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    U2 Blue for me today and having just downloaded some older pics, I found I have finally been able to capture the creaminess of the 'white' markers and hands. I've read of others describing them as creamy, but so damn hard to capture. They really help bring the watch alive. The 2nd pic shows how they normally appear. Pity the bezel is slightly off centre!
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    My newest watch in age terms, getting a lot of wrist time at the moment.
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    Rolex submariner from 2001this morning.
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    The old Ratt for now a rare outing.
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    Just arrived from Ebay Hammy 041330 Khaki Auto 42mm. It's a bit of a stunner! I had a moment of fear, checking it was real, but I'm reassured. As it's a display back, I can see it's definitely a 2824-2 ticking away in there, not anything moody. Phew!
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    Testing this today. Circa 1959 methinks @mach 0.0013137 may be able to confirm, as I am just going from the dial logo (otherwise I would think later)
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    Last work day of the week for me, looking forward to 19:00
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    Helvetia Beatmaster this morning Circa 1970's
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    Getting this one out once more, ColaReb blue leather strap again... Strap really, really matches the blue of the hands, I just can't pick it up on the camera. J
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    Trying my best to like this watch...know what I mean?
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    3 items I'm excited about... Notice, pictures not mine. From website.
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    This Omega Geneve automatic today.
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    Displayed my Viper at the London Classic car show last week
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    A couple of 6498s for me... STOWA `Marine` & RLT-17, Unitas cal.6498 17 jewels.
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    Haven't done one of these for a bit so here goes All keepers for their own reasons too ;)
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    As you know based on my observations of the logo styles Services used over the years they were in production I came up with this chart... So I`m happy with your date of circa 1959, btw here`s mine complete with nos case & winder courtesy of Steve Burrage ServiceS CALENDER 17 Jewels, circa late 1950s. I`m not actually wearing it at the moment having just got up
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    Saving the new arrival for later, this for a family meet-up this afternoon
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    Slip on shoes were invented for a reason.
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    Put the services down for now and am trying this sturmanskie. It stops when the chrono is activated, so will need a service. I might keep it for my eventual chronograph BHI course (probably two years away!)
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