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  1. Never ceases to amaze me that form overrides function on so many occasions! How about this from Glycine
  2. Tried on the Moonwatch...

    I owned both a 1861 and a 861 and thought they looked a felt great ....... for a few weeks ...... for some reason I just couldn't bond with them
  3. Sunday Oldies - Pre 1990.

    Smiths Pocket Watch, I bought this in 1978 from a small jewellers (long since gone) in Whitby, near the George Hotel where I had been drinking for most of the day. It also originally had a rubber case which fell to bits eventually, I suspect the watch was much older than 1978 given the state of the jewellers who didn't look like he sold much of anything! I used it as my underground watch and it went to work with me every shift for the eight and a half years I worked at Boulby Mine and has served as my underground watch ever since although it now spends much less time in the dark. To protect the watch it lived in a small tobacco tin with a piece of lint top and bottom; my only watch with sentimental value.
  4. TGI Friday watches...

    Still wearing this, except the crown is screwed in!
  5. I have had nothing but fantastic service from Rolex, Omega, IWC and Breitling at various times so I have been lucky I guess so @RWP I wouldn't let a bad story put you off as most times things go well
  6. Thursday timepieces.

    Sea Dweller for next couple of days
  7. A friend of mine contacted me to say he was about to pull the trigger and buy a pre-owned Submariner 16613 (the blue dial two-tone model) and what did I think. To cut a long story short he is now going to buy a 14060 tritium dial "two liner" he will thank me for it in a years time Anybody else saved a friend?!!
  8. It looks OK to me, not particularly valuable but quite collectible these days
  9. Orien Mako - lost part of bracelet

    As has been said below use stronger springbars (telescopes) you could also not wear your watch too tight as it puts a lot of pressure on the springbarswhen moving your wrist / hands
  10. I have always had a Seiko diver's watch collection, good value of money with an interesting heritage, my current crowd from L to R SRP777J, SKX007J, 7548-700B, 6309-7004, 7002 The 7002 is one of those projects which never happens, the case is no good as the lug holes have been worn oval to such an extent they are next to useless, but it does have an original dial, original hands and an original bezel insert, the plan was to get one of the many 7002's around with aftermarket parts and turn it back into a ugly looking original! The 6309-7004 is almost original, the hands have been replaced at some point in the past. I recently bought a SRP777J and was surprised at how faithful to the original 6009 Seiko have been, must admit I am quite taken with it, great to wear on the new style Seiko soft rubber strap. The quartz 7548-700B was refurbished by the previous owner who did a very good job, nice to have an early (1983) quartz, it doesn't miss a beat. SKX007J what can you say? Everybody should have one
  11. Idiots on eBay

    I don't venture onto EBay very often for watches but did win a nice vintage Omega for a ridiculously low price. The seller contacted me to tell me the watch wasn't working and he couldn't send it to me, calling his bluff I messaged him back and said no problem, I will fix it, put it in the post He wasn't finished, his girlfriend had just taken it to his watch repairer so I was out of luck. OK it was a low price and he didn't want to let it go but the plank should have put a realistic reserve on it as well as spelling Omega right in the listing title
  12. Yes let's not give Rolex too much credit
  13. OK I should have said Rolex were the first to make a commercial self winding watch with a 360 degree rotating weight! Harwood's were "bumpers" and failed because they were difficult to make, easily damaged and weren't very efficient because the ratchet only allowed winding in one direction. All Harwood did was make a smaller version of the technology which already existed in pocket watches.
  14. I think the current Khaki Mechanical with a hand-wound ETA2801-2 is a nicer watch, but having said that I agree it is an unusual stance by the Swatch Group
  15. Rolex are often dismissed as a brand undeserving of their place in the world, but many of today's innovations were developed and / or commercialised by Rolex and followed by other brands, such as: First wristwatch to be certified as a Swiss chronometer First wristwatch to be certified"Class A" by Kew Observatory First commercial waterproof and dustproof wristwatch First self-winding movement First wristwatch with a date window Partnership with Panerai to create arguably the first true dive watch First diver's wristwatch waterproof to 100 metres (beating Blaincpain's 50 Fathoms by 30 feet) quickly followed by a 200m version Patented the gas relief valve Pioneered the GMT wristwatch First watch to withstand 1000 gauss First company to pioneer use of 904L stainless steel Developed cerachrom for bezels Developed the parachrom hairspring I also admire Omega, who have also been innovative over the years but many brands have been followers rather than leaders

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