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    Happy 1st of May to everyone:
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    My current fave, but I do have two nice newbies waiting for me when I get home too.
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    Full-size Omega SMP Automatic And a memory for May day
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    Rotary Rotamatic Les Originales.
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    seriously folks thats me starting 2 in a row now get yer asses oot a bed like this is my other gshock - 5610 with combi bracelet and oem bars. thankfully I didn't have this way back in the day or I never would have bothered with any other horology
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    Hello It was on yesterday afternoon (bit of lume ) still on so same picture Have a good one all Seiko Orange Monster 1sy MAY 2018 by sulie preece, on Flickr You "just" beat me today LOL ...
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    Been moving house and lots of jobs to do so been wearing this for the last week.
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    Blue like the sky today
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    As the new business really ramps up, I've gone back to an Apple Watch. Just so much to do! Handy with reminders and stuff.
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    Gorgeous! and, please don't jump . . . . .
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    A square day today
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    I'm pretty sure I have a contender... I'll admit it was very late at night and I had taken an Ambien 20 minutes before (10 minutes is about my window). Decided to jump on the computer and look at the "auctions closing now" on eBay and that is literally, the last thing I remember. I go out to the mail box a few days later and there is a package in there. I'm scratching my head and trying to think what it could possibly be... Because just one pix of a POS is never enough... As It turns out... it was my first moon watch!!
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    Maybe all just too ugly to use an actual picture! As you you can see .. so am I!
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    It’s about time that I added a Seiko to my collection, so Birthday Bunny was kind enough to bring me this made in Japan Seiko SARY055, calibre 4R36, 24 jewels. The first of many Seikos?
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    Try tapping it gently with a hammer. If that does work, try tapping it a bit harder. You'll soon dislodge the speck and even if you can't, either way give yourself something else to worry about. Works for me every time Time for my lie down now.
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    Got to be honest - the quartz ones do nowt for me, but that Ball is really nice. I was tempted by a Ball a while ago, but had largely forgotten about that... this could be expensive!
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    Hate to say... not my project and not LED's but electronics are my background (worked for HP for 30+ years). Searched these for quite some time. A Nixie clock. I wanted the biggest and baddest tubes made (IN-18's). Was going to get a kit but this showed up all assembled with the NIXIE's, case, converter..., everything! That was cheaper than me putting it all together (not cheap by any stretch!). I couldn' resist. Makes the nicest glow at night! The wife even loves it... (Hope I didn't hijack her thread)
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    The position of the date window is more cause for concern I would think
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    Camera phone pics??? OK... Later, William
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    Been very impressive with the latest "5" with 24j movement......Bob.
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