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  1. Though you wouldn't know it to look at them side by side, this is a very close cousin to the Speedy shown above. 1967 Chronostop Geneve using the 865 movement, only this one would be around 1/10th the price of a '67 Speedy:
  2. But if you had 10?
  3. This is an interesting topic which, while I know I have given incorrect info I am glad I noticed since I tend to leave all my hummers running. Armed with the info above, I may actually hack some of the ones that can be isolated to prevent some of the racket from the box. The only downside of course is having to set them all when they are called back into use, something which normally with a hummer (or quartz) isn't necessary since they are in the main pretty accurate, even after months. Without really knowing how, and in fact during a period of supposed downsizing I somehow seem to have acquired a sub-collection of 10 hummers (5 Omega and 5 Accutron). I am not entirely sure how this has happened and the info above may save me a fortune in batteries!
  4. I stand corrected.
  5. Don't think it matters on Omega hummers, there is still a battery drain so all you are doing is lessening the mechanccal wear rather than extending battery life. One Accutron 219 variant and maybe others have electrical isolation when you pull the crown fully out so maybe there you can extend battery life.
  6. Yes I too have noticed that our new and keen as mustard Jay does show some similar behaviour to Rog in terms of new thread volume but with a, lets say, more direct, opinionated approach and less charm...
  7. That Ocean 7 is one nasty copy of a fugly original. Some of their more original pieces are nice though.
  8. Nice that. 565 movement or the later 1012?
  9. Stop. Hummer time: Not quartz but still worthy of inclusion.
  10. Have I shattered a sapphire crystal? No but have scratched a couple. Have I shattered a Mineral? Yes 2 or 3 and scratched loads. Have I shattered a Seiko 'Hardlex'? Yes a couple and scratched a few as well. Do I think 'Hardlex' is basically a trade name for mineral crystal? Yes, smoke and mirrors the marketing people dreamed up. Have I cracked an acrylic by looking at it funny? Yes they are pretty crap. acrylic<Hardlex=mineral<sapphire Time to move on I think.
  11. All my listings are UK only, it doesn't remove the chance of idiots or criminals but it certainly lessens it. The reality is that ebay is a lottery when it comes to selling, the buyer has all the cards these days and if he is remotely dodgy can stitch up the seller every time. Returns for instance are rife where pp or ebay insist on refunding upon proof of postage even though the scrote may have returned an empty box or a box of bits.
  12. Thanks, I hadn't seen that as it was coming up only on .com, not for me. That is the right one all right but hoping to find it a bit cheaper, annoyingly a Hong Kong seller sold 9 at $49 only last month. May have been fake or a scam but who knows!
  13. Digging some more, it seems that bracelet above is also known as the T605014318. Predictably Cousins have it as restricted (thanks Swatch) but at least I feel like I am getting somewhere!
  14. Great, thanks! Hopefully I can now track one down. For comedy, I may try calling Swatch and see if they supply replacement bracelets for Tissot, maybe we should take a sweep on how scarily expensive it will be. More than the cost of the watch perhaps?
  15. Great, thanks. Is there any kind of serial number or identifier on yours that you can see? If I have that, I may be able to track one down more effectively.