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  1. I really,really like this design;Panerai Egiziano . I wish someone made a 40-42mm hommage of one of these,the only current copies around are all big or made of bronze .
  2. Love that Railmaster Mac , why oh why didnt i buy one when you got yours I thought when the new ones came out i would buy one on interest free ; thats not happening though , i think the new ones look awful
  3. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 09/11/2017

    now thats what a Breitling should look like;lovely. I dont like any of their current offerings at all .
  4. Smiths PRS-35 & PRS-38

    I too have one of these,it has become my daily wearer since i bought it a couple of months ago.I absolutely love it.It has the looks of the vintage style i like but in a modern wearable size and water resistance. It was pictures like this that convinced me this was the one for me too(and in fact no internet pics truly show how lovely this watch is in reality). Personally i really like the fact that it has Smiths and Great Britain on the dial .
  5. Day Date only.

    only one
  6. Tag Dross Not This Time

    I think that Tag Heuer Aquaracer is really nice. I have 3 older sword hand Omega Seamaster SMPs and i did have a blue "bond" version. I dont like the current Omega Seamasters with the glossy dials and ceramic bezels. With the current and rising prices of used Omega Seamasters that Tag Heuer actually looks very favourable;especially second hand. I like it.
  7. What diver style sub £200

    My current beater watch is this Zeno Sport Diver Quartz. 200m WR and comes on a steel bracelet. Its an unusual design and no doubt Marmite for many. Having previously owned 2 Breitling SuperOceans and a Breitling Colt, i like numbers on my diver watches. This watch is about the size of a SuperOcean 17360.Lume is great and the bezel is sturdy. From Amazon its just over £200 but on ebay you can get it for under that from Germany.
  8. Saturday Watch Parade

    Zeno bottle top bezel again.......
  9. oh dear,if you can actually see them when wearing the fifty fathoms that may not be good look
  10. Longines hydroconquest auto v ????

    I had a 41mm Hydroconquest a few years ago. At that time i had several "desk divers" including a couple of Breitlings. The only thing i didnt like about the Longines was its odd lug size(21mm) Being a serial strap changer this didnt suit me.There is an OEM rubber strap but it is difficult to get. My preferances aside , i dont know of anything that can compete in this price range:its a superb watch .
  11. The Friday Thread!

  12. Is it time to watch out?

    even If i had money to burn(never gonna happen) i would still pick a "normal" moon watch speed master and the previous version Seamaster Aqua Terra Railmaster over any of those
  13. WOW. From the look and quality of those straps Panerai by any chance?

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