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  1. watches for london

    My office is by Admiralty Arch. It feels very safe during the day mostly tourists. Couple of rough sleepers in doorways as in most cities. Can't say what it's like at night. Police presence seems pretty high given where it is. Just don't flaunt what you have and be alert. Same as anywhere. Mind you I'm only there once a month.
  2. No interest from me. Never been a fan of thought leadership.
  3. He wasn't a fan of Germans, 8th army during the war. Funniest thing I saw was during summer holidays when a German couple on a French beach in the 1980's, same age group, accused him of taking a sun hat. All kicked off just like the war had never ended
  4. He had an interesting life by the sounds of it. That Junkers cockpit reminds me of my grandfather's greenhouse. good post
  5. Watch reliability

    Are Tudor better or worse for reliability than Rolex? Is there a watch league table capturing post sale issues for watches. As you've raised it, is it even true that people buy Tudor because they can't afford a Rolex. Would it not be true then that all watches purchased at a cost less than a Rolex are all for the same reason. I feel sorry for anyone that doesn't buy a top of the range anything because they always get the "couldn't afford the next one up" or "poor mans" argument. Porsche boxster owners spring to mind. I remember a conversation when I was young, boy my age who's dad had a Rover VP commented that a Vauxhall Cavalier was a poor man's Rover Following this logic people buy Rolex because they can't afford <<insert more expensive watch brand name>>.......and so it goes on. If anyone has a link to a JD Power type customer watch brand satisfaction table that would be pretty interesting.
  6. Understood. I was lucky when I pulled trigger on my auto from Goldsmiths @ £630 before Christmas
  7. Congrats on the 1k posts. I saw you sold the two tone victorinox because you were buying the above but not seen a pic before now. Out of interest did you consider black and gold or did it have to be blue for you? Nice watch. OP I only have the Longines so I'm biased.
  8. Your Favourite Perfume or Fragrance

    Don't forget this download by David Wren, on Flickr
  9. A pity really

    Is that Norman Lamont's watch of choice
  10. I can't understand this...

    Ask him for the time.
  11. A pity really

    Good to hear you are undamaged. You are right in that the clock work engine of a watch is beautiful in its own right even it it no longer sits in a watch. Shame they are mostly hidden from sight in many cases. No pun intended.
  12. Swiss Military in court.

    Seems fair enough so many jumping on the "Swiss army" bandwagon. It's getting a bit confusing. Maybe the Swiss army should assign a warrant to clear this up.
  13. WIS on the way.

    Does he have any strong inklings or simply happy to receive freebies?
  14. Seiko Turtle PADI

    Is the dial unique to this watch or shared with other offerings from Seiko?
  15. Burei Sale Watch

    Looks nice adorning such an elegant wrist.

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