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  1. I have a mars bar and a nice pair of socks if your interested in a trade
  2. Love that Casio, Squale isn't to shabby either
  3. Great gesture No 52 for me please
  4. Love that seiko I must admit
  5. Must admit I do like a nice meal out at least once a week, if we don't get chance its a takeaway
  6. Haha sorry buddy but you know it makes sense. Its actually the green canvas strapped model thats £89.99 but its the same watch apart from it doesnt have a screw down crown
  7. Great watch and very generous of Des
  8. Argos have that on sale for £89.99 at the moment
  9. Very nice, we dont get that model here in the UK sadly. I have a 2009 Is250, nice e bit of kit but always wished I had gone got the GS300 as it's just a bit more luxurious with more space for the little ones
  10. Is that a Lexus Es 350 you have there? Good choice
  11. Looks great, wear in good health
  12. Same happened to us yesterday with a parcel that was ordered, had an email off them at around 8am saying it was despatched and it arrived at 5pm Hope the seiko is nice, looking forward to the pics
  13. Lovely dial
  14. Sorry to hear about problems you have been having, takes all the fun out of watch collecting when these things happen. Hope you guys sort it out and all ends well
  15. Good advice there