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  1. Sunday Seniors (pre-1990)

    I love this dial when the sun is shining...
  2. rolex sea dweller

    I recently sold my full set 16600 for £5k, and I think a good set can still be had for around £5500, so £6500 is a bit chunky. Also, I would say a 16610 Sub wears much nicer on the wrist than the Seadweller, and will also save you a few quid over the SD All my personal opinion of course. Try a few different models on, and then buy the one you like best. Whatever sports Rolex you go for, you won't take a bath on resale so, to repeat myself, buy the one YOU like best.
  3. Thurs 27th July automatics

    This new arrival for me today...
  4. Wed 26th July quartz

    The dreaded drunken night in the pub..."ok guys, who wants to get a helicopter home? I'll call it."
  5. Any fashion brand watch...in case someone I know saw me.
  6. Skeleton Watches

    Love skeletons watches, especially my old Bubble... Also had this very nice Maurice Lacroix Squelette...
  7. I meant Lume is very important to me. Luke? Not so much, sorry mate.
  8. Luke is very important to me, but only on vintage watches, where it must be dead, yellowed Tritium. On modern watches I don't give it a second thought.
  9. Your best watch.

    My Dad's old Speedmaster. Every mark on it was done by him, or more recently me...but definitely mostly him.
  10. What have you two of?

    I had two Big Blocks, although one was DLC'd by Project X, which gave me a Tudor version of a Day/Night... Only have the stainless steel one now though,