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  1. ANDI

    Significant Saturday 9th June

  2. i have no idea whether 500 would cover the cost and import duties,but,i would seriously be looking at the American made Ginault Ocean Rover
  3. ANDI

    Friday, 9th March WRUW

    same old
  4. ANDI

    A bit of green this way comes

    VERY nice.I have never seen this model with either the bracelet shown or that lovely gold tone leather strap; both combinations really suit the watch well
  5. ANDI

    It's Friday again!

  6. ANDI

    Saturday Watch Parade 03.02.18

    same old;Smiths PRS-36
  7. ANDI

    Saturday Display~ 27th of January.

    Smiths as usual
  8. ANDI

    Friday watches - 26.01.2018

    Smiths PRS-36
  9. Omega Railmaster 2503.52 39mm (like Mach's)
  10. ANDI

    Friday Parade (19Jan)

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