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    So I always seem to finish of the year with a sotc and this year is no different I will do it slightly different this year and let the picture do the talking thanks every one who has sold me a watch or purchased a watch and given me great advise and thanks to Roy and last and most important a huge thanks to everyone for their charity donations to my fundraiser we managed to reach £1008 well done everybody
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    Bought through the Sales section, a big thank you to It'Salivejim and, of course, Roy :-) At 40mm bezel diameter it is the biggest watch I own and I was a bit worried that I would be swamped by it. However, the strap is actually remarkably comfortable and seems to flow off the lugs beautifully, in such a way that it wears smaller than one would think. Im also loving the "Root Beer" colour; having only seem this in pictures I did not appreciate how great it really looks! Not too garish or in your face, just refined, subtle and a refreshing change from blacks and blues! Im going to experiemnt with a few leather straps I have, see if I can marry the colours... J
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    Looks who's coming for Christmas dinner this year. Heuer 1611 (7765) 'Frenchie'.
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    just finished work , and just got to open this, my youngest is 23 and asked me to get him his first quality? watch, wanted a semi dress but casual use watch, so proud he asked me and is taking a interest! I got this for him , got to be wrapped to send to santa , but I had to check it out first dint I ? !! think its a suitable first step? ( the watch not the picture or bike !) deano
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    Last Christmas, I sold a Steinhart, but the very next day it was on ebay. This year, to save me from tears, I'm selling on classified adverts...
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    I was really touched to find I had 25 responses on my little "going away" post. Many thanks for such kindness! My hospital stay was a bit longer than I anticipated but I am now finally back home and raring to go with ideas for topics and Watch Forum activity. It's great to be able to actually log on to forum again after two and a half weeks in hospital and it is so nice to feel that I have not been forgotten altogether by the members in my absence. This is a great place to be. Happy Christmas to you all!
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    It`s another dreich day up here so I`m hanging out with this pair of divers again... CITIZEN BN0151-09L, DIVERS 200m & apeKS AP0406-6, PROFESSIONAL 500M, Seiko cal.VX 42.
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    Its a Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmming day LOL
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    As my head is spinning from all this quartz thingy today, my thoughts turned to 'proper' watches Like to share the latest addition to my Record group, courtesy of @WRENCH's very worthy fund raiser. Early 70's Record Deluxe, Record/Longines Cal 651/701 17 jewels. IMHO, think it's a gem......thanks again Wrench. Anyone else like to share there vintage Record? Alan
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    Hi all Seiko Alpinist SARB017 back in rotation. I haven't worn this for a while, but it is quite captivating when the light catches the sunburst. Slightly smaller than my usual wear at 38mm.
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    Just because it's quartz doesn't mean it can't be classy
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    Fossil Chrono? As it's Q Wednesday and working from home this morning the "Winnings" for me... still going strong and my go to beater for dossing round at home.
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    This one for me this morning...
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    Hmm........do we get a couple of hours to think about that one? Difficult making a selection today but decided to go with the CW Trident.
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    Not much doing today so may have a play with this for a while.
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    I though I'd put this in already. Memory loss setting in...
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    Yeah I know the Brand everybody loves to hate but hey ho and if you pay close attention there are a couple of other interesting additions towards the end of the article. Just as an asides how would you know which ones are yours or do they just divi them up after the photographs http://watchesbysjx.com/2016/12/photo-report-vintage-rolex-asylum-3rd-anniversary-the-tropical-paradise-gtg.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+WatchesBySJX+(Watches+By+SJX)
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    I think by now some members may have gathered my penchant for Blancpain. As such, when I come across their vintage pieces I seek their analysis and authenticity. Before sending them off I post detailed images to a senior watcmaker at Le Brassus (now friend) and seek prior assessment. Below is an image of one I received back this week along with documents of analysis & authenticity.
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    This the proper D/Pee. Must be vintage now, It's nearly 4 weeks old.
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    I binned pb for Flickr - big improvement and not too time consuming to do did someone say quartz? Still trying to find a decent 18mm strap that will take a 14mm buckle, but isn't very thick as it won't clear the watch case if it is a thick leather
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    Oh no, you can't catch me out like that, I'm not even going to look. I remember the last time I followed a heads-up on here, it cost me a chunk of my hard earned money...
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    sekonda "monaco" today..
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    OK, it's getting close now so there must be a number of people out there who have watches that can represent Christmas...I shall start with an alcohol theme (...is there any other?) May your Christmas be Ale and hearty! Really not sure how this can be water resistant.....but maybe it doesn't care!
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    & now... TIMEX Original T2N393ZB Plus one of it`s mechanical ancestors... TIMEX (1976)
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    To start with....hope this counts? 1940's silver & lacquered Movado Ermeto travel timepiece.
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    quite a few on here already, this today , on a new perlon light blue strap to match the hands. deano
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    A good guide would be to look at the price ticket. If it's too cheap, that will be the biggest giveaway An alternative is to post a few photos on here, preferably with the case back opened. Our experts will spot a fake a mile away, and if you send it to them they will even take a hammer to it, free of charge
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    Aquaracer Ref. WAB 1111.BA0801
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    Have one of these in stock Scott, 18mm dark brown calf leather, 16mm at buckle. If this is suitable pm me, I don't want anything for it, festive gift. Alan
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    This one for me today....its actually stopped raining too?!
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    Quartz will be today [emoji41] My big daddy : Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Put the post down and walk away slowly with your hands in the air...
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    huummmmMMMMMM! "Snap" I know! I know! Not quartz.
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    I'm 'apprentice Bond'! Well closest I've come so far I've one of these as an incoming, I'm getting there slowly.
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    Here's my favourite Spezichron: Glashütte Spezichron by wotsch2, on Flickr -wotsch
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    I've got some.....the first is the Grandfather Clock I inherited from my Dad. I totally refurbed this one a few years ago. There is still a thread (more of a blog) about the restoration of this one. The second is an 'Ice Clock'....made to look like an Ice Watch...it even has a winder on the side. This one has a seamlessly sweeping second hand like a Bulova Accutron. ...and I couldn't do a piece about alternative clocks without this one.....
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    Haha! Actually, it's a cast of Chopin's hand!!
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    There's no substitute for experience, handling the real thing all the time means that you get a good feel for what is right or wrong. As a general rule the quality of fakes is less, the weight can be wrong, they might use split pins instead of screws in the bracelet, a pop on back instead of a screw on one or the printing on the dial may be shoddy. There is no single thing to look for it could be a combination or in the case of the very best fakes it may be that the only way to be sure requires removal of the back and a good look at the movement. Watches with gold in them are often the easiest to spot as fakes because an experienced eye easily spots the difference between solid gold and gold plating (especially if its worn) Familiarity with the model is really the best defence, if you know exactly how it should be you spot it when its wrong...there can be no answer to your question that can give you the x, y and z.