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  1. Iceland is indeed a stunning country - I went there for my 50th birthday (3 years ago) for a few days & had a fantastic time - I'd love to go back but there are too many places to see in the world Anyway I'm wearing the same as yesterday - now on a black Nato strap though - have a good weekend all
  2. I love the original Seiko 6309 150m divers watch but they're increasing in value (rightly so in my humble opinion) & finding a decent one in good/original condition is getting difficult/expensive. Hence I was somewhat chuffed when Seiko decided to release a new up to date version. I bought this one new last year &, fortunately, I didn't have any of the misaligned chapter ring issues that other owners experienced. However my ownership has not exactly been trouble free I wore the watch whilst on holiday (end of 2016) in Sri Lanka. For the majority of the holiday the watch was faultless however once we reached the beach at Mirissa (southern coast of the island) the watch started to lose time & the rotor noise was much louder than it should have been or had been previously. Eventually the watch stopped completely &, more than a little p155ed off, I had to use my phone for time keeping No idea why the rotor worked loose but the surf at Mirissa was extremely heavy/strong (it would easily knock you off your feet & there was proper surfing going on at one end of the beach - it was great to watch this whilst sipping a beer ) so maybe that had something to do with it? Anyway once I got home I whipped the back off the watch & tightened up the loose rotor (not difficult to do) & continued to wear & enjoy the watch. I put the fault down to being "one of those things". However, about a month ago, the watch stopped again. I thought the rotor was loose again, but it turned out to be fine & further examination showed that this time the second hand was hitting the minute hand so causing the watch to stop. Being even more p!55ed off I consigned it to the "keep & get repaired later" drawer. Well last night, being a little bored, I decided to have a go at repairing it. A light press on the minute hand was enough to seat it on the central shaft a bit better which gave enough clearance for the hands to miss each other. I'm happy to say that it all went together again & it now seems to be working fine & keeping good time Yesterday I was ready to bin the 4R36 movement & fit a basic 7S26 movement instead which is more in keeping with the auto only movement used in the original 6309. However I'll keep it as it is for the moment. If it goes wrong again (as I suspect it will) then I think I'll try to modify it with a new movement, dial, hands, case finish etc. I still think it's a nice watch but maybe this particular example was made on a Friday afternoon just before knocking off time!
  3. Many thanks for going to the effort to post everything twice but I'm sorry to say that I'm not sure I like any of those much The Tuna(ish) solar one (on its side in the group of 4 shot) looks good though & I like the 2 x 6309 reissue's. The Marine Master also is an impressive looking watch but it'll be vast in terms of both the size & the price. The first one's OK but I'm not a fan of blue dials (I appreciate that this is a personal thing) & it also looks to have an integrated bracelet which won't appeal to some either. Shame really. The more traditional looking models are the winners for me
  4. That's what my friends think when I roll up to the pub wearing my latest watch. They just don't get the whole watch collecting thing ..... not sure I do at times! I agree with Chromejob: how a watch looks after 10 years will depend on how often you wear it, what you're doing whilst you're wearing it & the initial finish of the watch (polished, brushed, bead lasted, coated?) - to me that's obvious As to whether an expensive watch is made from a better steel than a (relatively) inexpensive one then I've no clue! 316L stainless steel is bandied about a lot but I don't really know what 316L stainless steel is & I don't know which manufacturers use it (unless they state it in their advertising blurb). I do know that I'm wearing a 10+ year old Seiko auto diver today & it's pretty much scratch free. I've no idea how it's been treated in its life though as it could have been kept in a safe & polished every day (it's in for a shock with me owning & wearing it then)!
  5. Black Bee Efff Kay for me today
  6. Looks ridiculous on the wrist but works well as a pocket watch - I'd best start saving now I think
  7. Have to say I quite like it - not sure I would though even if I could - anyone know how the strap attaches to the watch? I presume the thing at the top of the pic is the crown?
  8. I've had the back off the watch & it's a 2789-1 - that's what I've written down anyway - pretty sure it's engraved under the balance wheel. I think it's an excellent watch
  9. I like that - can you tell me how big it is & have any idea of the model number? Many thanks
  10. That looks very nice indeed & they were/are(?) good quality watches - the one in the video looks very nice indeed. There's a bit on Le Cheminant here: It's not your friend's specific watch but it gives some info on the brand/manufacturer. Again not your friends specific watch but there's a vid here: There's are a couple of Master Mariner's on Ebay - again not identical to yours but a divers watch (maybe a bit later than 1964): Hope this helps a bit - I'd take it into a vintage watch dealer & see what they say - hard to put a value on something from the photo's you've posted
  11. The one outside the box is my Seiko 6309 custom Whilst the other two are a Dagaz Aurora & vintage Bluestone diver - I've not been able to find much (none really) info on the Bluestone so if anyone can shed any light on it please let me know. It's a decent quality watch from the 60's/70's at a guess, with a stainless steel case/bracelet, ETA2789-1 movt, screw down crown, bi-directional bezel. It works & keeps good time but the screw down crown is a bit dodgy (1/2 - 1 turn only) & neither the day/date change over now. I keep meaning to send it off for repair but tbh I quite like it as it is Dagaz Aurora - since this photo was taken the bezel lume pip has fallen out so I've filled the space in with black modelling paint - looks just as good to me The Bluestone:
  12. So I was perusing my collection the other day & decided to do one of those state of the collection type posts - no reason for it really other than I'm pretty happy with the collection as it is at the moment I have 15 watches in current use - obviously not all at the same time - which can be broken down as follows: 6 x quartz (2 x kinetic, 3 x conventional battery, 1 x solar). 9 x mechanical (8 x automatic, 1 x manual wind). 12 x divers (depth rating of 150m or over). 3 x dress watches. 12 x screw down crowns. 2 x display backs, 3 x pvd, or similar, case coatings. 1 x chronograph. 1 x GMT. Here's a rough photo of the majority of the collection (2 are missing)
  13. +1 to what he said .....................I do like it though
  14. As per yesterday & the car transformed into this for this mornings commute - not sure if that was a terribly good idea or not as I'm suffering a bit at the mo!
  15. * Non rotating dive bezels. * Compass bezels - why would I need to know which way north is? If I'm yomping across the North Yorkshire moors I'll probably have a proper bloody compass with me! * Divers watches with non-screw down crowns. * Cyclops date magnifiers. * Rolexes (sorry to any & all fans out there). * Diamond/bling encrusted monstrosities that cost 10's of 1000's of pounds - worn by the rich zero taste brigade - even if I had the money I wouldn't buy one! * Seiko monsters - any & all of them - owned a couple & I really can't see what all the fuss is about (sorry to any & all fans out there). * Smart watches - just look at your ruddy phone will you?!!? * Highly domed crystals - the ones which add another 10mm, or more, to the thickness of the watch; I'm sure they serve a purpose if you're 100's of feet down under the North sea (other seas are available) but in the normal world (i.e. dry land) they look ridiculous, must surely be total scratch magnets & must be more than a little impractical. Probably lots more but I'm making myself grumpy thinking of them so I'd better stop