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  1. Why are Tissot so Faked

    Have one for me, am halfway through a bottle of Vermintino. Chin Chin.
  2. Purchase Advice

    You will lose the £1k and more. Other than Rolex you will routinely get back just 55-65% of the RRP as soon as you walk away, less in some cases. The issue is that there is no room for negotiation at all when buying with a voucher (as the voucher was provided to the insurance company at around a 40% discount) whereas a cash buyer can usually get 10-20% off depending on the dealer and watch, more in some cases. Don't forget you are losing the 20% VAT immediately also, as this won't be recouped at resale. You could dig your heels in and speak to the insurance ombudsman. The insurance company are required to put you back in the position you were and if the watch was worth £4800 they can't legally refuse to pay you that, the voucher thing is a dodge. If you have a cast iron case then demand the full cash price and they will likely cave in. Don't be cagey, lay your cards on the table if you want good advice, what watch did you lose and how old was it? If it was only realistically worth £3800, then maybe taking the cash offer makes most sense, or fight it like I say above.
  3. Why are Tissot so Faked

    Russian Rog? Are you thinking of Sekonda or similar? Surely Tissot are and have always been Swiss.
  4. Purchase Advice

    I also tend to disagree, I put most of Bremont's output into the marketing fluff/little substance category and don't think that they are a solid long term investment in the main, but then again not many watches are.
  5. Website not secure

    Works for me. Maybe Roy has raised the access threshold to 1580 posts. Unlucky for some
  6. Was just going to like the above but noticed the button has gone lol.
  7. Ahh. No new posts button now though Roy. On the pc that is, it is still there on the phone interface.
  8. Website not secure

    I have lost the new topics button and just had to log back in so something is definitely up. The fonts are rendering differently on Sahara today also.
  9. Advice on purchase

    I think you need to forget A-P as an option as they are way over budget. If I was after a decent chrono at £1k-1.5k I would be looking closely at Sinn and Damasko. The Speedmaster Racing models top out at 40mm so may be too small but are worth a try of course.
  10. Tough on crystals, tough on the causes of crystals.
  11. Hmm I think there is an awful lot of wooly science and hearsay in this. I would love to hear what 'would suffer more' exactly means since any sapphire glass will be much much stronger than a mineral crystal of similar dimensions, and mineral glass is a compound which also varies in quality, probably more so than pure sapphire. The colour of light passing through is irrelevant to the toughness properties so I will confine myself to commenting there but I honestly think there is some clutching at straws here. Acrylic crystals are soft, are easily scratched and resist shattering moderately well but I have cracked many. Sapphire crystals are hard, resist scratching extremely well but in extremis can shatter, though I have shattered none. Mineral crystals will scratch moderately easily and shatter at lower impacts and stresses than sapphire (and I have scratched and shattered many) so for the respective damage types mentioned previously and therefore it is hard to see what advantage it really has...
  12. Tag Dross Not This Time

    Some is just gut feeling but a good indicator is how the aftermarket prices the piece second hand and also how readily a discount is available from new. Some Tags take a pounding on resale and struggle to make even 35% of their RRP come trade in or ebay time. Others fare better. All manufacturers even Rolex etc have models which are less popular than others. Think Cellini and think massive depreciation.
  13. Tag Dross Not This Time

    Ah fair enough, if it speaks to you when on the wrist then a lot of the bare cost considerations go out of the window. I do realise that it isn't a good idea to constantly think in cost terms as it sucks all the fun out of life but I would be a bit more favourable towards the one you linked to though if they included the bracelet at the reduced price.
  14. Tag Dross Not This Time

    I suppose the Tag has visual echoes with the Longines Hydroconquest which in my mind the point at which it should be priced i.e. It is still about £700 too much. While there are Tag models which compete well with similar priced competition, this isn't one. Actually, to be completely fair, the Tag seems to have a ceramic bezel, which is not a feature I particularly like but does add perceived value so perhaps it is only £300-400 overpriced. Some Tag models start to look interesting to me at around 50% of the RRP and even then only some.
  15. what have I bought?

    Doh Martin already had it anyway