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  1. I bought an AN1x at a car boot sale for £15 some years ago. I realise a lower league than your are talking, but they sell for rather more than that now, but would not sell it, too much fun.
  2. You may end up thinking,,, why the heck didn't I spend a little more and buy the Automatic version. Then why didn't I buy a Mako, 007 etc instead. At least that's what I did. Nothing inherently wrong with them although it is smaller than the auto.
  3. Ah, apologies my mistake, I can't keep up with your throughput of Cortebert. Not in the market for one, but yes, the Smiths does look exceptional.
  4. Nope, would go totally against my hoarding instincts. Would not be able to sleep at night
  5. Is that mates rates? You have it up for £99 buy it now on eBay
  6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
  7. Quite often pick a type of watch to wear then do a lucky dip from the appropriate tub.....
  8. Close enough How about The one in the middle of this pic.... @RWP I have an analog tidegraph watch somewhere, not sure where though....
  9. "Getting on", just like me... Ok, let's play Citizen snap
  10. I suspect you are going to see a few Citizens in this thread......
  11. Swapped to a different Pulsar as it looks like it may rain....
  12. As Tock Tick has been saying, why spend $190,000 when you can get better for under as fiver eh , the Vianney doesn't even tell you the temperature or which way is North !
  13. Ok, properly then . If its colour you want, Swatch is always a good place to go.....