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  1. This Technos for the evening
  2. The copperplate IWC here I find outstanding. Feel sure I may get one sometime...just bootiful Arsa and Titoni always make me giggle.
  3. And a service costs.......????
  4. Zeon tec rechargeable with 2 coloured lights...huge lump
  5. Miserable weather here.wish I was really by the sea
  6. Impulse buy! But has turned out spectacularly well. Lovely little Roamer popular with Roamer own MST 372. Believe it's all original probably adapting from the late 1950s....the movement was used 1944-1962 Goldtone case with nicely aged dial and a red pointer seconds hand . keeping good time since arrival this morning.... nice pick up for less than a pony!!
  7. Needs setting when the head clears
  8. Mine says hello ,other members of the York RLT branch have 2, there is a also a cracking blue model which is just as nice i. enjoy
  9. Ahhhh,the legendary Longines no date diver. Great choice to start the collection off. Welcome to the forum,a few guitarists on here I believe and at least one @Drum2000 skin beater!
  10. Hot from sales corner wow what a beauty cheers Alex...first one of 2017
  11. putting this shimmering beauty in ,possibly should be in veterans though?
  12. Always wondered about the man who wrote the pottery collectors bible. Have carried mine to numerous fairs and used it many many times. thanks for this write up Honour,most interesting on a number of levels. I empathise with the one bar fire episode,that was me in digs at york in 1968, and it was a cold winter
  13. Really like that one was thinking about it myself