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  1. What if the watch you'd buy with hindsight wasn't available back in the day?
  2. copies,are you tempted.

    Fake watch equals fake person. Nothing else to say on this. No excuse when you can get a real brand for the same money.
  3. Speedmaster Pro

    +1. I've had a few moon style variants and the original gets my vote too.
  4. Monday's timepieces 11/12/2017.

    Back at work despite the snow. Lot of the wusses have opted to work from home but I have meetings to attend so
  5. Pilots don't use watches.

    Rog, I think you've opened up the can here. No Pilots don't wear Pilots watches but used to. The Rolex GMT was designed for aircrew as were some wartime pieces but not everyone wore one. The current style with white hands and indices on a black dial and onion crown is true to a type but not the only one. Funnily enough, this was designed as a Pilots watch in the 90s so maybe it's just the march of technology ?
  6. Birth year watches

    Problem can be finding one from the exact year unless the original receipt is available. Watches often take a few years to sell after manufacture so does one take the year of manufacturing or when first sold? Took me years to get this right and then lost interest in the whole birth watch thing.
  7. Against the trend

    I have varied tastes which are represented in my collection. When I want to wear something that isn't a diver, pilot, steel dress chronograph or beater I put this on. Longines Flagship rose gold 18k automatic.
  8. Snow in Essex this morning so fancied wearing this
  9. Not a bad week. Went to two Christmas do's. First one was a slightly posh law firms with a jazz band and the other was the usual but last for me team party. Wore the GMT2 to both.
  10. Done a RWP

    The 10% speed tolerance has been the case for 40 years to my knowledge. I was told it was due to the inaccuracy of speedometers and speed guns back in the day. I got done doing 48 in a rural lane that had just been 30 mph restricted the week before. My brother in law got done going to my mother in laws funeral. There's no justice in this world.
  11. What Flieger

    This is true but the 7750 in my IWC is only a base movement with IWC additions. To be honest you need to spend big bucks for an in house IWC movements.
  12. Saturday 9th watches

    Superocean this sunny but cold morning
  13. Get it Off Your Chest.

    Seeing temptation in every watch dealers window. Not having enough money. Having too many but bring unable to sell any. Wondering why so much cash is tied up in watches. Then realising one actually likes ones collection for all its variety and cost so things don't look so bad after all.
  14. What Flieger

    I'm a big fan of my IWC Flieger. I've had two of these and a Steinhart. The latter got flipped as didn't get on with it and then found the IWC. The current one is the 3717 02 on leather as pictured. Not owned a Stowa but understand the quality is good and used IWC Fliegers aren't that expensive. I have seen one of these go for under two grand at auction.
  15. Friday 8th December 2017

    Home early from work and so on with the Rainbow flyback chronograph.

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