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  1. Dial removal...I'm stuck...

    These holes are case screw holes, used for securing the movement to a case if necessary. The dial screws are are on the side of the movement in tiny recessed holes. They do not require removing just turn them a little to release the dial.
  2. This is Strange.....

    Roger, you have onewatchitus, an illness described by professionals as "Wearing the same watch for more than 14 days in a row", there is no known cure but it has been reported in some cases that browsing Amazon, and buying a new watch, can take away the symptoms for a short while.
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  6. Roamer 612 searock

    I do not have the bezel just the movement and back case so after you have pushed on the crystal to release the bezel, you should have this : Next pull off the crown from the two part stem, this may take a little force. The crystal and inner ring should be able to be lifted off with your fingernail, they won't be tight. The movement should now drop out of the case back.
  7. Roamer 612 searock

    If you hold the gold plated case between your fingers then push on the crystal, the crystal and steel case will come away from the bezel. Then stem is a two piece and can be pulled out with a little force. The the crystal can be removed and the movement will just fall out of the steel retaining case. I can show with pictures tomorrow.
  8. This shouldn't happen, the pic images are static so I can't explain this, are you using the method that Roger has described above?
  9. This should now be working again, can those that use it please confirm, thank you.
  10. Tapatalk

    I've got it working again
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