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  1. Monday 19th watches

    Seiko turtle (6309 reissue) for me - becoming the same ol' same ol' as I've been wearing it for the best part of 3 weeks straight now
  2. Just a watch for me We use phones like that as props for shows & I see the tv's in sunny Scotland are about as modern as the phones Is that a dead leaf behind the phone?
  3. Best Bezel

    I quite often use the bezel on my watch to time cues at the theatre so, for me, it's pretty useful to have a bezel with full(ish) 60 second markings. I set the bezel to the start time of the show & then count off the minutes between cues - it's easier using the bezel than counting the minutes on the dial - it's not exact but it gives me a pretty good indication of how long I've got between cues - this watch has been doing the job for me this week My favourite bezel though is this one - the watch is too big/nice to wear at the theatre though: I too prefer aluminium bezel inserts - easier/cheaper to replace & I'm not a fan of the shiny, glossy look you get with ceramic bezels
  4. Car servicing.

    Not sure what entails a major service on a modern car but my wife's 10 year old Merc is now telling us that it needs one & I wouldn't trust a main dealer as far as I could throw them I try & service/repair my own cars but I rarely, if ever, even lift the bonnet on on my wife's car. This used to be because she had it serviced at the Mercedes main dealer & I thought I'd leave it up to them as she/we were paying so much for the privilege of getting the service book stamped (when they didn't lose the thing!) with an official Mercedes stamp. However things have changed over the last couple of years..... the last time we took it to Mercedes they rang me saying there were quite a few minor jobs that needed doing, did we want them to do them (at astronomical expense) or did we want to get the jobs sorted out ourselves? I said that we'd sort them ourselves so we took it to a small independent garage & left the list of jobs, that Mercedes had said needed doing, in the car. As I recall it was things like brake fluid change, new brake pads all round, anti roll bar links worn - nothing too major but things you'd want to get fixed rather than leave too long - the car drove fine by the way with no alarming clunks/knocks or any warning lights showing. Anyway the new garage rang a few hours later saying that most of the jobs stated didn't need doing at all - brake pads were nowhere near their wear limit, nothing wrong with the brake fluid either & the anti roll bar links were fine. The result being a much much smaller bill, a healthier bank balance & faith restored in humanity. We'd probably have been bankrupted if we'd had the, as it turns out, unnecessary work done at Mercedes. We haven't been back to the main dealer since & now use the independent garage - it's small but busy (always a good sign with a garage I think) with friendly staff.. I do wonder how many parts that the main dealer says are worn out/need replacing are actually worn out & do actually need replacing? I seem to remember reading somewhere that main dealers replaced parts, & charged the customer accordingly of course, whether they needed replacing or not. Good I suppose for the car in that it got new parts whether it needed them or not but poor for the customer who had to foot a potentially large, & possibly unnecessary, bill. If you want a job doing properly on a car, & have the knowledge to do it safely, then it's best do it yourself or get someone you trust to do it.
  5. Lamps - from re/upcycled bits & bobs

    Like the retort stand - plenty of those at work - wonder if they'd miss one? Latest one is for my step daughter & on a bigger scale. It's about 5' tall - not sure where she wants to put it so I hope the height is suitable & she likes it (she's not seen it yet) as the lower part is nothing like what she wanted I had to redesign it for stability though as the one "leg" she wanted just wasn't stable enough. It still needs a lot of work but I'm busy crewing on a show at the moment so don't think I'll have time to complete it before she heads back home (down south) Since the photo was taken I've tweaked the head part slightly so it's a curvier & a bit more question marky in shape (apologies for the messy garage & the SS1 just creeping into the shot!) Opinions welcome as always
  6. A quick trip to the jewellers

    Speedmaster for me because it's a classic innit Next would be the Seamaster Rio (though I can't stand the hands ) followed by the Planet Ocean even though it looks mahoosive & the Constellation last as I can't stand roman numerals on a wristwatch. Nice dilemma to be in - I can't afford anything new (or old for that matter) at all at the moment
  7. WRUR (What are you reading)

