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  1. I'll look into it, have you enabled it in the notifications classified section?
  2. First place has been claimed so can @Robin S please PM me with which two of these three watches you would like
  3. The draw order was 31 19 8 The competition stated first number drawn so this is the order. 1st Place @Shoughie0 2nd Place @Robin S 3rd Place @Leberkäse @Shoughie0 please contact me to let me know which three watches you would like.
  4. Thank you for everyone for the kind comments, The prize draw will be based on tonight's National Lottery draw so keep an eye out for your numbers and good luck!
  5. A new forum section has been set up for Honour's (AlwaysWatching) brilliant detailed topics. I encourage members to read some of these as Honour puts a lot of work and detail into them and they are brilliant contributions to the forum
  6. I've added No 20 for you, entry is now closed, that's why you couldn't add a new record
  7. This is a Tapatalk issue it cannot deal with the classifieds.
  8. The chatroom will be removed on the 1st May as IPS, the software creators are no longer continuing with it.
  9. So sorry for the delay on this, had a death in the family. We will do it on next Saturday's national lottery. 15th April Prizes are as follows, with the winner haviung first choice of three watches, 2nd place two of the remaining three watches and the final watch left to third place, The prizes are : Accurist Minute repeater. Sekonda 3252 Acctim Radio controlled talking watch Lorus Sports Military Style Acctim Radio Controlled Good Luck
  10. There are no errors with the Gallery at this end,
  11. No that takes 5 minutes, I've got someone in hospital
  12. This seems to be Tapatalks side, there is no option for me to change it but I will look into it
  13. Sorry I've got a lot on this week, will sort this out in a few days
  14. Just post normal direct image links without the Instagram stuff, direct image ending in .jpg, obviously a problem at their end. No one else uses this method and to be honest I don't like it either.