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  1. looks like a lot of money for a pretty ordinary and generic quartz chronograph. You'd probably have trouble fixing it if it goes wrong. You are better off investing in almost anything else. Tissot, Seiko or such like. It looks pretty badly made too. The bracelet looks like it's off of a £40 watch from Argos
  2. Omegamaniac

    Do you or don't you?

    @Thimo some folks at the post office are busy body jobsworths. If they ask what’s in a parcel I just tell them that it’s nothing on their prohibited list. That usually shuts them up. had one member of staff point blank refuse to take a parcel because I wouldn’t tell her what was in the parcel ( it had a rather expensive watch in it) . She said that there might be a mystery shopper checking on them in the queue. And I argued that I didn’t want to tell the whole post office what I was posting for security reasons. a quick phone call later and my parcel was posted. Never had an issue with her after that. She even goes out of her way to be polite to me now @JonnyOldBoy lithium ion batteries are a bit different to watch batteries. I’ve never heard or read of a parcel of watch batteries catching fire in over 30 odd years.
  3. Omegamaniac

    Do you or don't you?

    @Thimo I order watch batteries on a weekly basis and they are sent via the post. No issues at all with the post office
  4. Omegamaniac

    Thoughts On This One...?

    That watch is in a right state. Why bother with the dial and not do anything to the movement. The back seal has disintegrated, it’s filthy dirty. If i were you, I’d pass on this one. Plenty of better examples out there
  5. Omegamaniac

    Tag Heuer - help needed - real or fake ??

    Definitely fake. All the S/EL range were than 30m water resistant
  6. Omegamaniac


    Iron fist and the mash up of Jessica jones Luke cage daredevil and iron fist
  7. Omegamaniac

    Let’s see your beemers

    Had 4 BMWs, but only with two wheels. I have a Mini Clubman now ( built by BMW) 1.6 Cooper, not the S , but not quite stock. So it’s s bit of a sleeper
  8. Omegamaniac

    What's in your garage?

    Here goes, 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman ( daily driver), 2 late 80’s Classic Minis , one in pretty good order, good enough to drive daily, fast and fun. The other is an ongoing project. 2018 Kawasaki Versys 2016 Honda 125 scooter Honda NS-1 50cc “moped” Yamaha 535 Virago Moto Guzzi California 3 Vespa 125 scooter which is a project. no more room for anything else
  9. Omegamaniac


    @bowie you’re a bit late to that party mate
  10. @RTM Boy are you actually aware that the retailer margins on Rolex is actually one of the worst in the watch business. If you have a Rolex AD, you will be required to pay for all the shop fittings involved in the shop in shop areas, plus you have to employ a watchmaker that will have to go on a Rolex training course, paid for by the AD. the reality of being a Rolex AD is a good turn over, but the bottom line isn’t great.
  11. Omegamaniac

    Advice on a couple of old ' fashion watches '

    @Noob101 Wow, £13-14? I would pay you more than that if you have some going spare I can definitely get £22, although I usually keep any gold I buy for my little retirement fund anyway... £16 a gram is the average over the counter price at places like cash converters or cash generator stores. Or the average jewellery shop.
  12. Omegamaniac

    Advice on a couple of old ' fashion watches '

    You’d be lucky to £22 a gram for 18ct over the counter. Most likely around £16-£18. I’ve even seen people paying as low £13-£14
  13. @Piers15 I doubt the UK Rolex AD will get any of them until well into 2019. Then if you order one you might get one eventually. the red/blue GMT will probably fetch a premium over list price as well. Just like the current Daytona.
  14. Omegamaniac

    Raoul U Braun watches

    ABaird3 If you’ve got £1000 burning a hole in your bank balance, send me £900, you’ll save yourself £100 and get about as much value for your money as the watch you’ve described
  15. Omegamaniac

    The Term "Fashion Watch"

    Cartier’ history as a manufacture is quite recent. Cartier in the early days used other companies to produce their watches. Jaeger LeCoultre and Ebel being two of them

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