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  1. Jocke

    Post Your Seiko Pics

    And these ones I have owned aswell... Wish I would have kept some, atleast the Samurai and the pvd kinetic...
  2. Jocke

    Post Your Seiko Pics

    I've had some Seiko's. These one I still have: And these ones have left: Continues down...
  3. Jocke

    Saturday Cheapie?

    You can have the double from me :naughty:
  4. Jocke

    Saturday Cheapie?

    Wow, wow, wow :jawdrop:
  5. Jocke

    Lets Have Some G-Shock Love

    that is accutally a pretty cool watch. Vert unique :thumbsup:
  6. I'm currently looking for something new to my rather small collection. I've been looking a bit at the Rotary Editions 802 (not everyone's cup of tea I guess but I like the "RM style"): What are you guys opinion about Rotary Editions? Are they wellmade watches for a 100pound or just crap? And if anyone have seen this watch (or own it) please share your thought, pictures and impressions about it :) Thanks in advance
  7. Jocke

    Whats In The Aluminum Box?

    And it's one of the nicest Frogman around. Congrats :thumbsup:
  8. Jocke

    A Little Custard.

    Looks great :thumbsup:
  9. I like it a lot, very nice! Been looking at it through time to times myself. Still never seen a Rotary in real life so never dared to take a chance on one. Make sure to post some pics and your thoughts about it :)
  10. Jocke

    Show Us What You'Ve Bought

    Bought this... Traded it for this... sold it and bought this... and they way things go I will probably sell it and buy something else... Did I mention I'm a flipper :naughty: My goal was to only buy 12 watches this year...yeah right :hammer:
  11. so damn nice HÃ¥kan! Magnus (the modder) really got it right big time :)
  12. LUME! B) would love to know if it's as strong as it appears on the website... can you post a mini-review and some pics when you get it?? - that would be appreciated :) Sure no problemo, hopefully it here before the weekend but doubt Fedex about that Will write some impression and hopefully get some decent pics of it aswell...
  13. I think I said to myself that I was not gonna buy more watches this year last month when something came in, however I traded that immediately for another watch :derisive: And last week I sold a watch and decided with the buyer of that to togheter order two Deep Blue Watches. My choice: (picture loaned from the site) This have to be my last watch for the year, it just has to be :wallbash:
  14. Jocke

    Sunday Oldie Made Before 1990

    Mach, that is just lovely...

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