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  1. ong

    Like A Diver But Can't Swim ???

    Indeed so the link shows some necessary third world activity or some old photos I've seen before in the earlier days of t'internet. Nice watches though.
  2. ong

    Like A Diver But Can't Swim ???

    Great pics. Those aren't oxygen tanks, they're gas tanks so suggest possible fake news?
  3. ong

    Where do you rate yourself?

    I did vintage before the Rolex phase but now between 8 and 9.
  4. ong

    Tremendous Tuesday Tickers

    Omega SMP coaxial today. Also one DLS from me. I've been wearing this for over a week and haven't even looked in the watch box....
  5. ong

    7s26 ?

    I believe its possible to regulate a Seiko 7S26 movement to achieve better accuracy. The ones I've owned have tended to lose around 15 secs a day. This was OK with me before I discovered Chronometer grade movements and 28 800 vph. After that the 7S26 with its non hacking and comparatively slow vph looked a bit agricultural although I can still see the attraction.
  6. Royal Exchange jeweller on the outside of the Royal Exchange often has an interesting selection. Bank is nearest Tube but if you get off one stop earlier at St Pauls there is Fraser Hart in the New change shopping centre who often have special offers. Also an up market Ernest Jones in Cheapside. In the Royal Exchange itself there is Watchfinder, Bremont and an Omega boutique. Finally there is Watches of Switzerland just up the road from the Royal Exchange jeweller.
  7. Here's my contribution. 1919 Waltham pocket watch in Dennison Rolled gold case. Bought by my maternal Great Grandfather after both his sons returned from WW1. Still winds nicely and keeps reasonable time for a 99 year old watch.
  8. ong

    Fridays Favorites.

    Back from the smoke to the Devon coast where its a bright but breezy day. Omega Seamaster Professional with 2500 coaxial escapement movement today. One of my all time favourite watches.
  9. My new GMT2 has the full set of links and fits nicely. I believe Rolex only supply enough links to deter after sales and ensure a healthy trade in links. Most other brands need a link or two removed to fit.
  10. ong

    WRUW Wednesday..Victory Parade Day

    Up in town today meeting some old friends later so fancied a chronograph for the trip.
  11. Unfortunately this tactic is becoming more prevalent. I had two similar experiences one of which left a particularly bad taste so now no longer buy or sell on eBay.
  12. ong

    Sunday juniors after 1990

    Out in the sun again and still wearing the Superocean. Doesnt appear to have lost a second in three days.
  13. ong

    Opinions on Swiss Watches

    I believe there are many quality watches that aren't Swiss made such as Seiko, Orient, Citizen etc. There are also many other brands that have taken Swiss watch technology and design and made their own watches. As a result much of the Swiss hype is based on history rather than current technology. Of course Rolex have upped their movements and Omega have embraced the Coaxial escapement but surely the winner must be ETA (originally Eterna) whose movements and copies are found all across the watch spectrum. Not to say Swiss is best but its reputation precedez it and is still regarded today.
  14. ong

    Thursday Time Tellers

    Getting a bit more sorted in our new house so dug out the collection and put on the Superocean this morning

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