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  1. Ooh fair is fair,,,,,,you won one of mine ,I win one of yours..... count me in please.great gesture
  2. Fresh from sales corner. And a cracker too
  3. UPS....4 year old grandson duty all week,what a hoot. ups....gorgeous avia vintage arrived from @robden ups.....on speaking terms with 710 after a bit of banter downs..york branch of RLT members meeting still to be arranged
  4. Not sure about the Saturn/ planet logo ,looks a bit thin to me. The s is a bit wide on star..
  5. Lobster is getting cheaper by the day over here. I have been thinking along the same lines lately.
  6. Welcome to the forum. There are a fair few bikers on here,me BMW 650 gs of ancient origin but bikes/trikes like watches come in all shapes ,sizes and colours. We will be delighted to see some of your collection.
  7. That was last year! Down to one now and that's not been worn for a while. Still think they are great watches,well built and love the dials,despite the info on them still easy to read and the separate positive alarm on off indicator is great design
  8. Seem to remember reading that wenger,Swiss army and victorinox all part of the same group but just at different price points. wonder how much real fifference there is in cases and movements, inox and auto chronology excepted.
  9. Glad arrived ok ,this is a great forum
  10. Wish I was waking up next to that in the morning
  11. Found it at jet ring rotor,see start of the thread for the movement
  12. Might be something in the post to cheer you up this morning
  13. Just over 10 years for 10 000 posts.....let me see ...that's 1000 posts a year .....that's about 3 posts a day...... what was the talk of speedposting? have a good holiday and keep on ticking.
  14. Had forgotten about this,thanks for reminding me, not even sure still got it ,will have a search. welcome to the forum
  15. Have you got a date for that,love it.