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  1. Memorable motorcycles.

    @WRENCH the Versys 300X wouldn't move with my fat arse on it. I've ridden the Ninja 300 and it felt slower than my son's 125. as for the CCM, a mate had one and it spent more time in the workshop.Was a hoot to ride though. The Mrs had a gpz 500 with the same engine as the KLE500
  2. Any Rotary aficionados?

    Definately 1970's, similar to Omega, Tissot etc from that period. And AS movements were the most commonly used
  3. Ish

    We all only tell the time ISH. Our brain just looks at the position of the hands, not so much the numbers/minute markers
  4. Wouldn't catch me riding that close to the kerb these days. Would get knocked of by all the teenagers in their FIAT 500's
  5. Any bikers ?

    My current ride, 2018 Versys GT SE @Biker That's not a bike !! But will let you off if you're not able to ride two wheels
  6. Memorable motorcycles.

    @Biker you can get a lot of bike for the £15k that a Ural costs BlueKnight I lost a Krauser on the M40 motorway near Oxford on my R60/6. Luckily it was the left one and it ended up on the grass rather than being hit by a car or truck
  7. Memorable motorcycles.

    Had a couple of Eastern European bikes in the early days of riding. A CZ 125 and a Jawa 350 twin with Velorex sidecar. Passed my test and had a very happy few years on a BMW R60/6, R80RT Monoshock, then a K75. Little break for 4 years as the ex wife did'nt think we needed a car and bike when the kids were little. Once she was the ex wife I ended up with 2 bikes at once, a Honda CH250 Spacey scooter and a Suzuki RF600 Loved that Spacy ,was a hoot to ride. Went a bit bigger after that with an FJ1200, great in a straight line, crap in the twisties. 2000 BMW R1100RT followed, absolutely loved that bike. Just couldn't stomach the £100 plus per hour service charges Susuki V Strom 1000 followed for the next 4/5 years, a big old bus but great for two up Kawasaki san has had my money for the last 3 bikes, with the Versys 650. Got a Versys 650 GT SE as my daily transport, a little Virago 535 as a project and a Moto Guzzi Cali 3 There is a dealer for Mutt nearby. I'd be wary of shelling out a few grand on a suspect Chinese bike
  8. What did the Romans ever do for us ?

    This is my day to day watch. Just love the simplicity and it does everything a daily wear watch needs to do
  9. Follow the Tag Formula One

    I can remember the original red cased, black bezel versions selling at around £89, round 30 years ago. They were flying out of the door along with the Gucci 9000 series bracelet watches. Worked in an Ad for pretty much every Swiss brand back then. We must have had 30 plus brands. From swatch to PP
  10. @kevkojak looks like you had a lucky escape with that one. Those 2nd /3rd gen aerospace are a tad expensive to repair especially if the crown becomes faulty
  11. What if Rolls Royce made bikes?

    My better half's grandfather was T E Lawrence's driver after the war when stationed at Bovington in Dorset
  12. What if Rolls Royce made bikes?

    Not to far removed from some of the current crop of Indian or Harley
  13. New strap for Tag Heuer

    I'm sure Hirsch watch straps do something along those lines. Not sure about the folding clasp though
  14. Those pins in the links should just push out, they are most likely just friction fit. A punch of the same diameter as the pins should do the trick
  15. "Tag" watches

    Not me sir. We did have a little discussion about some silver spoons a few years ago. And I won't post anything else without permission from certain forum members first

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