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  1. Filterlab

    World Cup Thread.

    But not in the men’s game which is a lot faster, harder and more aggressive; so her knowledge is negligible. I’ve not played football at any level, but I’m neither commentating nor pretending I know a lot about it. And I’ve never heard of her or seen her before.
  2. Filterlab

    World Cup Thread.

    On ITV Sport, who’s the daft African trollop who talks like she’s played in the World Cup? Can’t ITV afford real male football players to commentate? Not a patch on the legend that is Gary Lineker and his mates on BBC. And I normally reject all BBC crap.
  3. Filterlab

    New Arrival

    Always loved this piece; clear, clean, crisp, no nonsense and a workhorse. Good choice sir!
  4. Doesn’t get said enough, so thanks chaps for the work involved in hosting and maintaining this forum. It’s a lot of work, I know!
  5. Filterlab

    One Shade of Grey

    Only one for me:
  6. Filterlab

    Odm watch digital reset ????

    @Steve gb Any chance it can be reset by pushing all the buttons simultaneously?
  7. Filterlab

    Friday's here again...

    @hughlle Had to look twice at that.
  8. Filterlab

    Friday's here again...

  9. Filterlab

    Thursday Wrist wear 21.06.18

    @martinzx Thank you kindly good sir!
  10. LOL! I wasn't stating that it cost thousand, more a case of 'am I going to spend my money, any money on this?'. Answer's no.
  11. Filterlab

    Thursday Wrist wear 21.06.18

    This today, unsurprisingly.
  12. Filterlab

    Fresh in today

    It’s a Sinn 104 St Sa i (for indices, rather than a for Arabic). The bracelet on this one is outstanding.
  13. Filterlab

    Fresh in today

    Superb basically. I’ve had a dozen or so Sinns and a couple of Damaskos; both companies make excellently engineered pieces. Sinn is a longer standing company but don’t let that put you off Damasko.
  14. Filterlab

    Fresh in today

    Thank you kindly good sirs. It’s been a while since I’ve had a Sinn, and now I remember why I like them so much. Very beautifully made. I have a feeling this one may reignite that passion.
  15. Filterlab

    Fresh in today

    I clocked this on the sales section a few weeks back but didn't have the funds, but would you believe it, I had a little windfall. So I prised it from the reluctant hands of our good Roy and here it is now on the wrist (or on the window sill in this shot). Thanks Roy!

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