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  1. Guz

    Seiko SARB 033

    ^^^^ That's lovely.. I always fancied the SARB033 but the 38mm dia put me off, even though I have a 7 inch wrist I prefer bigger watches. Saying that I've never seen the SARB033 in the flesh, so it may wear fine.
  2. Guz

    Hello from a new member

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service Love that Tudor
  3. Guz

    Fortis F-43 Jump Hour Limited Edition Wristwatch

    Great write up, thank you. Never seen it before but always been fascinated with jump hours but have never taken the plunge. I also prefer the Black Dial version for the reasons you mention. Cheers
  4. Good luck, sounds great & challenging !! I hate running but do it 3 times can per week, I've had a 2 month lay off with non related injuries.. Im a jogger really at 43, and have only ever done 2 half marathons, one flat, the other very hilly 1hr 46 mins so pretty happy with not, although not spectacular by running standards. I just try to enjoy the scenery and chat with others. Oh and a top runner friend advised me to start easy and finish strong.. I do this and it's great as you get to pass people in the last few miles, this keeps me inteterested. Nothing worse than fading away and being on your own :-( Good luck ;-)
  5. Guz


    Great to have you on the forum Really looking forward to see some lovely ideas
  6. Guz

    Laid up for the past week

    Get well soon sir
  7. Guz

    Forum Server

    Nice work, I was getting withdrawal symptoms ðŸ‘
  8. Guz

    New(Ish) Arrival

    I like that :-) a nice touch of colour and look likes it's built to last !
  9. Guz

    Show Us Yer Pumpkins

    Great work sir í ½í¸í ½í±í ¼í¾†
  10. Guz

    Full Stops

    I truly sympathize with you. If your nephew had a physical disability that stupid people could actually see he would probably have got more support. People can be all too quick to dismiss something they cannot understand. It makes me wonder how many great minds have been wasted due to the inability to see through mentaly based difficulties. I wish you and you nephew all the very best for the future. Many thanks for your kind words,they are very much appreciated.
  11. Guz

    Full Stops

    I sincerely never find grammar threads one bit amusing, I know, I'm getting old ! They always remind me of how hard my nephew struggled throughout his life with being dyslexic; he's now 27. I particularly remember my fury with his primary school dismissing him as being stupid. He also had to drop out of college due to being unable to keep up with written coursework on his mechanics course. You should see him rebuild engines, very very good ! Just maybe the people who don't use perfect grammar also suffer from dyslexia. I use the forums to chill ! Peace to you all.
  12. Guz


    A very warm welcome to ya !
  13. Guz

    A Note From Yorkshire

    A very warm welcome to ya !
  14. And relax...............was a no brainer really :stop: :lol:
  15. I'm honestly allergic to it and there are only a few I can drink. I only discovered this in my 30's and would have battled through sessions and serious hangovers all through my teenage years, 20's & 30's. My preference at home is max 5 cans of Fosters or Corrs Light, followed by a small whiskey, which has to be straight to fully appreciate the produce. Out at the pub its as many Guinness as I can handle, which is about 6 spread over about 4 hours. Then home, I also have to drink at least a pint of water along the way. I also have to start off really slowly to avoid shocking my system.

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