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  1. Watch shopping in New Zealand

    Hope so as I'll be doing a lot of it this trip
  2. Friday 20th.

    2 minutes after I posted the above photo the ruddy thing conked out on me & no amount of shaking/tapping/prodding the balance wheel etc will get it going again I'm reduced to wearing an old Casio digital (no photo) that I keep at work in case of mucky jobs & emergencies (like this one) Not sure what to do with the defunct watch as it's done this before - service/repair (which I can't do) or replace the movement (which I can do)?? It's too nice to go back in the "for repair" drawer - which is where it went for the best part of a year when it went wrong before! Have a good weekend all
  3. Friday 20th.

    Mystery watch day for me - have a good weekend all
  4. Watch shopping in New Zealand

    Many thanks Magrette are on my list but I'm not sure if they sell them in bricks & mortar store(s) or if they're mail order only...... suppose I could order online & have it delivered to the in-law's Just looked at Magrette - most of the watches I like on their website are available to pre-order with a despatch date of 30th January - no flipping good for me as I'll be home by then
  5. Hi all, my wife & I are off to New Zealand soon We've hired a car & will be touring around but along the way we'll be staying in both Auckland & Wellington, longer in Wellington as my wife's sister/brother-in-law live there & we're staying with them for some of the time. Anyway I'm wondering if there'll be some non-European/JDM watches available over there & where the best place to look for them might be? Wellington I'd have thought with it being the capital but has anyone got any recommendations? I won't have 1000's to spend, & I'm not going to NZ just to watch shop so this is very much on an "if we have the time" basis, but I was vaguely wondering whether to look for one of the new Seiko Samurai's. Also on the way back we're stopping over in Singapore for a few days - so again any recommendations? We're staying at a hotel on Orchard Road which I'm told is one the best roads for shopping - though again I'm not going to Singapore with the sole intention of watch shopping! Many thanks
  6. Morning

    Welcome Walter & Seiko divers - vintage & modern - are excellent watches & well worth collecting. Enjoy the hunt
  7. No automatics allowed 19.10.17

    This one again for me (tho' I did wear an auto yesterday)
  8. Monday 16 Oct watch thread

    Many happy returns Say - another Citizen eco-drive diver here
  9. Friday de Firteemf 13 10 2017

    The Seiko is actually a much modified Pulsar 200m automatic diver. I've had the case, bezel, crown & caseback DLC'd. DLC = Diamond Like Carbon & is a coating used to protect delicate high wear parts - it also gives a nice satin finish & the case is more of a deep charcoal grey than black. I've had the watch a few years & have tried numerous dial/hand combinations over the course of that time but have never been particularly happy with the result. I think I'm finally happy with the way it looks now & I wear the watch a lot more than I used to. The movement is the Seiko 7S26 so there are loads of aftermarket parts that'll fit, however apart from the hour hand & chapter ring the watch uses all Seiko/Pulsar parts (though Seiko own Pulsar so it's all Seiko really)
  10. Friday de Firteemf 13 10 2017

    Glad to see you wearing it Kevin How about a canvas strap - still keeps the military/outdoorsy feel or a rubber one maybe? I'm wearing/carrying these two today - shame about the dial on the J. W. Benson but it works fine & keeps good time Have a good weekend all
  11. Frost River are very nice indeed - bit rich for my blood but very nice all the same. The pack that started the current obsession is this one - they're cheap as chips & comfortable to use/wear. I've been caught in torrential rain - & I mean TORRENTIAL - whilst out on my bike with this bag & it didn't leak at all. It comes in 2 versions though - one with the waterproof rolltop liner & one without. If you're going to use one as a cycling pack or adapt one into a pannier I'd definitely go for the one with the rolltop liner. I sold one to a work colleague & he uses his for fishing & also as an inner pack on his motorbike panniers - it's a rectangular shape & just fits in his leather pannier nicely. There are loads of videos about them on Youtube if you're interested This is the Italian Alpini pack - hard to find now though & can be expensive. It's a fantastically well made bit of kit though one of the clasps on mine broke so I replaced both of mine with more conventional fasteners that you find on modern backpacks. I also found the original shoulder straps a bit short so replaced these with some Army rucksack straps I found on Ebay (I've kept the original straps).
  12. Multitools: SOG military issue complete with a tool to make a detonator sized hole in C4, leatherman x 3 including a crunch, a modified Rev & modified Wave (fitted with Rebar plier jaws), a Jeep adjustable spannery type thing, a Gerber cool tool (bike tool including chain tool, adjustable spanner - again - & allen keys etc), Topeak alien - brilliant bike tool that I've had for years & use often - I also have numerous other cheap no brand mini tools. I also collect coventional tools - mainly mechanicy ones but anything's fair game really if it perks my interest & is the right price. I've also recently developed an interest in backpacks - this started with me buying a couple of ridiculously cheap (under a fiver) but excellent quality military surplus East German packs that are waterproof, incorporate a roll top inner & which make great bike backpacks & I've also seen them turned into bicycle panniers very easily. However it's become more of a designer/style thing now, with me interested in makes such as Millican, Trakke, Mission Workshop, Bedouin Foundry & the like. The latter 2 makes are way too expensive but I like looking at them all the same (there's a good site called carryology.com if anyone else is interested)! I particularly like waxed canvas & have a very nice, & allegedly quite collectible, Italian Alpini military surplus pack that has currently been kicked into touch by a Millican Smith roll pack I bought recently & that I now use daily. It's too nice to sell & I'll go back to it when I get bored with the Millican or find it too small for what I need to carry. Bicycles x 3 - 2 x mtb's (never get used) & a Whyte Cambridge Varsity hybrid which is fantastic & I use regularly to cycle into work (18 mile round trip). Records - as in 12" vinyl - haven't bought/played one in ages but I've kept all the ones I bought as a spotty youth (same with cd's). Books - you can't beat a good read Think that's everything .......but possibly not!
  13. I have one of those which I bought off Ebay - was only £20 or so & I was curious about the Oris look. It looks OK but it isn't really very good at all - the bezel barely ratchets & the case is supposedly stainless steel. I have my doubts having heard that the case on Bonds was bent! The watch does have some weight to it so maybe it is - maybe it's lead? It also looks naff & cheap with a sort of semi-polished bead-blasted look?!?! I've yet to wear it though I have sized the bracelet for some reaason. Upsides, if there are any, is a nice dial colour - sort of dark turquoise - the integrated bracelet has solid links (still manages to rattle though) & the seconds hand hits most of its marks. I was going to raffle it but can't bring myself to do so - looks like I'm lumbered with it Have a rubbish photo of it (2nd from right):
  14. Fabulous Friday WRUW.

    The one on the right - has been all week in fact - have a good weekend all
  15. BFK thread.

    I have 2 of these My wife bought me both of them - the stainless steel one on our first cruise (round the med) & the black one for Christmas a year or so later - needless to say both are keepers though I don't wear either much now. When I do wear one it's usually the black one & I usually give it a preliminary charge using an electric toothbrush charger. As has been mentioned already though kinetic's aren't great if you don't wear them for long periods of time - having said that I've had eco-drives go wrong as well so neither system is perfect

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