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  1. Dammit! Ok I will up my offer to £25 then in the light of the common sense above
  2. A good representation of Omegas present and correct. Nice QGJ, QDJ and PLSGC medals too!
  3. If it is an Omega then another good option is Swiss Time Services who can restore to factory finish. May not be the cheapest out there but they always do a great job.
  4. Jimbo I have a o&w mp2801 variant, the a-120 which I may be persuaded to part with. I will be in touch tomorrow as I am flying back from abroad this pm.
  5. Needs a service mate. It should do better than that. More a Munster fan myself btw.
  6. Rather more than a whole months wages for most of us though, by a factor of 10 or so perhaps!
  7. 80 days is very impressive from one barrel, Rolex's (and Tudor's) latest movements only do 70. Indeed 80 would be impressive from 2 barrels, Omega's 8500 and 9300 only do about 60 hours and are probably twice as fat as whatever Tissot are using, presumably some modded ETA base. Only downer of course is the lack of easy regulation, no thingumy to adjust!
  8. Get that pic enlarged pronto! I am glad to see that one in safe hands. I suppose at some point I had better post a pic of my revised slimmed down SMP collection!
  9. I can do bling!:
  10. Incidentally, fixed lens compact cameras suffer from this too as the lens tracking in and out draws dust in via a bellows effect. A good going over with a household vacuum with the camera shut down often works wonders in these cases, particularly if you concentrate on the gaps in the case. It sounds mad but it works.
  11. Of the 3 you list there, I would buy the Omega you didn't.
  12. I am a @Caller. Copycat! mustn't forget this too:
  13. Early 1970s automatic, gold plated not solid case, you can tell by the steel caseback. There is something drastically wrong with how the dial seems to be too small and loose in the case. It is possible that is made up of 2 totally different watches. Not worth an awful lot I am afraid.
  14. You can't post pictures direct here, you need to upload them to an image hosting service like Photobucket or similar and post a link to it here.
  15. Is there a picture? If so I can't see it.