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  1. frogspawn

    MG Commemorative Chronograph

    Sorry, don't like the watch any more than I like the car - that is not the real 8DBL, well not as it was then or now. Late 70s updates for racing, such a shame as the B in original form is a lot prettier and goes rather well.
  2. frogspawn

    Does your other half like watches?

    Rarely wears one because it gives her a wrist tan line or something, occasionally complains about my hummers but borrows a georg jensen, cannot see the difference between a speedy pro and a DeLuca, so no interest in watches (and keeps poor time).
  3. frogspawn

    Black stain on skin from metal watch strap

    Possibly dirt leaching out of the bracelet due to sweat, wash the bracelet in hot water with plenty of washing up liquid.
  4. frogspawn

    Watches to disagree on.

    Ummmm, i'm not at all fond of Rolex....sorry... don't like E types either. But it would be no fun if we all liked the same things...
  5. frogspawn

    What Are You Listening To

    Blondie - Polinator, not sure about it..
  6. frogspawn

    Bet nobody replies

    Buy dear sell cheap seems to work for me
  7. Did you get to pay for the band? Remember one coffee = cappuccino Two coffees = cappuccini Free Italian lessons from the waiters...
  8. Found this in the watch box this morning, seems to have slipped my memory for some time
  9. frogspawn

    any bikers here?

    Now an ex biker when i realised the bike was quicker than i was, still hanker after one, living near Ashford means a Norman would be nice. The list is long: Honda CB200 Suzuki 250A Suzuki 380 Laverda Jarama Laverda Jota Ducati 900ss Bevel Panther 650 single (ankle breaker) Ducati 900GTS Guzzi LeMans 2 - looked like a mk1, 1000cc and very trick, god i miss that.
  10. frogspawn

    Why the vintage snobbery

    I think someone needs another chip to match the one he has. I prefer vintage to the rather garish make up of most moderns but that is my choice and i don't hold a love of moderns against anyone. I do have a few moderns - IWC, paneri and love them for what they are. Next argument - define vintage , classic and modern...
  11. Our beer is infinitely better than your gnats p-----, its an British forum, although foreigners are more than welcome, if you don't like our ways have a tea party (but be warned we will be back to collect the taxes you owe)
  12. frogspawn

    Which one?

    no none no no
  13. frogspawn

    When to wear a diver

    Noooooooooooooo, see post above yours

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