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  1. New nature quiz added.

    We might risk threats from the RSPCA if we had one of those
  2. New nature quiz added.

    Guessed every one, got one right, I know nowt about nature
  3. Raffles

    Brill just done one and it automatically posted in the forum
  4. View this goveaway Raffle for a brand new 18mm Rubber Strap Raffle for a brand new 18mm Tropic Style Rubber Strap Submitter Roy Expiration Date 2 days and 4 hours Submitted 23/06/17 Category Giveaways  
  5. Roger, you just need to click on Manage prizes and add one
  6. I've made it so that when a new raffle is entered it posts a topic directly into the Giveaway forums, this will only happen on new Giveaways not existing ones, from now on
  7. When doing a raffle you must set it to a Giveaway when entering it, I have changed this as a Raffle is a paid system and won't be implemented yet. When you have entered what the Giveaway is about you then save and have to enter the prizes, this is the bit that you have not done so go back to it and click on Manage Prizes and enter what the prize is. I have not done this as I thought it would be better for you to learn how to do it, let me know if you cannot work it out. It is easy once you have learned how to do it The first time you add one is going to be a bit difficult to grasp but I'm always here to help and it would be great if more people give it a try
  8. Mrs Mel and the "Supervet"

    I wish her a quick recovery Mel
  9. You just go to the raffles section and then click on the giveaways catagories then click on start a new raffle. Enter the details filling in the form, save it and then add the prizes.
  10. Tapatalk are working on an update.
  11. I Can Source Any Watch You Want

    Dylan, joining a forum to promote your website is going to get you absolutely no where. I do not understand why people like yourself try to take advantage of this forums membership and myself. Do you think keeping a forum like this going costs nothing? Why do you think you can get free advertising? When I see a banner on your site for The Watch Forum then I will have a rethink, until then I suggest you either join in the forums discussions as a watch enthusiast or do one because posts like this will not be tolerated.
  12. I've just put another one up, win this brand new, boxed all steel quartz watch. Don't tell @Davey P, damn I just have