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  1. Your best purchase of 2016.

    My best - and only - purchase of 2016
  2. My last 3 watches, in order last acquired: All were bought from this forum.
  3. You want one of these Easily within your budget when I bought mine S/H from this forum in 2006. It could still be now - if you are prepared to wait, and can find one.
  4. Friday watch thread 4th March 2016

    A new arrival, just in this morning. It's still on a black Condor aviator, which suits it very well. I'll try it out on the bracelet tomorrow, and also see what it can do for my DA36.
  5. Christmas Day 2015

    Gotta have a bit of bling at Christmas!
  6. Merry Christmas Everybody

    Merry Christmas Roy, and to everyone on the forum. Have a good one!
  7. Breitling Owners Club

    My two, both acquired from ANDI:
  8. Any One Do Home Brew

    I've been brewing for around 30 years, but only graduated to doing full mash for the past 6. It's certainly more time-consuming than using kits or extract, but the end results are well worth it. It's also a lot cheaper in terms of ingredients, once you've recouped the initial investment in the additional equipment required. I get my supplies from Rob at The Malt Miller; also from John Nowacki at Worcesterhopshop.co.uk. I recommend that you have a look at Jimsbeerkit.co.uk, where you will find a wealth of advice and information about home brewing. Cheers! :cheers:
  9. It's Christmas ! .....

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  10. Not my most often worn watch, but definitely my fave. It never fails to put smile on my face when it's on my wrist. :)
  11. Friday 29Th Thread!

    I'm another Sinner. :)
  12. Rolex Advice

    The seller is not accepting Paypal because the item is offered for collection only. He would be insane to do otherwise, because he would have no protection himself against a fraudulent INR claim by a buyer, since he would be unable to proved tracked delivery. If you insist on paying by Paypal, you will need to persuade the seller to agree to post the watch to you rather than collect it in person.
  13. Thinking Breitling Umm?

    Over-fussy? I don't think so. :wink2: