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  1. chocko

    make a choice

    Citizen for me .
  2. chocko

    Significant Saturday 9th June

    in the garden with this beater on
  3. chocko

    My latest photo

    Head Sculpture in Calne Town Centre in Wiltshire .
  4. chocko

    Orange - The New Red

    Hands not hitting marker wonky bezel wrong date and Orange stitching Ha ha apart from that nice watch
  5. chocko

    Omega Seamaster 300M size comparison

    36.25 go by weight as well
  6. chocko

    Friday WRUW

    This one today
  7. chocko

    Sunday Oldies, Pre-1990.

    I think this falls into the category
  8. chocko

    Stop... Watch... Birth of a Junghans Classic

    Just found this working example in my watch box
  9. chocko

    Silly /strange Question

    Just watched the film Dunkirk Noticed that a Red / orange hose pipe was used .My question is this.Was that colour around at that time ? Ps nice Omega watch was shown in the film .
  10. chocko

    Sssss Saturday !

    Changed over to this
  11. chocko

    Sssss Saturday !

    This bigun
  12. chocko

    Show me watch you got Thursday

    Going to be this one
  13. chocko

    Tuesday ticking

    Trying smugmug
  14. chocko


    Just had Email from Flickr they have agreed to be taken over by Smug Mug . Will this mean we will have to pay similar to Photobucket ?

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