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  1. Desmo

    Citizen 2100 How to zero subdials? Help.

    From What I understand theres no way other than remove and adjust the minute hand...But I have experienced the same problem on mine and found a workaround, to stop and reset the chronograph after various elapsed time, like after 34 minutes and voila the minute chronograph back to zero.. Seems like the chronograph is not the highest quality on that calibre If you are asking me...
  2. Desmo


    The 'demo-mode' is a hilarious feature on those
  3. Desmo

    R.i.p Rik Mayall

    R.I.P. A true legend who brought us so much laughter...
  4. Desmo

    Raymond Weil 9125

    Have you checked the gasket on the caseback? I had a similar problem sometime ago, when I fitted the caseback without gasket => the caseback pushed the movement towards the crystal and the hands stopped moving...
  5. Dear expertise, I have a couple of questions regarding movement ETA 988.333. Some claim that this is the same movement as in Breitling Aerospace. However I can't find any information on ETAs homepage, that it supports the 'minute repeater' function. Is this function something that Bretling adds themselves? Does anybody know if this minute repeater function exists on similar watches as Tissot TXL 7 or Certina DS Podium or any other. Rgds, Desmo
  6. Simply stunning!! But I'm a bit allergic to the magnifying glass over the day/date on the black one. Was that an optional feature for the model? or has the blue one been modified?
  7. Desmo

    New One Handed Watch - RLT64

    Speaking of 24 hour dial, I'm looking for a 24 hour watch with 12 on top, as a companion to my O&W Early Bird in the collection.
  8. Desmo

    New One Handed Watch - RLT64

    You don't have any blue steel "Moon" hand that would fit the old RLT-13? I must say this hand suites the watch perfectly
  9. Desmo

    Rlt 29 - "Tag Edge" Chrono

    Extremly good-looking modification :thumbsup: Do I dare to ask the cost for the operation?
  10. Hello I'm thinking about getting a Junghans Mega 1000, but after some re-search on this and other forums, there seem to be problems with the time-synchronisation? This makes me hesitate about it...Which is a shame since I really like the design (albeit it contains no mechanical parts.. :o ) So why not ask for advice from the experts on the forum B) Has the Mega 1000 a more simple and worse solution than other models? Have Junghans improved the reception in later versions of MEGA 1000? Rgds, ///Mats
  11. Received a message from moviez as well with an obscure link to fake-watches, didn't bother to click on the link
  12. Congratulations! Eagerly waiting for more pictures of the watch and your impressions :) But isn't it strange with a watch that is absolutely silence.. not even a humm or a single tick?
  13. Desmo

    RLT's Next Watch

    Vote for the EB hommage, but with a twist B) I'd like the 12 on top position (and 24 at position 6)
  14. Desmo

    Credit Crunch Car

    :lol: :lol:
  15. Desmo

    Orange Monster Keeps Stopping :(

    Any updates on this topic? Did you manage to get it repaired as guarantee-work?

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