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  1. If anyone who is bi-forum wants to put their money where their mouth is with one of these, a Black ETA BB in VGC with some warranty remaining has just popped up on TZ for £1650. Based on that sample of one, it does't look like much of a premium is in effect over the in-house model yet, quite the opposite, but it is hardly conclusive I know!
  2. Solihull Clock and Watch Fair

    There does seem to be a taper off later in the morning so I would advise going earlier rather than later. Many dealer are packing up at lunch.
  3. Tuesday Tickers 17/10/17

    Omega Dynamic gen III today.
  4. To answer the original question: cant see it myself. Used ETA BBs are still widely available for less than £2K so they haven't noticeably firmed yet and the in house model (which for some is indeed less desirable as it is fatter) has been around for a few years now. There is a case to say that anything Rolex linked which becomes superseded becomes desirable, usually very quickly, but I really don't think that this is what will happen here. ETA movements are just not that special. Tudor make a fine product, A BB is easily a match for an SMP in many ways and a Pelagos an improvement over a Planet Ocean in some but thus far the market treats the modern models more like Cellinis than Sea-Dwellers. Take a look at the used market performance of the former and you will see that not everything in the wide world of Rolex has the Midas touch. ps not sure why people think the ETA one is particularly rare. I would hazard a guess that at present there are more ETA originals out there than the more recent in house version.
  5. Tudor/Breitling's challenge to Omega

    Even if they do, the near daily 'revelations' are getting tiresome.
  6. Maintenance costs.

    My experience of Kinetics isn't great, the maintenance costs came in way more than quartz (which makes me wonder what the point was) and approaching automatics. As you mentioned above, the key is constant use/rotation. If left unused the capacitors fail and cost anything from £10 upwards to replace. This tends to be a more involved process than just exchanging a battery so can lead to increased costs over a simple cell change like a quartz may need. I have had I think about 5 Kinetic watches (both Seiko and Omega), all of which have needed capacitor/rechargable battery changes after they have failed through lack of use. If it is your only watch or part of a small collection a kinetic may be a winner but for my pattern of use they are not. I won't buy another I think.
  7. Bremont Tornado IDS

    Yes I am sure you are right. There aren't that many off the shelf GMT movements out there and that is one of the few. ps while I totally agree that it made a lot of sense for Crab-Air to bin the Harrier, doing likewise did rather leave the RN in a bit of a 10 year lack of top cover pickle!
  8. Bremont Tornado IDS

    First and only Bremont I have ever liked. Good choice. I forget, did you fly, fight, fix or guard them? Bremont and prior to that Breitling make a lot of sense when you are serving, less so to the man in the street from the purely financial perspective but that does look very good. My pal who was a WAFU was front line on F3 and Harrier and much preferred the Hawk out all of them, as you infer the chances of getting a Harrier back after a sortie were getting scarily short near the end!
  9. Members 49 or under WRUW

    I qualify but for the benefit of the oldies on here thought I would post a pic of an old man's watch which I am fond of, but rarely wear:
  10. WOW Rolex content

    Thanks for the help but having just perused the bay, it seems they are being offered for circa £20 is the mark so perhaps I was being a tad optimistic lol.
  11. WOW Rolex content

    I have an original 6R4 sales brochure, prob worth a few quid now, who knows:
  12. Tag hatred?

    Rather like Breitling, the company that became Tag Heuer did some wonderful things in the 1950s, 60s and early 1970s but rather lost its way in the late 70s, along with the majority of the Swiss watch industry of course. After a change of ownership into Middle Eastern hands and a name alteration it went down market to chase market share. It was the more populist models such as the plastic bezel F1 which rather undid some of the good work and good will that the earlier organisation had generated and led to a widely held opinion that the Tag part of the name is more a liability than an asset. All of the Swiss firms had to adapt and change to survive but the way TH did it has affected their long term image rather more than some other similar firms who also changed ownership during the period.
  13. Luminous oddities.

    Are you sure that is a 1960s astronaut? Mine has no bezel lume, that looks like a modern re-release to me. edit, there does indeed seem to be a variant like that, my mistake. Lumetastic!
  14. HEADS UP!!

    The CW marketing strategy leads to pain at resale, particularly for the poor sods who pay retail
  15. Watches that SEEM a bargain

    The Omega flavour? When was this? 1980?

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