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  1. Help identifying a watch !

    Can you name the film please?
  2. Well done Padders and thanks Steve D UK for the comp . Nice dog by the way
  3. Tried at least 5 times to post on wanted section to no avail .Can someone explain how to post correctly please . when put in price as required plus all required sections then post it returns to a blank amount .
  4. Hand engraved Seiko 5 sports wristwatch by artist

    Sorry just noticed the other videos .
  5. Hand engraved Seiko 5 sports wristwatch by artist

    Love that .Would be nice to see how you engraved it .How did you fill in the black?
  6. How does this look on me?

    Looks a tad small on your wrist .Whad do you think ?
  7. Landscape photos from the coast

    Love ALL of them and you have definitely mastered the long exposure of water.WELL DONE THAT MAN
  8. My one time best Red Turk discus

    Couple of nice photos of birds well done .
  9. Song Titles Game

    Dream lover Bobby Darrin
  10. Song Titles Game

    Sing something simple . The Cliff Adams Singers .. showing my age now
  11. Clear out challenge and result

    MODEL : W7100009 ?
  12. WIS antithesis.

    That's exactly the same comment my 710 would /does say
  13. Shall I go fully automatic??

    Keep the Breitling as they hold there value more than Longines .

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