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  1. Nato... whats the appeal.

    I quite like 1 and 3
  2. First snow of this winter

    They can
  3. Seiko Overload

    Can you imagine the excitement each morning (perhaps not so much if you know what's in em)
  4. Seiko Overload

    Advent calendar?
  5. Lesson learned

    Don't know why NK doesn't just build a giant set of watch kit tweezers. Mine manage to launch objects incredible distances.
  6. Harrods Tudor Black bay

    Hmm green. Looks nice. Prefer the strap on the pelagos this one reminds me of an engine timing chain, can't see any beauty in it. The case is lovely though.
  7. First snow of this winter

    Yep, sort of makes sense.
  8. First snow of this winter

    Is it winter yet? Starts 21st December
  9. Alpina arrived today

    Shame about the strap but looks a lovely watch. Are you going to ask them to sort the strap out or was it sold on that basis?
  10. Brand pronunciation

    Viz always has the answers
  11. Brand pronunciation

    Same with wine I spent sometime pronouncing the S on the end of Macon Villages until a friend advised differently. I always think of Del Boy at times like this (Lon-jeen)
  12. New Seiko Divers

    Looks good, clean design and I like the blue.
  13. So sad. RIP Bob Sheruncle

    Saw a few of his posts, seemed to be a good guy, RIP Bob.
  14. Bolsover Castle by Drone in 4K

    Looks good. I have a dji phantom 3 standard under the tree. Not up-to whatever you have but looking forward to experimenting.
  15. Longines Hydroconquest & Conquest

    Below pic isn't great or of the blue face but shows it's really tough to get the light to dance on this face. Look between 4 and 5 and around 11, It's no Mako. Watch is a little dirty. IMG_0462 by David Wren, on Flickr

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