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  1. I'm an optical laboratory technician and since receiving this from Davey P it hasn't left my wrist so I would have to say this at the moment
  2. Well done it looks great, I saw that when it was first listed but didn't have the spare funds unfortunately or fortunately in your case
  3. Hey Roger, awesome at least it's stayed in the Forum Family Brill that's awesome, I wore it today it wears really nicely.
  4. Congrats, looks great
  5. Fantastic dial, bet that will look stunning in the day light
  6. Now claimed by Mr Levity, hope you like it
  7. Hi Carl.

    Has the (slightly odd) watch been claimed yet? It looks very interesting !

     I'd love to give it some wrist time.




  8. Pay the extra and get the Amphibian I have owned a few ruskies from both models and prefer the amphibian as its all stainless steel which is worth the extra alone
  9. Well after such a nice gesture and a great Ted Baker watch arriving from the lucky Davey P I thought it's only in good nature of the forum if I put something up so here is my offering. Its a lovely watch I received with another one I bought from Wrench and I'm sure it won't mind going to another good home as I haven't got round to wearing it yet. Its a one handed Hayuxi watch on a nice quality NATO with matching gold keepers. Keeps perfect time and is a great conversation starter I imagine Sorry but only open to anyone with more than 50 posts, if you want it just drop me a PM and i will pop it in the post to you asap
  10. A lot more members on here have more unworn watches than I thought there would be
  11. Sounds interesting, be good to see em buddy
  12. Yeah I know exactly what you mean lol. What nice pens do you have? I pretty much sold all my collection to start again so looking forward to hunting on ebay again
  13. Some of you guys must have huge collections I have never had any more than about 4 at one time to pick from Suppose it makes my life easier lol
  14. I bet you was gutted loosing one of those within the first week
  15. Haha it does sound a bit daft but you may be surprised how many people buy items just to own them but never use them. I think if I was ever lucky enough to inherit or buy a Patek it would live in its box