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  1. Now an ex biker when i realised the bike was quicker than i was, still hanker after one, living near Ashford means a Norman would be nice. The list is long: Honda CB200 Suzuki 250A Suzuki 380 Laverda Jarama Laverda Jota Ducati 900ss Bevel Panther 650 single (ankle breaker) Ducati 900GTS Guzzi LeMans 2 - looked like a mk1, 1000cc and very trick, god i miss that.
  2. I think someone needs another chip to match the one he has. I prefer vintage to the rather garish make up of most moderns but that is my choice and i don't hold a love of moderns against anyone. I do have a few moderns - IWC, paneri and love them for what they are. Next argument - define vintage , classic and modern...
  3. Our beer is infinitely better than your gnats p-----, its an British forum, although foreigners are more than welcome, if you don't like our ways have a tea party (but be warned we will be back to collect the taxes you owe)
  4. no none no no
  5. Noooooooooooooo, see post above yours
  6. Ummm sorry not had a timex since i was about 11, which was a very long time ago...
  7. When I went through my hummer phase I had about 15 in a case on the bedroom chest drawers, it kept my wife awake - she could hear them but didn't know what the noise was, had to move them eventually...
  8. Try No10 its IWC
  9. Ups - the Who at the RAH, restored my faith in old groups - Daltreys "f*** it lets rock" made everyone's day. Downs, none this week, although going back to fly fishing could cause problems in the next few months...
  10. Hoping this thread is tongue in cheek?? Look on the serious side, a lot of "hobbies" are suffering a lack of younger members because they can't afford the toys or are just not interested - classic car youngsters anyone. without the youngsters our hobbies will die and you will have no one to sell your Rolex to when your eyes fail and you need a watch with BIG numbers. Love and stuff from David, 59 and a grumpy old man with the best of them.
  11. After 42 years with the same company I got a small framed picture of my last ship signed by the other officers, nothing from head office.
  12. Just a Zenith at the moment, will not be posting a piccy...
  13. This one by a long shot: Although this is quite nice And so is this