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  1. Seiko SPB053J1 arrived today!

    Superb Seiko. If they'd made them like that years ago I might never have lusted after others.... Hope you enjoy it
  2. watches for london

    I agree. I've spent most of my adult life there and have seen it change as well Not really but like all big cities there are all sorts. Main problem with asking directions is finding someone whos lived there long enough
  3. watches for london

    Good point about watches but last time I was in Hackney and Brick Lane there were more signs of wealth than the 2atch I was wearing. Mind you there are other parts of London I'd be wary of including some traditional well off areas like Notting Hill...
  4. watches for london

    Pleased to hear it. Also its Burlington Arcade not Exchange. My mistake so apologies.
  5. watches for london

    King's Cross isn't what it used to be since the station was rebuilt and extended. The cheap day return ladies have gone and so has much of the attendant low life. I've walked round there late at night wearing my IWC Flieger or Rolex GMT with no problem. London is full of Rolex wearers so you should be at home. Watch dealer wise try Austin Kaye in The Strand or the couple in Grays market. Steer clear of Burlington Exchange as the prices are high in my opinion. Hope you have a good trip down.
  6. Chronos without three sub dials

    Here's my Longines Rose Gold two register chronograph. Not my favourite watch to be honest due to the chronograph only measuring 30 minutes but it ticks a box in my collection
  7. Tuesday timepieces

    Working at home today so thought I'd wear the Mako 2 as it hasn't been out of the box for a while.
  8. Lost and Found

    I've done some sessions in my time including some that ended up on mates couches and other similar antics... Always kept my watch on so never lost one so pleased you've been reunited with yours.
  9. Longines Flagship Heritage , 38.5mm

    I have the rose gold chronograph version in this series. Nicely put together watch and a neat size at sub 40mm. I'd recommend it for a dress style watch if this is what is intended D
  10. Lost and Found

    That must have been some Stag night for you to get that lost down the back of the dresser! Congrats on finding it and hope it stays around a bit longer
  11. Putting watches into perspective.

    I inherited all my Dad's watches when he passed away in 2009. For a while I enjoyed wearing them in his honour but eventually got tired of this so sold most of them and bought my own. The watches I treasure more are my mother's 9ct Cyma and my Grandads Smiths Deluxe that he got after 42 years of work. Grief works in funny ways and I can definitely say it took more than 5 years to get over losing both parents.
  12. Blue Monday 19-02-2018

    Here's one of my blue offerings
  13. W.Rn't.U.W thread

    This Tag Aquaracer for some reason. Put a new battery in this year but still only worn it once or twice. Still handy to have a quartz grab and go in the collection though and no slouch of a watch in its own right.

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