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  1. Double raffle draw winner!! Is this a new record on RLT? thanks very much indeed , new straps always welcome. what a forum
  2. @JoT do you do your own D and P?
  3. Yep.stand corrected it was a Perkins
  4. Had a Maestro 2 litre diesel with I think as standard a Coventry climax engine ? Same as they used in trailer fire pumps? comfortable but slow,and NO POWER STEERING. Popeyes arms at the end of a month ,and that was just her ladyship!
  5. Two new in and strap swapping escapades

    Can’t go wrong with one from Jon! Lovely
  6. Desirable cars.

    One size fits all???
  7. Clairette Watches Automatic Collection

    Good luck ,but the name! Sounds like a teenage girls magazine !
  8. Friday, 9th March WRUW

    Junk for me! 0
  9. Hello to the friendly watch forum.

    Welcome,I would be surprised if you hadn’t learnt something from grand/parent. Although at the time things may seem on auto bypass,feel sure time on here will trigger some information cache. have you asked in the pocket watch section on here,?
  10. Help with Jaeger LeCoultre and Baume Watches

    JLC. Will need numbers from the watch and search of their records to send you a copy is expensive ,like at least £200,but check that on their website..the JLC looks very similar to mine,difficult to tell from photos but may we’ll be solid gold!!!!!
  11. Pass it on giveaway!

    Well done that man,must be losing my mojo, great giveaway thank you
  12. Junkers G38 dual time quartz.

    Changed the strap black to brown ,like it better and for @Chromejob Brilliant to start but dies off in approx 3 hours
  13. Sunday Seniors (pre-1990)

    Well ‘ard is this The
  14. Junkers G38 dual time quartz.

    Downside is it could be classed as a fashion watch, but lots of history behind the words if not the actual watchmaking company who also produce Zeppelin watches in a remarkably similar style. it works for me with the big date and another crown to play with. cost new £130 delivered very pleased and don’t feel robbed

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