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  1. Casio Ana-Digi Giveaway.

    Was getting worried had lost my touch , but hey ho here we go......don't I just love the new raffle system thanks very much kind sir, oh don't I just love this forum
  2. Mrs Mel and the "Supervet"

    710 had half knee last October. Now just about recovered as can walk about 3 miles without it swelling up. shes still hesitant about rough ground and steps despite numerous confidence prompts. good wishes to mrs Mel , you will have to do a lot of the fetching and carrying for a while important she takes advice and sticks to physio exercises.. not too much too soon
  3. Raffle System

    Think it's because all still on test. Only the raffle setter of each raffle can enter at the moment.
  4. Japanese Giant Goes Missing: Ricoh Watches

    Ricoh riquartz cal 580. This is mine without the extra push button for seconds zero -ing, infact thanks @stromspeicher for the article above saying some 580s came without this facility. looks a well built movement and in modular form so sections can be replaced easily.
  5. Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    New to me Ricoh riquartz from 1978(?). Unfortunately although a 580 engine does not have the stop second hand button very bling and although 44x 36 wears rather small....still...
  6. Ups and down on TWF W/E 18-6-17

    Uppity up f800r motorbike collected.....lovely machine ricoh riquartz arrived,nice and bling (,photos later) sunny ride this morning ,only one near prang. downity down, took oris off to look under m/bike and put it in shirt pocket, slipped out to stone floor......ok though,no marks looked a prat this morning when went back to bike dealers to complain plastic cover missing from front brake assembly...and shown not original fitment,sure they used to have a lever off cover in the olden days. Skint just cant get this towering inferno off the brain cells ,darent think what ww2 was like for civilians,under bombing.

    Been wearing this all week, it's troubling me date windows flick over and unless you really NEED to check the date they hardly get a glance, but with date pointer as the pointer gradually swings round the dial it's so obvious how quickly days pass and being grim, ones own mortality.
  8. Raffle System

    Certainly did ! But they were covered in grease off the nuts!!!!
  9. Raffle System

    Just tested the raffle system, had to create new account but used existing name and password which was accepted. i won first prize.
  10. Bmw content

    What should run like clockwork but not need winding? now why did I buy this? To match THIS....... not exactly factory fresh (2015) but good enough......
  11. Dress watch on sport strap?

    Got my first one just a few weeks ago n
  12. Hello!

    Welcome, that's a fine looking watch and great photo to boot. it will take some beating but sure it won't be long before you start on the slippery slope of acquisitions. enjoy your stay
  13. Raffle System

    Well. When it's officially running I would like to use it, please . 16 posts to go to three thousand and a draw.
  14. Raffle System

    Thank you, will be delighted to use it