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  1. Edox

    I have the grey dial, quartz version & I think it's a superb watch. I don't wear it very often, & have umm'd & ahh'd about selling it because of this, but I just can't bring myself to let it go. If there's a fault with it, it's the bracelet which is a bit too weedy for a watch as nice (& as big) as this one. I paid considerably less than yours but it is the quartz version & I'm not really familiar with the auto version. Also not too sure about resale value but if I ever do pluck up the courage to sell mine then I'd hope to get close to what I paid for it. If you like it buy it - I doubt you'll be disappointed - make sure you get the full package though. All boxes, instructions, warranty etc
  2. Monday 8th, show me watch you got

    I'm starting the week off with this one - I got it late last year as a combined Christmas/birthday pressie I wore it all the time in New Zealand & Singapore - I did take another watch but it didn't get a look in. I love the white dial - makes a welcome change from the black ones I usually go for
  3. Armida A1 Brass on new strap

    Friend has the 45mm stainless steel version of this - he wears it all the time & prefers I to his Oris (BC3 I think). I've tried it on a couple of times & like it but it's a bit too big for me & the high dome crystal, whilst a lovely thing, makes the watch too impractical for me. I used to have an Armida A7 in brass - sold it before it had chance to tarnish - was a very nice watch & I regret the decision to sell it now Enjoy your A1 & please post pics as the 'rust' develops ….....& I hate marmite (like the watch/strap though).
  4. Wuw 1-1-2018

    Bit late to this but got back yesterday from a Christmas/New Year jaunt around New Zealand & Singapore - too knackered after flight to post anything but for the entire holiday I wore my Karlskrona Nordic Shield. Was a combined Christmas/birthday pressies from my wife so it seemed only fitting. Great watch which performed faultlessly (though the NATO strap is now looking a bit dogeared) whilst sea kayaking in NZ & walking through torrential downpours in Singapore (extremely hot & humid). Unfortunately no photo of it but I'll try to rectify that asap. Happy New Year to all & here's to 2018
  5. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    All I can do is echo & agree with all that everyone else has said - very sad news & my deepest condolences to you & your family
  6. Lamps - from re/upcycled bits & bobs

    Great find by your BIL & I bet they look good. Unfortunately no theodolite tripods but there may be some old camera tripods at work. I'm off on holiday imminently so will ask in the new year - I've also considered using artists easel's for their tripod legs. I also have a crank (from a 2 litre Zetec) but could do with finding a flywheel from the same engine before making it into a lamp (doubt if it'll fall over once that's fitted!)
  7. Unboxing :)

    Lovely watch but I'm unsure as to whether it's a mechanical or quartz? I can see that the blurb on the box says hand wound but not sure if it's a 2017 watch in a 1960's box
  8. Lamps - from re/upcycled bits & bobs

    Lamps have been taking a back seat of late but my step-daughter asked me if I could make one for her wife's nephew out of some old mtb forks (& assorted other parts) I had in the garage. This is the result - finished yesterday & PAT tested successfully. I quite like it - though I'd do things differently if I was to make another one (probably not going to happen) - & hopefully the little lad will be thrilled with it
  9. Friday 8th December 2017

    Errr, no I couldn't
  10. Friday 8th December 2017

    Hey, calm down that man - there's absolutely nothing wrong with the Fat Face at all, it's just that I'm expecting a new arrival today so I'll probably end up wearing that later on instead
  11. Friday 8th December 2017

    At the moment it's this Fat Face quartz but hopefully it'll be something a bit nicer later on Have a good weekend all
  12. The cull is starting

  13. The cull is starting

    Nice collection Rob (especially the white dial at the bottom ) I've ummed & aahhed about selling all (most!?) to get a grail but A.) I'm not even sure I have a grail anymore. B.) Even if I sold every piece in my current collection I still wouldn't have enough money for a seriously luxury watch - Rolex Sub, IWC Aquatimer, Jaeger LeCoultre etc. c.) I'm fickle about watches & what may be a grail now may not end up being so much of a grail once I've reached that grail (if that makes sense?). Even if I did sell up & buy a nice watch I'd just end up trashing it so I'd then decide that I needed a beater ......& then a dress watch .......& then this ......& then that ......& so the whole collecting thing would just start up all over again Maybe what I'd do (if I could afford it) is buy the grail & then decide if it was good enough to replace the current collection & then which bits of the collection to sell on. Good luck if you do decide to go for it
  14. I like 'em both - which is a first for me & Monster alike watches - you've transformed them & they're much better for it in my humble opinion
  15. Just fell down the rabbit hole...

    That's the spirit When you say watchmaking would this be designing & producing your own watch or repairing/modifying existing ones? Beyond doing a bit of modding myself a few years ago - mostly for myself but for a couple of forum members on rare occasions - I wouldn't have a clue where to start with repairing a watch. I can replace/fit a dial & hands (or I used to be able to) & that's about it for me really!

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