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  1. Pretty Chronos

  2. Morning, I have worn this watch constantly for the past five years. It only comes off for washing and sport. It has been on Hirsch, DiModell, 2xPavstraps and more recently a Morrelato 'rallye' and the current Morrelato oiled strap which i am very impressed with. Whilst i love the way it looks on a leather strap, they only seem to last 9-12 months or so before wearing out. What thoughts on putting it on a bracelet? I have tried it on a mesh bracelet but didn't like the 70's pornstar look. A Gay Freres 'beads of rice' bracelet would be period correct but these are expensive not to mention rare. I am limited by the 18mm lug width and requiring straight end pieces. So, what about putting it on either of the 18mm bracelets that came on tag F1 watches? I think these are a matte finish but could they be polished? I prefer the earlier option with more of a 'jubilee' type look to it. or I like the idea that the strap comes from the same manufacturer, somehow feels correct. Would this look right or am i being a wrong- un? BR
  3. Marry early Christmas to me :)

    Mine too since trying one on at Geneva airport as a boy. Oddly it would have been cheaper to buy one new then than to find a NOS one 10 years later! Trying to find a suitable bracelet for it at the minute. BR
  4. Marry early Christmas to me :)

    Yes, exactly the opposite of what i was looking for too but i got this which is manual, steel backed, leather strap, non-date, plexi and not waterproof as my daily! Same movement as yours i think. Congratulations on a cracking buy. BR
  5. I always thought these two looked very similar. (I know Rotary have 'form' on imitation...) and. BR
  6. Ladies Automatics

    Now that is very smart too. I spent ages trying to find a starburst dial like the seiko cocktail time but in ladies size. What is the quality of Hamiltons in general like? Quartz might stand up to abuse better too... Thank-you. BR
  7. Ladies Automatics

    I wasn't expecting you to say anything different RWP! BR
  8. Ladies Automatics

    Just looks slightly better quality (based on pics and nothing else!) and different from the pack. BR
  9. Ladies Automatics

    I am looking at buying my wife a watch. Criteria from her are two-tone and a metal strap. I know she would love an auto. Do you have an informed opinion on any of these three? I know some on here own the gents version of these watches. Build quality? value for money? My leaning is towards the Oris as it is slightly different and the pointer for the date is unusual. Last consideration - this watch is likely to lead a hard life! BR
  10. Posh pens

    I have a MontBlack starwalker fountain pen which was a gift and is a bit flashy. That said, it doesn't live in its box and gets used as much as possible. As such it is battered, scratched and chipped - bit like war wounds on a watch but i see little point in having something and not using it properly as it would be a waste! I also have a le grande rollerball form the same maker which i have never liked. BR
  11. Omega owners club

    I'll go far left. Very smart. BR
  12. Mr Postman Delivers...

    Timeless. BR No pun intended. BR
  13. Mulco Watches

    Revolting. That is all. BR
  14. Help on a Rotary if possible

    If you do decide to keep it, and fix it, please put a picture in the Rotary members' topic. BR

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