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  1. Seiko Diver Kinetic SKA371 & SKA761. Difference?

    No clue then - sorry - I'll stick to my 371 I think
  2. Seiko Diver Kinetic SKA371 & SKA761. Difference?

    So it looks like the Prospex version has a different model number - no idea if there is any actual difference between the watches though - maybe it's built to more exacting standards, goes through more stringent quality control/water resistancy tests to get the "X" on the dial? Sorry don't know for definite but it's more likely that you're just expected to pay more to get a watch with an "X" on the dial
  3. Seiko Diver Kinetic SKA371 & SKA761. Difference?

    That's an SKA371 to my eyes - maybe there's a different model number for different markets (no idea really)? It's an excellent watch (also known as the Seiko BFK - Big F***ing Kinetic) & it uses a quartz kinetic movement not a mechanical automatic one. The quartz kinetic is similar to an auto in that it has a rotor (like an automatic) but instead of winding a mainspring it creates an electrical charge as it rotates & this electrical charge is stored in a rechargeable cell. The second hand moves like a quartz (in 1 second steps) so if you wanted an auto be warned.
  4. Friday, 9th March WRUW

    This 'un for me - have a good weekend all (apologies for the rubbish pic)
  5. Forgot to say I like the rotor but couldn't you lose the 2 branches & just have the central post leading to the curved section? That would make it much more anchor like - not sure if it would rotate enough to wind the watch though - I presume there needs to be enough mass in the rotor to make it spin/rotate initially or am I talking bollox? Probably!
  6. Have to say that I like that but I'm not sure what sort of link a watch made in 2017/2018 has with a ship that sank in 1912 - or am I missing something??? As others have said I think you should lose the X logo (before Seiko get wind of it) & the hour hand needs to be a bit longer (so it's past the date window at least). I'm not too bothered about the main hands not matching as that differentiates one from the other. I like the busy dial, & exposed date ring, but it does look like the outer chapter ring should rotate. I suspect that adding this feature would mean a major redesign, & quite a price rise, but maybe it could be a feature of any future models?? Surely (don't call me Shirley) any watch with a display back could be said to have a porthole back so I think that's pushing the ship/Titanic links a bit far! I like the idea of the iceberg logo instead of the X - why not invert the 12 marker on the outer bezel & put it on the dial so you've got 2 triangles pointing towards each other? If I were to draw an iceberg it'd be roughly triangular in shape even though they come in all shapes & sizes. I have to say that my only experience of icebergs comes from watching David Attenborough documentaries! I like the buckle but what vessel is the seat/buckle it's based on from? The Titanic? If so where on that ship is a seat/buckle like the one you've shown? Also being a shipwreck seeker does it have a screw down crown & what is the depth rating? Seeking shipwrecks implies diving to me so it should have, at least, a screw down crown & decent depth rating (100m +). End of criticisms from me - I like it & I wish you the best of luck with the project - it deserves to succeed I think
  7. Friday thread 2/3/2018

    No please don't!! I'm giving this one a - chilly - airing today. First time I've worn it since building it - sorry Mach but I like this particular Monster
  8. Some of my modified watches

    The Pulsar case is DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated - Bry1975 is the man you need to speak to about such things. The watch has gone through about a million dial/hand combinations (movement is the good old Seiko 7S26 so loads of bits are available) & I was finally, I thought , happy with the brown dial - I then went & took it apart to provide the movement for the Monster as I wanted to get that watch running Hence the complete case & brown dial are now in the spares box - it shall, I'm sure, live again ......one day
  9. No real reason for this post, I was trawling through my Imgur account (which has replaced Photobucket) & thought I'd show some of my modified watches. Some are modified quite extensively whilst others are simpler mods. This is my latest creation - I'm quite happy with the way this one's turned out but I can't wear it yet as the new crown/stem I have on order haven't arrived yet Citizen Promaster lefty crown - from this: To this: Pulsar 200m auto: To this: Movement/dial/hand swap from this: Into this: I also have a Seiko 6309-7040 which I don't seem to have a current photo of. I think quite a few have done the same/similar mod & have called it the desert diver - I've had this one ages & I doubt that I'll ever sell it. Can't understand why I don't have a recent photo of it (possibly it's on my defunct Photobucket account)
  10. New in - KarlsKrona Nordic Shield

    Glad you like the watch - I sold it because I bought the Borealis Oceanaut & the Karlskrona was last in hence first out. Absolutely nothing to dislike about the watch itself which I wore many times & liked a lot I just needed to recoup some of the outlay on the Borealis
  11. Incoming Quartz Diver

    Had a couple of those - one branded Aqualung & one Divex - excellent watches both with great build & lume. A big watch but surprisingly wearable for the scrawny wristed among us
  12. Friday watches 16/2

    Have a good weekend all
  13. 43mm of microbrand brilliance

    Been taking some more photos of this - the more I look at it the more I like it which leads to more looking at it ........
  14. I have a more than passing interest in theatre & set build/stage manage/crew for a fair few local amateur dramatic groups in Leeds. I also like bikes & cycle to work when work & theatre commitments (& the weather) allow. I get to work (when cycling) at about 7.30, it's an 18 mile round trip to/from work & if I'm at the theatre after work (usually till 9.30/10.00pm) then the last thing I'll feel like doing after such a long day is to cycle home Anyway the weather's picking up so I'm hoping to start using the bike again soon. I have 3 bikes - 2 x mtb's (a Carrera Vengeance & a silver no brand one that I made up from various parts I had) & a Whyte Cambridge Varsity hybrid. The Whyte's a fantastic bike & it's the one I use 99.9% of the time. The Carrera rarely gets a look in whilst the silver one gets an occasional run round the estate - it's a bit of a clunker really but I have a soft spot for it. My other liking is for old cars & I have this modified Reliant SS1 in the garage - I've uprated the brakes & suspension, rehashed the interior & fitted a bigger engine (1800 Zetec instead of 1600CVH). I spent 4 years doing it up & come June I'll have owned it for 10 years. I have toyed with the idea of selling it but the cars aren't worth much even when in sparkling standard condition so I can't see my less than standard & in decidedly non-sparkling condition being worth much at all. Besides which I like driving it so can't see me selling it in the foreseeable future. I also collect tools to look after the above
  15. This - Borealis Oceanaut - arrived today To say I'm blown away is an understatement. Fantastic looks (I think) with a brilliant 3 piece bronze case (lots of angles & unusual features to keep you interested), the sandwich dial's a beautiful subtle teal/blue/green colour & it has one of the most precise bezels I've ever had the pleasure of turning (there is absolutely zero slack & it lines up absolutely spot on). I was expecting some sort of bronze bathysphere for the wrist but it is in fact perfectly wearable (43mm inc crown/crown guard), very comfortable & the watch sits flat on the wrist. Lug to lug it's 50mm & there's none of the dreaded "overhang" which I hate. Borealis haven't stopped with the case but they've worked their magic on the buckle too (also bronze) & the leather strap is a decidedly chunky 4mm thick. To some the words divers watch & leather strap shouldn't be uttered in the same sentence but I have no such qualms & think the strap suits the watch perfectly - it'll probably suit it even better when the case has developed a patina. The movement is the hacking/handwinding Seiko NH35 so it should be pretty reliable. I'm told that this is a homage/replica of the Anonimo Nautilo &, having looked up the Anonimo, I can see people's point but, seeing as I don't have 1000's to spend on a watch, I have to say that I really don't care & I'm loving the Borealis so far

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