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  1. Heads down......Michael Kors.

    It's very gold but does look good as it's a large watch. It's a nice but of bling I say lol
  2. Heads down......Michael Kors.

    I've had a few michael kors and I have been extremely pleased with the quality of all of them
  3. Heads up - Bulova at Argos

    All gone locally, thanks for the heads up though
  4. Car Clock or Watch.

    Car clock for me almost always although it's never at the right time lol
  5. Heads Up.....this is a steal

    Great price, if only I had the spare cash at the moment
  6. my disapproval of "fashion" brands....

    Which model is it as I have had a couple of Super dry watches and to be fair they are fairly decent if you didn't pay the full RRP?
  7. A short thread.....Timex Divers !

    Surprisingly still look very similar to today's models
  8. A short thread.....Timex Divers !

    Back to the future style, never seen a watch from 20011
  9. stiff bezels

    I used a few drops of wd40 on the end of a pin before and it worked a treat, just don't spray it on lol
  10. Too tight, too loose or just right?

    Always slightly loose for me, hate anything straggling my wrist
  11. Big 60 for Caller

    Congrats on the big 60
  12. I like American knives, spyderco and leatherman are well made. I quite fancied a Chrysler 300c before but not yet had one. Not had any experience of an American watch yet
  13. Wednesday quartz

  14. Wednesday, whatever the @#*$ you'd like day!

    Giving this a run out today before someone hopefully snaps it up from the sales corner before I change my mind
  15. Divex

    Thank you, glad you like it

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