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  1. Nice lump of watch that
  2. Nice accurst Always Watching. Well sadly I didn't make the watch fair as the 710 wanted to go into the Bullring BUT I did pop into H Samuel and pick up a nice Citizen Royal Marines Titanium with Sapphire crystal. I must say its a beauty, great size for my smaller sized first and a nice weight to, added bonus of 300m and screw down crown. I will pop on some pics tomorrow but lets just say at £299 I think thats my watch buying well and truly done with now for a while but I'm happy
  3. Sub seconds for me also is preferred
  4. Thanks for the info, longines and Omega hummers are ones that I overlooked. I will have to have a scroll through ebay this morning get some ideas.
  5. Cheers guys, I was thinking maybe a vintage Omega or similar I would be happy with a dynamic or geneva as I think Seamsters are to pricey now. Any others I should keep an eye out for as vintage watches are new to me?
  6. May be there depending if I'm allowed
  7. I am currently saving for a nice purchase in the next few months, looking to spend around £250 max but I'm torn between vintage or modern. Would I get a vintage watch in that price range in good working order. I am open to any style but nothing older than 60's modes really or shall I just stick to the modern reliable stuff, any input welcome?
  8. I must admit that Armani is pretty cool
  9. I always wondered if when you guys bought a watch you thought about what it could go with in your wardrobe or just bought it regardless
  10. Just having a browse around different watch shops earlier and noticed at least 50% of watches sold now are fashion brands. When you are shopping for a new watch do you buy it as a piece of jewellery or do you like it to match the style of clothes you wear most days?
  11. This beauty today, hasn't been off my wrist since getting it
  12. Fantastic watch and a great box to boot, enjoy
  13. Thanks buddy. I got rid in the end as it was just a tad to big for me sadly due to my skinny wrists. You still got yours?
  14. Picked up a Vostok earlier from brummie1875 and it's fantastic, very happy indeed it will be a great tool watch for everyday use especially for work while I save up for something else. Here is a quick pic of it when i got back please ignore the fingerprints and smudge marks, can't wait to give it a try out tomorrow. Huge thanks to brummie1875 for a great watch, true gentleman to deal with