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  1. lindon

    todays booty a before and after

    Timex nostalgia - I've been looking for one of those for while; I had one as a boy but somehow lost it. If you're looking to get rid...
  2. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  3. lindon


    I'm liking the Orient Star Dynamic...
  4. lindon

    Battery Advice

    could be... ...and I might have got one if I hadn't crushed the watch with a pair of pliers last night. I'm still learning this watch maintenance lark. Lindon
  5. lindon

    Battery Advice

    Thanks John, Actually the diameter of the hatch is more like 12 mm and maybe 5mm deep. I thought it might be a 396 because I can see 396 printed inside the watch (just visible on the pic). A 396 or a 395 would rattle about. How confusing. It must be an 11.6mm battery... ? Lindon
  6. Hello all, Can anybody give me a clue as to what battery I need for this? Front view Rear view a 396? Thanks, Lindon
  7. lindon


    Thanks raysa!
  8. lindon


    Hello Tim, It's a winner. Is it from the bay? - I can't find him... L Hmm - just saw the 121K too... Just perfect. Can anyone give me a good 5 supplier? Thanks more L
  9. lindon

    Small Watches.

    I'm with Silver Hawk on this one - I've never understood those ridonculously large Breitings, Tags etc. I have a feeling that they're kinda like Porcshe substitutes (if you see what I mean) (ducks)
  10. lindon

    Electronic Watch - Battery Help

    Great! Thanks Paul. Lindon
  11. lindon

    Electronic Watch - Battery Help

    it's this:- a little weary but cheap enough...
  12. Hello all, I just received an electronic Astral from the other place. I wonder if anybody could advise me on a battery:- Do I care about voltage? (I understand that there are some subtle variations on 1.5V) Which way round should a battery go? Thanks! Lindon
  13. lindon


    Thanks for the feedback peeps!
  14. lindon


    Hi Jason, Yes - the rocket (!) moves around once per minute. There are also some other symbols on the disc (puffs of smoke and suchlike). The coloured dots at the hour positions move round too - and finally the little window underneath the Trans Continents logo counts down 3, 2, 1 every minute... LC

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