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  1. Friday!
    This arrived yesterday so I need to give it a good few days bonding time. Should not be too difficult...

  2. Raffles
    Seiko Raffle
    Great prizes again @Roy hopefully you make some funds on this one, should be good as MPD falls before the 16 days left to run. 
    If you have to cancel just add mine to fund pot please. 

  3. Test Catagory
    I'm thinking about installing this new addon,
    Before I spend money on something that wont be used, please could I have your opinions :
    Bookmarks is an easy and convenient way to save and bookmark content that you want to find later:
    Want to save a long topic for later reading? Don't want to lose your spot in an interesting topic? Need to mark something for moderator review?   Curious about other people's favorite bookmarks?   Bookmarks by saves you the hassle of rummaging through multiple pages, searching, and navigating to find that one post you wanted to later review.  
    With one click, you can save any post as a bookmark.  It offers a convenient way to compile, store, and organise your most favourite posts from around the community into your own set of bookmarks.

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