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  1. Oi we have got feelings you know.
  2. Omega are at 300Hz which is somewhere between D and D sharp and Bulova use 360Hz which i nearer F Sharp. Don't try to tune your piano with a hummer!
  3. Yes they do but it is pretty quiet. It can be heard on the beside table at night though so I personally leave mine somewhere else when in bed.
  4. That flightmaster looks genuine but in tarted up shoddy condition. I would steer clear as it is probably overpriced by a lot. By by the way this isn't really the thread for enquiries like this, let's keep it for pretty pictures.
  5. Omega by far, dozens. Then old cheap Swatches about 10. Then Accutron, 5. Not sure how I ended up with 5 of those!
  6. Well not really Hugh, the window for losing time is much smaller than that for gaining, it is not symmetrical and is something like -2s/+6s but has a load of other constraints based on position etc. Personally I would rather something that gained at somewhere between 0 and 5s per day and tend to get my watches looked at if they fall outside that range.
  7. I was there with Thomasr and I did take a look at that button hole watch. I picked up a nice honest Omega 2254 at a reasonable price and Tom got a few bits too. There was a nice Watchco SM300 at £2450 and a Snoopy Speedmaster at £5500 (the black dial one) but both were too rich for me
  8. I will be more charitable. Here is the Ranfft page after a 2 second google. Says it is part of the 218 family but with a direct read digital readout. Not one I have seen and not mentioned on Paul's site that I can see
  9. I think he may have been meaning me but he was so rambling it was hard to tell sometimes. To be fair, he was pretty bang on with that bit!
  10. Read the rules much?
  11. I guess that is likely. He (lets call him DT) did come in for a lot of stick since his very long story didn't really add up. I myself took him to task on it several times and I have no experience of Woodland whatsoever so it obviously didn't persuade me that they don't do good work. I wasn't trying to stir up trouble by mentioning it, a reading of DT's threads will have given some idea of why presumably Greg felt the need to act/respond. Hmm just checked and the thread I was thinking of is actually still here. His first rant was removed but he came back for more. The guy in question ended up accusing me of being Greg when I continued to challenge his crazy and illogical claims since I clearly knew too much. What I had actually done was remember his first rant and refuted of the 'facts' therein. clever eh? Yours Greg (Not really)
  12. By the way, the chap being lambasted as Derek Twat on the Woodland website posted his side of the story on here last year. I am sure a search will find it.
  13. It actually came to me on a Swiss cased gold model but it may indeed have originally been with a UK cased watch and swapped over at some point I agree.
  14. I have a 14k gold '70s DS&S Milanese bracelet. This is UK made/hallmarked by D Shackman and Sons. (DS&S) interestingly it is marked with the Rolex crown so I guess they were the official local goldsmith.