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  1. Roy

    Scaling of gallery pics.

    I'm still working on it
  2. This could be the hosting site changing the dynamic link to the original image or only allowing sharing for a set amount of time. The image links are wrong and not direct links to the image but to Postimage's hosting page. Below is a direct link to the image and should be static.
  3. Roy

    Scaling of gallery pics.

    I think I've fixed this now, all the images should be re-building in the background and hopefully show the correct size soon.
  4. Roy

    Is Tapatalk broke?

    It is broke and we are working on it.
  5. They are in stock here : https://www.seriouswatches.com/collections/spinnaker
  6. I quite like these new Spinnaker models,
  7. Raffle Winners Ullevi Gallery Member Points 1 Content count 1,608 Details from Prize 1 Find Content  
  8. Roy

    Is it just me?.....

    I think it’s fixed now anyway
  9. Roy

    Is it just me?.....

    This should now be fixed. Any faster?
  10. I'm still trying to fix this.
  11. Roy

    Post display

    I don’t know yet, I’m still looking at it. Some wrong code is being inserted.
  12. Roy

    WWW (Wednesday Wrist Wear)

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