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  1. bridgeman

    The Sunday Oldies Thread - Pre-1990!

    Timor 9k keeping wonderful time
  2. bridgeman

    FREE DRAW for boxed set

    Win it! But go to the draw and enter there, just name only will do JUST OVER 24 HOURS to the watch FREE draw .
  3. Not seen that before,brilliant ,thanks for posting
  4. bridgeman

    Citizen vintage watches

    Just a reminder @Morris Minor of this parish has a particularly great detailed analysis of vintage citizen watches under the name of ”Sweephands blog “. on the net well worth studying for detail.
  5. bridgeman

    Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    Not seen one of those for along time..very nice indeed sir
  6. View this Giveaway FREE DRAW for boxed set Bridgemans 4K FREE draw. I2 years on the club. Lorus Fusion Boxed Set VD53-X021 Movement quartz Mint condition chrono with cream dial and red accents.,no marks I can see anywhere. 50 x 46 so no shrinking violet I prize to be drawn Sunday 27 May 8 pm names in the draw please ,it’s worth winning! Submitter bridgeman Expiration Date 8 days and 5 hours Submitted 19/05/18 Category Giveaways  
  7. What a forum and what a set of members! Oops that takes me over 4000 posts.....time for a giveaway this weekend!
  8. bridgeman

    Just in......Roamer Soleure

    Was wondering who had kidnapped @Karrusel? can’t quite tell dial colour....off white like the Tissots?.....enjoy
  9. bridgeman

    Wednesday watches

    Looks great but what is it ????? Please.
  10. bridgeman

    Mazda MX5 or BMW Z4?

    Had both , Mazda cheap to run ,handles well, z4 looks the part but didn’t like the ride, does appear however a bit more macho,.insurance more expensive.
  11. bridgeman

    Sunday Oldies, Pre-1990.

    Hummer needed today....
  12. bridgeman

    Sunday newbies 1990 and newer (WRUW 13 May)

    Undone Killy with slight mod through their site

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