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  1. rdwiow

    Timex Black Max

    Evening As i know there are avid Timex enthusiasts on here, can I ask you to look at my wanted advert please... Hope somebody may be able to help. Happy New Year to all :-)
  2. rdwiow

    Bulova Sea King £109

    It's arrived, it is big, but wears well and is very comfortable. What a bargain beauty it is :-)
  3. rdwiow

    Bulova Sea King £109

    I am hoping mine will be delivered today as tracking says it is 'out for delivery', bought it using the ebay 20% discount offer they had on the 28th... £87.99 :-) Just hope it is not going to be huge on my wrist.
  4. Went into H Samuel yesterday and bought myself a Seiko SNN231P2, some very good savings at the moment, a lot of watches at 50% discount plus another 10%. Looks as if they are doing the same deals online. Might help someone? R
  5. rdwiow

    Bullhead cheapies

    Was worth an ask ;-) I may just 'risk' it and order from overseas!
  6. rdwiow

    Bullhead cheapies

    Anyone fancy moving one of these on yet?
  7. rdwiow

    Shame- butchered smiths...

    That looks familiar, I have one in the garage that has taken a liking to stopping, so at some point soon mine will be stripped and serviced, hope I don't find anything broken though.
  8. Yes, it is has a Jeco movement, they made a couple of styles, a round and a rectangular (as used by Smiths) this has one of the earlier, better made round movements before they cheapened them.
  9. Just bought this a a non runner, easy fix luckily. But what a banana coloured stunner, it's got it all..... 1970s, tuning fork, flip digital.
  10. rdwiow

    Shame- butchered smiths...

    I'm sure a local glazier would cut you a piece of glass to make it ok again. I have a bakelite Sectric on the wall in the garage, along with a vintage Gents of Leicester, though these clocks were common place a few decades back, I think they have 'character' now and it's nice to preserve and enjoy them.
  11. rdwiow

    Shame- butchered smiths...

    There is a lot of this going on, but to non clock orientated people, it has 'the look' and tells the time, it just bothers people like us!
  12. rdwiow

    Souvenir from Kyoto

    Oh no, not another tuning fork clock, I thought I knew about them all! That is lovely and will now be on the lookout for one of them too. Thanks for sharing
  13. Thank you David for hosting the photo and to Enrico for posting the Solari information. As for the movement, Solari produced the Cifra 3 in a range of movements, mains synchronous, and battery, motor rewound, tuning fork and finally quartz. The tuning fork version has to be my favourite though. The movement uses the resonance of a small electro-mechanically maintained tuning fork as a time base this drives the gear train via a magnetic 'escapement' which in turn drives the number flaps. I have a soft spot for Solari clocks... ask my wife !
  14. rdwiow

    Posting images

    Hi thanks for your reply, I have tried copying the URL and deleting the unnecessary content, but this only opens up my photo bucket account and doesn't just post up the photo within the forum?
  15. rdwiow

    Posting images

    Tried to upload photos from Photobucket, but I don't get the Direct link option there, only the IMG, but this will not put a photo on the forum page? Any ideas?
  16. Pics.. hopefully! I give up! They are over on TZ if you fancy a look, sorry.
  17. Can't seem to get pics to load...
  18. rdwiow

    Tuning Fork Club

    Now that is a cracker, hopefully someone will answer my WTB, I now want one even more!
  19. Thanks guys for your help, I think this may go back in the box for a rainy day as it's really not playing ball :-(
  20. Hi all I am tinkering with an old Timex quartz (balance wheel type), does anyone have a service guide for these? I need to know where the 'regulator' on the hairspring needs to be as it must play some role even though it is not for regulation purposes, as I believe the trimmer on the circuit performs this. Any help appreciated R
  21. It is the Model 63. I was given the watch, the problem i have is that the original owner had been in the back and adjusted the 'amplitude' adjuster in order to regulate it without knowing this was not the regulator. The service manual doesn't say anything about setting the amplitude adjuster, if it has been fiddled with, other than DONT adjust it! I am finding the watch works but the balance amplitude cycles from running ok to nearly stopping. By adjusting the 'amplitude' adjuster I can get it to run more steadily but the amplitude still drops off periodically. I would imagine in the factory they would have used the amplitude adjuster to set the free running balance (not quartz controlled) period to somewhere very close to a zero error rate so that when under quartz control only fine regulation was needed? I assume the impulse from the PCB must coincide with the balance contacts meeting to impulse the balance? So if the 'amplitude' adjuster is wrong then the two events may rarely synchronise. Your thoughts on my thought process would be great Cheers Rob
  22. Thanks for the link, looks just the job.
  23. rdwiow


    It's good to be back!
  24. Cheers for your thoughts Mel :) I should have said this is one of the battery movements. Cheers Rob

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