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  1. I'd love to be able to say, yes it was taken at a depth of around 70metres....but I actually just turned the lights off in the living room.
  2. My old Heuer Night Diver comes alive at night, unsurprisingly...
  3. Mesh Bracelets

    I love a mesh bracelet...other than the big gaps you inevitably get with round case watches. So by far the best mesh I have had was on my Corum Bubble Skeleton... The quality of the bracelet was sublime, and it's the only curved end mesh bracelet I have come across.
  4. The most on repairs.

    Around 6 years ago, I paid STS £1400 for servicing my Omega Megaquartz Stardust, but that price included a N.O.S dial. The watch came back looking like new. Worth every penny.
  5. Friday!

  6. Anyone heard of these?

    Very nice. The Polerouter Sub version is a beauty... The watch in in the picture is not mine, unfortunately.
  7. One of every Speedmaster Limited Edition...just for the hell of it.
  8. Date windows. So many potentially aesthetically perfect watches ruined by totally unnecessary and/or badly executed date windows.

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