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  1. Just arrived...'The Great Blue'.

    That's just great Roger, now I have another Seiko to lust after!
  2. Nice gesture! I like the colour of the Astbury.
  3. How long is acceptable

    I don't like to wait, but there is absolutely no excuse for 9 years!!!
  4. a tip ive heard

    Generally, if an idea seems to be too easy or too good to be true, then it usually is.... I too would be concerned about what it might do to the dial, lume etc...
  5. Omega last man on the moon LE

    I would likely prefer a black dial/bezel and no Apollo but what a gorgeous watch!
  6. Professional Quartz Diver Brands

    Hi John, You could check out the ST. MORITZ MOMENTUM M1 TORPEDO PRO - Nice watch with crown at 4. I have an older model ST. MORITZ before they changed to MOMENTUM. I've worn mine constantly for years and have never had an issue.
  7. Longines Lindbergh

    Great! Now I have drool on my keyboard!
  8. This made me laugh

    Agree with @Daveyboyz best to tell him sooner in case something can still be done.
  9. Well put @BlueKnight and thank you for your former service!
  10. Nice unique watch complete with the RCMP Police crest @BlueKnight & pictured alongside the standard issue RCMP sidearm. Thanks for sharing. No need for the insulting Sad Is this a watch forum or Gun Nuts 'R' Us? If you need to compensate for something lacking, see a doctor remark!
  11. Hi @Perlative Cernometer, Not exactly, just the 3.
  12. My Watches competition? = My Kids, Clocks, Scuba Diving, Cycling & Fishing. My Kids = Though having blown past 65 recently, I have 3 kids who I love dearly! They are 15, 13 & 10. Clocks = I have far too many... I think it is 7 tall-cases including a master clocking in tall case, half a dozen regulators, maybe half dozen or more Zaandams, various cuckoos, numerous Black forest wag on the wa' clocks, mantel clocks wall clocks, countless parts tools cases dials movements etc. And oh yeah, anyone need to time any pigeons? And no, I am not a watch or clock maker... Scuba = I gave up cold water diving so now only dive the rare times I get somewhere tropical Cycling = got to get back to cycling, gained about 2 stone 12 (40lbs for you non Brits) since my last PAINFUL crash. Fishing = Don't get fishing much any more either... It's a 2 hour drive to where I wade into the river to fish for Salmon & the last 2 times I went, after maybe 8-10 hours wading up to hip deep in heavy water I fell asleep driving home. Went off the road both times, luckily I didn't hit anything & managed to get back on the road but now I don't go any more until I can find a fishing partner...GOD I MISS FISHING! Watches = Oh yes, don't even get me started on watches... Help?...
  13. Timex Red Nebula Electronic

    Love the dial on the quartz. Unfortunately, they are cracks on my Caravelle crystal so I will have to find a new one.
  14. Nice basic Rolex Sub or Omega Spacemaster Just dreamin...
  15. I once forgot to change to my Seiko 6105 (Apocalypse Now) instead of using my 6139 Pogue before going to the pool, & had no issues. Ergo, I began using the 6139 to time my laps in the pool for a few years. However, I finally used the Pogue one too many times in the pool... & then didn't dry it out soon enough. A rather expensive error in judgement....

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