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  1. Fridays Watch Thread

    Elgin Watch Co pocket watch on an US style fob
  2. A watch for Mrs Relaxer7

    You should be able to get a nice vintage ladies Tudor for £300
  3. Friday 23rd June watch parade!

    Good to see you still have it! If ever (and I doubt you will) decide to sell it I would gladly buy it back
  4. In the late 70's and the 1980's I had an Olympus OM1n 35mm camera, 50mm f1.4 lens, 28mm f2.8 wide-angle lens and a 135mm f3.5 telephoto lens. I gave them away when struggling with the transition to digital (draw parallels with the introduction of quartz watches!). Well I have just bought that exact set again, camera has been lightly used and recently overhauled, lenses are in good condition with minimal dust and no fungus on the interior of the lens that I can see. I have also purchased an OM lens to micro four-thirds adaptor so I can use the OM lenses on my Olympus Pen E-P1 (and maybe soon OM-D EM-10 MkII or maybe EM-5 MkII). Given the micro four-third format you double the focal length of the lens to get the 35mm equivalent the 135mm OM will be a relatively fast 270mm equivalent on the Pen and although I will lose the automatic function I can manual focus in aperture priority or manual mode (the E-P1 has no viewfinder so is a bit tricky even with the LCD screen zoom option. Haven't got the space to set up a dark-room but Ilford Labs are still going (and thriving) and there are a good number of independents offering traditional silver based prints plus standard and high resolution scans of the negatives. So looking forward to doing some black and white film and C41 slide photography (and maybe C41 black and white) and relearning all the things I used to think I knew! I want to try and avoid scanning and digital editing and create the photographs with just the camera and filters. I will post a photo of the kit in the next few days and hopefully in a month or so some black and white.
  5. Advice on purchase

    At very best you will get 10% off i.e. the so-called "manager's discount" although this is getting harder and harder to find
  6. Advice on purchase

    Having mentioned the Fortis Official Cosmonaut chronograph I wouldn't mind one myself. Unlike many modern chronographs the dial has superb functionality and they have done it without compromising on form. The numbers aren't eaten by the chronograph registers, the seconds chapter ring is complete, the tachy scale doesn't intrude, hour and minute hands are slender and don't obscure the chronograph registers, the hour numbers are not oversized and they even tell you which way to move the crown for day and date change.
  7. Advice on purchase

    Some pre-owned suggestions in you price and age range that would keep a reasonable resale value: Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph Oris Williams TT3 Chronograph Bell & Ross BR126 Vintage (it isn't really a vintage watch its just the name!) Longines Heritage Diver 1967 chronograph £1500 is a difficult range for a chronograph as has been said another £500 - £750 would get you a Speedmaster, a new Longines Heritage, IWC Pilot or a new Fortis Cosmonauts Chrono. As for the rubber, I have found over the years it is best to buy on stainless steel bracelet and buy a seperate rubber strap. Watches on stainless steel bracelets tend to do better when reselling.

    Been a Tudor Heritage Black Bay day It is one of the first batch which used the Tudor 2824 movement; a significantly modified ETA 2824. From what I have read the modifications include the balance cock, a Triovis fine adjustment system rather than the familiar ETA eccentric screw and a Kif shock absorber replacing the typical ETA Incabloc system. I have had it around five or six years and it is the watch I wear most often, it just feels right, the balance on the wrist, the height the way it looks. I was an inveterate flipper but this watch and a few others in the stable have slowed me down considerably. This one for sure will never appear in the sales corner. Sorry for another crappy photo, I need to get my camera out and take some decent shots
  9. Friday Watches

    Nice! I had a choice of keeping the Sea Sweller or the GMT - still not sure I made the right decision!
  10. Friday Watches

    Seiko 7648-700B from 1984 - thought i had sold /lost it when it turned up in the bottom of a box two weeks ago and still running after an absence of three years. Time keeping still good with a few seconds per day, nice to have it back. Sorry about the Q&D phone pic
  11. Like a B1 for example, I gave my son my B1 not sure if it was the one I got from you, can't remember! Needs some TLC though and a service (hopefully not a new engine)
  12. CWC Question

    That's the difference between watchmakers and watch assemblers Thanks boss
  13. That's not a reissue that is an original
  14. I still think about the GMT as well! Glad it went to a good home.

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