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  1. HUGE public thank you to Caller (Phil)

    What is a rose gold shroud out of interest?
  2. Before there was lume

    Having studied and worked with radioactive sources, some rather nasty I personally think that while Radium needs to be treated with respect and appropriate precautions taken when opening a watch, Tritium lume actually offers virtually zero additional risk to life over normal everyday activity. Even a radium dial won't dose the wearer significantly or meaningfully through the movement and caseback which is an effective shield, as I noted earlier it is mainly a Alpha emitter which is a very short range ionising radiation rather than gamma which is highly penetrating. Radium has a long and complex decay chain but gamma doesn't feature significantly in this so isn't IMO a real cause of concern unless you lick your dials on a regular basis. If you lived in Cornwall, spending any length of time in your house cellar would probably be as harmful as wearing a Radium lume watch as alpha emitters are really only deadly when ingested or inhaled.
  3. Speedmaster Pro

    This is a big subject and a 50,000 word book could be (and has been) written about it. A couple of pointers of immediate use. Any manual wind Speedmaster Pro with the moon landing inscription on the caseback is a Moonwatch. Any before this inscription which started in 1970 is known as a pre moon. The Professional text doesn’t refer to the Moon and doesn’t really have much to do with NASA either, it refers to was a case variant developed in 1962 and maintained since. The earlier non pro straight lug case variant is still seen on some Speedmaster limited editions such as the FOIS and CK2998. With a couple of exceptions I won’t go into here, all the Pro models since 1967 use a variant of the manual wind 861 movement and use the 42mm case. The Coaxial models may be Speedmasters but they are not what the collector community calls Moonwatches nor are they usually badges as Professional. This doesn’t make them bad watches, I have one but they aren’t what is generally known as a Moonwatch. The 1861 is not a substantial upgrade to the 861 and both are less interesting than the pre-67 321 which actually went to the moon. If you buy from Joma and import to the UK be prepared to add VAT so a local purchase is probably a better idea. Reckon on spending at least £2k for a decent recent second hand, one, more like £2,800 for a new one with omega warranty from a dealer. I’ll stop there but there is a lot more.
  4. Before there was lume

    It was actually a bit later that some manufacturers, Omega included, moved over to Tritium. Many Omega models (inc Speedmasters, Seamasters) were still using Radium lume until about 1962 Radium lume turns an attractive orange shade (as seen above) whereas tritium tends to go more yellow. They actually fail in opposite ways. Radium is so radioactive that it literally burns out the phosphor component meaning most Radium lume no longer reacts to UV light but the material is still measurably radioactive whereas with tritium based compounds, usually there is some residual short lived luminescence after UV excitement but the 13 year half life of the tritium means there is very little radioactive excitement left. Tritium is a beta emitter so less physiologically harmful than the alpha emitted by radium anyhow, beta is just high energy electrons like you would find in a CRT tube. Luminova works via a different process involving electrons jumping about within energy states so emits no harmful radiation at all and should in theory never degrade or deteriorate. Radium is an alpha emitter which means it will do very little harm through skin (the big heavy He nuclei are high in energy but short in penetration) but is incredibly bad news if inhaled and allowed to act from within lungs. A face mask would be a minimum I should think.
  5. Watch guarantees

    If you buy with a credit card on eBay you have no choice but to let PayPal handle the card transaction. The involvement of the third party can it is my understanding make section 75 null and void. I would check this out before relying 100% on section 75 for an eBay purchase.
  6. Tissot Outlet Website

    It is UK law that prices have to shown inclusive of VAT for retail sale so yes it may well look peculiar but that is how it is over here. I know that elsewhere such as in the US, prices are quoted exclusive of tax and it is added later. That isn't allowed here, it has to be the other way round. The website was specifically for Black Friday so has presumably now expired. It looked pretty genuine to me.
  7. Tissot Outlet Website

    The vat component on a watch being sold at £357 is actually £59.50. The VAT which is 20% of the pre tax price is included in the stated price in the U.K. Divide 357 by 120% (1.2) and see what you get. Then take £297.50 and multiply it by 1.2 and you are back at £357
  8. Where are my manners, my commiserations and thanks to all that entered but weren't the lucky one on this occasion. For a horrible minute after I posted it I thought it might just hang here with no entrants so I was chuffed to see so much interest. Better luck next time all.
  9. And we have a winner. Congratulations to AVO. Please pm me with your details and I will post the case out to you. I did try a cat based system but it just didn't work, so fell back on the solution of getting my wife to pick one of the numbers out of a hat. Cat Shambles Result of draw by wife and list of entrants:
  11. Tissot Outlet Website

    I don't think VAT is chargeable at purchase but I suppose there is a small risk it may be problematic if the goods are shipped direct from Switzerland. It is possible that they are actually drop shipped direct from the UK or EU, getting round that issue, or more likely Tissot pay the VAT and declare as much on the paperwork as it is already factored into the price, as it would be on a local or EU purchase. I think you have nothing to worry about to be honest.
  12. I know Tissot are popular on here so thought I would pass on this, seen over on TZ, posted there by member Alansmithee. Some pretty big discounts here. Auto chrono for £381 anyone? https://www.tissotwatches.com/en-gb/shop/most-popular/outlet.html
  13. Winter Tyres?

    I change. The benefits become more obvious when you run a RWD car through winter. Not being able to get off your drive gives you a good enough reason. In reality, the U.K. climate doesn't necessarily warrant full Winter tyres like I use but IMO all season tyres like across climates are the sweet spot.

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