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    It`s another dreich day up here so I`m hanging out with this pair of divers again... CITIZEN BN0151-09L, DIVERS 200m & apeKS AP0406-6, PROFESSIONAL 500M, Seiko cal.VX 42.
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    Its a Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmming day LOL
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    Looks who's coming for Christmas dinner this year. Heuer 1611 (7765) 'Frenchie'.
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    Just because it's quartz doesn't mean it can't be classy
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    Fossil Chrono? As it's Q Wednesday and working from home this morning the "Winnings" for me... still going strong and my go to beater for dossing round at home.
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    This one for me this morning...
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    Hmm........do we get a couple of hours to think about that one? Difficult making a selection today but decided to go with the CW Trident.
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    Not much doing today so may have a play with this for a while.
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    just finished work , and just got to open this, my youngest is 23 and asked me to get him his first quality? watch, wanted a semi dress but casual use watch, so proud he asked me and is taking a interest! I got this for him , got to be wrapped to send to santa , but I had to check it out first dint I ? !! think its a suitable first step? ( the watch not the picture or bike !) deano
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    Hi all Seiko Alpinist SARB017 back in rotation. I haven't worn this for a while, but it is quite captivating when the light catches the sunburst. Slightly smaller than my usual wear at 38mm.
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    This the proper D/Pee. Must be vintage now, It's nearly 4 weeks old.
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    I binned pb for Flickr - big improvement and not too time consuming to do did someone say quartz? Still trying to find a decent 18mm strap that will take a 14mm buckle, but isn't very thick as it won't clear the watch case if it is a thick leather
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    sekonda "monaco" today..
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    Bought through the Sales section, a big thank you to It'Salivejim and, of course, Roy :-) At 40mm bezel diameter it is the biggest watch I own and I was a bit worried that I would be swamped by it. However, the strap is actually remarkably comfortable and seems to flow off the lugs beautifully, in such a way that it wears smaller than one would think. Im also loving the "Root Beer" colour; having only seem this in pictures I did not appreciate how great it really looks! Not too garish or in your face, just refined, subtle and a refreshing change from blacks and blues! Im going to experiemnt with a few leather straps I have, see if I can marry the colours... J
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    & now... TIMEX Original T2N393ZB Plus one of it`s mechanical ancestors... TIMEX (1976)
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    quite a few on here already, this today , on a new perlon light blue strap to match the hands. deano
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    Aquaracer Ref. WAB 1111.BA0801
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    Have one of these in stock Scott, 18mm dark brown calf leather, 16mm at buckle. If this is suitable pm me, I don't want anything for it, festive gift. Alan
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    This one for me today....its actually stopped raining too?!
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    Quartz will be today [emoji41] My big daddy : Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Oh no, you can't catch me out like that, I'm not even going to look. I remember the last time I followed a heads-up on here, it cost me a chunk of my hard earned money...
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    huummmmMMMMMM! "Snap" I know! I know! Not quartz.
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    I've been wearing this since Saturday, may have a change tomorrow, but then again, maybe not.
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    Last Christmas, I sold a Steinhart, but the very next day it was on ebay. This year, to save me from tears, I'm selling on classified adverts...
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    This sits on my bedroom table, really must get it serviced. This hangs round my navigators neck When we are out playing with this
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    To start with....hope this counts? 1940's silver & lacquered Movado Ermeto travel timepiece.
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    Thought you had a pair of kahunas Nige or ya pants won't fit properly
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    A good guide would be to look at the price ticket. If it's too cheap, that will be the biggest giveaway An alternative is to post a few photos on here, preferably with the case back opened. Our experts will spot a fake a mile away, and if you send it to them they will even take a hammer to it, free of charge
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    This is "wanna be" @Davey P it has the "Yellow".
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    As it seems to be a Pulsar day I suppose I need to share this one...still original strap too!
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    lol can never save enough. Its good to see more watch stores being open there. I remember when only Tag was around but now there's some real watch making brands you wouldn't normally see in outlets. Problem is I get about 10 minutes to look at the watches and 10 hours in clothes and bags shops with the MRS.
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    A Titanium 'Davey P' for me today:
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    Pulsar seems to be popular today.
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    Nope, Bulova Precisionist, otherwise known as "The Davey P" I would post a pic, but everyone must be sick of it by now (plus, the internet connection at work is shockingly slow, so PhotoBucket is even worse than normal...)
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    Put the post down and walk away slowly with your hands in the air...
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    I'm 'apprentice Bond'! Well closest I've come so far I've one of these as an incoming, I'm getting there slowly.
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    As my head is spinning from all this quartz thingy today, my thoughts turned to 'proper' watches Like to share the latest addition to my Record group, courtesy of @WRENCH's very worthy fund raiser. Early 70's Record Deluxe, Record/Longines Cal 651/701 17 jewels. IMHO, think it's a gem......thanks again Wrench. Anyone else like to share there vintage Record? Alan
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    Compete for the mosr horrible watch OWNED by a member. The prize is knowing you have execrable taste This did well last time out....... Oskar Emil Auto. I think Oskar might be sight challenged. Anyone playing........ Cheers
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    Really? One's reputation is at stake here, God forbid any unsuspecting 'buyer' tracing the origins back to me. I was hoping someone would claim mine....for free! Alan
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    Back in the day when I fancied an Omega I seem to remember seeing one of these in a second hand shop and thinking it looked a bit odd. Back then I didn't know anything and ended up buying a new PO and a TH Carerra. A bit like the Sub with the red writing and my missus of the time saying why buy that old thing when you can get a new one cheaper. Anyway interesting read for the Omega fan boys amongst us. http://www.fratellowatches.com/speedmaster-ultraman/
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