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  1. norfolkngood

    I succumbed......

    Very Nice love the day / month windows like others have said that watch is only going to look better with age a keeper !
  2. norfolkngood

    After some advice....

    What i have done in the past is watch the forum daily wearers posts / Members watches etc you might see something totally different that takes your fancy so many different watch makes styles sizes on this forum take a couple of weeks looking at others watches if you still want the TAG in was meant to be !
  3. norfolkngood

    Goldsmith discount on a Rollie?

    yes i understand now i imagine that is how they did it they sell pre owned as well so could do all sorts to et the price rearranged like you said well explained in your post
  4. norfolkngood

    Goldsmith discount on a Rollie?

    I have never lied in this forum or any other forum just trying to understand how I was quoted a discount on a Rolex which is 100% the truth not trying to act the big I am as I can get a discount just wondering why and how ?? Because it happened the only thing I can think of is a list price and rrp are different which would explain the so called discount many companies in other businesses do this not wanting to fall out or cause trouble but as it happened trying to find out why
  5. norfolkngood

    Goldsmith discount on a Rollie?

    i can not really understand how it happened then as i can remember it well i went in my relative wanted two 18 ct sky dwellers he said i will have to phone to see if available then came back said this is the price in his rolex book the best price would be x and that worked out 4k cheaper i am not doubting you but i know it 100 % happened so just trying to work out how and what price it was knocked off ?? the reason and what price he was using to start off with i do not know but the final price was lower than book like i said not doubting you but as it happened and i was there and all ears i am finding it interesting
  6. norfolkngood

    Goldsmith discount on a Rollie?

    like i said My AD who i have used for years gave me a discount of 4k on a 18ct Rolex sky dweller with out asking and he had to order that in the watch was not for me some relative but i did the asking for her now that may of been off the listed price instead of RRP ??? but 100 % that was the deal he is a private shop not a high street chain retailer would that make a difference ?
  7. norfolkngood

    Watch servicing

    i am lucky i have a great watch maker in Norwich https://www.michlmayr.com take a look at his site and i doubt many will be sending there watch via AD why bother when you can get it done cheaper even does redial painting etc and gives a 2 year warranty after work
  8. norfolkngood

    Pocket Watches

    Holt Norfolk ? i am a Antiques dealer in Norfolk so i go to a Auction every day and have quite a few House clearers under my wing so i imagine i will pick something up that way !! i do not deal in watches i deal in Photographs from Victorian photographs through to 1950's but i see all sorts of watches on my travels
  9. norfolkngood

    Pocket Watches

    i could sit and watch that movement
  10. norfolkngood

    Pocket Watches

    n Very Nice i think i would get far more use out of a Pocket watch this way ! got me thinking now
  11. norfolkngood

    Pocket Watches

    It is such a crime i have seen people buy them just for the gold and Throw the movement away ! the demand for pocket watches is not as high as once was but because so many are being scrapped a good solid Gold one will only get rarer has anyone here ever had one mounted onto a strap ?
  12. norfolkngood

    What have your Watches survived?

    My Heuer Calculator chunky bracelet Survived a attack by someone with a chisel sadly the chisel glanced off the bracelet straight into my arm
  13. norfolkngood

    Incoming ! itchy finger pressed

    it will save me a fortune on going to the gym !
  14. Got a alert on my phone a watch i had been watching had been relisted due to Non payment so i tried a offer and it was accepted As many of you may of seen i have been looking for a big heavy beater watch for every day use , wanted something Auto ,Big ( as chunky wrists ) on a bracelet something a little different i love colour so that was also a bonus with orange hand never heard or seen one so i read a review and seems a good solid watch notes and photos from seller the wrist shot will be a lot different when i get it on my wrist as it looks like the seller has very small wrists LTD ED Artego 300m Pro Divers automatic watch 200 pieces worldwide with only 50 brushed steel 316l stainless steel brushed case Miyota 8215 automatic movement 40hrs reserve Sapphire crystal 120 click unidirectional bezel 300m water resistant with screw down crown Width 45mm Height 15.5mm Length 50mm Lugs 24mm
  15. norfolkngood

    what causes a trigger pull

    i have changed over the years i used to buy straight away now i have a itchy trigger finger waiting for the right one to come along i have that feeling now trying to buy something different to Vintage Heuer and Breitling and i feel lost with all the new names that and watches that have come along so come back to the forum for some ideas but the trigger finger now seems to wait and wait i think it has something to do with what you could buy over the years and quite cheaply has now gone through the roof

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