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  1. Great prize, pleased for you Haydn. thank you for the draw,great forum
  2. Senior Sunday (pre-1990)

    Technos Hibeatron AS1930 36000......"but Officer ......its faster than my normal one and didn't realise the speed"
  3. Ups and down an TWF W/E 20-8-17

    UPS.....cyma keeping pretty good time and feeling better now on leather UPS.....York branchmeeting of RLT went amazingly well someone else bought the tea. UPS......wedding anniversary trip went well, trains and buses all on time UPS.......winning Kanabs raffle DOWNS....waiting for the mystery prize! VERY LATE UP..........managed to see and hear the spitfire at 19.29 flying over to Castle Howard for the opening of their prom show. Been practicing with 5 year old grandson all week the sound of the engine, think he knows now it's something special.....he's there!!!!! excellent week ......health to all
  4. Look out.....here comes Bridgeman...... thank you Roy for the draw.
  5. Saturday 19th August

    Still at full speed but change to stingray leather, not entirely sure about the colour!
  6. @Davey P back door prizes must NOT be added to competition winners totals. great gesture all the same!
  7. Friday 18th

    Good to know you still drumming
  8. Well blow me down , seems a mystery is about to be solved. will be delighted to receive whatever it is..... thanks very much indeed.what a great forum
  9. Thursday Auto's 17th Aug, 2017.

    Midi Rotary Japanese auto,nice dial
  10. Roamer 612 searock

    @Roy very many thanks for taking the time to photo that and the explanation, greatly appreciated.
  11. Roamer 612 searock

    That would be excellent,thank you
  12. Novecento Meccanografiche

    Thank you very much. That helps a lot. I will try to search for F.i A.P. please tell me if you find out anything else.i will be interested to see your brand watch
  13. Taffymans free raffle

    Thank s for the draw Haydn ,it was a nice prize.