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  1. Rationality has nothing to do with this... Errr... rational would mean we'd only have one watch to strap on each morning.... At £30 it's worth a punt!!!! Collecting watches has very little to do with being rational... Everything to do with being compulsive!! Think more like the Ice Age films & the acorn/nut!!
  2. BED TIME??

    Maybe.... Get up in the middle of the night... Use the loo... Wash hands....? Mike
  3. Your Most Collected Make.

    I feel so much better about my small hoard now.... That is a very impressive stash!!! Mike
  4. Bullhead cheapies

    Amazing isn't it a working Chronograph for £14'ish!!!! You will enhance it by a decent strap transplant though! Mike
  5. Your trademark watch.

    Seiko 6105-8110.... I have more than one... Mike / Or this one... I have more than one of these as well!!!!
  6. Paul is definitely one of the good ones... Hopefully they'll finally do the op soon! Mike
  7. RLT 73 Chrono.

    RLT73... Nice looking watch... I agree the Alpha dial just doesn't work for me
  8. Your Most Collected Make.

    Very quick & dirty shots of a couple of my watch boxes.... There is a damned good reason why I'm never in charge of the camera!! No patience & cannot take a photo!
  9. Your Most Collected Make.

    Oh nice 6105-811x!
  10. Your Most Collected Make.

    Very heavily based Seiko 50+... A fair few Citizens & a couple of Swiss makes... Very Japanese orientated collection... Mostly Divers!
  11. Don't remember ordering this....

    Mmmm. Recently unearthed a cache of forgotten watches that I had forgotten that I had... Discovered that I had duplicates of the same watch so I hadn't missed them!!! Mike
  12. Always wear mine at night, might not be the same one that I wore during the day though! I feel unbalanced without a watch on my wrist.... There is some debate whenever I say that to my friends... Like Mike YOU are unbalanced even when you do have a watch on!!!!
  13. New RLT Divers/Pilots Watch

    A limited production run of a well built nice looking watch is always nice to own... a bit special!
  14. True but a lot of major manufacturers have produces some seriously 'Fugly' watches... Might be a fantastic bit of tech or watch makers art but if it looks bad it's not getting on my wrist!!!! I like a watch that has wear-ability & longevity!
  15. Trump Watch

    Sorry couldn't help but smile... In our house 'Trump' means 'Fart' Botty burp etc. Rather appropriate for 'Donald'!!!

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