven't always got the integrity that they should. It's one of the problems that I've experienced sending vintage watches back to Omega and Rolex in that if they find pitting of this sort they usually recommend changing the case for a new one. Obviously with collectable vintage watches that isn't a satisfactory solution but there again, people are less likely to use watches of that vintage in watery environments. If you're looking at vintage watches it's just something to be aware of, rather to get too obsessed about. :-)
  6. The sky is falling

    Whatever you do Jay, don't buy it !!!!!! ..... Next thing you know you'll be buying a pink tutu, looking at handbags and talking to people about your feelings ! Man up for goodness sake, you know a real man can't wear a watch that's only 42mm. It needs to be at least 54 mm, weigh half a pound.and have a teeny weeny movement inside it where no-one can see it..... Phew, you worry me at times man.... ......................
  7. optical illusion

    I knew that was why you needed such monstrous watches, you definitely need new glasses....
  8. optical illusion

    It's solipsism aint it, nothing really exists outside of you, hence the clock isn't actually moving, till you look at it and then it starts up again because your mind tells it to.... It's the same reason the fridge light isn't on when the door is shut...
  9. Unisex Watches.

    Is your eyesight really that bad? .....
  10. Not giving in to peer pressure.

    I always laugh when people think that a big watch makes them more 'manly' To be honest I've usually found the reverse to be true, real men really don't have to prove anything, least of all by wearing a big watch.
  11. That's a lot of money for not a lot of watch to be honest. They may make half decent cars but they certainly don't make watches, it's just a branded item and you might just as well buy new and cheaper direct from the Ferrari store.... http://store.ferrari.com/gb_en/watches.html
  12. Watches for Saturday

    It's a prototype model produced by an OEM, of a run that was never taken up as a production model, which I managed to buy off them as I'd had a few bits and pieces off them previously. It's got an ETA 2836-2 inside, a display back and a case that just doesn't seem to mark, despite being one I regularly wear. I'm quite fond of it really, it's one that usually ends up on my wrist once a week as it's accurate and easy to wear...
  13. Watches for Saturday

    This one for me today......
  14. Redheaded stepchildren?

    Most of mine get worn but they get different types of wear. That is, I have a few that I'll do the gardening, cooking, go fishing, and work in but others that I only wear on very special occasions or when sitting quietly so I can just appreciate them. I don't think I'd bother keeping and that I don't actually wear...... Nope, I'll take all that back, I have just realised I have about three old cheapies that I don't wear, as they really need servicing and I can't be bothered to get them done...
  15. Friday 9 June '17

    This one today for me......