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  1. I was in a caravan in Reighton last summer but that's a different story Welcome to the forum Gordo
  2. Fine silver is pure silver, well 99.9% It also does not tarnish as there is no copper in it unlike sterling silver 92.5%, however this does make it softer.
  3. I've bought a few on impulse and had to send them back due to the size, however I think this one is perfect, a classic and a keeper for me.
  4. I would and never will let the crystal be the deciding factor on a watch purchase, where do you stop. Seiko spring bars are the thickest and strongest so I'm never buying an Omega that has inferior bars, I'm saying nowt else on the subject
  5. It's easily done, some sapphire and mineral crystals are brittle, sapphire I have found to be easier to break on removal and fitting, obviously not the thick divers ones before it starts another debate.
  6. Never shattered any crystal whilst wearing a watch be it acrylic, sapphire, hardlex or sapphire. Have shattered all whilst removing or fitting though.
  7. Oh no, not another new crystal type sorry Damo
  8. Well Damo, looks great, you beat me to it
  9. This argument has been going on for over ten years. As has been said each have their own merits. If I like a watch then I would not be put off by the crystal. If I scratch a hardlex crystal then it's a few pounds to replace. I'm not really bothered about sapphire but I'm from an age where nearly all watches had acrylic crystals. Even then I wasn't bothered. I agree that sapphire crystals on some watches are great but it's nothing to be hung up about. I personally think that a domed acrylic crystal has more soul than a modern sapphire ever will. Just my personal opinion of course but I'm old school
  10. These two always stand out as different
  11. Shall I edit it while he's asleep and put 2000 onto the hardlex poll only joking
  12. Sorry Danny never used Instragram however there is a clear button in this editor, it is the last one. Not entirely sure if that is what you mean. As for the daily wearing threads it is up to the members, I've never had any say in these nor would I wish to.
  13. The Mm300 above is hand made by Seiko and has a Grand Seiko movement, still hardlex though
  14. Not all crystals have to be sapphire, acrylic and mineral have their plus points too. Mineral is also better in divers watches as it does not shatter like sapphire does.