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  1. Not truly the worst, but the most disappointing was the elderly Rolex Airking. This was my first ever Rolex and I naively expected something far better. The bracelet was absolute rubbish - the oyster bracelet on my Seiko 5 was better, Whilst it kept reasonable time (not COSC, but acceptable) and could no doubt have been bettered by a service I just wasn't impressed with the watch as a whole and quickly moved it on. I guess I'm the only person on the site who's lost money on a used Rolex!! Rob
  2. If you're picky you might find that plastic tubs and the like can make the light balance a little bit blue - easily corrected in PS or LR it's true, but not everyone has that level of software. However if you're not too picky then no problem. Rob
  3. Here's my recent acquisition 2001 Triumph Adventurer. Not the fastest, newest or shiniest but very comfortable to ride Rob
  4. Hmm.. A little unfair on Argos who sell some Citizen and Seiko models.
  5. People always say 'buy the seller' when buying on Ebay, and it's difficult to argue with that. Ebay shops have a lot to lose and i buy lots of items (although never any watches) quite freely. But, as always when you are going to spend serious dosh, do your research. It can't take more than 10 or 15 minutes to track down all the major suppliers of the item you want and compare prices. Rob
  6. There are loads on the internet..... or so I believe.....
  7. Go for Gloss White - I'm a sucker for the classics! Rob
  8. Hi...   Got one of these I could trade for the Smiths if of any interest.  Lovely condition, boxed etc.


    Or I have a very nice vintage Seiko 7002-7000 diver on a Z22 which I could do and add £60 cash.  Let me know of any interest.,



  9. I tend to wear my SD most of the time, then after a fortnight or so change to another watch for a few days, then back to the SD. I really ought to get shot of a lot of them - some haven't been worn for a year or more. Rob
  10. I always fancied one of these but never found one for sale. Rob
  11. Just my 2p worth... Watches, just like any mass produced consumer item are subject to the laws of supply and demand. Manufacturers are very clever at manipulating demand through a combination of restricting supply and increasing desirability through marketing and advertising campaigns. This allows them to keep the prices of aspirational items relatively high - think Aston Martin, Rolex, Leica, Tiffany, Manolo Blahnik, etc. Now all of these will drop in value the moment you pay for them unless they are collectible special edition items. Which, of course, most Rolex sports models are not. Rolex have done very well at keeping the aspirational profile (and therefore the demand for) their products high and are probably the most desired mass produced watch brand which has led to them not being shy about restricting production and increasing their prices on a regular basis. It follows, then, that the average used value will be a relatively high percentage of its new cost which leads people to mistakenly believe that they won't lose money by buying Rolex. There are people who bought Submariners many years ago for £2000 and can now sell them for £3000 plus, but those people are few indeed - most used Submariners (in particular, as it's a highly desired model) can be sold a year or two after buying for very near their purchase price meaning that one can have a Submariner for a year at little cost. So if you want real value out of a Sub (or Seadweller) you must either buy new and keep it for many a year knowing that regular price rises will over-compensate for the drop in value, or make careful buys in the used market. On a personal note I have recently bought a good, used Seadweller and am confident that in four or five years time I will be able to get my money back at least. Rob
  12. Have been twice and going again next November. Echo above... but watch your footing if you go to Dundagar falls... it's not for those who are at all unsteady on their feet. But I don't recommend driving a scooter there... the roads are terrible and the driving standards even worse. Rob
  13. Just one thing to add. If you again get a verbal report on your work performance from a supervisor, I suggest you go back to you your desk and send him/her an email confirming the conversation, thanking the person for their support, telling them that you really want to do your utmost for the company and ask them for guidance on how you can improve your performance. And by the way.... print off a copy and keep it safely at home! But don't trust the HR people, particularly as your supervisor is a woman. HR departments are largely staffed by women and they always support female supervisors when there's an issue with a male member of staff. You won't defeat the sisterhood easily, IMHO. Rob
  14. Mr.Teatime seemed to lose interest some time ago. Pity... I always likes Shaun's posts. Rob
  15. To return to the original point ( I know... it happens so rarely on this forum...) Mrs. Barryboy reckons that Big M has almost got it right. She says that the dark chocolate is OK but you really need to match it on a 1 to 5 basis with red wine. i.e. 150 grammes of chocolate to 75cl of red wine. She has conducted extensive research on the subject and has concluded that it is not necessary to go down the 'fine wine' road and has settled on something called "Dreamtime Ridge", an Australian red that is available from Asda at a bargain-tastic £3.50/bottle. Now I did make the mistake of suggesting that just 50 grammes might be a better ratio of chocolate but was told in no uncertain terms that I was talking through my orifice, so I made a tactical withdrawal and closed the subject. Rob