    Joe Abercrombie - Half A War. Love Joe Abercrombie & have read all his books - superbly well written, gritty, adult & action packed fantasy fiction. Pick of his books for me are the First Law Trilogy (1.) The blade Itself, 2.) Before They Are Hanged & 3.) Last Argument Of Kings), The Heroes (utterly superb in every way) & Red Country. Just finished Sharp Ends (an anthology of short stories) & have now started Half A War which is the third book in The Shattered Sea trilogy. I can't recommend his books highly enough
  8. Happy Birthday Silver Hawk!

    Happy birthday Paul
  9. Lamps - from re/upcycled bits & bobs

    Thanks for the positive comments :-) I must admit I have wondered about trying to sell some. I'm unsure about selling electrical items though as I'm no electrician. Having said that the lamps have been checked on the PAT tester at work & have passed - they're not work equipment though so no pass certificate was issued. I like making them though so may as well use up the bits I've got :-)
  10. I stayed in Bridlington earlier in the year & whilst looking in a trendy clothes/accessories shop - which I'm sure Roy frequents regularly - I found some lights made from electrical conduit & fittings (bends, elbows, inspection T's etc). I said to my wife I bet I can make something like that myself & here are the results so far. The first one I gave to my stepdaughter & her wife as a housewarming present (no photo's of this one unfortunately) so the one below is the second one I've made. This has a swan neck made from conduit tube (+ various fittings) whilst the base is made from a (blunt!) circular saw blade, a drive belt pulley (from a defunct Zetec engine I had in the garage) & an old brake disc (also found in my garage). The brass lampholder is for an E27 screw fit bulb, the bulb is one of those trendy vintage teardrop jobbies. Have to say I like how this one turned out &, after a few initial misgivings, even my wife likes it now. Apologies for the photo I don't seem to have one that doesn't show it lit This next one was made for my stepdaughter's friend. He's seriously into mtb's & off road bikes & he supplied the various bike parts. It's made from a bicycle wheel hub, a couple of old bicycle brake discs & a chain ring bash guard (the black bit underneath the brake disc). Again an E27 lamp holder was used along with a vintage style globe bulb. He wasn't bothered about having a switch so I didn't fit one though it'd be easy to fit an inline switch into the cable. I've another one finished (no photos yet) & another couple on the go - one of which is made from an old angle grinder head (this is nearly finished but needs wiring up) & another for my stepdaughter that again is made from conduit tube & fittings (though I'm sure there'll be a car part or two in there as well) but that's much larger than the first one I made for her & is still very much a work in progress. Just thought I'd share
  11. Favourite watch and car

    This is a Ginetta G4 - more of a race car but one that's still usable on the road - I'm not sure I'd be able to get in, or out, of the thing nowadays though! Seiko 6159-7001
  12. Favourite watch and car

    Too many cars & too many watches but if I really have to choose then I'd like a Ginetta G4 or the much more user friendly/modern Ginetta G40 & a Seiko Diver of some sort. I love low production volume British sports cars (kit cars & the like) - witness the much modified Reliant SS1 in my garage - & it was a Seiko Diver that started my watch habit. I've had a MarineMaster but I'd like it's ancestor so a freshly serviced vintage 6159 would be nice (understatement!). Sorry on my tablet so can't post pics - will do tomorrow when I'm on my work pc
  13. Wed 31st May quartz thread

    Edox for me today
  14. Roy's Birthday.

    Same age as me ........& it's a fine age to be Happy Birthday
  15. Friday Watches!

    Nice 6309 Chocko I cycled into work today & left my waterproof at home so I'm hoping it doesn't rain - though it's not looking too good in Leeds at the moment Anyway I'm wearing the watch on the left in the photo - I'm not convinced that it's not going to throw its dummy out of the pram though so I have the one on the right waiting in the wings just in case. Typical that I forget to bring my waterproof cycling jacket but remember to bring a spare watch Have a good weekend all