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  1. Self-wind............
  2. Old with bad eyes and can't read my alarm clock so yes - a small Timex with good lume..............cheers p PS: Don't ask why on earth I need to know the time in the middle of the nite - I usually have to get up anyway
  3. Thanks Kmot - runs great and keeps good time as long as in the light /sun - unfortunately will not hold a charge very long and if left in the dark it dies - don't know if it can be fixed (new capacitor maybe??) - but to me a very nice inexpensive 80's piece .... Cheers p
  4. Wearing this 80's solar................cheers p
  5. Cheers p
  6. And believe it or not I have a good many of those running and keeping great time..........and yes buy some cheap non-runners and start from there...............good luck / cheers p
  7. Thanks to Mel / Timex Forum and with other members help and with very little skills I have been able to rescue many discarded Timex.........Good Luck / Cheers p
  8. Sorry - not a great pic - needs some work - Cheers p
  9. Very nice!! Cheers p
  10. Vintage Timex - Great Britain (Scotland), France, West Germany, Portugal , USA................. Cheers p
  11. That's good news - Thanks again p
  12. Thanks William - it's the hands that "glow" not the dial numbers - Cheers p
  13. How safe is old lume - this 1924 (91yrs) Waltham still "glow" after several minutes in the light - thanks p
  14. Have a great day!!