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  1. Christmas Day Watch~ 25th December 2017.

    We all need a bit of festive bling. Have a cool Yule, everyone.
  2. Just received some straps from Andy (Iceblue). Thought it might look good on the orange.
  3. Breitling on strap or bracelet?

    I bought mine on the bracelet - it's superb quality Then I got the Pro 2 rubber strap for it Wore it on that for just 1 day, then swapped it back for the bracelet which has remained on it ever since.
  4. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 14/09/2017

    Speedbird III all this week.
  5. 'Mystic Mach'

    Many happy returns Mach. I'd have given you this for your birthday as I know how much you like them, but sadly I sold it years ago... Have a good one!
  6. Heads up - Bulova at Argos

    I've just got back from Kingston-on-Thames, where I managed to get what must have been the last one (just checked and there are none left in stock there now). Great watch, excellent value. Many thanks for the heads up.
  7. Breitling Question.

    I have a black-dialled A17360 with the skeletonised indices which dates from 2008. It was the last iteration of the Superocean before the Mk2 (rubberised bezel) version came out in 2010. I can confirm that the 12, 9, 6 indices are not lumed and, like yourself, would have preferred it if they were. However, I do find the overall dial layout is less cluttered than the previous version with the all-lumed indices, because the minute markers have been moved from the dial onto the chapter ring, replacing the rather superfluous 2.5 minute markers that were there. I also prefer the handset on this version. If you do want the all-lumed version, then I would go for the previous transitional model shown in ONG's post. There are a couple of subtle differences/improvements over the earlier one shown in mcb2007's post which I think makes it the more desirable - namely the arrow-tipped second hand, a less-cluttered chapter ring, and the slightly wider, less tapered, minute/hour hands which accommodate more lume.
  8. Your best purchase of 2016.

    My best - and only - purchase of 2016
  9. My last 3 watches, in order last acquired: All were bought from this forum.
  10. You want one of these Easily within your budget when I bought mine S/H from this forum in 2006. It could still be now - if you are prepared to wait, and can find one.
  11. Friday watch thread 4th March 2016

    A new arrival, just in this morning. It's still on a black Condor aviator, which suits it very well. I'll try it out on the bracelet tomorrow, and also see what it can do for my DA36.
  12. Christmas Day 2015

    Gotta have a bit of bling at Christmas!
  13. Merry Christmas Everybody

    Merry Christmas Roy, and to everyone on the forum. Have a good one!
  14. Breitling Owners Club

    My two, both acquired from ANDI:
  15. Any One Do Home Brew

    I've been brewing for around 30 years, but only graduated to doing full mash for the past 6. It's certainly more time-consuming than using kits or extract, but the end results are well worth it. It's also a lot cheaper in terms of ingredients, once you've recouped the initial investment in the additional equipment required. I get my supplies from Rob at The Malt Miller; also from John Nowacki at Worcesterhopshop.co.uk. I recommend that you have a look at Jimsbeerkit.co.uk, where you will find a wealth of advice and information about home brewing. Cheers! :cheers:

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