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  1. Christmas Day Watch

    Start with the then it just has to be the Great unwrap to get The snorkel but that might change depending on Secret santa !!!!!!
  2. 1500 posts giveaway

    Oh yes please. Thank you for the opportunity .great gesture
  3. Pretty sure you need to “add a prize “ to the draw page, without it no one can enter.
  4. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    Sad news. Deepest sympathy.
  5. Christmas irritations

    Biggest dislike is “Christmas music” in shops. Must drive the assistants mad,hour after hour of it. and queues everywhere. and tried to buy 22 second class stamps yesterday at a post office in York.....sorry ,sold our. asked her ladyship to try a post office neRer home ”you are lucky we are on last 500,then that’s all we will have till after Christmas” and and What happens to turkey legs now lots of folk buy turkey crowns? oh and a friend or relative usually dies....that is true...ever since 1961. dont just dislike Christmas ...Hate it
  6. Refitting back cover after battery change

    Don’t do what a pal did lined up the case back to the exact position then put the watch into the door jamb where the hinge is. click the back went on smashed the glass though. trouble was it was my watch.
  7. Monday's timepieces 11/12/2017.

    help...beginning to see the advantages of quartz
  8. Strange glitch?

    Too cold with a fading battery or near strong magnet force? just guessing really.
  9. Dual at Dawn - Seiko v Bulova

    I like the dial on the Bulova....except for he date cutout showing 3 dates...but that springdrive is smooooooth. good post,thanks
  10. Incoming for Christmas

    Well,incoming for my Christmas is this
  11. Giveaway square'un.

    Yes certainly is.... I am in please
  12. Friday 8th December 2017

    Guaranteed one fathom waterproof

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