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  1. Tried on the Moonwatch...

    1966 Ed White 105.003 using the original straight lug case which wears very nicely. The current FOIS, 60th Anniversary and Ck2998 use this case too. To answer your original question, the sapphire version feels just the same as the hesalite, though the profile of the crystal is slightly different and has perhaps a colder dial look as the sapphire doesn't distort and colour light like Hesalite. I like it. Another pic:
  2. Tried on the Moonwatch...

    Like this? My fave Speedmaster
  3. Seiko eBay seller told me this is Radium???

    I have a few Radium lume watches. Omega was still using it up until about 1962. None of them will glow anymore as the strong Alpha radiation degrades the phosphorescent component. This below is a Seamaster from 1950 which uses Radium. Radium lume goes a nice pink beige colour so can look lovely. Only the dust is truly dangerous so watchmakers need to take precautions, alpha doesn’t penetrate skin well and is most dangerous when ingested. It’s perfectly safe to wear but don’t lick your dial. the Seiko above is 100% SL Lume or whatever Seiko calls it. Not radium or tritium
  4. Buying a Watch at Auction

    I actually think this is a more than a little harsh. You can register and bid direct on Fellows website, no one is forcing you to use Saleroom so while I have my own issues with Fellows fee structure I don't blame them for the fees imposed by other parties. I also work 100 yards from them so postage isn't an issue for me personally but the fact remains they aren't remotely cheap. That said I do know that they employ skilled people and will on occasion reach out to brand specialists when required (no not me!), such as at a recent watch auction involving Speedmasters. I welcome representation from other commercial bodies, as long as Roy is happy then it is on balance more positive than negative as they can be held to account and often it is mutually beneficial. Welcome Jorden.
  5. Buying a Watch at Auction

    Fellows are a decent reliable operation who seem to operate in good faith. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them and have done previously but it is hard to look past the fees, roughly 20% to sell and approaching 30% to buy once the marketing fee and VAT have been added. Making that sound palatable must be a marketing nightmare!
  6. Omega cal 1337

    Swiss Time Services still do the early quartz and hummer stuff I believe, but it isn't cheap. Some stuff has to go to Bienne now which makes it astronomically pricey.
  7. I like the straight lug case more than the fatter pro but I don’t think this one is a winner to be honest. The CK2998 sat in dealer windows for a long while and I don’t expect this to do any better as it is seemingly a light refresh of that, the identical caseback rather supports this!. The price is scary too. Circa £5k IIR correctly.
  8. Anyone bought a new Speedie recently?

    Reckon on paying around £2900-3K if you either go to Iconic or persuade an AD to match their price. Part ex is a bad way to go. Buy and separately sell. On here perhaps. Which model are you looking to shift?
  9. I'll be honest and admit that I have tried to make sense of the OP's rambling first post twice now and have given up but I will say that you shouldn't assume that the lume used on the 40mm Explorer II is all that great. I had one, a 2008 and it was downright poor when compared with an Omega 2254 Seamaster, a watch which admittedly is widely recognised as one of the brightest on the market. I would think a Seiko Monster would be considerably brighter also which you might not expect given their price tags. Rolex have upped their game with the more recent releases such as the 42mm Exp-II which have bigger plots and a different bluer lume compound but the green tinted lume used until relatively recently was quite frankly pretty average. In the interests of balance I would say that the lume Omega use on Speedmasters is also pretty poor.
  10. New Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 2018

    Black and blue both available at Iconic for £2,400. There is no noticeable evidence that the Blue is a slower seller ie the discounts on both are similar across the board at several retailers.
  11. 70th anniversary Seamaster LE's

    Ah so you are the guy that likes the z33
  12. New Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 2018

    A couple of thoughts. Firstly the thickness of the new design is a big turn off for me. 13.56mm is about the same as the first 2500 movement Planet Ocean which wears like a much bigger heavier watch than the 1120 movement SMPs which wear a smidgen over 11mm. The 2500 movement SMPs gained about 1mm and already felt less balanced and comfortable as a result so this is a big negative IMO. Secondly, the return of the waves is a plus, as above the plain gloss dial does notheing for me and this is better to my eye. The eyesore/wristsore He valve is still there and seemingly bigger than ever. This might have been a good opportunity to ditch it once and for all or integrate it like others have managed. The big disappointment for me is that they have persevered with the now rather 90s Bond look and not snuck a 2254 sword hands version in, but I guess they have the 60s SM300 look covered by the PO and SM300 MC (which of course cost more). Skeleton hands just aren't as good as solid lume sword hands, iconic or not!
  13. 70th anniversary Seamaster LE's

    I like it but prefer the originals, 38m will be too big, 36-37mm would have been perfect, the originals are at about 35mm which does feel a trifle small these days. Here is an original SM from 1950, this is the 2577 model with radium lume so not the very first Seamaster model but not far off. I personally think this looks better but then maybe I would!
  14. Here you go: http://www.simonfreesewatchmakers.com/
  15. Simon Freese left STS about 6 months ago and set up on his own. It is Keiron or Tony you need to speak to now at STS. That said, Simon is the go to guy for an older Speedmaster, his access to parts is probably rather more limited than it was but his standard of work is still excellent and he is probably noticably cheaper than STS for something like this. Might be worth speaking to him about it.

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