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  1. That won't be there long......isn't Market Cross jewellers the favourite Rolex stealing place in the north of England
  2. @Teg62x that name is sounding VERY familiar in these competitions and draws,! Another rival, well done Sir,nice prize and to @SBryantgb good show for stepping back but not for making contentious statements. thanks for the draw Dave ,good show.
  3. And late greetings from me
  4. Had to look up fonto regulator....never heard that before... must have made the watch expensive if only Mido used that type of movement ,didn't seem to catch on though.Any more info Alan?
  5. Looks more like a razor to me!
  6. Still waiting for the mystical patina
  7. Sorry,that's the winning number and I have already claimed it
  8. Dare I enter? Let me ask pretty please? For Number 17. now I know there ought to be equal chances and I feel sure the Bul over there will treat me fairly and with precision. 7000 posts ,well done indeed
  9. Ah that explains that ....thank you. Yes it is (was) sold as a limited edition ,seemed relatively cheap for chronometer standard. will be my first CW so waiting with cocked wrist!
  10. Ordered a Pulsometer,but not in the country as said delivery would be end of month anyway. strangely for a new design has the old logo as far as can tell.....need the pulsometer to check still alive! but it is chronometer rated
  11. Douchebag sounds like some female hygiene product
  12. Thanks for the competition @Roy great forum this is