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  1. New arrival!

    The Markers make it for me very crisp lines that go so very well with dial !
  2. ch ward logos

    i like the logo with Christopher Ward written in full i think that is the best logo i have seen on a CW watch the logo with CHR Ward for me is nearly as bad as the new one just does not look right to me C Ward would have been better than CHR imho
  3. How good are CW watches?

    that is one of the best CW i have seen i was thinking of getting one but could not find one different enough for my taste that i would buy !!!
  4. How good are CW watches?

    well that top one in the trio is fantastic looking with the orange markers that is the kind of watch i was looking for something different what model is that one ?
  5. How good are CW watches?

    i was looking at buying a CW but to me they look like a homage of other high end watches , the Trident looks great but i am worried that when i get it i should of just bought a Rolex sub in the first place , i always have bought different looking watches like the Omega big blue 120m , The heuer calculator / Breitling 806 and vintage Navitimer so i am finding it hard to find a CW that is unusual enough to buy , i think not being able to try one on before you buy is putting me off
  6. Marathon Gsar they look a nice and chunky and i like the height of the bezel reminds me of my Omega deep blue i should never of sold
  7. interesting and how about Marathon Gsar ?
  8. yes i have had a look at Oris also Fortis they look nice but not experience of these type of makes
  9. hi all long time since my last post looking for some advice, i am thinking of getting a large divers type watch and was thinking of either a Longines hydroconquest / Marathon Gsar /Christopher ward c60 type does not have to be new vintage is fine by me i had a longines hydro quite a few years ago and thought they were nice size build etc but i have never seen a CW or Marathon in flesh anyone on here had any of these watches or can you recommend any other watches about 40 mm thanks in advance
  10. Item No 131185770399 Project?

    a coat of paint be as good as new !!!! :yahoo:
  11. Rlt Logo / Dial

    I am going to enquire if I can have the ENGLAND taken off a RLT 73 its personal taste of mine I like the RLT WATCH CO part but I don't like the England part from some reason it bugs me and I know it would spoil my experience of owning one of Roys watches I think it stems from where you get the cheap football flags and shirts with ENGLAND on instead of the original football shirts ( pet hate of mine ) , I Know it is a nice touch to have a English watch maker and I would be proud to show it was made in england but it must be a weird part of me !!! ( I will get my coat lol !)
  12. Rlt Logo / Dial

    thanks mach ! I understand that in a way bill but I want a RLT built by ROY but to my taste after the enjoyment and advice I have had on here over the years no disrespect was intended
  13. Rlt Logo / Dial

    hi guys and gals , I am going to get it touch with Roy about my First RLT watch but before I do has anyone changed or had the logo ( name ) on dial removed or altered I must admit ( my taste ) that is the only thing I don't like about the RLT watches , I think its the ENGLAND bit I don't like ,any thoughts or advice ? regards Norfolk
  14. Which Watch Should I Look For ? Help Needed

    hi rob yes i love a good ole vintage watch i will check out the names you mention and have a look thats what i wanted just different names to search cheers graeme
  15. hi , i wondered if anyone can throw a few ideas to narrow down my searching i want something unusual i have been searching the bay and everywhere but have no idea what name and model i am i looking for ? who makes a watch like this ? :wallbash: ........i am looking for a diver , vintage ,chunky colourful, 40 mm or over ,thicker the better :thumbup: around £200 mark , or i may go over ...............................this not a wanted post more of a information gathering post :russian: kind regards and thankyou in advance , norfolk

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