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  1. Song Titles Game

    Two little boys............Rolf Harris
  2. Song Titles Game

    The night has a thousand eyes....bobby vee
  3. Victor In Coming Knox

  4. Shall I, Shan't I ?

    How old are you
  5. Ways of Annoying the Wife.

    Getting too complicated....... all I have to do in general conversation with others is call her “the wife”........enough said!
  6. Song Titles Game

    Red sails in the sunset......... Bing Crosby ( and many others) was Dads favourite song
  7. Song Titles Game

    My generation .....the Who
  8. Song Titles Game

    Summer in the city......lovin spoonful
  9. Senior Sunday (pre-1990)

    Timemaster alarm handwinder
  10. Ups and down an TWF W/E 15-10-17

    That’s a shame......enjoyed the banter,gossip and problems this brought out. Through such posts one learns about the members ,builds a picture, makes forum names acquaintances ..or friends
  11. 2017 - A Video A Week

    Looking forward to The man of Steel at Tinsley if it ever put on place.,....like the various white horses on the hillsides these soon become icons of the area...angel of the north......kelpies.....etc
  12. Watery Whisky - is it me?

    Possible solutions.... buy a tantalus to stop the watering buy a fairly simple vacuum pump !!! As for wine bottles to stop the oxidisation. buy higher strength cask whisky then it may only deteriorate down to normal strength drink the bottle all at once Cheers! as an afterthought ....do you drink the stuff neat? Or water it yourself?
  13. Ups and down an TWF W/E 15-10-17

    Secret meeting of the York branch of RLT. Membership fees were due so it cost me considerable sum to buy a watch and nearly as much to pay Costas for the refreshments. Excellent meet and the exisisting two members were duly re-elected officials of the branch on a show of watches. met with 2 dear friends for lunch ,all known each other for 50 years since college/uni days and both couples been married to same partner for 47 years......somewhat of an achievement despite life’s ups and downs. new watch got a positive comment .....first time anybody has said anything spontaneously about wrist wear. Still having tooth issues but hopefully now solved after yet another 40 mile round trip to my favourite jaw breaker. good week for me Health to all
  14. 2017 - A Video A Week

    Never heard of that piece, interesting stuff.

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