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  1. HUGE public thank you to Caller (Phil)

    Have a look here.
  2. Rose Gold bezel shroud mod for Baby Tuna...

    Thank you kindly sir!
  3. As per my thread here, Phil has been an absolutely indispensable gent, helping me to obtain the rose gold shroud from a seller in Singapore (who sells on Carousell which is not joinable by UK residents). He's over in Thailand which is one of the countries one can join Carousell from. He sorted everything for me, got in touch with the chap, sorted the purchase, dealt as a middle man, collected from somewhere or other, got it over to him from somewhere else, posted it to the UK - etc etc. The whole thing went for three months and five pages of PMs! Man he's a good bloke! I've even lost track of the stuff he did. Now, I see from Phil's profile that he has almost 3,350 reputation points, and I should very much like to see that at a well deserved 3,500 for all his work. So maybe you kind chaps would be very kind enough to find some of his posts and add a 'like'... Here's one Here's another Here's loads you can click on and add a like to You get the idea! So I just want to say thanks again to Phil, what a lovely guy and a MASSIVE credit to the forum.
  4. I love Seiko's Baby Tuna, despite its large size it remains one of the most comfortable watches I've ever worn, but the blue shroud just needed a bit of jazzing up. Well, I happened upon this rather lovely rose gold shroud whilst I was browsing my way merrily through internet land some months ago. The chap who sells it is based in Singapore so it was a bit tricky to get hold of, but more about that later in another thread. Here's the watch in its standard guide, it is a lovely thing indeed... So, the rose gold shroud. In total with shipping and help from Caller and buying beers for Caller and donating £28 to the forum (via Caller), I paid a hundred quid. It actually surpassed my expectations, very nicely made. Side by side... I whipped out the screws from the shroud, very nice screws. This is typical Seiko - they could just use screws, but there's little gaskets fitted to them. Attention to detail. Here's a couple... Sans protector. Hmmm, time for a little clean up I feel... Pattern part next to original... After a head clean up, nice rubber gaskets too. I have no idea what they're for as there's no movement between shroud and head, but my guess is that it give the shroud a little 'suspension' to stop it rubbing against the head... First screw in. Pressure applied from top to seat it correctly... Fitted... Back on its bracelet, a Strapcode Super Engineer - damn fine bracelets! Bit of a change, the shrouds are easily swappable according to mood, but I have to say that I didn't half get a lot of watch-looks yesterday.
  5. Feedback about my kickstarter project

    Have a look at this Kickstarter and you’ll understand our tone. It’s interesting and different:
  6. Touch of Class

    That’s more like it! An interesting watch with decent complications, nice case, nice crowns and nicely laid out. Nice. I like the rose gold one, very nice.
  7. Feedback about my kickstarter project

    A quartz watch with a printed dial? Never seen those before.
  8. Mafws Game

    BLOWS Bent lillies often wither silently. PARTY
  9. Song Titles Game

    Top Gun Anthem - Harold Faltermeyer
  10. Please, No! Not already....

    LOL! Quality. Wouldn’t stop me. I’d wreck that chick!
  11. Dual at Dawn - Seiko v Bulova

    Both are a bit too cluttered for my liking, but I really do like both Seiko and Bulova. This smooth quartz technology is very good indeed.
  12. Please, No! Not already....

    I’ve attached my paper shredder to the letterbox.
  13. Song Titles Game

    Run To You - Bryan Adams
  14. Bit of Chinglish

    Nope, although I did find out that the Octopus Card is a widely accepted payment method for transportation in Hong Kong. Same as the Oyster Card.
  15. Mafws Game

    SORTS Sort of, really tense shoulders. WINDS

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