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  1. Thursday timepieces.

    Wearing this one now for my business day...
  2. Thursday timepieces.

    I wore this one this morning for my two mile walk...
  3. 2 part polypropylene glue

    I just went for it - liquid down first, then glue. Stuck rock-frickin’-hard. Job done.
  4. Some glue arrived today to repair a plastic chair; 2 part (fluid and glue) but all the instructions are written in Russian, which surprisingly I don't read. Is it fluid first and then glue when the fluid's dried, or mix the two at the time of glueing? Anyone used this stuff? Thanks!
  5. Wednesday Quartz~18 April.

    WOH! Now that’s colour!
  6. I had a glance on Kickstarter this morning and found the Smith & Bradley Ambush which is a tactical watch. Now this isn’t your normal ‘quartz-in-a-case’ rubbish surrounded by adverpiffle. This is a seriously clever piece of tech. Have a look at the video, the compass feature alone is a great, but the way the hands move out of the way for setting is very nifty. Here’s the video on its functions...
  7. Wednesday Quartz~18 April.

    Orange, quartz, sweepy, sunshine, ooooff!
  8. Breil Marmite, any Marmite.

    I'm sure the biker heads would like it.
  9. Breil Marmite, any Marmite.

    A Breil, but not really Marmite as it’s quite ordinary...
  10. Amazon reviews

    Occasionally I leave one, most of the time I don’t bother. This is a good one though, for a bottle of aftershave...
  11. LOL! Well the markers are clear anyway, even if they have no reference.
  12. Lord timepieces

    Hmmm, a “rose gold” watch for £75? I’m not thinking handmade, top quality here. Undoubtedly fills a space in the market Probably best off with a Seiko Lord, if you want something named ‘Lord’
  13. Happy Monday watches

    Will pop my Bulova chrono on later - I love this thing, there's so much on there yet it's always easy to read.
  14. Happy Monday watches

    Blummin' sunshine and everything! Next thing you know the temperature will be in double figures. Phew, imagine that!

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